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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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I took this from @bookriot. Here are my #10books. Which one haven't I read?

1. Crooked Kingdom
2. Empire of Storms
3. Game of Thrones
4. 13 Reasons Why
5. November 9
6. Assassins Blade
7. Marked For The Hunt
8. The Savage Song
9. If I Stay
10. Cursed Child

LeahCorrineWrites Game of Thrones? 2y
Epicfied @Bookdaydreamer Marked for the Hunt is great :) definitely should check it out. 2y
Epicfied @LeahCorrineWrites got it right :) 2y
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#10books challenge! Which one haven't I read? @gretaalisonreads you know me too well, this'll probably be easy for you XD!

the_fandoms_being_weird_again 10 is Steelheart, sorry it cut off! 3y
gretaalisonreads This is so fun! I think it's 10?! 3y
the_fandoms_being_weird_again No, I read Steelheart. Guess again! 3y
the_fandoms_being_weird_again The answer is #6- Les Miserables. A bit too long for my taste, and I'm not super into his. fic., but the show is AMAZING!! 3y
Epicfied So few people gave White Fang! I read it in middle school :) 2y
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Bookshelf | Lydia Pyne

The answer to my #10books question is:
The Round Tower by Catherine Cookson - I'm not a huge #romance fan - this is more of my gran's book than me.

Untitled | Unknown
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#10books How well do you know my reading habits?

1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
2. David Copperfield
3. The Day of the Triffids
4. 1984
5. 1Q84
6. Fahrenheit 451
7. The New York Trilogy
8. Fifty Shades of Grey
9. Peyton Place
10. Gone Girl

Which is the lie?
Screenshot the meme to create your own #10books list. Tag me if you'd like me to see what you've picked 😁

Michelle_mck Fifty Shades? 3y
Sue 1Q84? 3y
Lcsmcat Peyton Place? 3y
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CAGirlReading I'm with @Michelle_mck Fifty shades? 3y
SoniaC So hoping the answer is 50 Shades. 3y
Brona Sadly @Michelle_mck @CAGirlReading & @SoniaC it is not fifty shades. Happily though it was only a skim read through for work so I could chat knowledgeably (& prove we weren't be book snobbish!) with our customers 😇 3y
Brona @Lcsmcat I read my mum's copy of Peyton Place when I was about 14. Shhhh don't tell her!! 3y
SoniaC @Brona lol the things we must do for work! 3y
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Ellen Foster | Kaye Gibbons
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I was tagged by @Librarianaut for this and decided to play along. Come with me! #10books

1. Mists Of Avalon (Bradley)
2. Pride and Prejudice (Austen)
3. Northanger Abbey (Austen)
4. Dead Witch Walking (Harrison)
5. Body Of Evidence (Cornwell)
6. Déjà Dead (Reichs)
7. Dark Lover (Ward)
8. Guilty Pleasures (Hamilton)
9. Hounded (Hearne)
10. Peace Is Every Step (Hanh)

Librarianaut Body of evidence? It's a shot to in the dark... 3y
Bookwitchery @Librarianaut Good guess, but no. :) I think it will surprise you when I reveal it. 3y
Librarianaut Mists of Avalon?? 3y
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Bookwitchery @Librarianaut Read that too. It's one of my favorite books of all time. 3y
MaleficentBookDragon No one's guessed mine yet! How about (edited) 3y
Eyelit Northanger Abbey? 3y
Bookwitchery @MaleficentBookDragon and @Eyelit are right! I haven't yet read Northanger Abbey. I must rectify that soon. 3y
Librarianaut Woot! 3y
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Bookshelf | Lydia Pyne
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This looked too fun not to join in on!

#10books I've Read ...which one is the lie?

