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I have now read all 3 of the Bronte's novels. Wildfell Hall edges out Jane Eyre as the one I liked best. Simply because there wasn't a crazy woman in the attic. #WanderingThroughWutheringHeights is definitely the worst IMHO.

None of these will be going on my #forevershelf. Took 📸 at B & N and then put them back on shelf and bought 3 other books.


DivineDiana They are beautiful though! ❤️ 5mo
BarkingMadRead Love it! 5mo
sprainedbrain I really like Wildfell Hall as well, but Jane is still my favorite by an edge. I know I‘m probably toxic af but I still ❤️ Rochester. Right there with you on WH, though. 😂 5mo
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And we are done🥳 ‼️
This was so much better than #WanderingThroughWutheringHeights.
@BarkingMadRun #PemberLittens

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Chapter 24: there‘s trouble in paradise and his name is Arthur. #ihavenowords #heisapig #lethimgotolondon #betteroffathome #pemberlittens #chapteraday

Librarybelle Arthur makes me want to scream! Ugh…. 6mo
BarkingMadRead @Librarybelle he makes me so mad, but she makes me mad, too! How does she not see him for what he is? 🤬🤬 6mo
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Librarybelle I know, right??? 6mo
MoonWitch94 Arthur is THE WORST! 😵‍💫 But how can she NOT see who he truly is. It is mind boggling. 6mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @Librarybelle @BarkingMadRun @MoonWitch94 Arthur is the worst. 🤬 At least she is starting to question his actions. I'm liking this Bronte soooo much better than #WanderingThroughWutheringHeights. I've never read Tenant so curious to see where it goes. 6mo
BarkingMadRead @Crinoline_Laphroaig this is my first time reading ad well, and I‘m liking the drama much better lol 6mo
MoonWitch94 @Crinoline_Laphroaig This is my first time reading & I am absolutely enjoying it better. 6mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @BarkingMadRun @MoonWitch94 I just finished reading the new Natalie Jenner book and two of the characters call Anne “the neglected one of the pack.” Which is so true! Emily and Charlotte seem to me to be the ones most talked of. 6mo
MoonWitch94 @Crinoline_Laphroaig Ohh that looks like a good one. Added it to my tbr. But that is absolutely true. She does seem to be. 6mo
tpixie @Crinoline_Laphroaig thanks for book tag, and Anne is my favorite Brontë! 6mo
Clare-Dragonfly He is so awful! I came across an article about Anne and Tenant that I was going to share but it‘s spoilery. So I‘ll wait until we‘re done! 6mo
BarkingMadRead @Clare-Dragonfly I can‘t wait to see it! 6mo
Bklover @Clare-Dragonfly Oh, I‘m looking forward to reading your article!! 6mo
julieclair Great meme! So true! 😂 And yes, Arthur is so slimy. For some reason, I picture him as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind... 6mo
julieclair @Crinoline_Laphroaig Bloomsbury Girls looks awesome! Have added it to my stack. Thanks for mentioning it, as I had never heard of it. 6mo
BarkingMadRead @julieclair omg yes! Perfect comparison! 6mo
Chili #Arthursucks good grief Helen! Wake-up!!!!! He‘s not going to get any better. 6mo
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"‘Come, then, Helen, are you going to be a good girl?‘ said he."

Arthur ‼️? At least unlike #WanderingThroughWutheringHeights Helen doesn't think his controling nature is proof of his love.
#PemberLittens @BarkingMadRun

BarkingMadRead I freaking hate him 6mo
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Valentines Day | Julie Murray
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Wishing everyone a wonderfully bookish Valentine‘s Day! This is a small selection of some literary Valentines I have in my English teacher files. I chose ones that include references to some Litsy buddy reads, but I‘ll also add a link to all of them in the comments.

#FellowshipOfTolkien #PemberLittens #WanderingThroughWutheringHeights #LitsyBookClub #1001books #TeachersOfLitsy

BookwormAHN Love them! Happy Valentine's Day 💗 9mo
mabell Thanks for sharing the link! Happy Valentine‘s! ❤️ 9mo
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Wuthering Heights | Bronte Emily
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I‘m really late to the party on this. No time for Litsy this week during training. Here‘s my take:
1. First read after many unsuccessful attempts years ago & had really given up ever reading it
2. Mix of all 3
3. No too many others I‘ll like much better
4. Meh to hated
5. Favorite thing: Emily kept it real about repeated family mistakes
7. Not really. Maybe it only is because of her sister.

Crinoline_Laphroaig I'm glad you had a chance to answer! I've loved seeing all the responses. 10mo
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Interesting conversation I had when I posted my Review on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZmdshmLtg6/?utm_medium=copy_link

My Review ⬇️

Crinoline_Laphroaig WH is now on the It‘s Considered a Classic, I've Read It, & Thankfully I Never Have To Read It Again List.

