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The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead: A Continuing Story of Survival Horror. Book 1 | Robert Kirkman
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This hardcover features the first 12 issues of the hit series along with the covers for the issues in one oversized hardcover volume. Perfect for long time fans, new readers and anyone needing a slightly heavy object with which to fend off the walking dead.
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Catching up on my local library‘s monthly podcast. They have sponsored a year long book challenge, so this month their recs are about Ky authors (the tagged is one), which is one of the prompts. Planning to listen to the last 2 months—GNs & ghost stories—because I missed them. #nfn2020 @rsteve388 @Clwojick

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My apologies to #TeamHarkness for the sparsity in posting. Not quite used to the whole social media thing, and using it for its intended purpose. But, I'm also working on racking up points, and am currently sitting at 1179. Started Carpe Demon, and it is laugh out loud funny. If you haven't had a chance to start it yet, I highly recommend it. @StayCurious

Clwojick Love the picture! And way to go! 🎉 1y
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Check in post for yesterday: watched 1 episode of Bly Manor (still good) and the series premiere of TWD:The World Beyond (meh). Also read 6 hours between audio and physical books and participated in #screamathon, #bookspinbingo, #littenlisten, #october20in4 (just made it!), and #outstandingoctober. +306 for #teamslaughter! #scarathlon2020

Bookgoil Yay thanks for joining! ❤️ 1y
candc320 I‘ve been having the best time with these readathons! Thanks for hosting @Bookgoil ❤️ 1y
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!!! 1y
Andrew65 A great day all round 👏👏👏 1y
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I‘m still watching TWD because I‘m attached to the characters, & their attempts at hope in a bleak world. I prefer the character focused episodes with smaller groups to the epic battles, but this was an intense & unsettling finale. #TWD #horrorTV #TeamHarkness @StayCurious #scarathalon 5 points

StayCurious Don't forget you get a point for the post - so 6 points! 1y
SomedayAlmost @StayCurious Cool! Will hopefully get the math right this weekend. 1y
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Day 4 #scarathlon2020 wrap up:

Halloween picture book - 25 pts
Amityville horror the Awakening - 5 pts
Season Finale of Walking Dead - 5 pts
Pilot episode of World Beyond - 5 pts
Readathon 3 hours read - 30 pts
Participation- 1 pts

71 pts #teamharkness
Total 381

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#Top20Series #20Series20Days @Andrew65

Day 3: The Walking Dead (Trade Hardbacks)

The zombies, while no doubt a problem, aren't the worst monsters one has to face in this universe. I love the way the zombie pandemic brings out the best and worst of people in this. Even more, I love the nuanced characters that are bad and good and clever and foolish each as individuals. We are all of these things at various points in our lives and so are they.

Andrew65 Another good choice. 1y
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#bookspin #bookspinbingo chose books for the #popsugarreadingchallenge #booked2020 and some other challenges I‘m doing for the year! @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2y
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They‘re back! Judith and Michonne still kick ass... #TWD #season10
#zombies #TeamSlaughter #horror #amwatching @Clwojick

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The day has arrived!!! It is back on tonight!!! Oh my stars I am so excited!! Is anyone else watching tonight? If so, who is your favorite character? Above are mine, but I think Beta is my current favorite, I blame my crush on Ryan Hurst!

#TheWalkingDead #Zombies #BetaIsTheBest #AlphaIsTheWorst #IHeartThisShow #Scarathlon #TeamStoker @TheReadingMermaid

BeansPage 🧟‍♀️ 2y
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1) It‘s a toss up between bananas and berries of any kind
2)11/22/63 and it‘s become an all time favorite
3)Tagged! Honestly because I didn‘t want to wait to find out who died in the show 🙃
4)I‘m getting married next summer, I‘ll be taking a big step in my career, we‘ll probably buy our first house together and then try to start a family. Hopefully mixing in some travel! Lots to look forward to in the next 5 years 😊


Boooooks 11/22/63 is my second favourite Stephen king so far and it was the first ever king book I read it‘s sooo good did you see the tv show? 3y
RvnclawWhovian @Boooooks I did! It was okay, I didn‘t like some of the changes they made. But then again, I‘m never completely satisfied with book to movie/tv show. What‘s your favorite King book? 3y
Boooooks @RvnclawWhovian well I‘ve only read 8 of his books so far but from what I‘ve read It has gotta be my fav I just loved the kids friendships so much. 3y
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Eggs Congrats on your five year plan ❣️ 3y
RvnclawWhovian @Boooooks IT is definitely on my list, it‘s just such a big book I gotta find the right time lol 3y
RvnclawWhovian @Eggs thank you!! 3y
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Almost caught up with the the show. Let‘s find out if the comics are better.

