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Our House | Louise Candlish
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A woman comes home to find that a new family is moving in her beloved house despite it never having been on the market. Her husband is missing and her kids aren‘t in school. This story is told through both Fi (wife) and Bram (husband) POVs at two different points in time; Fi‘s through a podcast with #VictimFi (you should tweet song!) highly recommend for domestic suspense/thriller fans. #DomesticSuspense #Betrayal #Twists

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Good Daughter | Karin Slaughter
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I have a knack for predicting conclusions in books and movies (the only one who can tolerate watching thrillers with me is my poor husband) ... But Karin Slaughter has a knack for putting me on my ass. I thought I figured out the mystery early on, but I only had it half right. The #twists and #turns will keep you reading. The #love of family will make your heart full, the #tragedies will make you weep. #teamnosleep for #thegooddaughter

MoonWitch94 I always do that too! My family can‘t stand it lol 8mo
ReadingOverSleeping @MoonWitch94 It's a blessing and a curse isn't it? 😂 I remember watching The Sixth Sense when I was 11 with my 3 siblings. Half way through I blurted out he's a ghost ... Followed by every cushion being hurled at me ... Oops! 😂🤷 8mo
MoonWitch94 @ReadingOverSleeping it is both, for sure! My Dad used to be that way and I guess I inherited it from him. Game of Thrones was the only time I have been wrong, thus far. 😂☺️ 8mo
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The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides
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“But why does she not speak?” —Euripides, Alcestis

My next #weekend read!
#psychologicalmystery #suspense #twists #chilling #thriller

Last Seen Alive | Claire Douglas
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This book had everything I look for in an #exciting read: unexpected #twists, complicated characters, surprise factors, and an interesting #premise. This was a great, easy read that held my interest from page one through the end. #suspense

Grimm's Fairy Tales | Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
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#Slow - The Last Girl by Joe Hart... the story is good, but it seems a little dragged out. It might just be the audio book though 🤔
#Twists - The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R Carey
#Sisters - The Brontë sisters
#Brothers - The Brothers Grimm
#ReadingResolutions @Jess7

Moony "The girl with all the gift" is a also a book on my tbr list 1y
TCLinrow @Moony it's a brilliant book! I highly recommend reading it 😊 1y
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Fight Club | Chuck Palahnuik
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#ReadingResolutions #twists @Jess7
I just recommendation this book to a co worker who actually never saw the movie & wanted crazy plot twist read.

Tanisha_A Good recommendation! 1y
GripLitGrl @Tanisha_A thanks👍 1y
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#ReadingResolutions Day 28: Sarah Moon‘s version of Red Riding Hood offers darker and more sinister #Twists to the narrative. Rather than illustrations, Sarah Moon (born in France), shared stark black-and-white photographs that amplified the disquieting vibe of the story. My full review here along with other versions of Little Red Riding Hood: https://wp.me/pDlzr-fiy

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Check out 👀this #AmazonKindleDeal today! I snagged the #ebook of #TheSecretsYouKeep by #KateWhite for only $1.99 today! I am super excited right now as this one has been on my #TBR shortlist for awhile. This is a new #psychologicalthriller packed with #twists about a successful author whose life suddenly spirals dangerously out of control when she realizes her new husband, a man she adores, has been keeping #secrets with terrifying consequences.

Dragon Thanks for the heads up , just bought the iBook 😀 2y
jbhops Thnak you for the tip! I love a good deal. 2y
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The Good Girl | Mary Kubica
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#AndItsAugust | Day 3: #ForFontsSake | Novels written by: #MaryKubica | #BackwardsandUpsideDownLettering |

5 ⭐️s #TheGoodGirl: An addictively suspenseful, tautly written thriller that reveals how even in the perfect family, nothing is as it seems. Mia enters a bar to meet her friend, but when he doesn't show, she leaves with a stranger. At first he seems like a safe one-night stand, but following him home will be the worst mistake of her life.

Jess7 Does anyone else love when authors do something like Mary Kubica does with her lettering to make her novels easily recognizable? I love it - even though all of these books are completely independent you can easily recognize a book written by her bc of her use of backwards/upside down lettering for one letter in her titles. I thought it was always the "R" but I noticed for Pretty Baby she did the "A" instead. @britt_brooke @EllieDottie @Tiffy_Reads (edited) 2y
britt_brooke @Jess7 Interesting. Do you know the reasoning behind her specific altered letters? Just curious. All of Fredrik Backman's books have the same easily recognizable font. I like that because all of the books kind of match. Makes for pretty bookshelves. 2y
Jess7 I'm not sure of the reasoning @britt_brooke - I'm guessing it's a marketing/brand strategy to make them easily recognizable, but I am not sure. I agree with you though, I like that the books look cohesive. Does anyone else know or have an opinion? @JoeStalksBeck @BookishMarginalia @Liberty @MrBook @OrangeMooseReads @Bklover @jess.how @TheLibrarian @RealLifeReading @Read4life @valeriegeary @LauraBrook @LauraBeth @MinDea @maich @Kalalalatja @Cinfhen 2y
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britt_brooke @Jess7 I just read that perhaps the reversed letters are indicative of "twists" to come. (edited) 2y
Jess7 @britt_brooke that explanation is interesting and #accurate for #MaryKubica books 🤓🤗 2y
LauraBeth I'm not in book marketing but I've done corporate marketing/branding for over 20 years and it makes sense that a serial author would adapt a specific look as their brand identity so that book buyers can easily spot them, even when they forget the author's name or the name of the book. But I could also be completely wrong 😀 2y
Read4life I think it's interesting that the R is backwards in all but Pretty Baby. 2y
valeriegeary I think @LauraBeth is right. It's about branding and recognition. 2y
MrBook I agree with @LauraBeth for the win! If I get to talk to Mary again, I'll ask 😁👍🏻. 2y
Jess7 @Read4life yeah it is interesting - in that one the "A" is upside down 2y
Jess7 @LauraBeth @Read4life @valeriegeary @MrBook I agree that's what I said earlier in the comments - did you see what @britt_brooke mentioned - her theory is interesting about it signaling #twists - Also that would be awesome @MrBook 2y
LauraBeth Ahhh - I had to Google this mystery of her letter R and she said this about it: http://harlequinblog.com/2014/08/q-a-with-heather-gudenkauf-and-mary-kubica/ 2y
Jess7 Great find @LauraBeth : Mary: "People are very intrigued with the cover of The Good Girl (as they should be—Harlequin did such a phenomenal job with it!) I‘m often asked about the backward R. People want an explanation, although I think it‘s better left to the reader to decide why they believe the R is transposed. I certainly have my hypothesis, but someone else might feel differently." 2y
Bklover Stephen King does the same thing. I think @LauraBeth nailed it! 2y
JoeStalksBeck 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️ 2y
LauraBrook I don't have any ideas, but you and LauraBeth seem to have figured it out! (Well, as much as it's figure-out-able! 😉) 2y
Read4life @jess7 @LauraBeth I like what we have. I met Mary once. I think she'd love the fact that the covers started such a great conversation. Thanks for including me. 💙 2y
MinDea I totally was just saying this to my boyfriend this past weekend at Barnes & Noble how I love the new trend for authors to do similar book covers for their books. So easy to recognize and I like having them on my shelves! Totally think it is a brand and marketing thing! 2y
Cinfhen I agree, this thread is so interesting and it seems like a marketing/ branding technique ( which definitely works!) 2y
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