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Don't Push the Button!
Don't Push the Button! | Bill Cotter
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There's only one rule in Larry's book: don't push the button. (Seriously, don't even think about it!) Even if it does look kind of nice, you must never push the button. Who knows what would happen? Okay, quick. No one is looking... push the button. Uh, oh.
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Similar to the previous one, this one is equally as fun and will have you tapping, flipping, and pressing the button to see what happens on the next page. I would have loved sharing these with my nephew when he was 3-4 yrs old because he would have loved them.

#TeamFestivus #HolidayReads @wanderinglynn #wintergames @StayCurious @Clwojick (21pts)

wanderinglynn 🙌🏻❤️⛄️ 2mo
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I came across so many adorable Halloween board books today, that it was hard to choose which ones to buy for gifts! Thanks for all the suggestions! (1/5)
#HalloweenTheme #TeamSlaughter

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I love picture books and have many of these in my classroom!!! #picturebook #30junebooks @howjessreads

britt_brooke The Bad Seed, The Day the Crayons Quit, and The Monster at the End of this Book are some of my favorites to read aloud to my sons. So fun! (edited) 8mo
rretzler Unsolicited recommendation for your classroom. The picture in Litsy is NOT the picture on the book, which is about a shy person who doesn‘t want to be noticed, yet finds friends after all . The illustrations are brilliant. Both of my introvert sons loved to read it - it was my older son‘s favorite book. Just the thing for those shy or introverted kids in the classroom. 8mo
Kshakal @rretzler I love the sound of this book and will definitely be getting it for my room!! Thank you for the recommendation!! 🤓 8mo
rretzler 😄 I love picture books, but don‘t get to read or pick them out much anymore since I have a 17 yo and a 14 yo. I‘ve saved our favorites. Halibut Jackson and this tagged book were ones that we read many, many times. 8mo
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😂👏🏻 #LitsyHumor

CouronneDhiver I need one of these for my job! Lol 10mo
suvata 😂😂😂 10mo
booklover76 I definitely need one of these at my job 10mo
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Really fun and interactive. Some of it was lost because my son is a little rebel who started breaking the rules on the first page. 😂

kgriffith 😊 This looks like an opposite to 14mo
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Don't Push The Button written and illustrated by Bill Cotter is an adorable story about a monster named Larry that just can't decide if pushing the button is a bad idea or not. Can Larry and the reader resist, or will the button be pressed?


#childrensbook #kidslit

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These books are just so much fun for a toddler. I had the original book as a digital galley and every time my nephew pushed the button the page changed. He loved it, and I am sure he would love this edition as well.


Jonah loved it !

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I received these bookmarks and a sweet note for participating in the #monstermadness2017 challenge! And I already have his book...thanks for the recommendations :-)!

Edit: I just noticed the bookmarks work for #fangsoutfriday!


LibrarianRyan Yeahhhhhh. Love that book. 2y
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Before the first Don't Push the Button officially came out, I had a galley. It was the first "tree" book for my nephew and I. (You go outside and read under the tree while everyone else is moving furniture into the house"). Years later it's still one of his favorites. Now we get a Christmas version. #coverlove #kidsedition

GlassAsDiamonds I would so push the button... 3y
LibrarianRyan @GlassAsDiamonds we did. It was really funny the first few time because he kept pushing the button on the iPad therefore closing the book. Then I was a little afraid he would break the screen he was pushing so hard. So cute. The book and my nephew. 3y
Bookzombie I just got so excited to see this. Lol. I picked up the original last year for my nephew. 3y
GlassAsDiamonds @LibrarianRyan 😊😊😊a kid after my own heart 😊 3y
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This seems like fun, so here
I go:

1. The Great Gatsby
2. the Scarlet Letter
3. Of Mice And Men
4. Harry Potter (all)
5. Hunger Games (all)
6. To Kill A Mockingbird
7. Great Expectations
8. Divergent (all but short stories)
9. Phantom of the Opera
10. Death of a Salesman

Can you guess my lie?


Hollie Great Expectations? 3y
saresmoore Hmm...The Great Gatsby? 3y
RanaElizabeth Of Mice and Men! 3y
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Anovelobsession The Scarlet Letter? 3y
llwheeler Of Mice and Men? 3y
LeahBergen The Phantom of the Opera? 3y
Librarianaut Phantom of the Opera...? 3y
Texreader Hunger Games? 3y
Leniverse I'm pretty sure this is a trick question and the lie is hiding that you have in fact read them all! (edited) 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess Death of a Salesman 3y
MatildaBaggins Great Expectations? 3y
LibrarianRyan @Leniverse that is not a trick. But it took me a bit to pick one. Two people have guessed it. 😀 3y
asiriusreader Great Expectations? 3y
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I thought today was going to be a bad day. I've been a little down lately. I've got a terrible head cold and I have to work 12 hour shifts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And of course, today is a sad day for most of us. When I woke up this morning, I read this message from my niece and I felt hopeful and so happy. I am so proud of my nieces and nephews and I wish my mom was here to see how great they turned out. My heart is full!! 💜💜

LeahBergen 💗💗 3y
Bookzombie 💟 3y
Bette Books are awesome. 📚❤️️. Feel better. 3y
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#12daysofxmasphoto Day 10 #stockings for myself, my husband and our cat. I picked up the board book edition of this book today for my nephew. I recognized it from a post by @KilgoreTrout and it is so cute.

Texreader Ohohoh! We need a kitty stocking. That is so cute!! 3y
avgeyer My son LOVES this book, he thinks it's hilarious! 3y
LibrarianRyan I LOVE that book. I had a digital galley and reviewed it with my nephew. I don't remember how many times we read it. And since it was on my iPad when ever he "pushed the button" something would happen. 3y
Bookzombie @Texreader Thanks! My husband thinks it's funny. 🙂 3y
Bookzombie @avgeyer @LibrarianRyan I'm in love with it myself. My nephew is only 7 months so he won't get it yet, but I think it will make him laugh. 3y
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We are loving this recent, birthday acquisition! Cute, interactive and fun for even the littlest readers!

LeahBergen ❤️❤️ 3y
angrylilasian Aww! So cute! 3y
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We finally made it to the bookstore! The kids each got to pick out some books because we met our family summer goal to read 750 books. It was a surprise trip and my son guessed we were going to Canada. (We live in Kansas!) I'm glad he was excited about the books and wasn't too disappointed we didn't go out of the country. 😉

MrBook What a great picture! Leaders of tomorrow! 😎👏🏻👌🏻 4y
BookishMarginalia 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 4y
Nebklvr Congratulations on meeting your goal! 👍 4y
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LauraBeth This is such a sweet picture 😀 4y
Suzze Great memories! I retired this year as a B&N bookseller, and kids was my department. I always made a big deal and talked to each child who came in to get their free book for summer reading. 4y
ellareads @Suzze What a fun job! I think that kids catch on to enthusiasm like that. I didn't know b&n gave a free book! We'll have to sign up for it next year. 4y
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Super cute! My 3 year old twins loved it!