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The History of Love | Nicole Krauss
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#MayMovieMagic The History of Love is a story within a story that traces the #OriginsOfLove for the curmudgeon Leo Gursky (whom I affectionately call #TheJewishOve ) A book that requires time and care as the dual stories are sometimes confusing. I loved Leo, so it bumped up my love for this book but it‘s not going to appeal to all readers. Still a book worth trying if you‘re seeking an unconventional love story.

Karisa Oh! I had almost forgotten this book. I loved it too! Jewish Ove is perfect description for him. Starts slow but pulls you right in. Gorgeous passages. 6mo
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Karisa so many parts of Leo felt like a combination of Ove and my grandfather that I was totally smitten 🥰 6mo
JennyM I tried to read this a few months ago, but it wasn‘t for me. And I was so sad not to love it - I really wanted to. It just seemed to pass my by 🙁 6mo
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CafeMom I loved the book from start to finish. Leo Gursky was my favorite character, every cantankerous ounce of him. I work in the field of gerontology so I felt at home with Leo. 6mo
CarolynM What a fabulous quote. This book has never really appealed to me, but maybe I should look at it more closely before dismissing it completely. 6mo
Cinfhen This book had a lot of stunning sentences @CarolynM I think you should give it a try❣️I‘m sorry it didn‘t pull you in @JennyM there were moments when I wasn‘t sure what I was reading but in the end it all came together for me. And I agree @CafeMom Leo Gursky is a wonderful character ❤️ 6mo
Leftcoastzen I liked it a lot quietly intense. 6mo
TaylorMay You guys convinced me! Now added to my stack 6mo
rohit-sawant Love your description of the book. 💜 Also that quote! #Sold 6mo
Librarybelle That quote! I‘m stacking this! 6mo
Centique What a quote and what a great review! Seems I‘ve already stacked this 😍 6mo
KarenUK As you know.... it‘s one of my faves 👍💕😊 6mo
Cinfhen I‘m so excited to see all the love for Leo @Centique @Librarybelle @rohit-sawant @TaylorMay I ALWAYS think of you when I think of this book @KarenUK And I‘m pleased to know you love it too @Leftcoastzen 💕💕💕 6mo
GatheringBooks i absolutely love this story to bits. it was my #1001bookswap choice. 6mo
Cinfhen Leo holds a special spot on my heart @GatheringBooks 6mo
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@jillannjohn It‘s here. Are we going to do another round?
@Jerdencon @ferskner

Jerdencon I'd like too! 9mo
Chili @Jerdencon So would I!😁 9mo
ferskner Sure! 9mo
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Jerdencon @ferskner @Chili @jillannjohn When do we start up again? I‘ve lost track - should we mail in April? 9mo
jillannjohn I‘ve lost track too. I might need some time to pick out another book! 😬 9mo
ferskner Agreed - should we do some emails with potential picks to see if we've already read them? 9mo
Chili Sounds good to me. I have some choices in mind. 9mo
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Fingersmith | Sarah Waters
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This book is out of control amazing. When I say there are twists, there are TWISTS. The setting and writing are beyond. Sarah Waters has yet to disappoint me, so why haven't I read her entire catalog yet?!

#1001bookswap #readingwomenchallenge #lambdaliteraryawardwinner @thereadingwomen #pop19 #bookwithanitemofclothingoraccessoryonthecover #mmdchallenge #bookinthebacklistofafavoriteauthor #litsyatoz @BookishMarginalia

LeahBergen This is one of the books I recommend most. 👍🏻 9mo
TrishB A great read 👍🏻 9mo
Librarybelle I really need to read this one! 9mo
youneverarrived She is brilliant 👍 9mo
ferskner @LeahBergen @TrishB @youneverarrived You have great taste! @Librarybelle I think you would LOVE it. Her historical fiction details are so great - she shows a really wide swath of society, but doesn't romanticize any of it. 9mo
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Overseas | Beatriz Williams
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It‘s been awhile since I sent any book mail out but I FINALLY got two packages out today! @sisilia The Poisonwood Bible #1001BookSwap is officially on its way to you in Singapore. I don‘t know how long it will take but I can imagine about ten days or more. @Cinfhen my buddy read book is also on its way to its destination for when you arrive in the US! Looking forward to hearing what both of you think of these fantastic books! ❤️📚#WorldReaders

