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#nofemmeber #gunshot
Trying to catch up and as i was very early for an appt browsed in waterstones to find 2 books perfect for two missing entries and books that i am definitely going put on tbr list. This is a forgotten American classic abt john wilkes booth, another gunshot that changes history. I definitely like the look of the story.

Billypar Some anxiety-provoking cover! I really enjoyed two NYRB books I read this year- great for connecting with some authors who have faded from the collective memory for no good reason. 7mo
andrew61 Yes ive read one this year which was very good. I think im going to try and get hold of this one soon. A great challenge this month - i enjoyed it - thanks☺ 7mo
andrew61 @Billypar yes i read one this year which was very good and i picked up on a whim in a sale. I will probably try and find this one soon. A great challenge this month- thanks ☺ 7mo
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Girl Waits with Gun | Amy Stewart
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#Gunshot #NoFemmeber

@Billypar @Cinfhen

Since it's #YesFemmeberInNovember I chose Amy Stewart's book, but my first thought was Hugh Laurie's The Gun Seller.

DivineDiana Chose this one too! 😉 8mo
CarolynM I loved The Gun Seller. Pity he hasn't published any others. (edited) 8mo
Billypar Looks like a Stewart vs. Laurie shootout! I didn't know he wrote a book: if there is an audio version, I think his House accent would be perfect 😀 7mo
julesG @Billypar I don't know about an audiobook of his book, but since the MC is a Brit, his American accent wouldn't work. BTW, the first time I watched House, MD in the OV I was confused, I needed to get used to the American accent. 7mo
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JFK was killed by a #gunshot 55 years ago, and this is the fictional account of him and his siblings as told by a nanny.

Joe Sr and Rose Kennedy raises their boys to be future presidents and their girls to be Catholic housewives, and left most of the day to day care to live in nannies. A lot of the tragedies that befell the Kennedys were covered—Rosie‘s lobotomy, and the deaths of Kick and Joe Jr. #nofemmeber

Centique Great pick! 8mo
Billypar Perfect choice, and interesting angle for this novel- few books about JFK, nonfiction or fiction, could be labeled comedy! 8mo
Reviewsbylola I know, what a tragic family!! The fictional nanny had a great sense of humor though and she really brought to life the lively Kennedy clan. @Billypar 8mo
Cinfhen This sounds good! The Kennedy clan is iconic!! Are we still gonna buddy read 8mo
Megabooks Great choice. I remember when JFK jr. died. So sad. My boyfriend at the time was more upset than I was! 8mo
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True Grit: A Novel | Charles Portis
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DAY 28: When Mattie Ross heard that her father died from a #gunshot wound inflicted by an acquaintance, she vowed to avenge him.

I loved this book so much. I listened to the audio version narrated by Donna Tartt. 5⭐️

📷: 2010 film


Cinfhen Great choice and fabulous book!!!! 🙌🏻❣️ 8mo
rubyslippersreads One of my favorite books! 8mo
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Ruthiella I had no idea Tartt narrated audiobooks outside of her own! 8mo
britt_brooke @Ruthiella I think this might be the only other one. It‘s one of her favorite books. 8mo
Billypar Haven't read it yet, but I love the 2010 adaptation. I also fully intend to read all of Portis' work- just one so far (Gringos) but really liked it. And that's pretty cool about Tart reading the audiobook! 8mo
britt_brooke @Billypar I haven‘t seen the movie, but it looks sooo good. I‘ve yet to read any of his other books, but definitely will at some point. 8mo
Reviewsbylola This is on my TBR! 8mo
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola It‘s so good! 7mo
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Gunshot Road | Adrian Hyland
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Day 28 - #gunshot #nofemmeber

I am longing for your poison
Like a cancer for its prey
Shot an arrow, in your harbor
Where you waited in the rain
I am siren, I am ivy
I am no one, I'm nobody
I am longing for your honey
I am longing for your love
And the shot goes through my head and back
Gunshot, I can't take it back
Lay me down in your ocean
Carry me and my burden
I was dreaming about you honey
I was hoping you'd save me

