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The Hate U Give | Angela Thomas
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Any #OhioLittens #CincyLittens #CincinnatiLittens planning on attending this #authorsigning tomorrow? I‘ll be there.

lele1432 Wow! 2mo
CBee JEALOUS 😍😍😍 2mo
rachelm FUN 2mo
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NamasteReading jealouuuus 2mo
Karkar Omg how am I now just hearing about this!!!! 2mo
cobwebmoth I didn't know about it. I wish we could go! 2mo
SW-T Hope you enjoy this author event! Suspect it‘ll be awesome 🤗 2mo
coffeeandwashitape I so wish I could! 2mo
ChaoticMissAdventures I saw her when she was in Portland OR. She is a fantastic interviewer! So much fun, but also great serious talk too. 2mo
BeaG I didn't know about it. 2mo
Chelleo @BeaG Sorry I missed tagging you! 2mo
BeaG @Chelleo no worries. 2mo
Pamwurtzler Totally missed that! 2mo
Karkar @Chelleo was it awesome??? 2mo
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Excuse me! How rude! 🤨

I had no idea that this book is firmly set in #Cincinnati with references to the #HydePark neighborhood, #MtAdams and #ChristHospital in the first few pages. #ohio #cincylittens #ohiolittens

iamChandra Good Escape 😊😀😁 14mo
Karkar I can say with confidence that this is no longer true. Having just moved from Kansas to Cincinnati three years ago. Kansas is way behind Cincinnati. 😉 14mo
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Caraval | Stephanie Garber
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Another author visit in the area, #CincyLittens

BeaG I'm going to try to make this one. 2y
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Underground Railroad | Colson Whitehead
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Hey #CincyLittens, Colson Whitehead will be in the area next month.

GondorGirl Boo- I don't think I'll be able to make it down. 😢 2y
Chelleo @GondorGirl I‘m not even sure if I‘ll make it. Weeknights are tough for me. 2y
Karkar OMG. I have to go!!!! @Pamwurtzler @Jess7 @Chelleo Someone please go with me!!!! (edited) 2y
LeshaMac I might can go! 2y
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“And history has proven repeatedly that lunatics will rise to power again and again on tidal waves of aggressive nationalism and intolerance, even in places where it seems utterly incomprehensible.”
― Dan Brown, Origin #mostrelevantquotetoAmericanpolitics

RaimeyGallant Such a great quote. People wonder why I eye the Olympics suspiciously. 2y
RaimeyGallant And welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. @LitsyWelcomeWagon 2y
Gina07 @RameyGallant-Thank you for the help links! So we are Littens? I like it! 😊 I have been using Goodreads faithfully since 2011 and have learned so much! Information about books, book clubs, book challenges, and have “met” some of the most wonderful people over the years. It‘s amazing how many people on Goodreads I truly call friends even though we have only spoken online. Litsy is definitely different & I need help getting started. (edited) 2y
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Gina07 @RameyGallant One thing I have learned is that readers are the best kind of people. Always welcoming newbies and helping them learn the ropes.I will be going through both your help link and the videos. Are there any rules or general things I should know about following people? There are so many #hashtags...what kind of things do people tend to hashtag? Litsy seems more like Facebook or Instagram for books. Is that a good comparison? (edited) 2y
Gina07 @RameyGallant One more question...I am currently using the app, but the Goodreads app isn‘t as user friendly as the actual desktop site. Which do you recommend? The app or the website? Frankly, I don‘t even know if there is a website! Lol! 😂😂 (edited) 2y
Chelleo Welcome, we hope you‘re loving it here! Checkout these #Litsytips: http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: http://bit.ly/litsyvideos There‘s so many fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more! Check out @LitsyHappenings for details. Also, Litsy doesn‘t have a website version. 2y
Chelleo I just realized it‘s YOU, Gina! How‘d you come to find Litsy? Shame on me for not telling you about it myself! LOL! Welcome (edited) 2y
Gina07 @Chelleo I was really surprised to see you in the “how-to” videos! I just added the app last night and have been playing around trying to figure everything out. I‘m so used to Goodreads and this is VERY different. It‘s nice to have you, someone I actually know, to give me some tips. Thanks!! 2y
Gina07 @Chelleo My profile pic was just the 1st selfie I came too and my hair is flying in the air. I wasn‘t sure if I looked like myself. It‘s a pic from when we were in Hawaii last summer and I was in the convertible in Maui. Check the hair and lei. Lol. I found Litsy by the app. I just searched “reading apps” and it popped up. 2y
Chelleo How crazy is that?! We have a nice sized group of #cincylittens and have done both an #ohiomeetup and #cincinnatimeetup Some other locals are: @Jess7 @Pamwurtzler @KittyReads @Karkar @Leftik @LeshaMac 2y
Jess7 Welcome @Gina07 ! 2y
Gina07 @Chelleo I just went through and followed all of those people. Nice to have so many people in Cindy! 2y
Pamwurtzler Hi @Gina07 !! Welcome! 2y
Karkar Hello! Welcome!!! 2y
LeshaMac Hi @Gina07 ! Welcome to litsy! 2y
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Impromptu #meetup with @LeshaMac and @Jess7 at the PLCHC Friends Warehouse