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I love TWD. This is riding me over until the show comes back plus it‘s time I read all the comics.

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Book One halfway complete!! #twd

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Just finished book one of the series. The visual aspect of this is fantastic. Here is one of my favorite pages of artwork from the novel.

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Seen in the parking lot of Golden Crown Panaderia in Albuquerque 😂😂😂 Happy October!

Avanders Hello another-fellow-burquean! 👋🏽 love that place 😍 4y
Izai.Amorim 😂😂😂😂 4y
Anna40 @Avanders I wish we lived in Albuquerque! Love it! But are just travelling. Am from El Paso! The Panaderia is wonderful- love love love their empanadas! 4y
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Avanders Ooh .. well maybe if we ever have an albuquerque Litsy meet up, you can come anyway 😉 4y
Anna40 @Avanders Yay! Keep me posted! That would be nice! Maybe we could meet at the Panaderia 😆 4y
Avanders Good idea! 😄 4y
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I'm not sure if Book Six of the hardcovers is in the Litsy database, but that's the one I'm currently reading. It's sooo good. I think Rick is my favorite....Did I mention I've never watched the show?

JoRead I've never read the comics but I really want to 4y
Mariposa_Bookworm @JoRead It's extremely intense. I have had to put it down and walk away a few times because I'm nervous about what's about to happen. Sooooo good! 4y
JoRead @Mariposa_Bookworm I've hear great things about it! 4y
monkeygirlsmama I read the first one, and thought it was alright. I watch the show, haven't missed an episode, and I struggled with the differences between the two. Also, the comic Rick looks nothing like the tv Rick and I couldn't get past that. Haha 4y
eanderson I love the Walking Dead! I've read most of them and I love the show. I really like the differences between the 2. It's such good writing! Hope you enjoy! 4y
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Love the TV show, love the graphic novel! The dialogue can be a bit lackluster at times, but the illustrations are great. And even better, the storyline differs from the show, so there's still suspense! Hope to read the rest someday.

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New shirt! My husband didn't want one because he hates Negan so much that he refuses to wear his image. I'm like, "yeah, he's evil, but he's hot! I'll wear it!" I'll never turn down anything with Daryl on it.

JoeStalksBeck Come over and win some books 📚 5y
Reggie Have you ever seen any of Octavio Ocampo's artwork? This reminds me of him. The shirt's awesome!!! 5y
CindyMyLifeIsLit @Reggie No, I've never seen his artwork but will definitely check it out--and thanks! 5y
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I love the Walking Dead comics and the tv show! I was excited to see a Walking Dead beer available from a Georgia brewery! So exciting! It is the official beer of the undead!!!💀💀💀

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So, I'm thinking I might start reading the comics ....

Robothugs I've heard they're different, but also that it will spoil some things for you as far as the general story goes. At least this was the case a year or so ago... admittedly, I stopped watching it - only because I forget when it comes to TV shows. 🙈 I would give the comics a go! 5y
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#seasonsreadings2016 #artrelatedbook Art! I used to really enjoy these books despite the bad dialogue and misogyny. The show managed to be much worse and soured me on the whole deal.

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"stuuurf....and thaaangs" ?

Oh Rick, how I love you! Both, on paper and on screen.

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Biggest understatement of the year! 😱😭😭😭😭😭😭 #TWD

