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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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Bookwormjillk The part about the vodka ointment cracked me up. And Dmitri calling some guy a poodle. Good stuff. 3mo
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CatLass007 It doesn‘t get much better than My Cousin Vinny. 3mo
TheBookHippie Has to be #mycousinvinnie roots #oywiththepoodles read over 800 pgs get a trial 🤣😅 3mo
KAO Finally caught up again after some painful and murky days following total knee replacement surgery! It‘s great to get to trial action at last! The vodka ointment which can also be drunk! Poodles?! Too drunk to testify! Courtroom drama at its finest. 3mo
BarkingMadRead @KAO glad to have you back!!! 3mo
dabbe @KAO Hope you're feeling better and that your knee is healing nicely! 💚 3mo
Bookwormjillk @KAO healing thoughts. Don‘t try the ointment. 3mo
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willaful Oooo, I've never seen the fourth before, and it's the best one! 4mo
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Bookwormjillk Allrighty then. Wow. Also what's with the cherry jam? 4mo
CatLass007 I must confess that I bailed a while ago but I‘m still enjoying your daily posts. 4mo
mcctrish According to my tracking on Goodreads we are 54% of the way into this monster and the elder has died, kitkat is still hysterical?, Mrs Coca Cola has sent Ratman as a spy and Aloysha just bailed on the hermitage so next up a marriage and a murder? 🙏🏻🙏🏻 and some air freshener hopefully 4mo
BarkingMadRead @CatLass007 🤣🤣 #imheretohelp @mcctrish so much as happened and yet so much still has to happen 🙄 4mo
CatLass007 📚💕 4mo
TheAromaofBooks I was under the impression that this was about a murder/trial, yet here we are 400 pages in and no murder yet! 😂 4mo
BarkingMadRead @TheAromaofBooks talk about a slow burn 🤣🤣🤣 4mo
Aimeesue @mcctrish 😂😂😂 4mo
mcctrish @TheAromaofBooks we are the ones who will die from all the blah blah blah 4mo
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Bookwormjillk Isn‘t that what the Swedish Chef used to say on the Muppets? 4mo
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yesssss 4mo
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Ruthiella At least poor Aleksey gets to take a load off and have some fish soup 🥣 and cherry preserves 🍒 . 4mo
currentlyreadinginCO I liked this one, too! Ivan and Alyosha are an interesting pairing 4mo
Bookwormjillk @Ruthiella such an odd combo 4mo
mcctrish @Bookwormjillk he says “bork, bork, bork” Swedish for blah, blah, blah ( probably) and @Ruthiella thank goodness Aloysha gets to eat after all the running around 4mo
Graciouswarriorprincess @Ruthiella I thought the same thing! But what a combination! 😊 4mo
TheBookHippie @Bookwormjillk yes. 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼 4mo
dabbe @Ruthiella That boy was hungry! 😂 4mo
Aimeesue @mcctrish Right? He‘s gonna be nothing but skin and bones! 4mo
Bklover I‘m really sorry, but I‘m going to have to drop out. I‘m very disappointed- I tried to catch up, but this month I just don‘t have it in me. It‘s been a difficult month, and of the books I intended to read this month I‘m only keeping up with one. I seem to have lost my focus. Love you all, and I‘ll be back for the next one. (Can‘t remember what‘s next). ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
BarkingMadRead @Bklover we will see you in March! (It‘s 4mo
Bklover Oh good! I love Rebecca! That will be a fun reread. 4mo
rubyslippersreads Even though I bailed, I‘m glad to finally know what a hurdy-gurdy looks like. 😂 4mo
willaful @Bklover I dropped out ages ago, I'm just really enjoying the posts. 😳

