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Beyond the Bookclub
Beyond the Bookclub: We are the Books we must Read | Ruthie Landis
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Open this book and find all you need to create connected, reflective, and growth driven gatherings with friends, family, or community, while developing a deeper, kinder relationship with yourself. Many people these days are hungry for community and long for intimacy to balance a digital and impersonal world. They crave face-to-face contact when screen-to-screen is the norm. And it is hard to know how to create that on our own. Friends form book clubs in an effort to achieve this, but many don’t even have the time to read the book. The get-togethers are social and often superficial. There’s nothing wrong with that. Having fun, sharing stories, music, and sports are also part of a balanced life. Yet we live in a society that is divisive and often cruel, cold, and asleep. So this is a call to action. The Universe is begging, no screaming, for us to do our inner work and stop avoiding our shadows and our shame. In these times, we need to exponentially grow more people who are awake, intentional, and emotionally and spiritually healthy. With the help of this book's short catalyzing essays and illuminating activities, you can gather your tribe and build communities that know and live from compassion, awareness, love, and grace.
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Here are six of my contenders. Thoughts on these? (Books tagged individually in comments) #GroupN #LMPBC

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BookishBelle I‘m most interested in Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance. It has been on my tbr for awhile. I am not interested in The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna or Behold the Dreamers. 3w
nomadreader Thanks, @bookishbelle! And thanks for tagging the others, which I thought I had done! 3w
LitLogophile I would also like to read Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance! But I‘d read any 😊 3w
umbrellagirl I haven‘t read any of these yet. 👍🏻 3w
nomadreader @umbrellagirl @LitLogophile @BookishBelle Beasts it is! Excited to get started next week! 3w
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Just a start ... to see if there‘s any interest @jenniferw88 @jhod @RachelO #lmpbc

jenniferw88 Good choices... I'd probably go for Queenie, but would be happy with any of them! 4w
RachelO Nice! I‘d be happy with any too. Sarah Winman‘s been on my tbr forever, Queenie‘s been added more recently... 4w
jhod Yes me too, all look great! Very exciting! X 4w
Cathythoughts @jenniferw88 @RachelO @jhod I‘m going to go with A Year of Marvellous Ways for us .. I hope & I think it will be a good one 🤞🏻😍 4w
emmaturi I started Queenie, so far so good! 1w
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Hey, #lmpbc #groupN #round6!
Here‘s my short list for the book I‘m going to choose. Have any of you read these? Are you more interested in one or another? I‘ll tag them in the comments so it‘ll be easier for y‘all to took them up.

@umbrellagirl @LitLogophile @nomadreader

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nomadreader I'm most interested in The Witches of New York (I loved her novel The Virgin Cure) or The Bookshop of Yesterdays, which I had not heard of but looks like a great book to read with other booklovers! Confessions of a Christian Mystic is the least interesting to me. I'll try to post some ideas today or tomorrow! 1mo
umbrellagirl I‘d vote for Bookshop of Yesterdays or Witches of NY. 4w
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Hi @jenniferw88 @jhod @RachelO I‘m excited to be joining ye for the postal Bookclub ! #lmpbc

Cathythoughts I‘ll read anything ... 1mo
RachelO Ooh good! I have no idea what I‘m going to pick this time - better get thinking. I‘ll read anything too 😊 1mo
Cathythoughts @RachelO I havnt a clue what I‘m picking yet either ... 🤔📚 1mo
jhod Hurrah! 1mo
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Ok #lmpbc #groupN #round6
Here are my suggestions. Has anyone read any of these? Any that you‘re more or less interested in reading? I‘ll tag them all in the comments for convenience.

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Princess-Kingofkings I've read A Rumored Fortune. I adore Joanna and I liked the book. 1mo
annahenke The Natasha Solomon is really good. I did it on audio. 1mo
umbrellagirl @Princess-Kingofkings @annahenke Thank you! 1mo
BookishBelle I haven‘t read any of them. I‘m more interested in The Lace Reader, All the Birds in the Sky, and The Song of Hartgrove Hall. 1mo
umbrellagirl @BookishBelle great, thanks! 1mo
nomadreader Fun! Most of these look good to me. I'm not interested in A Rumored Fortune (Christian fiction is not my thing). The Gathering has been on my TBR forever as I've loved some of her other books. I've also been wanting to read The Light Between the Oceans for quite awhile. All the Birds in the Sky is outside of my normal comfort zone, but I've heard great things about it.
umbrellagirl @nomadreader I didn‘t realize it was Christian. That‘s also not my thing but I‘ll undoubtedly read it anyway. I‘ll definitely skip it for this group since it is not within our genres. I am leaning towards Light Between Oceans since it is set in Australia and I‘ll be visiting there in a couple of weeks. 4w
RaimeyGallant The Light Between Oceans is somewhere on my tbr. Thanks for the reminder! 4w
RaimeyGallant My comment may show up three times. Litsy went dark on me for a second there and I kept pressing send lol. 4w
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Signed up for this and it‘s my first time participating. I‘ve seen the posts all over litsy so I am super excited to try this out. #groupb #lmpbc #litsymarkuppostalbookclub

Sign up link in the comments 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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Saw this in RealSimple magazine, and thought it was cute! 😊

Readergrrl Love this! 2mo
Leftcoastzen 😂👍 2mo
Lcsmcat 😂 2mo
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wanderinglynn 😂😂😂 2mo
LiteraryinLititz So cute! 2mo
CarolynM 😂 2mo
Texreader Hilarious!! 2mo
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