Billypar Love her lyrics: very poetic and soulful. 8mo
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I can not recommend this book enough - a study of four women who influenced the American Civil War in one way or the other. These four women risked their lives to rally for their cause. Such a great book! #Gunshot #NoFemmeber

Cinfhen ❣️❣️❣️❣️ 8mo
megnews Loved this 8mo
Billypar Never heard of this! So it's 3 Confederate spies and 1 Union? I feel like I haven't seen many books or movies about espionage during the Civil War, men or women. 8mo
Librarybelle @Billypar It‘s 2 Confederate and 2 Union women. Most were spies of a degree, but one of the Union women pretended to be a man to fight. It came out a few years ago, and I think it‘s a sleeper hit - received a lot of praise by those who read it, but didn‘t quite hit mainstream. It‘s really good, partly because topics like this are not really discussed! 8mo
Billypar Ohh ok- I was confused by the one posing as a Union soldier- that makes sense though. Nice when books become sleeper hits- there's so much coming out all the time that it's hard to understand how anything has staying power. 8mo
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The Sisters Brothers | Patrick DeWitt
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#NoFemmeber #gunshot

This one seems to be well liked on Litsy, still haven‘t read.

LauraBeth I want to read this now after reading French Exit. 8mo
Cinfhen Just picked that one up on #DailyDeal @LauraBeth 8mo
Billypar My brain keeps wanting to add an apostrophe to 'sisters' 😁 8mo
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Girl Waits with Gun | Amy Stewart
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Based on a true story, a young woman decides to join law enforcement after her family is threatened. Saw the author discuss her research at a local bookstore when it was released. #gunshot #nofemmeber

LisaJo Our book club Skyped with Amy Stewart after we read her second novel about the Koop sisters. I hope she was a delightful when you saw her as she was during our Skype session. 8mo
Cinfhen Still on my TBR 8mo
DivineDiana @LisaJo She was delightful! And we talked about Litsy! 😉 8mo
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DivineDiana @Cinfhen So many books! 🙂 8mo
Billypar What a cool story! She had to have encountered so much resistance to making a decision like that- it amazes me how women with stories like hers find the determination to push forward. 8mo
DivineDiana @Billypar I also find it amazing! Love learning about fierce women! Particularly during the time periods when their voices hardly mattered. 8mo
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Shot in the Heart | Mikal Gilmore
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#nofemmeber #gunshot

I finally have a good one for these prompts! This is a great memoir of a very dysfunctional family. Mikal Gilmore is a journalist who wrote this in an effort to make sense of his brother - a murderer who was executed for his crimes and chose to be shot. If I remember rightly, he really digs into the history and psychology of their family and the Mormon religion - so it‘s a thoughtful rather than shocking read.

Centique Blurb in the image is from Publishers Weekly. 8mo
Cinfhen Sounds really fascinating and pretty shocking!!! 8mo
cathysaid I loved Executioners Song. Stacked! 8mo
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CocoReads Both this and Executioner‘s Song were excellent books. Great reads, both of them. 8mo
Kaye I‘ll second what @CocoReads said. Both really good ! 8mo
Billypar "fills in multiple gaps in Mailer's account"... Isn't that book like 1000 pages or something crazy? How many gaps could there be? ? 8mo
Centique @Billypar yeah! 😂 I haven‘t read that one. I can only imagine they mean he didn‘t know the family backstory - Mailer must have nailed the events in detail I‘m sure! 8mo
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The Trouble with Women | Jacky Fleming
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TrishB 😂😂 love it 8mo
Cinfhen Thank God for those dainty feet 🤪 8mo
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arlenefinnigan @Cinfhen 😂 my feet are dainty, I'm only a UK size 3 (euro 36). I'm a good shot too..... 😈 8mo
Cinfhen Ha!!! I somehow expected that!!!! 8mo
Billypar This sounds like a compilation that could run the gamut from funny to infuriating 😄😒👡 8mo
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