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Let's Go for a Drive!
Let's Go for a Drive! | Mo Willems
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I‘ve read a couple of these books with my niece, so I knew I was going to pick this duo for #2peasinapod

#BBRC #jubilantjuly

Suzze My kids AND grandkids are beyond the age for these books. But I love them and have a stuffed Elephant and Piggie on top of my bookcase. 10mo
Tamra 💕 10mo
TheKidUpstairs Drive, drive, drive-y drive drive! I love this book 10mo
LibrarianRyan YEAHHHHH Love ellly and piggy 10mo
Andrew65 A fun little read 😁 10mo
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Let‘s Go for a Drive by Mo Willems is an animal fantasy story that was awarded with the Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book award. The story is about a pig named Piggie and an elephant named Gerald that decide they want to go for a drive, but before they leave for their drive they want to gather a few things to bring. They need a map, sunglasses, and umbrellas and they sing together as they pack their things. They later realize they don‘t have a car,

emilypalkovich but Piggie thinks of an idea to save the day. This book would be great if used for storytelling because it is fun and simple. A website resource that contains a cute art activity to go a long with this book that will allow students to express themselves is https://i.pinimg.com/originals/52/39/78/52397850159894b2715f270218a6a432.jpg. A UDL principle for this story is providing options for expression and communication. The art project attached does 3y
emilypalkovich just that since it is puppet making. An EL principle for this is number 30: encourage the use of diagrams and drawings as aids to identify concepts. This is done through the project as well. #ucflae3414sp21 3y
DrSpalding I love the idea of integrating the arts! When you see this award you know it is appropriate for your emergent readers in your classroom. One of your peers posted about this book and added a resource related to geography and integrating the curriculum by reading this book aloud in a social studies lesson. 3y
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Gerald and Piggie decide they want to go for a drive. Gerald is a very cautious elephant and makes sure they bring all their necessities for their trip. Each time Gerald suggests a new item they will need, Piggie claims, “I have that”, and quickly returns with two of each item. Eventually, after packing all of their necessities into bags, Gerald remembers that they will need a car, but neither Elephant nor Piggie has a car. 

olivia_danko Elephant and Gerald chose to play pirates instead of going on their trip. 3y
olivia_danko This modern fantasy and award-winning Geisel book would be best taught by using UDL 1.3 (Offer alternatives for visual information) As a teacher, you could bring in some of the materials Gerald and Elephant were listing for. For example, sunglasses. The ELS strategy I'd use would be EL 46 Use discovery learning activities (hands-on activities) The students could pass around the items 3y
olivia_danko they named in the book and describe what the purpose of each item is.
With the following lesson perfect for a road trip:
PatriciaS Wonderfully quirky story about friendship excitement and going for a ride, young children love to go, so this is a great read aloud picture book with expressive language. Great review 👍 3y
DrSpalding Lovely summary. Chase did a nice job of sharing this author‘s books during her author study. If you plan on teaching the primary grades, this is a must! I really like your resource and this would be an excellent addition to a geography lesson during social studies. 3y
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This MF, Geisel Honor book is another great book by Mo Willems, which would be perfect to use for AS. This book is one from Willems‘ Elephant & Piggie series, about going for a drive, but being prepared and bringing everything they may need, like a map, sunglasses, etc.
With its simple and repetitive language, ESOL strategy 14 simplified language by making it slower and redundant, is used. #ucflae3414sp21

Chaseb UDL 7.2 optimize relevance, value, and authenticity would be perfect for discussing being prepared.

This is a link to the Author study Piktochart I created about Mo Willems, with additional resources included!
OliviaBuck I am officially obsessed with these books! I read Waiting is Not Easy and I can tell all of his books would be great for the classroom. I love your Piktochart too!! 3y
Ericaj Yes, I love this series. It‘s great for beginner readers. I have one of the books, but I will be purchasing more in the future. 3y
DrSpalding I love that you included the Piktochart you created! You clearly fell in love with this author and he is a good one to fall in love with. Please implement the author study with future students and certainly storytell your version of Knuffle Bunny! 3y
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This award winning book from the Elephant and Piggie book series, MF-RA, with rhyming words and repetitive phases, is great for literary and fluency exercises, coral response activities. Proceeded by "I really like Stop!" and "Listen To My Trumpet!" This series of expressive books like, "Let's Go For A Drive!" The idea of a car trip is off-the-hook exciting. Elephant shouts, "GET THAT MAP!" And Piggie rushes off. Then the celebration ?"MAP!"

