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Calling all sci-fi nominations for Nov/Dec's pick! Sorry this is horribly late. It seems most of you wanted to keep these last two months as our normal schedule.

1. No direct sequels.
2. Must be sci-fi.
3. Must be available in audio, print, and ebook
4. Only 1 nomination per person

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Hey everyone!

I swear I havent forgotten about you guys! Life has been...very trying this year. I had two job changes, a whole lot of stress, some family emergencies and now another medical emergency with my boyfriend's father that is looking bleak. Right now I can barely stand do anything for longer than a few hours, including reading.

But I am here, even if I am quiet! I hope everyone is doing well!

#BBBBC #scififantasybookclub

Chrys Hope things smooth out for you soon! 4d
Avanders Hope life eases a bit for you soon! ♥️♥️ 4d
TheSpineView I hope things get better for you soon! Sending you good vibes! 💜 4d
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Schnoebs So happy to hear you‘re doing alright. I was getting a little worried. Hope everything gets better or at least easier for you soon 4d
wordslinger42 I'm so sorry things have been hard. Will be praying you find space to rejuvenate and find some joy in reading again 💜 4d
InLibrisVeritas @Schnoebs I'm sorry I made you worry! And thank you, me too! 1d
Gezemice I hope things turn easier soon. In the mean time I wish you the strength to cope 🤗 18h
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Spent the day at this massive RV show accompanied by my latest audiobook. I throughly enjoyed this story. I had so many conflicting feelings as fitz struggled during his early life. I liked the use of character traits as royal names Shrewd, Verity, Chivalry and Regal! i can't decide what Fitz's name would be...Loyalty?
#bbbbc #scififantasybookclub @InLibrisVeritas

InLibrisVeritas I am so glad you enjoyed it! 4d
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It's time for our next read! For the months of Spet and Oct. We will be reading Assassin's Apprentive by Robin Hobb!

I have had this on my TBR for years! As always anyone is welcome to join in!

#BBBBC #scififantasybookclub

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Sleeping Giants | Sylvain Neuvel
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Another round of questions for you guys!! #BBBBC #scififantasybookclub

Schnoebs I think that that is the scary thing about the ending of this book. It is so unbelievably realistic! I can easily picture people going to those lengths to try and secure their access to power. As for aliens, I don‘t believe in them. That doesn‘t mean my answer can‘t change but so far I have not seen any proof of them and my science background just can‘t buy it until there is evidence to support it lol 2mo
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InLibrisVeritas @Schnoebs I agree, I can totally see people striving well past the point of "good intentions" for something like this. And I always bounce back and forth from "there is no proof" and "statistically its possible", just depends on the day ? 2mo
tonyahoswalt I think there might be people who would try to make what they did to Vincent happen in reality, but I don't think that it would actually be done. I want to believe in aliens. I want there to be something out there. But if there was, I'm not sure they'd be friendly. 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @tonyahoswalt I thought for sure the helmet was going to “fix” Vincent, I wasn‘t expecting the doctor part at all. 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I thought that was the best part of the book, the storyline itself wasn‘t the best ever, but the insights into humans, and how we‘d react, counter, scramble amongst ourselves, rationalize....some of that was a little too spot on. 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I believe there is something else out there, whether it‘s anywhere we‘ll ever cross paths with it, or it‘s in a form we‘d recognize as life....that‘s a different story. But in an infinitely expanding universe, that tends to repeat what it does with the formation of planets, stars, solar systems, etc, it‘s impossible to believe we‘re the only planet where that accident of development occurred, especially considering it‘s occurred here repeatedly. 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I completely agree, the human aspect is the best part. Just exploring the extents in which we are willing to push ourselves for better or worse. 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I agree, the statistics of life coming to being is impressively low but when paired with the sheer size of the universe it's not low enough to be improbable. It would be cool to think there is a little pocket of the universe far away teeming with life. 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @InLibrisVeritas Yes. And whenever that question comes up they start talking about the number of planets with atmospheres like ours, with water, with oxygen, etc.....we never think about other forms of life, even as we find things in the bottom of our own oceans living off methane vents....life on other worlds doesn‘t have to look like what we assume it would.🤷‍♀️ 2mo
Bookgirl I think the pursuit of power was very realistic and that‘s what made the story great. As for aliens, of course! It‘s an infinite universe. Pretty egocentric to think we are the only planet with life. I‘m sure there are many worlds with life, probably very different from ours. Or maybe not! I don‘t rule out a parallel universe either. 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @Bookgirl I enjoy the idea of parallel universes too! 2mo
Gezemice @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I so agree! The methane vents, they show other type of life is possible, even on our own planet. We don‘t even know what‘s on the bottom of our own oceans. There are likely other life forms out there. Whether they will develop to a level that we can communicate with them, and they will be close enough and in the proper timeline where both civilizations exist - those are different issues. We might never meet aliens. 2mo
Gezemice @Schnoebs @Bookgirl @InLibrisVeritas The pursuit of power is definitely something that would happen, albeit I hope we would be smarter about it, i.e. don‘t put someone in charge with zero military and political training, poor judgment and psychopathic tendencies. I would hope there would be more oversight with many disciplines involved, and a large team, not only a few isolated people. 2mo
tonyahoswalt @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I thought the helmet would fix him too! But Kara says something about how it only fixed what it covered. 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @tonyahoswalt I thought that might be true too, until he broke his back...then I thought it might fix whatever it needed to make its pilot be able to pilot again, which might mean his back and legs once it started. 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Gezemice The only theory I didn‘t give much idea too was the it‘s all a simulation theory. The idea being that we‘d eventually be able to create VR/life-like simulations, where every conceivable outcome was tried, and in a world where limitless sims are running, the chance of ours being the 1 and not 1 of millions of simulations was almost impossible. Until Trump was elected and starting doing the same things President Trump did on the Simpsons🙄 2mo
BethM 4. Highly likely 6. No way are we the only intelligent life out there. 1mo
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Sleeping Giants | Sylvain Neuvel
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I am sincerely sorry for being so late with your discussion questions! I fell ill a few days ago and have spent much of that time in a fog. But without further delay, here is the first set!