I don't understand how people group Heathcliff in the same Catagory as Jane Austen's Darcy.

Heathcliff isn't an example of a Romantic Hero, he‘s an example of Crazed Obsession. If you like that kind of story that's one thing but if that's what you think love is I'm seriously worried for you. ⬇️

Crinoline_Laphroaig Horrible People being Horrible. Not my cup of tea. 10mo
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Bookwormjillk Very interesting. Thanks! 10mo
ravenlee I think “hero” itself is a problematic term here. We want the “hero” to be heroic, sympathetic, swoon-worthy, and a Romantic hero isn‘t really any of those things (necessarily). Whereas a romantic hero is the lead male character in a love story, and we want to feel all the feels for him. 10mo
TheAromaofBooks I also agree that while there is a difference between Romantic and romantic, the pro-Heathcliff people aren't confusing the two - they think that Heathcliff is actually romantic, hence the mugs haha 10mo
nanuska_153 @TheAromaofBooks I wasn't aware there are pro-Heathcliff people 😅 I assume some EMO type? Mary Shelley would get the digging of the grave for sure... 10mo
nanuska_153 @Crinoline_Laphroaig also following my comment above, I wasn't aware either that Heathcliff was compared with Darcy. All Brontë sisters have very toxic male characters in their novels, it makes you wonder what inspired them. In Wuthering Heights case, I don't think Emily implied at any moment that Heathcliff was in any way a man to aspire, same with Anne in the tenant of Wildfell hall, for example. 10mo
nanuska_153 @Crinoline_Laphroaig I agree that because the author is a woman the novel tends to be classified as romance by default without considering that it might be dealing with something different or more complex than plain romance. Just as Austen novels aren't just romance despite what many people think, even when the romance is a central part of the story they are more complex than that 10mo
nanuska_153 @Crinoline_Laphroaig I agree that because the author is a woman the novel tends to be classified as romance by default without considering that it might be dealing with something different or more complex than plain romance. Just as Austen novels aren't just romance despite what many people think, even when the romance is a central part of the story they are more complex than that 10mo
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An Old-fashioned Girl | Louisa May Alcott
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Today‘s library #BookHaul has an old copy of the tagged, and the peer-pressure-made-me-do-it Willowweep Manor. Now to keep these separate from the books from my primary library…and find time to read them.
#ChildrensClassicRead2022 #WanderingThroughWutheringHeights @Crinoline_Laphroaig @TheBookHippie

TheBookHippie I‘ve done this 😂 lost a public library book in my personal library 😂.. 10mo
ravenlee @TheBookHippie I do have a number of former library books in my own personal library, but I‘m also concerned about keeping these two from my secondary, only sometimes when the other one doesn‘t have it, library separate from the huge stack from my primary, usual, several-times-a-week library. And then make sure I don‘t check out anything from the tertiary library for a while, either. 😆 10mo
TheBookHippie @ravenlee I feel your pain 😂 10mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig Willowweep Manor‼😍 10mo
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Results are in PemberLittens!!!
1.Reread 76% 1st Time 24%
2.Print 53% Kindle 20% Audio 1% Mix 26%
3.Read Again 44% Never Again 31% Maybe 25%
4. Loved/Liked 59% Hated 24% Meh 17%


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Bookwormjillk Ohhhh thanks for the tabulations! 10mo
EclecticBookLover Thank you and thank you for hosting! 10mo
AnneCecilie It‘s interesting that it was a reread for so many 10mo
i.besteph Interesting results! Definitely wasn‘t what I expected 😂 Thanks for hosting! 😘 10mo
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Wuthering Heights | Emily Bront
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This was a reread, I loved it the fist time and I still do.I find the writing mesmerising, the scenery amazing and the characters are so well drawn. I think the main reason why so many people hate it is because they are expecting a romance, maybe because the Brontë sisters that are always compared to Jane Austen. It's a novel about toxic people and toxic relationships, if you are interested in unlovable characters, go for this classic.

TheBookHippie I love it so much. 10mo
nanuska_153 @TheBookHippie same here! Although I think we are in the minority 😅 10mo
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TheBookHippie @nanuska_153 I‘ve been reading it for almost 4 decades- this was my 5th time through -I‘m use to being the only one 😂😂😂 10mo
nanuska_153 @TheBookHippie only the second time for me, but I know there's definitely going to be a third. You are not alone! 10mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful cover 💚💜 10mo
IndoorDame @nanuska_153 @TheBookHippie I‘m with you! It‘s not a romance, but it‘s so beautiful. There will be a 4th read for me on the horizon at some point. 10mo
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame It is so very hauntingly beautiful! I love it everytime ♥️ 10mo
nanuska_153 @IndoorDame @TheBookHippie it's definitely a matter of love it or hate it 10mo
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