PatriciaS https://m.youtube.com/watch>an elephant and piggie book, let's go for a ride. 3y
PatriciaS https://www.pintrest.com>pin extension activities 3y
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PatriciaS UDL#4 Optimizing access to tools and assistive technology like extension activities, online resources, whiteboard for read aloud and visuals. 3y
PatriciaS ESOL#13 Utilizing previews and review activities to familiarize students with vocabulary and content. #26 Maintain a library of supplemental books 📚 and workbooks written in simple English, which offer additional illustrations for problems students may be struggling with. 3y
PatriciaS Geisel Award Winner Book 3y
DrSpalding When you see this award, you know this is appropriate for emergent readers. Some of your peers read this book as well and chose to integrate this into the social studies curriculum. Wise choice! When you are talking about maps in a quality piece of children‘s literature, why not extend the learning into geography? 3y
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#LitsyHumor post 2! 😆

Crazeedi 😂😂 4y
Bookzombie 😂😂 4y
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#selfiescavengerhunt selfie with a friend
This was taken last year during national lutheran schools week
#wintergames #teamfozziwig @Clwojick @StayCurious @BarkingMadRun

BarkingMadRead Awwww cute 4y
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I love that my grandkids love books 🥰 #ilovemygrandkids #mowillems #grammaslibrary #yougolo

Crazeedi ❤❤❤ 5y
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Another wonderful addition by Mo Willems! This F, Theodor Seuss Geisel honor book would be great for a SR. Have your young readers join you in this adventure as Elephant Gerald and Piggie plan to go for a drive. As usual, Gerald thinks of all the things they will have to take along on their trip, but they later realize that they are missing the most important thing of all.

RossoS This book combines great elements such as word repetition and sight word inclusion. It would help your students not only practice reading and interact with the text, but it will keep them entertained from start to finish. This activity guide by Matthew C. Winner https://www.demco.com/webprd_demco/images2/related_docs/mowillemsactivityguide.p... has a fun arts/crafts idea that you could use after completing the SR. 6y
RossoS It will have your students plan their own trip! Finally, the ESOL strategy 17 regarding providing contextual support through body language and facial expressions, as well as the UDL principle 8.3 regarding collaboration, could all be met as you and your students read this fun book together. #UCFLAE3414SuB18 (edited) 6y
Kaelya Aw! I really love the cover of this book the idea of having students plan their own trip is super fun and a great activity! You could incorporate this book into social studies too! 6y
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Ordonezk I really like the resource you found. It really brings depth and fun to the book. You could combine it with geography when planning the trip or art for the craft. It‘s always a plus when it helps esol students and meets UDL principles :) 6y
GGallegos I've read this book and I love it! 🚗🚗🚗 I love the activity too. This book is great to show being flexible and also to see things differently! 6y
ERodriguez I really like your idea of having the students plan a trip. I‘m sure the class will have lots of fun sharing listening to each plan trips. 6y
DrSpalding You received lots of positive feedback on this one. I‘m thrilled you decided to read this after interacting with it in class. 6y
RossoS @ERodriguez Totally agree. It would be a very engaging activity😁 6y
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*Que Boys to Men-Its so hard to say goodbye 🎶* Weeding damaged books in a library is never fun 🙁

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Les go for a drive by Mo Willems is listed as a Modern Fantasy (F) also this book as won a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor award. Children will like this book because elephant and piggy have a lot of funny antics that guarantee laughter and fun. They are planning to go for a drive and during the planning they are putting together a getaway bag. Teaching strategy that will align with this book is RT, DR, PR and S.

Hervela.L The teacher can have student partner up and reenact the book after reading it as a storytelling (s) for the students. This would be a great website to ask the children question while they maneuver through the story https://jennifermclain.weebly.com/mo-willems-unit-plan.html (edited) 6y
Hervela.L The UDL that I would use is 5.3 Build fluencies with graduated levels of support for practice and performance. The ESOL 17 strategy states provide contextual support through audio visuals, models, demonstrations, realia, body language and facial expressions. (edited) 6y
Hervela.L For the teaching strategies DR, RT and PR here's a YouTube video teachers can use to help them get a picture of how they can use these strategies http://youtu.be/iLIWd-0tFAw 6y
DrSpalding Again, a few minor errors. Excellent resource included and thoughtful UDL/EL strategies. 6y
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1-8-18: #scenesfromabook Take a Drive. 🚗📖🐘🐖 @JoeStalksBeck

JoeStalksBeck 👏👏👏👏👏 6y
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On word that Mo Willems‘ interactive exhibit is coming to museums across the country, I jumped up and hugged Gerald. He has a place of honor on top of my bookshelf. He was a gift from my next door neighbor, Brielle, after I introduced her to Elephant and Piggie. Her favorite is this book. Drive, drive, drive! #scenesfromabook #takeadrive

Tamra Yea!!! I will check to see if it‘s coming to my area. We 💜 Mo Willems. 6y
GondorGirl I just picked up a signed copy of one of the Elephant and Piggie books yesterday! 6y
JoeStalksBeck Love! 6y
MaureenMc We love Gerald and Piggie, too. 😊 6y
Gillyreads Mo Willems is so great ❤️ 6y
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#UCFLA3414F17 Let's Go for a Drive by Mo Williems is a realistic fiction text that has won runner up for the Gisele Award. The story follows a elephant named Gerald and a pig named Piggie and they want to go for a drive. They start packing for the trip they'll soon be taking.

