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I came into the room and found her this way. 😂🐾 #sillydog #dogsoflitsy #SabrinaTheGreat #readingbuddy

Clwojick In love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
rachelsbrittain What a cutie! 2mo
mabell ❤️🐶🥰 2mo
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ElizaMarie Awe I love big baby Great Danes :) They are the best “lap“ dogs! 2mo
SheReadsAndWrites She is definitely a lap dog and a huge baby 😂💖🐾 @ElizaMarie 2mo
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Same pose, different day...😂 #baseball #greatdane #readingbuddy #dogsoflitsy

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Soul is "helping" with reading again @curiouserandcurioser I believe this is the technique of sit down and read otherwise you disturb the cute sleeping kitty. I mean to be fair it's a working technique but it doesn't half give you a numb bum ?? happy reading everyone ??? #catsoflitsy #kittensoflitsy #readingbuddy #readingpet

IndoorDame 🥰🐈🥰 4mo
JessClark78 ❤️ 4mo
peanutnine 😻😻😻 4mo
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curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo looks like a Maggie technique-they must have talked haha!!❤ 4mo
hannah-leeloo Passing on her knowledge I see @curiouserandcurioser you could've warned me 😅🤣 4mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo i promise ill do better haha!🥰😅 4mo
dabbe Sweetest kitty enjoying absolute bliss. Just what I needed on a Monday morning! ❣️🐾❣️ 4mo
RaeLovesToRead So cute 😭😭😭😭😭 4mo
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How're you getting on with the book? @curiouserandcurioser I'm trying to play catch up as missed a couple days of reading. Soul is enjoying the read as you can see lol. Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend. Happy reading 📚❤️📖 #catsoflitsy #kittensoflitsy #readingbuddy #peterpan #neverland #pirates #captain #magic

AmyG So very sweet. 5mo
swishandflick Aww, sweet bb! 5mo
wanderinglynn Aw, sweet kitty! ❤️🐱 5mo
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dabbe I want to kiss those paws and that sweet, sweet face! 🤗 5mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo im at 150! Im emailing you on a few❤ 5mo
hannah-leeloo I'm on 120, I'll get there tonight @curiouserandcurioser 5mo
hannah-leeloo Made it to 150 @curiouserandcurioser I've still got a few hours of reading ahead. Happy reading my friend 📚❤️📖 5mo
hannah-leeloo I've stopped at chapter 34 @curiouserandcurioser I'll read more tomorrow and do my best in the week. Happy reading my friend ❤️🏴‍☠️ 5mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo im caught up with you my friend❤🏴‍☠️ 5mo
hannah-leeloo How're you getting on? @curiouserandcurioser I didn't get to read yesterday as my boy was off school sick. I'm reading today 5mo
RaeLovesToRead Aww, your little buddy!! 🥰🥰 5mo
reading.rainb0w What a sweet lil bean 😻 4mo
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I wish to wish my beautiful Litsy friends and family here a Wonderful Christmas. I hope you're all having a magical merry day. I'd like to introduce my Christmas rescue baby Soul who has joined our family and will be loved. Best wishes to everyone of you for the new year. #christmas #wishes #bestwishes #catsoflitsy #kittensoflitsy #readingbuddy #whitecat #newyear

Soubhiville Oh, I love her(him?). Congratulations and Merry Christmas! 5mo
dabbe Gorgeous kitty! Merry 🎄-mas! 5mo
BookwormAHN So precious 💖 Merry Christmas 🌲 5mo
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IndoorDame What a stunning kitten! Welcome baby!🤍🐈 5mo
Ruthiella What a cutie! Merry Christmas! 🎄 5mo
ju.ca.no Merry Christmas 🎄 congratulations and hello little one🥰 5mo
wanderinglynn So precious! Merry Christmas! ❤️🎄💚🐱 5mo
AmyG What a special Christmas gift to your family! Merry Christmas 🎄 5mo
GondorGirl She's beautiful! Happy Christmas! 5mo
Chelsea.Poole Sweet!! 5mo
Eggs Merry Christmas Hannah❤️❤️ 5mo
CoverToCoverGirl Merry Christmas!🎄 What a wonderful addition to your family! 5mo
ChelseaM6010 Merry Christmas! 5mo
Leftcoastzen Aaawwww!so cute!😻 5mo
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Apparently this is extremely comfy as she didn't move for the whole hours I was reading haha 🐈😻. #catsoflitsy #readingbuddy #readingpet #catnap @TheWolfbehindTheEyes

wanderinglynn Aw, so sweet! ❤️🐱 6mo
ozma.of.oz Looks cozy! ❤️ 6mo
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Christmas reading going well with Griffin 🐈‍⬛📖❤️ #christmas #readingpet #blackcat #kittensoflitsy #catsoflitsy #festive #readingbuddy

RaeLovesToRead Hi Griffin, you gorgeous kitty! 🥰🥰 6mo
Amiable 😻LOVE!! 😻 6mo
Yuki_Onna He's beautiful! 😺 6mo
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hannah-leeloo Growing like a panther @Yuki_Onna 6mo
Gissy Beautiful!😻 6mo
Yuki_Onna Uiii, a little Black Panther... 😼 How are you, sweet? 6mo
hannah-leeloo I doing ok thank you @Yuki_Onna been super busy with meetings and preparations. How're you my friend? 💙 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Today's reading buddies. The bug eyed Milo 🐕 and the night ninja Griffin 🐈‍⬛, got my other dog on my feet lol. Hope everyone is keeping warm and well. Happy reading 📚❤️📖 #dogsoflitsy #catsoflitsy #kittensoflitsy #petpal #readingbuddy

ShelleyBooksie Adorable reading buddies. 7mo
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Saga Volume 1 | Brian K Vaughan
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The Looking Glass Wars | Frank Beddor
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Okey dokey I've just finished Hooked by A. C Wise and loved it! Now back to my Wonderland buddy @curiouserandcurioser as we journey through another Alice in Wonderland retelling series. If I remember correctly @LibrarianRyan you recommend this series? Ready when you are to go down the rabbit hole my friend. #aliceinwonderland #retelling #readingbuddy #buddyread #magic #nonsense #war

LibrarianRyan lOVE BOOK 1. I use this a lot when I work with kids who can't have magic. 9mo
hannah-leeloo I can't wait to see @LibrarianRyan 9mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo im ready, my friend:) i emailed you last night-did you get it? 9mo
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hannah-leeloo I did I'll reply now, got distracted with school run @curiouserandcurioser 9mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo no worries, my friend, just wanted to make sure you got it. Whenever you can:) 9mo
hannah-leeloo I replied @curiouserandcurioser I'll start reading tomorrow as had some family stuff come up 9mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo i emailed you back. Email if you need anything❤ ill start tomorrow, too:) 9mo
hannah-leeloo I finished the first 11 chapters @curiouserandcurioser sorry its taken so long, only started this morning 9mo
curiouserandcurioser @hannah-leeloo im finished, too! Just email me:) everything ok? 9mo
hannah-leeloo I've finished chapter 22 @curiouserandcurioser 9mo
hannah-leeloo Erm and now 33 @curiouserandcurioser 😬😅 9mo
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