Eyelit Captive prince? 3y
Dragon Enders Game ? 3y
Otherworld_Library @Eyelit and @Dragon Nope! I've read both Enders Game and Captive Prince. 3y
Karkar Pet cemetery? 3y
Otherworld_Library @Karkar DING! You guessed it!!! 🎉 I've never read anything by Stephen King, something I want to change this year. 3y
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Bookshelf | Lydia Pyne
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This sounded like fun so I figured I'd join in... 😄

10 books I have read. One is a lie. Which book is it? #10books

Annl Gone with the wind 3y
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asiriusreader Twilight 3y
Eyelit @Annl nope - I've read GwtW (at least twice) 😃 (edited) 3y
Eyelit @EmilyChristine nope - I didn't care for it much, but I have read Age of Innocence 😄 3y
Eyelit @JacqMac @RaimeyGallant I've read The Color Purple a few times 😃 3y
Otherworld_Library The Sound and the Fury? 3y
Eyelit @asiriusreader probably the one book on this list I wish I hadn't read - but I've read it 😆 3y
Eyelit @Cortg @Otherworld_Library I struggled through it, but I've read Sound and the Fury 😄 3y
Cortg I'm impressed! 3y
Otherworld_Library Lol! I was hoping for your sake you didn't have to. I remember hating it during my college American lit class. 😄 Which was admittedly a long time ago now. (edited) 3y
Anjuk Maybe 'In search of lost time'? 3y
Eyelit @Anjuk it took me two and a half years - but I've read In Search of Lost Time in its entirety 😄 3y
JanuarieTimewalker13 The Handmaid's Tale? 3y
Dragon Twilight? 3y
Eyelit @JanuarieTimewalker13 nope - read (and overdue for a re-read) handmaids tale 😄 3y
Eyelit @Dragon I wish! But nope, I've sadly read it. 😆 3y
Bookwitchery Twilight? 3y
Eyelit @Bookwitchery if only! Nope - I've read it, much to my chagrin. 3y
neet_reads Middlemarch? 3y
Eyelit You got it! @neet_reads it's been on my tbr (along with Eliot's other works) forever. Maybe this year (or maybe next) 😄 3y
neet_reads Yay! @Eyelit I guessed it because it's something that I myself have downloaded but never read 😀 3y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Ha! First choice, best choice-it's true!! I was going to say Middlemarch, then I read all the comments, forgot about Middlemarch, and went with THMT...I regretted it the minute I realized my error. Moral of the story: go with your first inclination. 3y
Eyelit Ha - yes! I went with my second guess for the same reason on some other 10 books posts... trust your gut! 😃 3y
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Bookshelf | Lydia Pyne
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I'm jumping on the #10books bandwagon! Which one do you think I haven't read?

jpmcwisemorgan I'm distracted by the pretty background! I can't decide. Ahhhhh.... 😉 3y
OrangeMooseReads Harry Potter series 3y
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Eyelit Da Vinci Code? 3y
asiriusreader Frankenstein? 3y
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Let me see...hmmmm...
1. Fahrenheit 451
2. A Tale of Two Cities
3. The Martian Chronicles
4. The Uglies
5. Silent Spring
6. Fifty Shades of Grey
7. Geist
8. Pride and Prejudice
9. The Hobbit
10. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


RanaElizabeth Sherlock? 3y
jpmcwisemorgan @RanaElizabeth Nope, I've read it more than once. In fact, I think I need to kick off the #Sherlocked readalong on Serial again! 3y
Hooked_on_books I hope it's Fifty Shades. 3y
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jpmcwisemorgan @Hooked_on_books It is. I read an excerpt or two of her writing and it wasn't ok with me. I can read poorly written books but I have less tolerance for it now. The combination of her writing style and content that isn't of interest (there's better out there) made it a no-go for me. I do appreciate that it got a lot of people reading, though. 3y
jpmcwisemorgan @RaimeyGallant It's actually one of my all time favorite books. 😀 3y
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So now it is my turn. Guess which one is a lie.. 😍

1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Christmas Carol
3. Treasure Island
4. Murder on the Orient Express
5. A Study in scarlet
6. The Canterville ghost
7. Buddenbrooks
8. The picture of Dorian Gray
9. Little women
10. Don Quijote

Your choices please. 😉


DeborahSmall Treasure island 🌴 3y
Maike I don't have a clue 😄the picture of Dorian gray? 3y
julesG Buddenbrocks? 3y
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LeahBergen Don Quixote? 3y
DeborahSmall Treasure island ❣️ 3y
Sarah83 @DeborahSmall I read it years ago 😎 3y
DeborahSmall Has to be little women I know you love mysteries ❣️ 3y
Sarah83 @DeborahSmall I read it several weeks ago. 😉 3y
DeborahSmall Pride and prejudice x 3y
Sarah83 @DeborahSmall I haven't read Dorian Gray 😉 3y
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