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Winterfolk | Janel Kolby
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It‘s official! The #WinterGames sign ups are open! If you‘d like to join us during the month of December for reading, movies, and holiday games galore - please sign up below! More details in the link!

Please share to spread the word! ♥️🎄🎅🏻


StayCurious So Excited you guys! 2w
Bookworm54 I missed the Halloween one, so I‘m excited for this one!!! 2w
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ElizaMarie Yay I signed up!!! 2w
FantasyChick All signed up 😊 2w
MoonWitch94 All signed up! 2w
Kimberlone Signed up already! 2w
EadieB Sign me up 2w
kymmiesreads Already signed up! 2w
Lizpixie Done! I can‘t wait🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 2w
AnneCecilie Signed up. 🎅🤶🎄🎄 2w
Bookwormjillk I signed up but not sure I put my name in right. Duh 2w
Clwojick One person didn‘t put their name username in. Would that‘ve been you? @Bookwormjillk (edited) 2w
ElizaMarie I signed up. Was I to receive an email confirmation or something? 2w
Clwojick @ElizaMarie we‘ve got your form! Thanks for signing up! 😍 2w
AprilMae Signed up! 2w
ElizaMarie Thanks :) 2w
CaitZ This is great. I'm much more a Christmas person. You all looked like you had a ton of fun with your Halloween one. Signing up now 2w
Crimson613 What do team captains do? 👀 2w
Clwojick @Crimson613 they would be in charge of tracking their teammates points, and reposting the daily games & tagging their team members in them 2w
Crimson613 @Clwojick and when you mention read from your tbr, is that from somewhere? Do we make it before the event? Or how does that work? 2w
Clwojick @Crimson613 Your TBR is just your personal list of books you want to read. You can stack them in this app. But if you have a “to read“ list on any other app, or a handwritten list that works too... As well as the obvious unread books that you own. My TBR is in the thousands, so i have to work on lowering that. 😅 2w
Crimson613 @Clwojick i see, i've only added two on litsy to my stacks but i do have a tbr on goodreads and a ton of books i own that need to be read ^^;;; so those would work? would i need to share them on litsy? i guess idk how the tbr points would be calculated... 2w
Clwojick @Crimson613 no, you dont need to add them on prior to the start of the event. When you finish reading a book that month, you would simply tag myself and @stayCurious, and your team captain... if you choose not to be a TC yourself, and then use the hashtag #TBRread if its one you've been meaning to read, or #ImpulseRead if it's a book that is completely new to you, but you came across on Libby or at the Library and decided to read. 2w
Clwojick @Crimson613 So long as everyone uses #ImpulseRead, #TBRread, or #HolidayRead their team captain will be able to easily track their points. 2w
Crimson613 @Clwojick ohhhh ok 👌👌 signed up :) this sounds fun!! 2w
Clwojick @xxjenadanxx @Nessavamusic @MaleficentBookDragon hello!!! Not sure if you guys have already seen this post, but the form is now up! Thought I‘d tag you since you have all shows interest in my first post! ♥️♥️♥️ 2w
Jen_Reads I‘m definitely in! 🎄 2w
xxjenadanxx Omgosh! This is gonna be so fun. Just signed up! 2w
Clwojick 🙌 🙌@xxjenadanxx AMAZINGGG! 🙌 🙌 2w
Clwojick @Jen_Reads WOOhoo! ❄ 2w
MaleficentBookDragon Signed up. 2w
Clwojick @MaleficentBookDragon awesome! Glad to have you on board! 🌲 2w
SaturnDoo 🤗 Thanks for the tag!!!Ok, the first step is done: I have signed up. 😁 Now I will spend the rest of this month getting my BUJO set up and a reading list from my numerous tbr lists and stacks of books sitting around 😂🤣 This is going to be loads of fun. Thanks for hosting @Clwojick 2w
Clwojick @SaturnDoo Oh i love your #bujo spreads! Can't wait to see them! Maybe I'll actually do one for this event! i meant to last month, but ended up being totally distracted. 2w
SaturnDoo @Clwojick well thank you. I will share my spreads as I get them set up. Like you, I enjoy making lists and tracking things with pen and paper. A little old fashioned, but that's just my style 😂 2w
hes7 Yay, I‘m excited and signed up! 2w
kezzlou85 Have signed up. Yay 2w
CaroPi I am the grinch in human form. So I will pass on this one... But have fun everyone 2w
StayCurious @Clwojick It could also have been @BookwormAHN - she might have forgotten to put her name when she signed up 2w
Book_ish Just signed up and can‘t wait! 2w
tdrosebud Sounds like fun, I signed up. 2w
TheDrunkenLibrarian All signed up and can't wait! I'm assuming this is starting December 1st? 2w
Clwojick @TheDrunkenLibrarian yes! Dec 1-Jan1 2w
TheDrunkenLibrarian @Clwojick Awesome can't wait! 2w
BookwormAHN @StayCurious yes, that could of been me that forgot to add her name 🤦🏼‍♀️ 2w
Insightsintobooks I have a question.... I know its more christmas themed and to be honest we do do a bit of Christmas at our house but we are Jewish and to hannukah as well.... could I post Hannukah related things for the winter games?? 2w
Clwojick Absolutely! A lot of the games with be Christmas related because that was was I was able to find, but if you have any suggestion for Hanukkah games or posts that you find please send them my way and we can repost them for points. We are trying to be as inclusive as possible ♥️ @Insightsintobooks 2w
jessinikkip @Clwojick I dont remember if I actually signed up or just meant to... #AnxietyProblems ... Would it hurt anything to submit again, or do you have an easy way of checking? 2w
Clwojick @jessinikkip So sorry! i just seen this now! You did sign up already! 💝 2w
jessinikkip Excellent, thanks!! 💜 2w
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Spent the last two hours making this #BulletJournal spread to track my #ScaryScavengerHunt prompts. Looks like I still have two more to finish before the end of the month. I just downloaded Flash & Bones. Any suggestions for a book to scare me?