As always please make spoilers. #BBBBC #scififantasybookclub

TheSpineView Yes, I liked it with some reservations. I read it about 2 years ago but didn't like it enough to reread. I also have not read the 2nd book either. I found it too far fetched for true science fiction and my tastes. Yet, you can't call it space opera either. 2mo
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TheSpineView I actually read this one. I didn't like the narrator and felt he/she had their own agenda. Maybe this was intentional to keep the reader at arms length. The use of a narrator made it hard for me to connect to the characters and I love stories where the character development is strong. 2mo
Schnoebs I started reading it but decided to go with the audiobook and follow along physically because for some reason I couldn‘t keep everyone straight in my head and the separate voices helped. I definitely enjoyed it but the ending fell flat for me. The interview guy was probably my favorite character and I‘d say he‘s somewhere in the grey area. As for the robot, I‘m not sure where it‘s going to lead but I liked seeing the countries fight over it. 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @TheSpineView I was definitely worried that the narration would keep readers at a distance. It seems to be one of those it either works for you or just doesnt at all kind if things. 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @Schnoebs I feel the audio adds a bit something that the text was missing for me. I do agree about the ending though, something about it just missed the mark. 2mo
Schnoebs @InLibrisVeritas I think it needed 1-3 more entries. Maybe a diary entry my the doctor or something like that. I just wanted a bit more context leading up to it 🤷‍♀️ 2mo
TheSpineView @InLibrisVeritas It wasn't a total waste of time. Maybe I should have listened instead of read. 2mo
Laughterhp I liked this book, I think because I listened to it on Audio. If I didn‘t, I definitely would have bailed. This book was a great set up on audio. I liked the mysterious narrator and I was definitely curious as to his motivations and who he actually worked for. I did have a little trouble picturing the sleeping giant and how it looked with them inside and the helmets they would put on. I enjoyed listening, but I don‘t think I‘ll continue the series 2mo
tonyahoswalt I read the print and liked the quick read of the style. I found it pretty interesting! I will definitely be reading the rest of the series. I thought the mysterious narrator might be a little "evil" but he wasn't heartless at least. The robot was pretty cool and I really want to learn more about the people who created it. Earth might be in trouble! 2mo
tonyahoswalt So far it seems like I'm the only one who really liked it. 😆 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @tonyahoswalt Not to worry, I really enjoyed it too! I see it's faults but I enjoyed it enough to read it twice ❤ 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @Laughterhp I can understand not continuing the series, but I am glad you enjoy this one! There is a robot on the cover of a Queen albulm, that's what I pictured most of the time 😂 2mo
Laughterhp @InLibrisVeritas OMG! hahaha I can now picture it perfectly in my head 😂 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Just finished it up tonight! I‘m a bit behind, it took me a bit to get into, but I liked it. I actually started reading, then went to audio, and about the time I got everyone sorted in my brain with their distinctive voices I was able to switch back to text and read the whole 2nd half this weekend. 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa # 2...he definitely grew on me as it continued and my opinion of him changed as it continued. 2mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa #3 honestly you would think it‘d be all about the giant/aliens, but really this book delved into just how weird humanity really is and all that came out in glaring clarity as people and nations found over a metal giant. 2mo