I don't think I've ever seen a hurdy gurdy, which is odd, because it's heavily featured in one of my all time fav books.
Cuilin I hope Alyosha got to eat the soup and preserves. That was some serious conversation. Not sure I could eat while some was talking about the torture/suffering of children. 4mo
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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Librarybelle 😂 to the image! So much pain and sorrow in the book! 5mo
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Bookwormjillk Dude, take the money. Your kid wants a horse. 5mo
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk right? Not to mention every sick member of his family 🙄 5mo
Ruthiella That image makes as much sense as anything else? 🤪 Probably honor or patriarchy prevents it, but Aleksey should have given the cash to Varvara Nikolayevna. She seems like a practical person and would have accepted it. 5mo
SamAnne The Flying Karamazov Brothers!!!! I‘ve seen them perform many times. They were hilarious. (edited) 5mo
dabbe Some men and their pride. Oy. 🙄 5mo
Aimeesue So, totally cool to take money to ruin Dmitry, but not cool to take money because he got beat up? Odd. That‘s one weird code of ethics. (edited) 5mo
Aimeesue @currentlyreadinginCO I guess if people were consistent, literature would be much less interesting! 5mo
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Brothers Karamazov | Fyodor Dostoevsky
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mcctrish 🦞👀 5mo
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Bookwormjillk I think it was also the title of a Lemony Snickett book, no? 5mo
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk it‘s definitely possible 5mo
Ruthiella Lobster eyes? Beady eyes maybe? 🤔 And the von Sohn reference is maybe foreshadowing….? Dum dum dum 🎶 (edited) 5mo
Tineke I'm missing something here. What about lobster pics? Can someone enlighten me? 5mo
BarkingMadRead @Tineke in my version someone was referred to as looking like a lobster 5mo
BarkingMadRead @Ruthiella one can hope 🤣🤣 5mo
TheAromaofBooks Like literally this chapter was... them walking across a yard?! 😂 5mo
BarkingMadRead @TheAromaofBooks I mean, it was a really pretty yard 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🌸 5mo
currentlyreadinginCO The fact that the yard is now pretty and wasn't previously is all that I learned 😂 @BarkingMadRead 5mo
BarkingMadRead @currentlyreadinginCO I may have jumped the gun on that #blahblahblah post 🤣 5mo
mcctrish @TheAromaofBooks @currentlyreadinginCO @BarkingMadRead this exchange has just elevated this chapter immensely 5mo
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Ruthiella What‘s up with those portraits? Did we suddenly step into a gothic novel? 8mo
BarkingMadRead @Ruthiella right?!? And built into the walls? So creepy 8mo
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dabbe I have bad feelings about this. He confesses to his debauchery with a woman, but I don't think he'll be able to forgive her. And his was consensual! There are too many bad omens here: the rain, the rooster (who is white [pure] and red [stained], the guy who knows her that Angel punched, his family not showing up, all the d'Urberville places (isn't there ANYWHERE where their name is not involved?). Tess believes they're on equal footing, but ... 8mo
BarkingMadRead @dabbe I know! I feel like it‘s totally snowballing out of control! 8mo
Bookwormjillk Another day where it was hard not to read ahead! 8mo
Daisey @dabbe So true! The feelings of foreboding just keep piling up. I was surprised by his confession, but it didn‘t at all make me any more hopeful. 8mo
Clare-Dragonfly I hate the other dairymaids being so despondent over Angel, especially since earlier it felt like Hardy was encouraging the reader to laugh at their love for him. Now that just feels cruel ☹️ Also, I really wish I knew exactly what Tess said to Angel. She thinks of herself as culpable, so did she spin it to him that way, or did she explain it in a way that makes it obvious to Angel she was raped? 8mo
Cuilin @dabbe I think we‘re going to see some double standards here much like the body count discussion today. What makes it worse is that Tess didn‘t consent. 8mo
dabbe @Clare-Dragonfly I wonder too if we'll ever know or if it'll be like a Shakespearean scene done offstage. 8mo
dabbe @Cuilin Whereas Angel totally did! If he doesn't forgive her ... 8mo
currentlyreadinginCO Resisting the urge to keep reading!! What a cliffhanger chapter 8mo
KAO After Angel‘s delayed confession (which took me by surprise!), I had hopes that he would be able to better understand what Tess had not been able to talk about (even though she tried to tell him earlier). I fear the worst, however. 8mo
Bklover #yallhesjustadude cracked me up! 8mo
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Passage to India | E M Forster
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Bookwormjillk HA! Perfect picture!!! 9mo
jenniferw88 I don't have anything to add! 9mo
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BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk I have my shiny moments 🤣 9mo
mabell 🤣🤣 9mo
AnnR I'll just add #flies . 9mo
BarkingMadRead Omg @AnnR yes!! 9mo
dabbe Is it just me, or are all of these chapters just, well, weird? I'm looking for some character to like, but I ain't finding one yet. And I snorted out loud at today's image, @BarkingMadRead! 🤣🤣🤣 9mo
mcctrish @AnnR 🤢 would somebody please deal with them 🙏🏻 9mo
jenniferw88 @dabbe Mrs Moore is likeable! And Fielding. @AnnR the flies are a symbol of danger @mcctrish @BarkingMadRead 9mo
dabbe @jenniferw88 You know more than me. I‘ll give them a fair pass! 🤩 9mo
Bklover Today the hashtags were waaay more fun than the chapter. 9mo
Bklover Oh, and the photo is perfect!!! 9mo
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A Room with a View | E.M. Forster
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Chapter 1: in which we meet alllll of the people! Be sure to post your copy, you know how I love the different covers! #wtfisanoteofinterrogation #itsoundsominous #somuchdramaoveraroom #lucyshouldgetthebigroom #hermomispaying #charlotteisshady #andalsoweird #pemberlittens #hashtagbrigade