Cinfhen Fun!!! 2y
rubyslippersreads How fun! And the answer to the book title's question is, yes, you should always buy that book! 😂 2y
tournevis 👋👋👋👋👋 2y
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Slajaunie Yes! You must buy the book! 2y
Soubhiville Fun! Hi hi! 2y
Tameeka 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 2y
Cortg Fun! 2y
Reviewsbylola So cool! 2y
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Kingdom of Ohio | Matthew Flaming
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Did someone say, “Ohio Meetup”? 😂🤣😂 #CincyLittens don‘t laugh at me, I warned y‘all this was coming! Please tag other Buckeyes. If you‘re in the Columbus area, I could use some local help with planning.

#LitsyHappenings #OhioMeetup #Ohio #LitsyMeetups

Ohioana Book Festival
Sat Apr 14, 2018
Columbus OH

RSVP and Note Your Preferences:

BeaG I know I will not be able to make that. I don't drive long distances. 😂😂 I feel bad that I missed the local. I'm sure this one will be fun. 2y
Jess7 Saw the form this time! 🎉🎉 I filled it out, but I don‘t know whether I‘ll be able to attend yet. I look forward to hearing more about it though, and hopefully I‘ll be able to go! 🤗 #CincinnatiLitsyMeetUp #MeetUp #Bookfair #ColumbusLitsyMeetUp #Ohio #Cincinnati #Columbus #LitsyMeetUp (edited) 2y
Chelleo @BeaG @jess7 Thanks! Depending on turnout some folks may want to set up car pools. Keep us posted Jess! 2y
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Pamwurtzler Sorry, I laughed out loud anyway! I filled out the form but can‘t fully commit now. Fingers crossed though! 2y
emilyhaldi Fun! I don‘t know anything about this book festival but will keep it in my calendar and hopefully can make it! 2y
Smartypants Oh my goodness, yes!! 2y
GondorGirl I don't think I'll be traveling on April 14. @hyperhawk can check my calender for sure. 2y
Chelleo @Pamwurtzler No worries, @LeshaMac laughed at me too! 😂 2y
Kaye Thanks for the tag, @chelleo. I think @Mdargusch and @reviewsbylola are also Buckeyes ? And did you see a post a couple weeks back from someone in the Cleveland area ? I cant remember who it was. Can I email you with a possible idea ? I can‘t commit to anything at the moment, but could just straggle in at the last minute. 2y
Chelleo @Kaye Sure, email me at chelleo.michelle@gmail.com 2y
cobwebmoth I think @Smangela and @amie are in Ohio. 2y
meganrenee3 I‘m in Columbus! Would love to be a part 2y
wordslinger42 Wish I was able to come! Cbus is a bit too far for me :( 2y
BeaG @Chelleo @Jess7 Carpool would be nice! 2y
Smangela @cobwebmoth I am! Ooooh I‘m really hoping I can get to this! @Callemarie ??? 2y
quietjenn Tempted to plan a trip home for this! 2y
CSeydel So fun! @chelleo you‘re the master...I need to learn at your feet! I want to plan a SoCal Litsy meetup around the LA Times Festival of Books in April. 2y
Reviewsbylola Oh wow, so cool! We will def come. @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch 2y
Mdargusch Sounds like fun! 2y
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Friendly reminder that the inaugural #CincinnatiMeetup is THIS Sunday!! Seems like eons ago when we first hatched up the idea! Remember to bring a new or previously loved, wrapped book (feel free to add “clues/hints” to the wrapping if you want) for the Blind Date With A Book Exchange. We have a 3:30 reservation under “Litsy” in the Bronte Bistro. Be warned...I take photos! 📸 #cincylittens #cincinnati #litsyhappenings #cincinnatilitsymeetup

cobwebmoth I'm looking forward to it!☺ 2y
VanChocStrawberry I used to live in Norwood! I love Joseph Beth. I live in Indy now, but went to JoBeth last year for the Leigh Bardugo event! 2y
BeaG Do we bring 2 books, 1 new and 1 used? Do I need to call to RSVP? 2y
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tpixie Awesomeness! Have fun! The Bronte Room! Perfection! 📚♥️📚 2y
Chelleo @BeaG Sorry for the confusion. Just one book (it can be new OR used). I‘ve already put in a reservation for us. Just in case someone gets there before me or after we‘re seated they know what name we‘re under. 2y
Chelleo @VanChocStrawberry If you‘re within a decent drive, come join us! 2y
BeaG @Chelleo Ok, got it! Thanks 2y
MarriedtoMrT Thanks for the tag! I‘m going to be out of town. Have a great time, Cinci friends! 2y
TK421 Can't wait! ☺ 2y
VanChocStrawberry Would you tag me for the next meet up? My husband will be out of town this weekend, so I‘m hanging with the kids (otherwise known as chauffeuring.) (edited) 2y
Chelleo @VanChocStrawberry absolutely! I‘ll add you to the list!! 2y
Chelleo @MarriedtoMrT You‘ll be missed!! 2y
drbethandherkindle So jealous!! Have fun Cincy Littens!! (edited) 2y
SiriuslyWeasley Aw...so close, yet still so far...I'm in central Ohio. Have fun! 2y
LeshaMac I'm so excited! 2y
Pamwurtzler @drbethandherkindle We‘ll miss you! @kitty_reads & I will be there! 2y
Melwilk I am just a little too far away...NE Ohio. I hope all of you have a great time! 2y
Chelleo @Melwilk I still have friends in that corner of the state and hope to visit soon! 2y
Luv2readbookz If I‘m germ free by Sunday, I‘ll join you. Been battling this dang flu 😷 2y
Chelleo @Luv2readbookz ... Sending healing vibes your way! 2y
kspenmoll Enjoy!!! 2y
stacybmartin I‘m so sorry to have missed all this! Life has been crazy and I‘ve been away from Litsy for too long. I‘d love to be able to join in on the next meetup! 💜 2y
Chelleo @stacybmartin Hi! Will definitely share info on future outings! You‘ll be missed! 2y
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The Kingdom of Ohio | Matthew Flaming
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Any Ohio Littens out there? I‘m prospecting any interest in meet-ups in the summer :) I‘m in the Cleveland area let me know where you‘re at!

