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In September, I returned to #LitsyAtoZ to cure a #bookhangover & started reading picture books to de-stess. Flipping Brilliant: ❤️ this sweet little book & should read it daily! The Joy Luck Club: beautiful! The Girl on the Train: not my fave genre & didn't live up to the hype. Alive: liked it; will read the sequels. Current reads: Under Pressure, Breakfast of Champions, Lightfoot. Once these are done, I'll be ready for a fantasy series again.

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Favourite Stories | Enid Blyton
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#FallIntoBooks #BestOfSeptember
#AutumnReads #BestSeptemberRead
#AwesomeAutumnBooks #FavoritesOfFall

I'm afraid the Tolkien monopolosed my reads in September. I was swept away by The Lord of the Rings #BuddyRead l'm loving the experience.
But Nine Lessons was a fantastic discovery. First time l read this author or this mystery series set in 1930s Cambridge and loved it

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Did not have the reading month I hoped for, but FGITW is probably the best book I have read so far this year. 👌
Had some car issues in the middle of the month which kind of put a downer on things. Read 11 total. 7 being picture books 🤣
#bestseptemberread #autumnreads #bestofseptember #fallintobooks #favoritesoffall #awesomeautumnbooks

Ms_T 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
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Just Kids | Patti Smith
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These are my unabashed go-read-this-now recommendations (plus anything Ms. Marvel, duh!!) from the month of September.
#bestofseptember #bestofseptemberreads #favoritesoffall #fallintobooks #awesomeautumnbooks #autumnreads #septemberfaves #septemberwrapup

Marchpane YES to Slade House and Lemon Grove!! Nice colour coordination too 👍 5y
Abailliekaras Loved Just Kids! 5y
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TrishB Slade House 👍 5y
DrexEdit Nice list! 👍 5y
Jess Great picks. Love 5y
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Well, I didn't finish my long audiobook tonight, so I'm set at 19 books this month!

🎧Belinda Blinked 3
📚The Mortifications ❤️
📚 Bluets
📚 Chemistry
🎧 Ripper
📚 Persepolis ❤️
🎧 Just Kids ❤️
📚 Illuminae
🎧 Another Brooklyn
🎧 Universal Harvester
📚 Slade House ❤️
📚 Through the Woods
📚 Ms Marvel 3 ❤️
📚 Ms Marvel 4 ❤️
📚 Bite Me
📚 Black Panther 1 ❤️
📚 X vs Y
📚 Vampires in the Lemon Grove ❤️
📚 I'm Thinking of Ending Things

Natasha.C.Barnes Also: comics with numbers (ms marvel 3, etc) refer to volume numbers, not single issue comics. 5y
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Cinfhen Awesome stats! And I love all your personal notes 💖 5y
TrishB Well done 👍 5y
Jess_Read_This Strong work! I really like how you set your log up with the notes on the bottom. 5y
Ms_T 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
RealLifeReading Yay! Thanks for sharing this. I always stare in admiration! 5y
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#wrapup #SeptemberLibrary17 #FavoritesofFall #AwesomeAutumnBooks
#BestofSeptember #FallintoBooks
Homegrown Terror, my pick for #BestofSeptember & #FavoritesofFall
Reading it was engrossing, intriguing & persuasive. A history particular to CT Revolutionary period. Author uses the lens of the Burning of New London & the Battle of Groton Heights, his hometown area, to reimagine/rename Benedict Arnold as a more of a terrorist rather than traitor.

Ms_T 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
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These four were definitely my favorite books I read this month. And now, look at me multitasking with this one post and three photo challenges. Boosh! 🍁😉

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September stats aren't much better than August. Family stuff is still keeping me from reading as much as I'd like to. The Penelopiad is hands down #bestofseptember #bestseptemberread with the Wodehouse & Franklin also in my #favoritesoffall. #fallintobooks #awesomeautumnbooks #autumnreads @Tiffy_Reads @RealLifeReading

Lcsmcat Three still in progress, so they'll count for October. 5y
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#Awesomeautumnbooks & #fallintobooks #day30 - #favoritesoffall / #bestofseptember

Like I said at the start of the month, all the stuff I'm really excited for comes out in October, and this one technically came out late August. A great read.