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The Book | Amaranth Borsuk
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Thought I‘d share my mini #BookHaul 😍🙌🏻✨Just wish I had some quiet time to actually read😅

squirrelbrain I‘ve read the top 3 - all fabulous! 10h
Cinfhen I listened to Trust awhile ago but it‘s gonna be a re-read for upcoming IRL bookclub @squirrelbrain 10h
Cathythoughts I‘ve read the top three too , and loved them too ❤️❤️❤️ nice haul! 10h
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TrishB Read top 2 ❤️ they‘ll all still be waiting when you have time! 10h
Cinfhen I really want to read first two @Cathythoughts @TrishB before the Women‘s Prize 2023 is announced 10h
sarahbarnes I thought The Laughter was fantastic! Great stack! 9h
BarbaraBB I haven‘t heard of The Laughter! 9h
ChaoticMissAdventures I really loved Black Butterflies and Chain-Gang All-Stars is my favorite book of this year (so much so my phone now autofills the title when I type Cha 🤣) I hope you like them, this is a great stack! 9h
Cinfhen I bought The Laughter @BarbaraBB after I read the review from @sarahbarnes 8h
BarbaraJean I love that this is your mini haul… a mini haul for me would be around 3 books! 😂 8h
kspenmoll Black Butterflies was heartbreaking & yet, hope managed to bring some light in. 7h
EmilyM Chain-Gang is SO good! 6h
Cinfhen @BarbaraJean hahaha/ THAT cracked me up 4h
Cinfhen @kspenmoll @EmilyM I‘m looking forward to both of those books!!! 4h
Hooked_on_books Chain-Gang and Black Butterflies are two of my absolute best reads this year. 4h
Cinfhen oh WOW!!! BIG PRAISE @Hooked_on_books 4h
BarbaraBB Then it‘s probably good! 56m
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Part two of my Nococon #bookhaul showing the two graphic novels I got a great deal on!

Doesn't matter where I end up on a trip, I will come back with new books! 🙃

The God Provides | Thomas R. Clark
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Part one of my Nococon book haul! Here's a fun looking book and a short story I picked up from a local/regional author at the convention. Reimagined Irish mythology set in upstate New York? Yes, please!

Looking forward to checking them out!


Aurora Blazing: A Novel | Jessie Mihalik
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I spoiled myself so thoroughly today 😊 #bookhaul

And I absolutely couldn't walk away without that mug 😂😂 even though I have way too many mugs already (or not enough cupboards?)

BethM Oh my god where is that mug from?! 2d
BethM And the answer is always no enough cupboards. 2d
BarbaraJean That mug!! 😂😍 2d
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Tamra So funny! 2d
thegirlwiththelibrarybag 😂 love the mug! 2d
Centique I love the mug too! 😍 2d
llwheeler @BethM it's from Indigo. And thanks for enabling my mug collection 😁 not enough cupboards! 1d
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @llwheeler, I‘m glad - we all need a bit of whimsy in our day! 1d
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Score! I thought I wouldn‘t find any good stuff on the second last day of the AAUW book sale. But I was wrong! (I usually go the first day but I was out of town) I found THREE Brookners I didn‘t own!! Plus the Julia Child autobiography that I‘ve been looking for. And a bunch of other great books that were on my radar. Also pictured: 4 library holds that came in while I was gone. #BookHaul #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime

julieclair Wow, some great finds! 2d
ChaoticMissAdventures I read My Life In France last year and it blew me away! I don't enjoy cooking at all, but I now adore Julia Child. I hope you like it too! 2d
LeahBergen Nice haul! 👏 2d
jlhammar Great haul! Loved News of the World, When the Emperor Was Divine and Gilead. I'm hoping to try my first Brookner by the end of the year. Been meaning to for ages! 2d
Tamra Yay!! 🎰 2d
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Farmers‘ market today, which meant that the Friends of the Library had their book sale! Time for a little #bookhaul
One of the volunteers said that Hesse is her favorite author. I‘ve never read anything by him, but I take that as high praise!

Jari-chan I love Hesse and am rereading his Steppenwolf ❤️ 3d
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Chain-Gang All-Stars: A Novel | Adjei-Brenyah, Nana K
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Our BAM! #bookhaul 🤩

mom2bugnbee Oooo... Holes. So good! I hope he likes it! 3d
britt_brooke @mom2bugnbee It‘s on the 4th grade summer reading list. I‘m excited Holden chose it! (I‘ve never read it, but plan to) 3d
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Dark academia and a bit of history in today‘s “I went for a walk that took me past a bookstore, wow what a surprise” #bookhaul.

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Between choosing my #botm book and an add on and using my 2 birthday bookstore gift cards, I had a great #bookhaul today! The top 3 will be en route soon, but the bottom 2 are pre-orders with pub dates in July and October. It‘s the gift that keeps on giving. 😋