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#Foundations is definitely a song about a relationship going sour, heading for a break-up...
It made me think of this super clever, unique way to tell a story of a relationship from beginning to end, through dictionary entries. (See examples ⬆️)
Told non-sequentially, it goes from heartbreaking to really funny and back again, with such beautiful use of each chosen word.
An all time favorite this one.... 💕💕💕

Cinfhen Clever choice!! I received this book in my first #CupidGoesPostal swap from the amazing @WanderingBookaneer 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 3y
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The Complete Sherlock Holmes | Arthur Conan Doyle, Kyle Freeman
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Lazy day for me and Henry (Tuesday‘s are my Sunday‘s). While he takes a nap, I‘m going to try to sneak in another chapter or two of reading.

Anyone else really struggle with their #catsoflitsy attempting to eat their books?

GondorGirl My Tommy used to try and chomp my books. Luckily he seems to have grown out of it. 3y
julesG Not the books, but the notes stuck in some books. Not sure what my #CupidGoesPostal match had next to the note paper, but it's only the notes from this particular Litten that I had to rescue from their specific books. They are in a ziploc bag now. 😬 3y
CollapsingLibrary @GondorGirl I hope Henry grows out of it! Having to “hide” all my books all the time is irritating to my inner book nerd and desire to show off my collection 😂 3y
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I received this book in the #cupidgoespostal swap from @Savedbygrace I loved the mystery of this story and the way the author was able to piece together the story from a collection of letters.

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A Dangerous Collaboration | Deanna Raybourn
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I got myself a new book light. I am so dang excited for this thing. It has 3 different shades of white light with 3 different intensities for each one AND it's rechargeable! Who knew I would be this excited over something so simple🤷‍♀️ #itsthelittlethings #booklight

Slajaunie I want one! What is the brand name? Where did you get it? 3y
julesG This is such a good book light. I got it in the #CupidGoesPostal swap. @Slajaunie it's called "LuminoLite" and I'm sure you can find it on amazon. 3y
WorldsOkayestStepMom I need a rechargeable book light, but I didn't even think they existed (mostly because I didn't look)! Thanks for sharing! 3y
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tracy_anne8 @Slajaunie @julesG @worldsoke Sorry for the delayed response but yes it is called the LuminoLite and you can find it on Amazon. I got for $14. 3y
Slajaunie Thanks! 3y
Smrloomis Yeah! That sounds great! 👍🏽😁 3y
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You nailed it, @angela_fi13 , with these #CupidGoesPostal book selections. Rosa Montero is familiar to me, but I had not read this one and the edition is lovely! The crime novel looks right up my alley — a mystery with archeology and mythology, AND written by a woman. 👍🏼 The last one is totally new to me but I‘m a sucker for philosophical novels about too-intelligent people dealing with aging and mortality. Thank you!

Avanders Looks really good — doesn‘t look like there‘s an English translation? Are this author‘s books typically translated? Reading Spanish would be worse than a slog for me... I‘m not nearly good enough 😜 3y
AnnHeitman I don't like Rosa Montero that much...but all my girl friends readers love her!! 3y
angela_fi13 Me alegra muchísimo que haya llegado a salvo!!! Pero además que te guste mi selección es un motivo más de alegría para mi. Abrazos!!! Y espero que lo disfrutes mucho! 3y
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The Stand | Stephen King
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😫 Little sticky notes, your favorite book.. books on my list I just said randomly. Do you know how long I wanted Starry Eyes!!? Now I have 1 and 3 of ACOTAR to help my number 2 I got in a box..
Chocolate.. keychain.. a mug a carved bookmark! A liverpool bookmark! A pin *fetal position tears
@TrishB thank you so much!! 😭
#cupidgoespostal @BookishMarginalia

bullbunny And the bag with my favorite author... WHAT EVEN 3y
TrishB I‘m so glad it all survived!! Sorry you had to wait so long, but sooooo glad you like it all ❤️😘 3y
bullbunny @TrishB it's not your fault I did. I am also happy everything is accounted for ^^ truly over the moon 3y
TrishB 😘😘 3y
wordzie 😁💝 3y
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Hi, Angela! Look what arrived safe and sound after two months in transit! 💜💜💜 #CupidGoesPostal #ValentinesBookExchange @angela_fi13

JoRead Wow! At least it arrived safe and around 3y
JoRead *sound 3y
angela_fi13 Omg!!! I‘ve been thinking every day in this package!!! I‘m really really happy that arrived safe!! So sorry for the delay!!! Our post office sucks this time 😞 3y
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Well it's finally my hands after kicked around @TrishB Don't think anything was lost.. just smooshed
@BookishMarginalia place a check on my #cupidgoespostal arrival.

This heavy generous gift is in my hands! I will post pictures when I can. Out running errands!
@TrishB please be pleased and relieved. No more worries ^^

TrishB Yay 🎉🎉🎉 looks a bit worse for wear but hopefully in one piece inside. One potential breakable thing but I think I left it well padded 🤞🏻 relieved.com Hope you like it now 😘 3y
bullbunny @TrishB I didn't hear any rattle, so I think things are good! 3y
TrishB Sounds promising 🤞🏻 3y
BookishMarginalia Wow! I just got mine from @angela_fi13 too! 3y
bullbunny @BookishMarginalia Almost two months! So crazy!! 3y
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The Pisces: A Novel | Melissa Broder
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NOOOOOPE. I was looking forward to this book so much and it was not.... it was not what I wanted at all. Uh, it was not my cup of tea. It was bad. I read a good chunk and then, kind of fed up, I decided to skim a bit to see if the rest would be worth reading. Nope.

🔴 MINOR SPOILER 🔴 Warning for animal cruelty, I wish I hadn‘t read what I did, honestly, considering the ending

grumpygirlbooks @j9brown I know this was one your list for the #CupidGoesPostal swap, and I almost got it for you - but based on your preferences I‘m really glad I didn‘t, I might suggest you not pick this one up 😬 3y
j9brown @grumpygirlbooks Whooaa, the summary for this sounded neat but yeah, between your review and that spoiler... I think this one's getting deleted from the "buy later" list. Thanks for the warning!! What a bummer. 3y
Megabooks Thank you for the warning!!! #skip 3y
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Thank You Friend | Tammy L. Bicket
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I just received this beautiful card from @Gaylagal2 with a lovely message?You didn't have to but I am grateful. I am happy that you liked the #CupidGoesPostal box. I love these swaps because is an opportunity to know new persons through the gifts we send after spending a lot of time "stalking" our matches☺️I am always nervous because I want that my match feels happy at the moment the box is opened. Thank you for this lovely gesture?❤️❤️

Gaylagal2 Ahhhh, Gisela it was my extreme pleasure! Your package to me was so touching and I will remember you, Puerto Rico and #cupidgoespostal everytime I read these books and look at my cute little stuffed doggie (his name is also Chico 😉)❤️. 3y
Gissy @Gaylagal2 A cute name! ❤️ 3y
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