cobwebmoth I'm in southern Ohio. 2y
Amie Central Ohio ☺️ 2y
Karkar There is a bunch of us down here in Cincinnati @Pamwurtzler @KittyReads @Jess7 @Chelleo are more. I know I missed a bunch 2y
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Melwilk I‘m between Akron and Canton. It would be interested in a NE Ohio meet 😊 2y
Smangela @Melwilk oh yay! I know @Callemarie is in this area too! There‘s got to be more in NEO! 2y
Smangela @Karkar I‘d love to do a Columbus or Cincinnati meet up too! I‘d definitely travel for that :) 2y
Callemarie Yessssssssss 2y
Chelleo We‘re doing a #CincinnatiLitsyMeetup in February 18 at the Cincinnati Joseph-Beth, 3-5p. Would love to do a statewide meetup this summer. Someplace central would be great! (edited) 2y
Chelleo @GondorGirl and @hyperhawk are in Toledo 2y
Smangela @Chelleo that is amazing!! You are a wealth of knowledge :) 2y
Chelleo I use to live in Cleveland...started my library career there! 2y
Chelleo @amvs1111 is in Columbus 2y
Chelleo Has anyone attended the Ohioana Book Fair? Possible state meetup? http://www.ohioana.org/programs/ohioana-book-festival/ or the Buckeye Book Fair http://www.buckeyebookfair.com/pages/about.html (edited) 2y
Smangela I would love to do either of those @Chelleo !! 😍😍😍 2y
amvs1111 @Chelleo Yes! I'm interested in the Ohioana and/or other possible meet ups. For various reasons, I've been thwarted from going to the Ohioana in the past. 😒 2y
GondorGirl Ohioana might work for us! Buckeye will depend on the date. 2y
Jess7 Cincinnati here! 2y
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LOCATION: Joseph-Beth (Rookwood/Hyde Park)
TIME: 3-5p, 3:30p Reservations at Bronte Bistro under “Litsy”
ACTIVITY: Blind Date Book Swap (bring a wrapped book to exchange)

#CincinnatiMeetup #CincinnatiLitsyMeetup #CincyLittens #LitsyHappenings

umbrellagirl I love the blind date book swap idea! 2y
cobwebmoth Yay! I'm so excited!😁 Thanks for organizing this @Chelleo ! 2y
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amvs1111 How fun! I wish Columbus were just a bit closer. 2y
Chelleo @amvs1111 I think we should do an Ohio meetup. If you or someone in Columbus is willing to host, I‘ll drive up! 2y
Chelleo @cobwebmoth I‘m excited too! Now here‘s hoping we have good weather and something crazy doesn‘t come up at the last minute. 2y
amvs1111 Good idea! I'm fairly new to being active on litsy, so I'm wondering how many Columbus folks are on. 2y
britt_brooke Fun!! 2y
JazzFeathers Blind date book swap? 😱 This is the first time l hear of this, but l love the idea 😍 Shame l live on the other side of the world 😧 2y
MiyakoBunny I can‘t wait til one pops up in my neck of the woods 😃😃😃 2y
Chelleo @amvs1111 hopefully they‘ll reveal themselves soon. I‘m in Columbus every so often so if I get some book browsing time I‘ll reach out 😁 2y
TK421 Cool! This should be fun! 2y
Pamwurtzler Sounds good! I‘ll bring @kitty_reads with me! 2y
GondorGirl @hyperhawk Is this the one you were telling me about? 2y
GondorGirl @hyperhawk That's Katsu weekend. :( 2y
Karkar I am so excited!!!!!! 2y
Chelleo @GondorGirl are you in the area? 2y
GondorGirl @chelleo @hyperhawk and I live in Toledo. Unfortunately I'll be out of town on the 18th. 2y
Chelleo @GondorGirl gotcha. I think I‘ll start keeping a list of Ohio folks in case we are able to set up an Ohio meetup. 2y
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