MyNamesParadise As gruesome as the Lucille-ing was the psychological tension of Rick cutting of Carl's arm was SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! 5y
JulieAnn Glenn trying to get his words out to Maggie, that just about killed me. 😭 5y
Texreader I've never watched the show and my 13 year old is begging to see it. We've said no based on what we've heard. Would love your thoughts. 5y
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Books_Wine_Repeat @Texreader No, no, nooo! Usually I'd say, yeah it's zombies, it's ok. This show is crazy. People got their heads smashed in and it was beyond graphic. It wasn't just that one guy's eyeball was popping out of its socket, it was so emotional. It can't be unseen. 😭😭😭💔💔💔 5y
Books_Wine_Repeat @MyNamesParadise Yes! I was a wreck. Glen trying to talk to Maggie killed me. 5y
Owlizabeth @Texreader the violence is pretty graphic, the special effects team is amazingly talented, so it's really realistic looking too. 5y
Books_Wine_Repeat @JulieAnn YES! I was sad Abraham was killed but Glenn killed me. Then the scene with everyone at the table with Glenn and his baby. I can't even. 😭😭😭😭💔 5y
Scurvygirl I can never watch this episode again ever. Absolutely devastated. And Daryl at the end, all I could think of was the muppets Animal! @Books_Wine_Repeat I repeat never again!!😢 5y
Scurvygirl @Texreader it all depends on how much violence you are willing to let your teenager watch. I know some parents who let theirs watch it and others who would would never in a million years! 5y
Books_Wine_Repeat @Scurvygirl Agreed. This is a only one viewing required episode. I think I've cried more over this one episode than all of GoT or any show. 😭😭😭💔 5y
JulieAnn @Books_Wine_Repeat I figured Abraham was a goner when he had his character story arc last season and I'd read that Glenn was in trouble too. It was the way it was done that got me. @Texreader I am 35. I had bad dreams all night last night because of the brutality and emotional toll of the episode. Not to mention the words "suck my nuts" were said (poor Abraham). It's a very visually brutal and mature show. I am a bit squeamish though. 5y
Texreader @Books_Wine_Repeat @Owlizabeth @Scurvygirl @JulieAnn I can't thank you all enough. Neither my husband nor I have been inclined to watch to it make the call so it's just been a flat out no. Now I know why. I'll share your comments with my husband so we can have a united front on this one. 5y
Gayan I have never been so emotionally spent after watching something. Glenn has had my heart since, "Hey dumbass." I actually watched again today because I missed so much last night while completely melting down. 5y
JulieAnn @Gayan I feel you. It was All Glenn and Maggie. That was just so heart wrenching. And disturbing. I will never watch that again. It wasn't like a heartbreaking goodbye. It was a gut punch to the very core of all the good people left in their world. Like the very last drop of humanity is gone and now they have to fight tooth and nail to find the one particle that might be drifting around somewhere. Sorry. Was not thrilled with the brutality. ☹️ 5y
Bette 😩😫😨😰😭 5y
Bookworm54 I don't even watch the walking dead properly and the scenes made me emotional 😭 5y
Books_Wine_Repeat @Gayan Right?! It killed me. My anxiety level was through the roof and then Glenn tried to talk to Maggie. 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭 5y
Books_Wine_Repeat @bookworm54 It was so hard to watch. I almost can't watch anymore...until next week. 5y
Gayan @Books_Wine_Repeat Glenn trying to talk to Maggie and the Family Dinner scene totally did me in. 5y
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WOW! What a way to start the season!

sprainedbrain 😭😭😭 5y
tnorris 😩😩😩😩 my stomach is still in knots! 5y
melbeautyandbooks @sprainedbrain @tnorris- I am right there with y'all. That was rough. 😩😭😡 5y
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Sweettartlaura 😩😩😩 5y
Yournewfriendsams 😭😭😭😭 5y
Melwilk That was difficult to watch. 5y
melbeautyandbooks @melwilk- Yes it was! 5y
lovelybookshelf I feel scarred. I haven't been able to get those scenes out of my head. 5y
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Started a spoiler thread below if anyone wants to discuss the show!!

LitHousewife My daughter is talking about all of the characters she hopes dies. This makes me laugh, but then I wonder where I went wrong. 😂 Actually, it was my husband's fault. I never would have watched the show, so she wouldn't have either. Ahahahahaha! Enjoy! Half of my family will. The rest of us will be camping out in other rooms. 5y
That-Bookish-Hiker It's currently 6:50 pm in Oregon and it doesn't come on until 9. I'm dying from the suspense! lol 5y
Bookgirl That was way too disturbing 5y
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This post contains spoilers
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Starting a spoiler thread to discuss the show if you want!!! Starting last season's finale now and my blood pressure is in the danger zone!!! #thewalkingdeadtv #spoilers

Bette Did you read that interview with Melissa McBride? Her mom asked her if she is dying tonight and 'Carol' told her: I'm not even in that group, mom. 😂😂😂 5y
Owlizabeth @Bette That's hilarious!! I'm glad Carol isn't there, one less person to worry about...hopefully...😕 5y
Bette I know. Well, I'm heading downstairs to watch. This doesn't feel like sitting down to your favorite show...with all this dread. 😳 5y
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Hornsby78 Somebody better come back and tell us folks who don't have cable what happens!! 5y
KimM How did the axe get on top of the RV? 5y
Owlizabeth @KimM not sure, couldn't see through my 😭😭😭 5y
Yamich49 😭😭😭😭 5y
Bette Even knowing...that was hard. 😖😫😩😭😭😭 5y
Owlizabeth 😡💔💔💔 5y
melbeautyandbooks @Hornsby78- I just watched it. Do you really want to know who dies? 5y
Hornsby78 I already know. I googled it. 5y
Yournewfriendsams @KimM I was wondering the same thing! 5y
Jenni_Capps @KimM @Yournewfriendsams I think Negan threw it on top of the RV when he made Rick go out to retrieve it. 5y
Bookgirl Sad, beyond gory, disturbing. I don't know. I watched the whole thing with a stomach ache. Is this really entertainment? 5y
KimM @Bookgirl i feel the same way. I feel like the show may have crossed a line with me this season. Zombies are one thing but last night was truly horrifying. 5y
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Happy Zombie Day everyone! Today for #hauntedbooktober it's Zombies/Undead to celebrate the season premiere of The Walking Dead tonight!

