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One of my current reads. First read it few years ago but had to return to the library before I could finish, so picking it up again and still enjoying it so far. Love this coming out of age story, the loneliness and emotion of being teenagers is actually timeless...
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BookHoarder32 Just read this one for the first time this past week and was pleasantly surprised ❤️ 1d
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Home Fire: A Novel | Kamila Shamsie
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Walked 7kms today. Now time to tend to this #summer bloom. 🌸🔥🌸

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CouronneDhiver Nice! Good job 3d
BiblioLitten @CouronneDhiver Had to go to the doc, and didn‘t want to take the bus. #avoidpeople 🙈 3d
readordierachel Good for you! And I love this cover 😍 3d
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Next Year in Havana | Chanel Cleeton
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One of my two reads, really enjoying this one! #currentread

marleed I loved this book and the cover is my 2018 favorite! 4d
emmaturi Yes it is a nice cover! @marleed 3d
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Stoner | John Williams
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Many quotes from this book that are worth sharing...some have so much emotion, some tell the truth, and others brimmed with melancholy.


Cathythoughts I love this quote .... ♥️ 4d
Cathythoughts Makes me want to read Stoner again ✨ 4d
rachaich This book is extremely under rated. I found it amazingly thought provoking 😊 4d
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Change the Scotch to coffee & I'm Myrna. 😉 #currentread #currentlyreading

Crazeedi ❤Myrna! And Ruth! 5d
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The Passengers | John Marrs
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This is off to a cracking start!

#friyay #currentread

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“Life‘s no piece of cake, mind you, but the recipe‘s my own to fool with.”


ephemeralwaltz Enjoy! I have this waiting on my shelf 2w
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Dune | Frank Herbert
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#ImaginaryPlaces #WanderingJune #currentread #DuneInJune
Just started this behemoth and have arrived at the desert planet Arrakis. Not even 100 pages in, and there is already much political intrigue and religious lore to interpret in the Dune universe. Off to a promising start overall 🏜️ 🐛
@BarbaraBB @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Ooohhh, I‘ve wanted to read this book but #pagecountphobia 2w
Billypar @Cinfhen It was a birthday gift from my boss- a favorite of hers. I usually don't read 800 page chunksters or sci-fi, but I'm a sucker for just about anything I hear is on someone's all-time favorites list. 2w
Cinfhen That‘s a really thoughtful gift!! I‘ll watch for your final thoughts 2w
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rretzler A great book and a good series - that is until I bailed on book 4. I do plan to go back and reread and finish it off one day. 2w
Billypar @rretzler I didn't even realize it was a series until I started reading it. Such an impressive achievement to imagine a world in this level of depth- seems like much more than the plot developments. 2w
rretzler That‘s the beauty of it, I think. The entire society and political intrigues that Herbert created is mind-blowing and wonderful. And his son has continued the series. I‘ve read several of those and they are good too (better than book 4 of the series.) I believe Herbert was influenced by Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ Mars series and Isaac Asimov‘s Foundation series, which are also very good, if perhaps a little dated. 2w
Suet624 Such a good book. I read it soon after it came out - hundreds of years ago! - and I still have scenes popping up in my mind from it. It‘s on my list to read again. 2w
Billypar @rretzler A woman on the subway today saw me reading Dune, and she was telling me how it was a favorite and changed her life. She also really liked Children of Dune, but said God Emperor was tough to get through, but the end was good. Interesting about the influences- thanks for those! 2w
Billypar @Suet624 That's pretty neat to be an original fan of something that would become a classic. I'm a little disappointed that I'm about 5 years too old to have had Harry Potter in my childhood when the first book came out. With this one, I'm still early, but enjoying it so far! 2w
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