CSeydel Ooh this one is so good 12mo
kspenmoll This is so pretty! 12mo
BarkingMadRead @kspenmoll I had to get it when I saw it! 12mo
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Clare-Dragonfly I‘m guessing it‘s a question mark! These people are so strange 😂 I like the men so far… (edited) 12mo
Ruthiella @Clare-Dragonfly It is a question mark. I think I remember that from either the movie or when I read it previously. 12mo
eeclayton I'm reading this one in translation, and my text had a question mark. 12mo
dabbe I'm thinking huge class discrepancies (Mr. Emerson and his son George seem to be beneath Lucy and her cousin Charlotte), and could the fact that Lucy wants a view mean that she's looking for bigger horizons? 🤔 Charlotte seems like an old fuddy-duddy, too. 12mo
Morr_Books @dabbe Love your thoughts so far! I had a hard time getting passed the fact that everyone was saying to go to Prato. Prato was one of my least favorite places in the region, so maybe it was very different back then. Also, I kinda feel bad for George right now. He intrigues me more than other characters. 12mo
Morr_Books @BarkingMadRead I also love love love your book cover! 12mo
Bookwormjillk This is going to be a trip. Can‘t wait. 12mo
DebinHawaii Great cover! My copy is a Kindle & not pretty but it was .99–although I am regretting it slightly as there is a summary after each chapter & I‘m not sure it‘s necessary! 🤣 (edited) 12mo
Bklover I hate to sound like an idiot, but should we just check your posts every day? Did t get tagged and that‘s ok - I can remember to check- just want to make sure I didn‘t miss something. 12mo
Bklover Oh, and this book is going to be FUN! And Charlotte! She‘s going to be a fun one !🙄 (edited) 12mo
BarkingMadRead @Bklover I must have missed you somehow. I make a new list for each book. You‘ll be tagged starting tomorrow! 12mo
Bklover That‘s fine! Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️ I‘m just so happy to be back. #❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
Cuilin Can you tag me. Thanks. 12mo
BarkingMadRead @Cuilin absolutely 12mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @BarkingMadRead it happens! 😜 12mo
TheAromaofBooks Your realization that NO ONE got tagged sent me 😂 12mo
mcctrish Yesterday I was baby rabbit proofing my yard and I had a brief thought there was a new book and couldn‘t remember what it was and then completely forgot everything so thank you for tagging me and reminding me all the things ( I‘m trying to decide between kindle e book choices right now ) 12mo
Bookwormjillk @BarkingMadRead thanks for the tags but I think it should be obvious by now I will just stalk your feed until I get my daily dose of hashtags 🤣 12mo
BarkingMadRead @Bookwormjillk 👀👀👀 12mo
dabbe @Bookwormjillk 🤫 ... I do the same thing! 👀🤣😍 12mo
Clare-Dragonfly 😂😂😂 I wondered if I‘d forgotten to sign up for this one since I wasn‘t tagged but then I realized you hadn‘t tagged anyone so I thought you just got sick of having to paste in a tag list! 12mo
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly nope, I just suck 🤷🏻‍♀️ 12mo
julieclair I like the Emerson men! And George intrigues me... 12mo
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The Book Dragon | Kell Andrews
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Y‘all. I‘m so mad that my wings blend in with the background 🤣 I wore my #bookdragon costume to the #bookcon Faery Fantasy Gathering because the theme was When Dragons Ruled. So much fun, and the costumes were so impressive! (Also. My dress has pockets!) 🐉

Purpleness That is an amazing dress! Where did you get it? 13mo
BarkingMadRead @Purpleness the company is called Princess Awesome 13mo
Purpleness @BarkingMadRead Thanks! I totally needed another temptation to resist;) 13mo
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KathyWheeler I love that dress! 13mo
Chelsea.Poole Cute! 13mo
willaful Super cute!

My daughter's aide adores Princess Awesome clothes. I would too, but I have my own personal seamstress. (My mom. ❤️)
Ruthiella Looking good! 🤩 13mo
erzascarletbookgasm Sounds super fun, cute dress too! 13mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Love the dress. 13mo
Cathythoughts Loving the wings 💚💚💚 13mo
TrishB Looks cool 👍🏻 13mo
Soubhiville That‘s awesome! Sounds like a fun gathering. 13mo
SamAnne All dresses should have pockets! You look fabulous! 13mo
Dragon So fun! 💚🐉 13mo
Clare-Dragonfly That‘s an incredible outfit! 13mo
bthegood looks great -🐉 13mo
tpixie What a great book dress!!! And pockets makes perfect!!!Love the dragon wings! 🐉 📚 13mo
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This topped my list of books I was intimidated to read. I‘m sure I would have really disliked reading it if by myself but I came to quite enjoy my nightly ritual of reading a chapter and checking @BarkingMadRead ‘s post, hashtag, and comments. The pretty edition helped too 😊. While I would have needed to read this in an English course to be convinced of its merits, there were some little gems sprinkled in, like this last sentence that I loved.

JamieArc Also completed for March #Bookspin @TheAromaofBooks 14mo
BarkingMadRead Woohoo! You made it through, this was such a long one! 14mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! I also wouldn't have made it through this one without the encouragement from @BarkingMadRead and the #HashtagBrigade!! 😂 14mo
ReadingRachael I love that quote! 14mo
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