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#novemberbythenumbers #eighteen

Elephant & Piggie #18. I absolutely adore this laugh out loud series. I want to win the lottery so I could afford to buy every book in the he series.

gossamerchild Seriously, this is the best series ever 😂😂 7y
Lmstraubie The expressions on the character's faces are priceless! 7y
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Let‘s Go for a Drive! Text and illustrations by Mo Willems, is a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor. This is F book from the series An Elephant & Piggie Book, I would use this as an AS. This is a funny book with the friendship of Gerald the Elephant and Piggie. Gerald wanting to go for a drive, but he comes up with all different situations that Piggie is able to help with, at the end Gerald has a major realization that he doesn‘t have the key item

HNager to go for a drive and Piggie doesn‘t have the item either. Gerald gets really upset and angry he is unable to go for this drive, but Piggie comes to the rescue with another idea allowing for the two friends to spend the day together. THE UDL 1.1, the activity is making an author study of customizing different ways to display the information. 7y
HNager The EL 7 I will be teaching how to use graphic organizers during the author study with different techniques. http://susanjonesteaching.com/mo-willems-an-author-study-with-pigeon-elephant-pi... #ucflae3414f17 7y
MakennaK Mo Willems is one of my favorite children's authors! I like the graph I organizer idea I haven't thought of anything like that 7y
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Let‘s Go for a Drive! by Mo Willems, winner of the Geisel Award for emergent readers, is a F picture book that makes for a fun S in the classroom. You can print the paper bag puppets here: http://www.thankorama.com/wp-content/themes/thanksorama/dlc/e&p_thank-you_paper-...
#UCFLAE3414F17 #ClassroomLibrary

MadisonCarter UDL 1.1 ‘offer ways of customizing the display of information‘
EL 17 ‘Provide contextual support through audio visuals, models, demonstrations, realia, body language and facial expressions‘
MeganMc What a fun interactive activity. Definitely looking into this book! Nice post! 7y
LaurenR These characters are so cute! Great add on to the lesson! 7y
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JuliaMurra This looks so fun! 7y
DrSpalding Perfect EL and UDL strategies to align with the awesome puppets! Printing them now.🐘🐖 7y
MakenzieT This is so cute! I love your characters! 7y
KatherineBeckham I love the activity idea! Very fun for such cute books! 7y
amandagrant These books are always so adored by children :) Awesome resource! love this post! 7y
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Lets go for a Drive! By Mo Willems is a F book that is a Geisel award winner and perfect for RA. This cute and funny book is about Elephant and Piggie making a plan for their drive. The find out they have almost everything except for a car! UDL 6.2 Support planning and strategy development. ESOL 4. Link lesson topic to students‘ prior knowledge. #UCFLAE3414F17

Teresaj Check out this Unit plan using this book! http://jennifermclain.weebly.com/mo-willems-unit-plan.html 7y
DrSpalding Simple yet to the point. This book has been turned into an effective storytelling… Hint hint! 7y
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Speaking of Elephant and Piggie, I recently gave my 5-year-old neighbor a big book of their stories, and this is her favorite. #90sinjuly #drive

Cinfhen Mo Williams is the BEST 🏆love it❤️ 7y
monkeygirlsmama My girls loved Elephant and Piggie when they were younger. This one must have come out since then as I've never read it. 7y
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Pssst... the new Kohl's Cares stuffed animals are Mo Willems characters. $5 each for Pigeon, Duckling, Elephant Gerald, Piggie, and Knuffle Bunny, plus a few of their books.

Thought you all should know before the librarians clean out all the stores. 😘

saresmoore Guess I know where I'll be going tomorrow! Thanks for sharing! 7y
OrangeMooseReads Well I'll be getting one (or more of those) 7y
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Seems like I don't read happy books. Unless I'm reading to my students. #happyreads #marchintoreading

Suzze Elephant and Piggy always make me happy! 7y
Aswenson I LOVE Elephant and Piggy! 7y
mrp27 I adore Gerald and Piggy! 7y
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Books like these #elephantandpiggie 🐘🐷 books are great for kiddos becoming more fluent in their reading and want to practice reading chapter books. These, and other Early Readers, have tons of pictures and a larger font. However, they look more like a chapter book than a picture book. They are also a great books for parents to read aloud to toddlers/preschoolers when wanting to make the transition to reading chapter books w them.

angrylilasian And they're fun to read! My kids think these are hilarious. 😄 8y
AliBG Love these funny books. My kids adore them still, even having out-aged them. 8y
Alohamoraopenabook Yes fun to read! That's the most important aspect @angrylilasian @AliBG 8y
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I love the imaginations of young children. This book captures that wonderfully.

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