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New Challengers | Scott Snyder, Aaron Gillespie
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Crazeedi I just recently joined this group, I hope to be more active!! 1y
Brewychock48 I just joined the FB group. I want to do the 2022 reading challenge 14mo
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#Scarathlon2021 #TeamSlaughter #ReadWithUs #OutstandingOctober #Deweys #Challenge2021 #Wickedathon #LittenListen

Overall, I‘m not really impressed with my score(s) but, I had a blast & got to read with great friends & littens alike.

Thanks so much everyone for all the fantastic reading excuses! I look forward to next year‘s game😏😉

DieAReader @Clwojick So sorry I‘m late with these☹️ Bad🐿🧠yesterday🤦🏻‍♀️ 1y
Clwojick You did great! I‘m still finishing up all my readathon points now 🙈 1y
Clwojick Thank you for joking us this month! ❤️ 1y
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DieAReader @Clwojick 😏📚My pleasure! Thanks again for hosting!! 1y
DieAReader @Clwojick I forgot to add my podcast points (10) & am just realizing this now🤦🏻‍♀️😬 1y
Clwojick No problem! I can adjust your points on my spreadsheet! 1y
DieAReader @Clwojick Thank you so much! This🐿🧠seems to be around today as well (& happening with ridiculous frequency lately)😬😫🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🙄 (edited) 1y
Andrew65 Most important thing is that you had fun! 😍 1y
DieAReader @Andrew65 So very true! I really did enjoy myself📚😉 Thanks for all the Readathon fun🥰💕 Learning to relax & stress myself out less. It‘s not something I thought I needed to learn but, at almost 37, this is what I keep being told, in one way, shape or, form🤨🤣 (edited) 1y
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Come, Read With Me | Margriet Ruurs
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Finished Deadman's Road
Finished The Gray Man
Finished How Y'all Doing?
Finished Death Overdue
Finished The Infinitive of Go
Finished Hardwired
Finished American Monsters
Total hours: 33:58:24

Thank you @DieAReader @GHABI4ROSES for hosting the #ReadWithUs readathon.

DieAReader 🥳🥳You did awesome!! Thanks for taking part! 1y
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DieAReader Awesome job🥳🎉 So happy that Pepper chose you😻💕 1y
TheSpineView Fabulous 1y
Clwojick Fantastic job! You killed it this month!🔪 Thank you for joining us! 🖤 1y
Andrew65 Brilliant 👏👏👏 1y
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Untitled | Anonymous
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My final post for #Scarathlon2021. I had a blast!

590 game points + 825 readathon points = 1,415 weekly points

Thank you to everyone who hosted a readathon in the month of October. It was such a fun month. Tagging you all below: ⬇️


Andrew65 Brilliant 👏👏👏 1y
DieAReader Awesome!🎉🎉 1y
Clwojick Awesome job! You killed it this month! Thank you for joining us🖤👻😈 1y
TheSpineView Fantastic job! Thanks for participating! 🧡🎃🧡📖🖤🧙‍♂️ 1y
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 1y
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The Troop | Nick Cutter
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It is super gory, dark and violent. There is one small part where animal cruelty was committed by one of the characters. It is like sci-fi horror. I think is YA. It is better if you go blind. If you liked those old movies like Alien where a strange creatures are inside of people you will like this one. Like most of horror movies, unreal but I liked it🤷🏽‍♀️I like the way characters were described. It was also sad.3.9/4⭐️As a YA horror story

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This one was a different vampire story. For me all characters were so annoying but that Carter, please, a psychiatrist who was so manipulative and psychological abuser. Terrible. But you have to read the story. I think it was more character driven, maybe that was why I enjoyed it more. Absurd but interesting. 3.8⭐️

Gissy I forgot to say, that the story is gory and dark in some parts but that‘s what I like in this type of story
Reading hours 13x10 points =130
#Scarathlon @Staycurious
#BookSpinBingo @TheAromaOfBooks
#SpookoweenReadathon @TheSpineView
#Readwithus @Diereader @GHABI4roses
#20in4 @Andrew65
130x9=1,170+50 (buddyread) +15 (theme) +1 (Litsy post)=1,236 points
(edited) 1y
TheSpineView Fantastic 1y
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Grave Dance | Kalayna Price

Second book in the series. In this book we will know more about Alex‘ family history and her relation with fae world. I think it was ok a little bit repetitive, almost dragging the story. The story always has funny parts. It was gory in others. 3⭐️

TheSpineView Fantastic 1y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 1y
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Lobizona: A Novel | Romina Garber
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I enjoyed this book and all the paranormal adventure. Manu‘s eyes are different but she doesn‘t know anything about her nature until something happened to her mother and she has to discover her family history almost by her own. Very excited to read the second one. This author came to PR a couple of years ago during her first book presentation. 3.8⭐️

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Untitled | Unknown
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Here are my final results for #Scarathon2021 @Clwojick #TeamSlaughter

Week 4 points = 5,311 and over the course of the month I racked up a total of 61,038 points for my team!

On a side note I read 25 books in October for a total of 220 hours of reading time. #SpookOween #Necronomathon @Patchshank #Wickedathon @StayCurious #LittenListen @aperfectmjk #ReadWithUs @GHABI4ROSES @DieAReader

Thanks to all the Littens who hosted readathons!

DieAReader Fantastic!🥳🎉 A great reading month! 1y
TheSpineView An extra special Thank you to @Clwojick and @staycurious for hosting this year's #Scarathon2021 You guys motivated to make this my best reading month ever!🤩🤩🤩📖📚🎃🖤😘🥰 1y
Clwojick WOW! Way to go! You did great this month! Thank you for joining us 🖤 1y
TheSpineView @Clwojick Thanks and the pleasure was all mine. 1y
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