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TH3F4LC0N Yo this one was one of the best of the series! 😃 9mo
deeannloso @TH3F4LC0N It‘s my second favorite after The Drawing of the Three. 9mo
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Crazeedi I joined the group on FB even though I dont go on much, but I'll try to do this challenge and also I did sign up for pen pal and contacted her too!! 9mo
Bren912 Oh poo. I let my Facebook account go. 9mo
IheartYA @Bren912 we're on Instagram too😉 9mo
Bren912 @IheartYA how do I find you on Instagram? I did a search and I don‘t think it‘s the one… 9mo
IheartYA @Bren912 try @Literally.bookish for the book Club's account. My personal account is @iheartya311 9mo
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Banned Book Club | Kim Hyun Sook
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New Challengers | Scott Snyder, Aaron Gillespie
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Crazeedi I just recently joined this group, I hope to be more active!! 10mo
Brewychock48 I just joined the FB group. I want to do the 2022 reading challenge 10mo
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Pantone: Colors | Pantone
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So, I‘ve wanted to do a Pantone colour challenge for years, but I never remember to look up the colours in time! These are the NYC/London spring/summer fashion week colours, as well as the spring/summer core classics.

The goal is to read books in 2022 that feature these colours on the cover. Trying your best to get as close to the colours as possible. Attempt them all or use as a bingo board. A fall/winter board will be coming later in the year

megnews I‘d like to do a color challenge. When does this start? 10mo
Clwojick @megnews it runs through the full year of 2022! Although these colours can be completed at any time during the year, the fall/winter colour board will be released later in the year as well. (edited) 10mo
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Andrew65 Sound and looks great. 10mo
guinsgirlreads Love this! 10mo
BookBelle84 Something new I'll definitely try! 10mo
Soubhiville What a neat idea. 10mo
rockpools I‘ve said umpteen times that I‘m not signing up for any new challenges next year… but I love this!! 10mo
tdrosebud What a cool idea! I'm definitely going to try 10mo
alisiakae Fun idea, and easy to combine with other challenges! 10mo
CoffeeNBooks @rockpools Me, too, and yet here I am planning on trying to complete another reading challenge, lol! 📚 10mo
peanutnine This is so fun! And appeals to me as someone who sometimes judges books by their cover 🤫 10mo
Clwojick @peanutnine I ALWAYS pick my books by the cover or spine 🤣😝 10mo
marleed I love this and I‘m in since I tend to pull books (esp my physical ones) that match the season because holding a periwinkle book in the spring just makes me happy! 10mo
Nute This seems like so much fun, Ms. Cassandra! I am definitely here for this! Is it a bingo board? Can it be printed? 10mo
IndoorDame I‘m so excited about this challenge! 10mo
Catsandbooks I love this idea!! 🌈 10mo
Clwojick @Nute yes! I‘ll definitely be treating mine as a bingo board, but you can also just pick and choose at random too. You should be able to screenshot and print from there, but if it doesn‘t work, let me know and I can email you the photo. 10mo
BookwormAHN I'm in 🎉 10mo
thegreensofa I‘m in! Thank you👏🏻. What a happy challenge, I love it! 🎨🤩 10mo
Lauredhel Ooooh. 10mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Why a fun idea! 10mo
magyklyXdelish Me thinking I‘m not going to do any challenges next year since I don‘t do well with obligations, whoops. This looks too fun. I‘m in 😬😄😄 10mo
Lauredhel Do you happen to have a look to a high res version for printing please? 9mo
Clwojick @Lauredhel I just searched for the pictures on google, so i'm not how hi res they are... but i can email you the individual pictures if you'd like. just email me at clwojick@live.com 9mo
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