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#tbrwrapup #januarytbr. Since January is almost over I‘m going to do a quick look back. These are not all the books I read in January. A few I actually read aren‘t listed here. Hearts are for what I actually finished from my tbr list and skulls are either for my DNFed or ones I didn‘t get to. Crowns are currently reading. Since I already read both of them, I‘m not in as big of a hurry but I really should have finished HP 😅

Crime and Punishment | Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
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Pulled a few books from my #JanuaryTBR to focus on for this #boutofbooks. I really want to finish Crime and Punishment (I‘m about 2/3 done), make some progress on Competitive Advantage, get Seven Deaths done since it‘s due soon, finish one of my audios, and then anything else will be a bonus!

Reecaspieces Your sweet baby! Lovely stack too 10mo
rmaclean4 Look forward to hearing your thoughts about Seven Deaths. 10mo
Readerann 🐶❤️ 10mo
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Finally, my #JanuaryTBR plan.
Into the Drowning Deep
City of Endless Night (#GoodReads #Dustybookshelf Challenge)
Crazy Rich Asians (#IRL Book club)
#coffeebeanbookclub selection
World War Z in #Audiobook plus hard copy
#SFMBC selection

TheReadingMermaid Good plan 👍🏻 10mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Great picture!! 10mo
iread2much The unabridged audiobook for world war z is amazing! One of my favorite of all time 10mo
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This month is going to be quite a busy one! Even so, I am hoping to kick the year off right and dive into five books.


#tbr #januarytbr #bookphotosundays #januarybookphotosundays

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Have you read any of these? Are you planning to? Do you want to do a buddy read?

Visit my post on www.diaryofdifference.com to find out the extra books I am planning on reading as well...

#litsy #book #books #love #boomworm #january #januarytbr #tbr #hope #buddyread

jessinikkip I plan to be reading once upon a river this month sonetime, hopefully 10mo
innah96 I have only read a few chapters at the moment. It is really interesting, and different than anything else I've read recently. The writing is magical. 10mo
Vedrana Nights in Rodanthe is good😍that Sparks🤨 10mo
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innah96 @Vedrana Sparks is a romance master. I have read so many books from him, and decided to read all of them, so starting one by one this year :) 10mo
Vedrana @innah96 good decision💞 love Sparks recommend best of me 10mo
innah96 @Vedrana I haven't read that one either. Missing that one, Nights in Rodanthe, Lucky one, and his newest one. Apart from that, I think I've read them all. 10mo
innah96 @Vedrana I will add it on my TBR :D 10mo
jessinikkip @innah96 I read a few chapters but got distracted by other things :( I need to finish Once upon a river, probabky as soon as I finish my current read 10mo
innah96 @jessinikkip Wish you a happy reading, and hope you enjoy it. 10mo
tracey38 I've read Children of Blood and Bone and really enjoyed it. 10mo
innah96 @tracey38 I am so glad to hear that. I have heard many great things! 10mo
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The Wicked King | Holly Black
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My #JanuaryTBR including:
Six #popsugar19 picks
Two #Booked2019
Two #ReadingWomenChallenge
I'm most excited for The Wicked King by Holly Black which will be delivered directly to my Kindle on January 8th! 🙌

Crime and Punishment | Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
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My #JanuaryTBR is ready. It‘s mostly leftovers from December with my #GirlyBookClub book, a couple of library books and four new #readmyowndamnbooks books. I‘m doing #boutofbooks starting on Monday and #24in48 the last weekend of Jan so I have a good shot of putting a solid dent in the stacks!

candority Great stack! 👏 Where‘d you get that fantastic stand for your Kobo? 11mo
janeycanuck @candority Oh, it‘s the absolute best, I love it. It‘s called a Stump Stand - shipping to Canada is really expensive, sadly. I had mine shipped to a hotel when I was going to be in the US. 10mo
candority Thank you! Ugh, that‘s annoying. I‘m going to look into it anyways, it looks super handy! 10mo
janeycanuck @candority try amazon.com - looks like you can get one for about $25US with only another $7.33US for shipping! 10mo
candority Awesome, thank you! 😊 10mo
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The Immortalists | Chloe Benjamin
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My #januarytbr. The tagged book is my first pick of the new year! I also plan to check out at least one book from the library and I‘ll have a book from one of my postal book clubs to read. #anewchapter #newbeginnings

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Pretty pic!!! Let me know your thoughts on the tagged book!! 11mo
vkois88 Can't wait to hear what you think!! I want to read this one as well. I know I had a copy at one point but don't remember if I had gotten for someone as part of a swap or if it's still around somewhere 🤔🤔🤔 10mo
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Cibola Burn | James S.A. Corey
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Starting off the year with book 4 in The Expanse series 😊📚 My plan is to finish through book 7 in January #Chunkster2019 #JanuaryTBR 📚#AnticipatedJanuaryReads #FearYourNovelJanuary #JanBookstagram19 #JanInBooks19

#BookNerd 💙📚

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Dunstan | Conn Iggulden
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#JanuaryTBR Finish as many of these #currentlyreading as possible. #GroupU the top book is @CouronneDhiver s pick. With the holidays it‘s taking me a bit longer than expected to finish. @Lindy I‘ll tag you when it‘s on its way

Lindy Sounds good. I will be away from home starting later today, returning on January 9, so there‘s lots of time. 11mo
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