#24b4monday #scarathlon #bujo #teamslaughter

Scochrane26 I‘m using Dracula for that, but I know you aren‘t easily scared. The Historian is suspenseful but long-ish. The ocean at the end of the lane? Stephen King? 3w
bookandcat This one scared me (I am a wimp though) 3w
bookandcat The Historian scared me the first time or two through as well. now it doesn't t though 3w
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The Reading List | Linda Kay
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ShelfRighteous Wow! I am never able to keep up with the journaling. This is impressive 2mo
Chelleo @ShelfRighteous - Thanks...I was really behind...just caught up on a few months of titles. 2mo
book_em_danno Great idea 2mo
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ShelfRighteous @Chelleo Maybe I should take some inspiration 🙈 2mo
IamIamIam Love this!!! 😍😍😍 2mo
TheFaeWays I love this spread. So clean. So simple. So perfect. 2mo
CoffeeLitNFit I love this! I just started a reading/book bujo last month! I‘ll use this next year and start fresh. So cute! 2mo
Catt Love your list! 2mo
Merchgal Love this 😊 1mo
pfems Lookl 1mo
Alora So pretty! 😍📖 1mo
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Dracula | Bram Stoker
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When you set up for next month‘s event and then remember there‘s one left this month. I totally meant to use up that itty bitty square from the beginning, okay?

#bujo #readingjournal

Untitled | Unknown
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I picked up the Moleskine Book Journal yesterday because I might be done with Goodreads.

I just want to spend more time thinking on the books I read and really appreciating them rather than just blasting through them in order to hit 50 in a year. I love goals, but I feel like Goodreads is just doing more harm than good for me.

Outside of Litsy, how do you track what you read?

Devyn Also! The puzzle this is laying on is a 101 Dalmatians Thomas Kinkade puzzle and it‘s lovely and is taking me way longer than it should. But 10/10 would recommend if you are a Disney puzzle fan! (edited) 2mo
marleed I‘ve read more books this year than ever before. I always wanted to spend a year reading. I‘m going to maintain my pace for 2019 but slow it down in 2020. As much as I love most of what I‘ve read, I‘ve savored only a few. For the most part though I‘ve given up TV for this year - unless it was book related. That‘s been fun - haven‘t missed it a bit. 2mo
marleed Oh I track what I‘ve read by bullet journaling index cards. Now I‘m on the lookout for a library drawer to hold my index cards! 2mo
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Devyn @marleed Oh I love the idea of spending less time watching TV! It‘s such a timesuck sometimes and I rarely feel good about it. Index cards and a library drawer sounds like an absolute dream! 2mo
marleed I‘m having a blast with the index cards. It‘s so relaxing. I rate the book and write down my thoughts on the backside - because it be read too many books this year to even remember my thoughts! If you scroll my newsfeed you‘ll see my August cards. @Clwojick inspired me to try bullet journaling! 2mo
Clwojick #bulletjournal or #Bujo for tracking monthly weekly, and for specific events. Then I also have a separate notebook where I list them annually. I like lists and graphs so I tend to track them in multiple forms lol 2mo
TalecArashi I mostly use LibraryThing (which is also how I got here, heh), or my journal for quoting or thoughts :3 2mo
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It | Stephen King
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Started an IT spread in my bullet journal to track pages and chapters read. And decided to throw in Stephen King bingo while I was at it 😂

#StephenKing #IT #Clown #Bujo #Tracker #Balloons

BookwormAHN Looks fantastic 🎈 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I have an actual day off this week! I got most of the housework done this morning, so while I wait on the laundry I'm going to work on my September book journal spread!

#BuJo #bulletjournal #September

Mitch Love your organisation 👏🏼❤️👏🏼 2mo
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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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#newtsreadathon2019 wrap-up: all the fictional careers I now have the fictional qualifications for 😂 Not bad considering my original plan was to go for Auror, Ministry Worker: Law Enforcement, and Hogwart‘s Prof: Defence Against Dark Arts. #readingjournal #bujo #readathon

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I need to do this next year. 2mo
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