Gezemice @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Schnoebs @Laughterhp I started reading but switched to audio as well, mostly because I was too busy to stay in one place. I had the multiple narrators version, but was not too impressed - they were kind of wooden. The book was meh for me. Not bad, but not good, either. The setup was great, but I truly did not care for the sordid love affairs and the petty revenges. Many actions seemed downright stupid. ⬇️ 2mo
Gezemice (cont). such as allowing people alone into the control room, hiring the disaffected geneticist, having the base under the airport, etc. It was not realistic for something so important. The politics was dumb, too,always just firefighting. I did not like the mysterious narrator - he went from objectivity to softness, and did not do a good job of managing. So it was ok but I am not continuing. (edited) 2mo
Bookgirl I read this years ago and loved it. The story was so unique and I liked the style although it wore thin by book 3 for me - yep I liked it enough to read all 3. The narrator is my favorite character and I really enjoyed the whole series 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @Bookgirl I agree, book three was kind of old hat for me so it lost a bit of charm but I did enjoy the series as a whole. I enjoyed narrator as well, I think he and Mr. Burns are tied though 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @Gezemice I am sorry it didnt work for you. I want overly wild about the love interest angle either. 2mo
BethM I really enjoyed this book! Weird but good! Can‘t wait to read the others. I think the elephant is a machine of war. I can‘t wait to find out more about the narrator. 1mo
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Sleeping Giants | Sylvain Neuvel
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Damn, this book is just too woke for me 😂

#bbbbc #scififantasybookclub #scifi #themisfiles #mpls #twincities

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Another day off from work and instead of going to appointments, i am waiting at home for different contractors to arrive. I wasn't supposed to start this book until September for #bbbbc 🤷‍♀️!! It's been really good so far! #scififantasybookclub #audiocrafting @InLibrisVeritas

Andrew65 Loved this trilogy. 2mo
InLibrisVeritas So glad you are enjoying it!! I was thinking of starting early myself 2mo
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Alright, we have a clear winner this time! Sept/Oct's pick is Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb!!

#BBBBC #scififantasybookclub

Laughterhp I‘m happy this book won because I think it‘s a great book... but I already read it 🤷🏻‍♀️ - if I remember enough I‘ll try to participate in the conversation! 2mo
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wanderinglynn Awesome! Because I just started the audiobook. 👍🏻👍🏻 2mo
daena So excited to finally read this! 2mo
TheRomantiCate Sorry so how does the timeline work for this? This is my first book participating... 2mo
Ashley_Nicoletto Whoot whoot! I‘d like to join for this one! 2mo
BookwormAHN @TheRomantiCate We read the book on our own and then discuss it at the end of October 😺 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @TheRomantiCate Yep, exactly what @BookwormAHN said! It's a low stress group, so we have two months for each pick. You are more than welcome to post updates as you read with the #BBBBC tag and even tag me if you would like to. 2mo
InLibrisVeritas @Ashley_Nicoletto Awesome! Glad you are joining us! 2mo
TheRomantiCate Awesome, sounds good!! 2mo
CoffeeK8 Sounds fun! 2mo
DannyHattan 👌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 2mo
Gezemice Great! 2mo
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Sleeping Giants | Sylvain Neuvel
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I can't see the sun, because it's so overcast, but it is still bright outside. #procrastinating #chorescanwait #currentlyreading #frontporch #bbbbc #scififantasybookclub @InLibrisVeritas