Cinfhen You got the stickers too!!!!! Yay!!!!! @squirrelbrain is awesome🐿🐿🐿🐿looking forward to our mini buddyread 9mo
BookaholicNatty @squirrelbrain thank you again for these wonderful stickers!!!! I appreciate your kind heart In sending them to me and every time I add them to a letter of package it brings me great joy!! So thank you again an again an again! ❤️😘😘 (edited) 9mo
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Valentine's Day Secret | Carolyn Keene
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This is a terrible, quickly taken picture, but there's so much fun inside! On their way this afternoon. #happilyeverafterswap @Chrissyreadit #cupidgoespostal @BookishMarginalia #1001bookswap @jillannjohn

Plus one more surprise package!

Chrissyreadit 👏🙌👏🎉❣️ 9mo
gradcat On the contrary-not terrible! 😂 9mo
BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 9mo
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White Noise | Don DeLillo
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Hey #1001bookswap buddies! I received this book (and fun scarf!!) from @Chinook yesterday. I think I'm the last one to read it, so no need to hide the cover. 🙂
How is everyone doing? It seems like some of our members are MIA, and I think at least one book is lost along the way. Everybody okay?
@jenp @vivastory @RebelReader

RebelReader @merelybookish I have @vivastory selection yet. Not sure if I‘m going to get to it so I may just send it back to him as I think everyone has read it. Life has gotten crazy for me. 10mo
merelybookish @RebelReader Hi Julie! Thanks for responding. I saw that you've been busy. Hope all is well! 🙂 10mo
vivastory I have @JenP selection. I'm going to read it soon & send it along to her. I haven't seen her on here in awhile, I know she's been really busy. 10mo
merelybookish @vivastory When you send it off, can you ask her to get in touch with Amanda aka @Chinook. She moved and hasn't had any luck contacting Jen with her new address. 10mo
vivastory Sure. Not a problem. 10mo
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World Book's Year in Review | World Book, Inc. Staff
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I‘m ready to call my #18In2018 #18In18
Overall a great reading year. A few of these books were ARCs and won‘t be released until 2019 so I‘ll be curious to see if they make anyone‘s lists next year 😉🤩🥳 I cant pick a favorite but Song of Achilles & PoisonwoodBible are definitely my front runners 🥰

