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An American Marriage | Tayari Jones
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I only finished five books in September, but three of them were 5 stars for me, which is so rare! Lots of #fallfavorites for the last day of #awesomeautumnbooks.

And I officially finished my first #photochallenge! Often late, but I still posted something for every prompt. Wahoo!! 🎉🎉

monnielane Dark Matter was awesome! 5y
Kaylamburson Yes! I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I thought it might all be hype. @monnielane 5y
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Nineteen Minutes | Jodi Picoult
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Super delayed, but here is #awesomeautumnbooks #29! Jodi Picoult was my first "adult" author, and she is still one of my favorites. I started with THE PACT and NINETEEN MINUTES, and recently her newest SMALL, GREAT THINGS is my new favorite.

Hollie I loved Nineteen Minutes. 5y
Kaylamburson Me too! @hollie! I remember after reading The Pact though (I think I was in 9th grade), I sobbed for hours on my bed. My mother tried to ban me from ever reading Jodi Picoult again because she thought I was too depressed lol. I would still go to the library and get them anyway 😂😂 (edited) 5y
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Thousandth Floor | Katharine McGee
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Days behind on #awesomeautumnbooks (again), and trying to catch up since it's already October and I should be on to the next challenge!

So, here is #GreenwithEnvy. The Thousandth Floor is a scandalous YA series about the different people in various economic classes in the tower that takes up the majority of the vertical City of New York. There is lots of jealousy, blackmail, and lavish parties.

swishandflick I'm reading the second one now and loving it almost more than the first, I think! 5y
Kaylamburson I have the second one on overdrive right now, but haven't started it! I'm excited now!! You'll have to let me know what you think when you finish, @swishandflick!! 5y
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A song of ice and fire | George R. R. Martin
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Playing #catchup yet again... Here's a few of my #favoriteauthors. Also check out my newly acquired set of ASOIF that I got from @Mommamanzi! I meant to post this weeks ago but I'm a bum and kept forgetting. Thanks again.

#awesomeautumnbooks @Jess7

Born.A.Reader Where did you get those Jacqueline Carey books??! My best friend has been looking for the Kushiel's Legacy series so I've been on the lookout for them for Christmas. 5y
EchoLogical @Born.A.Reader I found them on book outlet! I was so excited! The only problem was the covers are a little different but I'm still glad I was able to find them for such a great deal, the whole trilogy for $15! 5y
Born.A.Reader Omgosh that's awesome! Thank you! @EchoLogical 5y
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Pachinko | Min Jin Lee
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Jhumpa Lahiri
Margaret Atwood
Min Jin Lee
Minae Mizumura
Amy Tan
#5fordinner #favoriteauthors #awesomeautumnbooks

Lcsmcat Can I be invited? 😀 5y
saresmoore Great choices! 5y
Wbabdullah @mhillis I know of the first two authors but the last 3 are unknown to me. Can u tell me why you enjoy their literary company? (I'm "window" shopping for new authors to read ?) 5y
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mhillis @Wbabdullah Amy Tan's books have always been interesting to me, especially Kitchen God's Wife and Saving Fish from Drowning. Also her life is interesting and recently she's been posting her drawings on Facebook! 5y
mhillis @Wbabdullah I chose Min Jin Lee because I listened to a podcast and she was talking about the writing of Pachinko. She had such passion for researching and writing about Koreans in Japan and I'd like to know more about it 5y
mhillis @Wbabdullah Mizumura wrote A True Novel. She's lived in the US, Japan, and France. I have an interest in these countries and their literature so I'd love to talk with her! 5y
mhillis @Lcsmcat Yes! This would be such a fun evening!! 5y
Wbabdullah @mhillis thank you so much for taking the time to share your love for these authors! I'll def look into them now (now that I have a story to go with their names). 5y
mhillis @Wbabdullah You're welcome! I hope you'll try some of their books📚 5y
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In September, I returned to #LitsyAtoZ to cure a #bookhangover & started reading picture books to de-stess. Flipping Brilliant: ❤️ this sweet little book & should read it daily! The Joy Luck Club: beautiful! The Girl on the Train: not my fave genre & didn't live up to the hype. Alive: liked it; will read the sequels. Current reads: Under Pressure, Breakfast of Champions, Lightfoot. Once these are done, I'll be ready for a fantasy series again.

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Favourite Stories | Enid Blyton
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#FallIntoBooks #BestOfSeptember
#AutumnReads #BestSeptemberRead
#AwesomeAutumnBooks #FavoritesOfFall

I'm afraid the Tolkien monopolosed my reads in September. I was swept away by The Lord of the Rings #BuddyRead l'm loving the experience.
But Nine Lessons was a fantastic discovery. First time l read this author or this mystery series set in 1930s Cambridge and loved it

My Favourite Authors | Thomas Costley
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#AwesomeAutumnBooks #FavoriteAuthors

I know l've already posted most of them, but well, the are my favourite authors

- JRR Tolkien
- Agatha Christie
- David Gemmell
- Langston Hughes
- Sherman Alexie

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Did not have the reading month I hoped for, but FGITW is probably the best book I have read so far this year. 👌
Had some car issues in the middle of the month which kind of put a downer on things. Read 11 total. 7 being picture books 🤣
#bestseptemberread #autumnreads #bestofseptember #fallintobooks #favoritesoffall #awesomeautumnbooks

Ms_T 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
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