#thewalkingdead #zombiekiller #bnektar #bnektarmeadery #nightofthelivingred #sandhillcranevineyards #michiganwine #michiganmead #michiganbeer #booksandbottles #zombievirus #litsyfeature

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Yessss 🙌🏽 can't wait to find out what happens to Rick & the gang! Just in time before the new season starts 💀

Bette Counting down the days...it'll be traumatic. 💀☠️👻🎃 5y
booked4life @Bette ugh I know!!! 😭 5y
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I think there has probably been more talk, speculation, strategy, psychological, and scientific pondering about the season finale of Season 6 of The Walking Dead in my office than any other show ever. I am the resident comic reader so I compare and contrast. We think it's Abraham and maybe Maggie too but definitely Abraham. What is your theory? Have y'all see the new trailer for Season 7 that was released over the weekend?

DeeLew I'm afraid it's Glen or Maggie. 😢I've never read the comics but plan to start from the beginning and read them all! 5y
Vexingcircumstance It should be Glenn. If it's Maggie then that's super messed up and since the show has many times been (justifiably) called sexist I am hoping they won't take away the one female character that is actually supposed to become a leader. If it isn't Glenn it should be Daryl. They don't know what to do with him lately. I like Daryl but he has no storyline and no story arc anymore. If they're not going to use him properly then he is pointless and 5y
Vexingcircumstance Since Negan's kill is supposed to strike a nerve and be a big deal then Daryl, being the fan favorite, makes the most sense. Especially since they're sticking so close to the comics now and that means their is zero place for Daryl. 5y
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Gayan Anyone but Glenn. 💔 5y
Hornsby78 The entire internet would revolt if it is Daryl. COMPLETELY MELT DOWN. 5y
Hornsby78 Do y'all think Negan will chop off Rick's hand with his hachet in the trailer since Rick has been missing his hand for so long since the Governor in the comics? 5y
Kenziejo @Hornsby78 I definitely think they'll cut of his hand this season. It was such a big moment for Rick in the comics so I hope they take that storyline. 5y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I think the hand will be hard (& cost a lot) CGI-wise for a continuing character every episode, so I dont think they'll go there unless they are planning Rick's soonish demise (like Hershel's leg), so I think they'll skip that.... I was thinking Eugene for the final character end.... it will be the easy answer after all the buildup after that finale, but he was finally manning up and agreeing to be the decoy, and gave his plans for making for... 5y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa ... bullet manufacturing to Abraham so his storyline is sort of wrapped up in an odd way....he's found his strength and shared his info. 5y
Hornsby78 The person that dies is to Rick's right judging by blood splatter trajectory so unless Eugene moved in the line up, I don't think it's him. 5y
Bee I am with you but I keep telling everyone it is Glen just to watch heads explode 5y
ellee @Hornsby78 I think I'd stop watching! I'm actually a season behind, so I'm excited to binge watch and then go right into season 7 without all the suspense that everyone else has had for the last few months. 5y
candc320 I just really hope it isn't Glen or Maggie 😰 5y
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Love this #graphicnovel and the show! It also fits the #octphotochallenge for today! I need to catch up on the comic series! So great!

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"Overall, it was still an entertaining and engrossing read, that both a hardcore The Walking Dead fan, and a comic lover would enjoy!" #StyleReaderLibrary

More on www.arraabella.com or on Goodreads!

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TV/book tie in. My husband and I don't even watch the show!!!

Bookgirl @LauraMarie The show is so good!!! 6y
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What do you get your husband for Father's Day? Books of course! What else???

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My fiancé and I watched another ep of The Walking Dead and I worked on a square for my crochet blanket. I'm liking the comic original of The Walking Dead better than the TV adaptation, however. Many more books of the continuing story of survival horror to enjoy!

BookishFeminist I need to read this! I started watching the tv show but stopped at one point--perhaps these will be better. 6y
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