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Brought 10 books on holiday (parents caravan cockram sands Lancaster) I got 3 left

Read 7 books since Saturday night @Andrew65

6 paperbacks done and one kindle book

Omg ha 19 hours 37 mins according to my book app and 1166 pages read

That's good going
It take me 10 weeks to read what have lately

Usually 4 books a month I can read and done that in 4 days #bookgoals #themoreyoureadthemoreyouknow #goodreadschallange2022 #whatyoureading

Andrew65 Brilliant 👏👏👏🥳 6mo
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Yesterdays before bed. Even just chapter a time all adds up #bookstagram #kindleunlimited #kindlefirehd8 add me on Instagram Bookworm042022 #readingjourney #onechapteratatime #bookgoals

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I surpassed my goal of reading 50 books in 2021. Wanted to make it over 60 books but got in a reading slump the last 3 months of 2021. But still proud because this is the most I have ever read in a year 😊 my goal for 2022 is to read 52 books. #bookgoals #yearlywrapup #goodreadschallenge

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Crazeedi I joined the group on FB even though I dont go on much, but I'll try to do this challenge and also I did sign up for pen pal and contacted her too!! 13mo
Bren912 Oh poo. I let my Facebook account go. 13mo
IheartYA @Bren912 we're on Instagram too😉 13mo
Bren912 @IheartYA how do I find you on Instagram? I did a search and I don‘t think it‘s the one… 13mo
IheartYA @Bren912 try @Literally.bookish for the book Club's account. My personal account is @iheartya311 13mo
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Happy New Year! | Greg Roza

As the year is drawing down, I'm putting together my #bookgoals for 2022. So far:

✅Read at least one 500+ page book per month
✅Complete the Popsugar Reading Challenge
✅Complete #Promptmaze Reading Challenge
✅Read at least one non-fiction book per month
✅Use Storygraph in addition to Goodreads to keep record of books read
✅ Read 208 books

Vansa Why Storygraph and Goodreads? Trying to figure out if i should use Storygraph,would appreciate your opinion! 13mo
FelinesAndFelonies Goodreads is an easier interface for immediate recording & keeping track of total books read. I'd like to add Storygraph because it records more information. I think it will help me narrow down my TBR by comparing books that I have already read & my reactions to books that I'm considering. I'm hoping to weed out some of the slogging reads. I like that it records feelings & impressions of individual books. I'm going to give it a real try! 13mo
FelinesAndFelonies @Vansa sorry forgot to tag you in my comment. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 13mo
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BarbaraBB @Vansa Have you tried Storygraph? It‘s such a cool app. It‘s not about socializing but it‘s great to keep track of what you read and of reading challenges. 13mo
FelinesAndFelonies @BarbaraBB I think it requires retraining my brain to actually use it. Goodreads is such a quick, easy to use app. Storygraph requires me to slow down and make thoughtful observations instead of quick reviews. I'm hoping it adds another layer to my reading experience. I also don't always have access to my phone while I'm reading so I forget to use it. But I'm going to try really hard to make it a habit. 13mo
BarbaraBB You can use it as a website as well! But I know what you mean about the advantages of GoodReads. But I like the slowing down! 13mo
Vansa @BarbaraBB I tried it, and didn't find it improved over GOodreads, so stopped! I've been wondering if I'm using it wrong! I use GR anyway for writing reviews, should give StoryGraph another try! 13mo
Vansa @FelinesAndFelonies ok, I seem to use GR for the same things though! 13mo
FelinesAndFelonies @Vansa for me, using Storygraph to track reading challenges is 1000× easier than Goodreads. It might just be a personal preference but I am working really hard on making Storygraph a habit. The time it saves me I'm tracking Challenges seems to make it worth the effort. Good luck! 13mo
claudiuo I am using GR primarily but I am trying to use SG more. Same as you, @FelinesAndFelonies, I like the Challenges and how they update automatically when I finish a book, also the recs are pretty good. (edited) 13mo
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These Broken Stars: A Starbound Novel | Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner
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Book #520 … 5 star. GoodReads thinks my year is over 😈

ahomelibrary Right! That‘s what I was thinking. Don‘t want to get my numbers just yet 😂 13mo
Twainy @ahomelibrary IKR! I‘ve got 15-20 more books on my December TBR 😁 🙌 13mo
julesG There are 14/15 more days. Depending on which side of midnight you are. Lots of books can be read in that time. 13mo
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Twainy @julesG YESSS! Exactly 😁 13mo
AmyG HOLY COW! That‘s like 8 years of reading for me. 13mo
DrexEdit Wow! That's a lot of reading! I'll wait til the actual end of the year to say congrats though. 13mo
Reggie Wow!!!! I know it‘s not over but Way to Go!!! 13mo
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In memory of an amazing wife, mom, friend, librarian, and human… I challenged myself to read 75+ books in 2021. Maybe I‘ll even read some Stephen King #iwillholleryouhome #memorial #forevermissingyou #thankyou #avidreader #myothermother #bookgoals #booklover #herestoyou #loveyou

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Really love and enjoy this series. These work great as #audiobooks. The narrator in this book was my favorite out of the first 4. Can't wait to move on to the 5th book. There's always something extra when the author writes in a dog, cat or another animal as one of the main characters.

#readKY #cozy #mystery #bookgoals #laceydoyle #romance #family

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My Goals for Awesome April Read-a-Thon:
1)Finish Reading Permanent Records
2)Start Reading Yolk
3)Continue Crown of Midnight
4)Continue reading Witch Hat Atelier
5)Read volumes 3 & 4 of Berserk
6)Complete 50% of this read-a-thon
#AwesomeApril #bookgoals #April2021 @Andrew65

Andrew65 Good luck 😊👍 2y
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Monkey Wars | Richard Kurti
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This is a fun, action packed YA adventure. Watership Down meet Planet of the Apes as two tribes of monkeys battle it out in the back alleys of India.

rockpools What more could you want, really? 2y
AutumnRLS Sounds great! Also your shelves are awesome. I love that all your books are the same height. #bookgoals 2y
Caroline2 @rockpools Speaks volumes about my state of mind at the mo!!! 🤪 2y
Caroline2 @AutumnRLS Thanks! 😁 2y
FlameImperium I love Watership Down so I‘m definitely adding this to my reading list, thanks 2y
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