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The 90s
The 90s: The Digital Age | Hannah Ford
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Reveals how developments in design reflect and influence changes in technolgy, society, and everyday life.
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1. The 90‘s, more late 90‘s than early, but all 90‘s were the best.
2. eBooks, it‘s super convenient, and if a book is big I don‘t notice.
3. Older, but just by a year or so.
4. Nope. According to google I live exactly 900 miles away from the hospital I was born in. 915 miles from where I grew up.
5. 👋🏻
#friyayintro @howjessreads

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I ❤️ the 90s so I had to join the discussion, albeit I‘m a little late! My 90s playlist is LONG and diverse (this pic is just a snippet of my playlist). And my go-to station on XM is 90s on 9. ✌🏻🎶💙 #90sspringfling #90skid #90smusiclove

Megabooks Return of the Mack! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤩 6mo
AmyG Oh man, I forgot The Verve. I love A Storm in Heaven. (edited) 6mo
RainyDayReading Hey Jealousy! That‘s one of my favorites 😊 6mo
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Too many songs to put into my #90splaylist ! But I remembered listening to mostly the ones in the pic above. I actually enjoyed 90s music!!! 😁

#90sSpringFling @cinfhen @BarbaraBB

Cinfhen Oasis & No Doubt seem to be rocking lots of lists!!! 💞 6mo
GripLitGrl Great list🎶🎸🎤😎 6mo
Megabooks White Town...Nice! 🎉👍🏻 6mo
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thereadingowlvina @GripLitGrl Thank you! 🙂 6mo
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Had to join in- huge changes for me in 90s. Got married, bought a house, birthed Robert. Highs & a low- I had 24 hours to give birth & leave due to insurance-I had fevers & pain immediately- after a couple of weeks, found I had retained placenta. Ended up in hospital 2 weeks; In ICU, septic- near death. My dad called an MD friend who was semi retired. He asked my MD if she had done a D& C- she said,no, ultrasound showed nothing.

kspenmoll Continued: My MD did the D&C & found a putrid, infected, festering fibroid- that grew with Robert which is why he was 3 1/2 weeks early. They knew about it. I was finally able to heal after that, but it took a few months. Meanwhile my husband took such good care of R; I tried to reestablish a relationship with Robert that never had happened as I was so sick & he had feeding issues. 6mo
rretzler That sounds like an awful experience, so glad it all worked out. Good for your dad and husband - seems like you have a wonderful family! 6mo
kspenmoll @rretzler We got thru it because of family & friends. My in laws flew in from Florida & stayed ; my parents came from the Cape; my sister, a nurse practitioner came from Boston every weekend for ages; my best friend‘s mom lived in town & came to help me for months. I was so lucky. It‘s 24 years later & Robert is healthy, we are in the same house. (edited) 6mo
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rretzler ❤️ 6mo
CouronneDhiver Oh my goodness! Thank God you survived... scary to have had a close call. 6mo
BarbaraBB What a horrible story. The pictures are lovely though! 6mo
TrishB 😱❤️ 6mo
JaclynW How scary and awful! 6mo
Cinfhen Terrible story and frightening time but Thank God for amazing family support. Nice to know that little guy is now 24 and healthy. 6mo
britt_brooke Oh my goodness! 6mo
kspenmoll @rretzler @CouronneDhiver @BarbaraBB @TrishB @Cinfhen @britt_brooke Thank you all folks. It was a frightening time but Robert had so much love surrounding him that he was fine. And he remembered my voice, I am sure! He & his dad have a strong bond & his grandparents adored him. I had help & support as well, and had no job to worry about so I could heal in my own time. You are the best; thanks for the support & understanding! (edited) 6mo
kspenmoll @JaclynW It was at the time. The focus on the 90s brought me back in time but all is well now. He is 24! 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm Scary indeed. All the family and friends support was ❤️. 6mo
LeahBergen Oh my goodness!! 😮😮 6mo
batsy Oh my. I'm so glad it all worked out well for you and your family ❤️ 6mo
Kalalalatja Scary story! Glad everything worked out in the end ❤️ 6mo
JaclynW @kspenmoll I'm glad all worked out so well! 6mo
Megabooks I‘m so glad you‘re alive! That is terrifying. 💕💕 6mo
kspenmoll @erzascarletbookgasm @LeahBergen @JaclynW @Megabooks @batsy Thank you all so much! I don‘t dwell on it but went right there with all the 90s reminisces. ❤️❤️ (edited) 6mo
DebinHawaii So glad you are OK. 💜 6mo
Reggie So glad you survived. And thank god for family. When my aunt had her 2 children my grandma spent a month with her just cooking and cleaning. Nice pictures! 6mo
kspenmoll @DebinHawaii @Reggie Thanks both of you! ❤️ I am blessed with family. 6mo
Centique What a frightening time for you. I‘m so glad you all got through it 💕💕 6mo
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40 songs I was listening to in the 90s: https://open.spotify.com/user/dariazeoli/playlist/6bvcwFF5CxVlWLptRHC3qc?si=G11U...