TrishB Cool 👍🏻 will try and do mine tomorrow!! 10mo
KarenUK We match 3 for this year👍💕... plus the Hedgehog is on my favorites of all time, and I‘ll definitely be reading some more of your picks in 2019! 10mo
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IndoorDame The Elegance of the Hedgehog was my favorite read several years ago 😊 10mo
Cinfhen Did we match on American Marriage, Immortalists and the Boyne !?!?!?! @KarenUK 10mo
Cinfhen I can‘t wait to see your list @TrishB xx PLEASE tag me 10mo
KarenUK @cinfhen American Marriage, immortalists and Song of Achilles... I‘m DEFINITELY reading the Boyne in 2019 though.... because I loved Furies sooooo much! 10mo
Cinfhen Some of those”oldies” were really good @IndoorDame @Leftcoastzen and Poisonwood Bible & Elegance were for a markup book swap @BookaholicNatty @sisilia @shendrix413 #1001BookSwap @JenP 10mo
Cinfhen Ooohhhh....you‘re gonna love it @KarenUK 10mo
Kalalalatja So many books I want to read next year! 🙌 10mo
Lmstraubie A nice mix of titles. I love the diversity in your reading. 10mo
Hornsby78 I've got three of those ARCs on my TBR list already! 10mo
Dragon Great ideas for next year‘s booksales, adding to my list! 📚💚🐉 10mo
merelybookish Oooh I keep forgetting Miriam Toews has a new book out! I love her writing! Glad to see you liked it. 10mo
Cinfhen The Toews was excellent @merelybookish but it seems to be getting mixed reviews. Which 3 are you looking forward to @Hornsby78 ??? 10mo
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Lmstraubie @Kalalalatja @Dragon I do try to mix up my reads but sadly I do not read much middle school or YA. More my own choosing ....maybe I‘ll try to add some in 2019 10mo
BarbaraBB Great list! I loved the Towles, Boyne and the Miller and am still looking forward to the Kingsolver 😘 (edited) 10mo
Cinfhen Hahahahaha, I forgot I have Towles & Toews on my list @BarbaraBB and I know you didn‘t love the Toews so I was confused for a second 😘😘 10mo
Lmstraubie @cinfhen You could always join us for the #mgbuddyread 😉 10mo
BarbaraBB Lol, not the Toews 😂. 10mo
Cinfhen I‘m gonna give it a try @Lmstraubie 🤩 10mo
JennyM So much goodness! I‘m starting 2019 with Our Short History - I know it‘ll wreck me! 10mo
Cinfhen The first book of the year is MAJOR @JennyM I hope you appreciate all the feels that Our Short History held for me 🤞🏼🤞🏼 I‘m trying to decide my first read for 2019 10mo
Hornsby78 @Cinfhen The Dreamer, The Farm, and Once Upon a River. 10mo
Cinfhen All three were really really good @Hornsby78 😍 10mo
emilyhaldi Ok, wow. Now I'm DYING to read Tampa. And yes to The Cactus & American Marriage 🙌🏻 10mo
Cinfhen Thanks @emilyhaldi not sure what you‘ll think of Tampa but I still can‘t stop thinking about Celeste!!! 10mo
Cinfhen I liked Circe too and I debated about putting it on my list but Achilles was definitely the stronger of the two in my opinion. Did u read Circe @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 10mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Not yet, but it's on my Jan TBR! 10mo
Cinfhen Ahhh, so I‘ll be curious what u think @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego It‘s still a 4 Star read, which is high rating from me🤩 (edited) 10mo
Centique @Cinfhen I totally agree about Song of Achilles - that one broke my heart and it‘s in there now forever 🙌 I‘m taking a screen shot of these 18 to refer to them later. They all look excellent! 10mo
Cinfhen 😘😘 @Centique 10mo
Reviewsbylola Soooooo many good books! 😍 10mo
Cinfhen You‘re having an exciting new year‘s eve @Reviewsbylola that ball is about to drop and you‘re on Litsy 😁😂😘#priorities 💕💕💕Happy 2019, Steph 🎉🎉🎉Hope it‘s filled with love, blessings, laughter and awesome reads 10mo
GatheringBooks i am super intrigued by the miriam toews title - it seems perfect for our #womenreadwomen2019 theme 10mo
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Mother's Milk | Edward St. Aubyn
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This is the fourth of the Patrick Melrose series, but I honestly didn‘t feel like I missed anything from not reading the first three. This novel is a little different from what I normally read, but it‘s a great character study over the course of a few years. You see a family struggling through change. At times touching, and at times sorrow-filled, this was a great literary novel. @minkyb - I‘m sending this to you this afternoon! #1001bookswap

Minervasbutler The whole sequence is wonderful, though Never Mind and Some Hope were my own faves 11mo
Librarybelle @Minervasbutler Good to know! 11mo
minkyb @Librarybelle Hey there Jess. Book has not arrived yet. Should I worry? 11mo
Librarybelle @minkyb I‘ll check the tracking number tonight! I sent it out within 30 minutes of posting this picture. Hopefully it‘s just a backup of mail this time of year. I‘ll let you know! Thanks for letting me know! 11mo
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Elegance of the Hedgehog | Muriel Barbery
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Making some progress with my #1001BookSwap read. I‘m liking it, and @BookaholicNatty has made lots of interesting, insightful and entertaining comments which I‘m really enjoying🤓hope you‘re having a wonderful birthday, Natalie 🥳🥳🥳 and happy Sunday/Monday #WorldReaders

LeahBergen Beautiful flowers! 😘 11mo
Cinfhen Thanks, hope all is well @LeahBergen 🌺🌷🌹🌸 11mo
Cathythoughts I loved this one ♥️ 11mo
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Blaire Love this book! Enjoy! 11mo
BookaholicNatty Hahahahaha I forget what I even wrote now! 😂🤣 11mo
Cinfhen Your handwriting is GORGEOUS @BookaholicNatty and your comments are hilarious and spot on 🙌🏻❣️ I‘m not in the LOVE camp yet @Blaire @Cathythoughts but the writing is wonderful and Renee is a fabulous character 11mo
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