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#bookhaul charity shop 😁
Cathy reminded me about this series! I‘ve read 1-2 and got number three on my kindle, made up to find these today!

squirrelbrain Great haul! I‘m resisting the call of my local charity shop today.... so far anyway! 😁 2m
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The Duchess | Danielle Steel
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Finally made it to the #barnesandnoble #bookhaul #memberpresale and got some great finds! Confession: I am named after #DanielleSteel & I have NEVER read a novel by her! Guess I will now. ( it's her first historical fiction romance novel). Excited to read these!

marleed I‘ve never read her either, but you, you must! 11h
MoonWitch94 @marleed Right?!? It just seemed like a good fit. 10h
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Night of Power | Anar Ali
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The latest books to be added to my never ending TBR mountain 🏔 #bookhaul

DGRachel Ooh, I enjoyed Reliquary! 12h
LeahBergen I‘ll be buying Chase Darkness With Me, too. 👍🏻 8h
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#bookhaul #sale #BarnesandNoble #porchlife

Could not resist; 50% off sale; also educator weekend with 25% off.

Amiable Ooh, I‘ve been looking forward to this book! I really enjoyed 15h
Suet624 Nice! 15h
GripLitGrl Great haul❣ 15h
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kspenmoll @Amiable Loved his previous book too 14h
kspenmoll @Suet624 @GripLitGrl I have been trying not to buy, but could not resist sale. 😉❤️📚 14h
cathysaid Who could resist that title?!? Not me 😉 14h
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m still holding out!! We are doing a buddy read on Chelsea Girls in February I believe !!! 12m
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The Nightingale | Kristin Hannah
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$1.50 book haul from Shoprite of all places!
And my Pinot's Palette painting

#crafty #bookhaul

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks The Nightingale ❤️❤️❤️ 15h
RealBooks4ever That's a happy painting! 💜 10h
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I wasn‘t going to buy more books for myself but after seeing B&N #bookhaul posts yesterday I went online to see which books are on sale. As soon as I saw the tagged book I HAD to go get it... and then I came home with five books + the tote + a couple more not shown because they are for my #cozyswap recipient. Oops... 😬🤷‍♀️

The top two are for my son. He‘s reading CatStrounats right now and I‘m going to start the tagged book! 🐉✨

LibrarianRyan YEahhhhhh 16h
hermyknee Oooh I‘ve really wanted to read Once and Future! I‘ve been reading Priory of the Orange Tree on my kindle! I‘m only 11% in right now, but I like it so far! 13h
MeganAnn @hermyknee Once & Future looks SO good and I can‘t resist a fun King Arthur theme! Samantha Shannon is on my list of favorite authors ever since I read and loved her debut novel, The Bone Season. 😍 Also... it has dragons so really I needed it for that reason alone 😆🐉 12h
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The Hiding Place | C. J. Tudor
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Perfect impromptu day off. #barnesandnoble #bookhaul #daydrinking #columbus

The Kalevala | Elias Lnnrot
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A wee jaunt over to By the Lake Books in Burlington netted me this #BookHaul. Two Doctor Who novels, a French-Canadian novel (in French? in the Greater Toronto Area?) and a Finnish epic poem.

tournevis Wow, Le Matou! Read it 12000 years ago. It's something. 16h
rabbitprincess @tournevis My aunt mentioned it one time but I can't remember whether she read it in French or in English. 13h
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Maschinen wie ich | Ian McEwan
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It's a stressy day snd evening but I had to post my new books I ordered online. 😍 #bookhaul #rebuy

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When you have a 50% off #bookhaul to pick up, naturally you go there on your lunch break. I showed great restraint, but that won't necessarily be the case next weekend when I'm book shopping on my birthday.

AutumnRLS Yes! to both of these!!! 11h
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