I loved grunge, R&B, alternative... I was still listening to the radio in those days! I got my first car in 1998 and remember blaring Cher‘s “Believe” album on the tape player ❤️😂


TrishB Can‘t believe I forget NIN. One of the best gigs I‘ve ever been to. 6mo
britt_brooke Fantastic list!! 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm I remember I loved TLC‘s Waterfalls 😊 6mo
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Megabooks Great playlist!! 6mo
Cinfhen Ha!! Good memories 6mo
Zelma I used to blast that NIN album when no one home. 😆 (edited) 6mo
dariazeoli @TrishB I didn‘t get to see them till post-With Teeth, but I agree! 6mo
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I had to get on on the #90sSpringFling! Bottom two photos are circa 1996 - that left photo is me on high school graduation day! Top photo is college at the end of the decade. Overalls are very 90s, no?

@Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

erzascarletbookgasm Denim overalls are definitely very 90s! I think they are back in fashion. You look pretty much the same now..not any older 👍 6mo
AlaMich Great photos!!😊 6mo
Nute I was really into overalls. I love the short haircut on you. Lovely photos! 6mo
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BarbaraBB Gorgeous! 6mo
Cinfhen Stunning photos😍and overalls were very 90‘s ❣️They make me think of Courtney Love 6mo
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing 😊 6mo
BethM I loved overalls lol. 6mo
Lovesbooks87 I loved my overalls! 6mo
TrishB Great pics 👍🏻 you haven‘t changed ! 6mo
Demibom Did u graduate high school in 96? 6mo
Megabooks Great pics! @Reviewsbylola and I are hoping for an overalls comeback. 6mo
Zelma Did everyone cut their hair in college in the 90s? I had a similar cut. 😆 6mo
dariazeoli @Demibom I did! 6mo
dariazeoli @Zelma I blame Sarah Maclachlan 😉 6mo
dariazeoli @Megabooks Can we include flannel in the revival? 6mo
Megabooks @dariazeoli Of course!! 6mo
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Not sure what #90sSpringFling 🎧 is connected to (enlighten me @Cinfhen !), but always willing to share my favorite 🎶 from my teen years, including hometown band Live!

Lots of 90‘s music on my Master Playlist:

TrishB Great list 👍🏻 6mo
cariashley Bush!! 💚 I was *obsessed* with them in high school! I met them at a signing once and cried 🤣 6mo
BarbaraBB I loved Live!! And they are touring again. In June I‘m going to their gig! 6mo
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4thhouseontheleft @TrishB I was mainly a grunge girl back then! With a splash of hip hop thrown in. 😂😂 @cariashley Me too! And I had a major crush on Gavin Rossdale. 6mo
4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraBB I know! Their song Shit Town is pretty much how we all felt about my hometown back then. 😂 6mo
Lauram Great list!! 6mo
BarbaraBB Lol, really? I loved every song of Throwing Copper. It‘s one of my favorite albums ever. Gonna live gonna live in shit town 🎶🎶 6mo
4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraBB Yep! And Lightning Crashes is dedicated to my friend‘s older sister, she went to school with them and died in a car crash while they were recording the album. 😢 6mo
BarbaraBB @4thhouseontheleft Really? So sad. We played that song on repeat when one of our friends committed suïcide. “Oh why?” I put it on my list today. 6mo
bookish_wookish My friend and i saw Live so many times! We were obsessed with them! I still have all my ticket stubs somewhere! 6mo
LogiKitty Omg so many lovely bands 😍 6mo
GripLitGrl Great playlist🎤🎸 6mo
Cinfhen Sooooo excited for that master list!!!!! #90sSpringFling is the buildup to our big buddy read of the 90‘s book #FightClub 🥊so far we‘ve read a book written in the 70‘s & 80‘s next up the 00‘s 6mo
britt_brooke Yes to all! Great list! 6mo
Megabooks Awesome!! 😎😎 6mo
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I‘m a 90s baby, born in ‘92, and my parents were all about snapping pics those first couple of years. 📸💁‍♀️

I really enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane, looking through all my photos, and it has been so fun seeing all the other #90sSpringFling photos 🙌

TrishB Ahhh, so cute ❤️ 6mo
CarolynM Gorgeous😍😍 6mo
britt_brooke Cutie!! 6mo
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Mtroiano Adorable! 6mo
BarbaraBB You‘re so young, too cute 😍😍 6mo
Emily92Bibliophile Adorable! I was also born in 92 🤗 6mo
Cathythoughts Dotey pet 💕💕💕 6mo
merelybookish Adorable! 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm What a cutie! Love these pics, especially the bottom two! 🥰 6mo
kspenmoll So cute! Glad you shared your pictures! 6mo
LeahBergen Awww! 😍😍 6mo
batsy So adorable! 6mo
Cinfhen Soooooo cute!!! Love the pics 💕💕 6mo
BiblioLitten 😃💕 6mo
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I actively disliked most music I heard in the early 90's. I discovered The Beautiful South in '90 and listened to them almost exclusively for years (I know Woman in the Wall is '89 but it's my favourite so it's in). Then there were heaps of good songs between '95 and '98 - even Kylie + Madonna had songs I liked😱 But I was back to TBS by decade's end. You probably won't know the Oz music - I particularly recommend No Aphrodisiac

Cinfhen I never heard of Beautiful South 🙈need to take a listen and Ray of Light was such a good album!! Some good choice on their. I feel like a 90‘s explosion is about to hit my Spotify 💕 6mo
CarolynM @Cinfhen They weren't big in the US, or here for that matter, but all the UK people will know them🙂 6mo
Cathythoughts Great list 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Mustang Sally 😍 6mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Nice! I don‘t know all of them, but R.E.M. 💜 6mo
TrishB The Beautiful South Song for Whoever ❤️❤️ is my fav! I love you from the bottom of my pencil case is one of my fav lines ever! Great list 👍🏻 6mo
CarolynM @TrishB I could have just listed my favourite TBS songs but that would have been boring for everyone else.? Song for Whoever is a good one. I love the combination of clever (and often dark lyrics) with happy, poppy little tunes. Impossible to choose a favourite line, but "He was just a social drinker but social every night" is hard to beat. 6mo
Lauram I have 1 Beautiful South song in my iPhone music library. It was played on the alternative radio station for a little bit before grunge took over everything. 6mo
TrishB Agreed, very clever lyrics. 6mo
batsy Fab list! Blur, Pulp, Barenaked Ladies ❤️ 6mo
CarolynM @Lauram Which one? 6mo
Lauram We Are Each Other 6mo
CarolynM @Lauram That's a good one🙂 6mo
Jerdencon Great songs! 6mo
GripLitGrl 🎤🎸😎nice list! 6mo
kspenmoll I loved the Beautiful South! Played 2 of there albums constantly too! 6mo
Centique OH!!! I forgot about The Beautiful South! My friend brought the album back from her OE in the UK and we played it approximately one million times. I loved Woman in the Wall. That‘s another thing I need to go buy on ITunes now 😂 6mo
Tonton Brings back memories!😎🎶 6mo
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