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Wicked Saints: A Novel | Emily A. Duncan
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Currently I‘m #audiocrafting. Finishing up multiple projects so that I can put my sewing machine and ironing board away.

Besides finishing up a pile of #bookhuggers I am also turning my Wicked Saints scarf into a pillow sham.

This is just a little of my #bookswag. But it‘s 105F in my library and TBH I don‘t want to go up there.

#24in48 #swag challenge

LauraJ I wouldn‘t want to go in there either! Stay cool ❄️ 2d
Gissy So creative! I wish I could those projects but I don't have those skills!😳Something happened in kindergarten that I didn't develop my fine motor skills or coordination 😂 20h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Unpacking and apparently I stuck #alaac19 books in every possible nook and cranny of my suitcase and book bag. Now I need to add them to my #LibraryThing @Litsy and #GoodReads catalogs/lists/shelves #swag #tbr Titles tagged below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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These Rebel Waves | Sara Raasch
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The August #Fairyloot Book of the Month: These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch.
The exclusive edition has sprayed pages, is signed by the author, has a letter, a character art print and a botanical postcard. 💚💚💚
#swag #sararaasch #pirates #fantasy #newbook #unboxing

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Pirates: Truth and Tale | Helen Hollick
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The #August #Fairyloot box: Mutinous Pirates ⛵️.
-Pirate Wax Seal
-Pirate Magnet with quote form Daughter of the Pirate King
-‘Why is the Rum always gone‘ bottle from Pirates of the Caribbean
-Candle from To kill a Kingdom
-soap inspired by the BotM
-Pirate flag with quote from Nikolai Lankov from Shadow and Bone: “When people say impossible they usually mean improbable.”
#unboxing #swag

julesG Cool box! 11mo
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I found my style 😏
Right people I am now ready for any body who tries to take over the world zombies, aliens bring them on! I've got my tanks and crew waiting outside.

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Just mailed home all my Comic Con books. They‘ll be there waiting when I return! Yay for Media Rate shipping! #swag

Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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🚨ONE WEEK FROM TODAY WE WILL ALL BE #24in48-ING🚨 In celebration, we‘re giving y‘all a sneak peek at some of the AMAZING from our fantastic partners @Obviousstate & @outofprint 🌟 We know y‘all love them & have bookish friends who do as well. Make sure you‘re signed up for the ‘thon, and tag a friend who should do it with you!!!
[description: an explosion of giveaways in two shipping boxes, including tote bags and rainbow socks and mugs]

saresmoore 🙌 12mo
LeahBergen Look at all that glorious bookish bounty! 12mo
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Samplergal Can‘t wait! 12mo
rabbitprincess Those rainbow socks are amazing!! 12mo
RestlessFickleBookHoarder I'm so excited! It's my first 24in48 readathon! 12mo
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Summer reading kickoff party at work! #swag

Ms_T Great picture! 🤟🏻 13mo
Aleida Thanks! 13mo
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Mother's Story | Amanda Prowse
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To win a selection of swag for Mother‘s Day on May 13th, you need to head over to my website (link in bio) before midnight AEST April 30th and join my Reader Group.

One lucky member will be able to chose from a range of merchandise from my gift shop to include:

1 x tote bag of your choice
1 x phone cover of your choice
1 x coffee mug

So whether it's for your Mum or yourself, sign up NOW and good luck!

#mothersday #swag

tpixie Thanks!! 1y
RachelAmphlett @tpixie No worries! 1y
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I so, so wanted my own bookshop when I was a kid, and yesterday my dream came true - I now have my own online eBook store linked to the books pages on my website, and a gift shop!

#swag #merch #gifts

dsfisher Wow, will have to go check it out 1y
LeahBergen That‘s awesome. 😍 1y
robinb Congratulations and best wishes! 🎉🎉🎉 1y
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RachelAmphlett @dsfisher thank you - would love to know what you think! 1y
RachelAmphlett @robinb thank you 😀 1y
lisalovesyarn Yay, I made it onto Litsy, thanks for the recommendation 😄 1y
RachelAmphlett @lisalovesyarn It‘s addictive! 😆 1y
lisalovesyarn It sure is 😉 1y
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