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The World of Tomorrow | Brendan Mathews
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Set in 1939 #NYC, World of #Tomorrow was bound to end up on my #tbr list. Yet at a daunting 560 pages, it hasn‘t made it to currently reading since it went on the tbr in 2017.

For those who read chunksters, how do you keep from being intimidated and what strategies do you use to make it through?


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27 Hours | Tristina Wright
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27 hours from now will be the day after #tomorrow.

@Cinfhen @vivastory

vivastory Good one! 4y
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While the title refers to a body in the truck, Michael Connelley, a big fan of jazz, often mentions music in his books, especially Frank Morgan whose "Lullaby" is Harry Bosch's favorite song.

#Tomorrow's Child, a Ray Bradbury short story about a child who is shaped like a little blue pyramid.
(Image by Mark S. Fisher)

Conisdering one of #MyFavoriteThings is Monsters, I should really cross this off my TBR already. *sigh*

vivastory Great post & My Favorite Thing Is Monsters is amazing. I can't wait for the second volume! Have you heard of 4y
rohit-sawant @vivastory Thanks! And I'm just hearing about Infidel. It looks soo terrific! 4y
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Cinfhen Loving your collages 😊 4y
rohit-sawant @Cinfhen Thanks so much! 😊 4y
readordierachel I really want to read Monsters, too! It's gotten so much love. 4y
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My Favorite Things | Maira Kalman
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I have been neglecting the #MusicalNewYear photo challenge, both because I have been busy, but also because I have used every free minute I have had to finish Assassin‘s Fate. But #Tomorrow, I‘ll be better!

To start off, here‘s a pic of some of #MyFavoriteThings - surprise, it‘s books! 😄📚😄📚

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Beautiful shelves! 4y
erzascarletbookgasm Sigh.❤️ 4y
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BarbaraBB Gorgeous again 😍😍 4y
Reviewsbylola Major shelf envy. 😍😍 4y
Cinfhen Never get tired of seeing your shelves 💜😍 4y
Simona Nice view 😍😍😍 4y
actualdisneyprincess Omg #jealous!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 4y
vivastory I will never fault someone for neglecting a challenge for a book 👍 4y
BiblioLitten 😍😍 I could look at this forever! 4y
Avanders Your bookshelves ... every time I see them 😍😍 4y
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#MusicalNewYear #day14 #Tomorrow I will organize my books, tomorrow I will put all my stationery in storage boxes, tomorrow I‘ll stop buying more books to add to the chaos, tomorrow everything will be done. Who am I kidding!🤣 #tsundokuforlife #myprecious #stacksofjoy #tomorrownevercomes

Cinfhen I‘m super jelly of that beautiful madness 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 4y
kelli7990 I won‘t ever stop buying books. I love it too much. 4y
Texreader Oh this looks so familiar! And so do your promises! 4y
Lauram As overwhelming as this seems, it looks kinda fun. 4y
vivastory Love this! 4y
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I love this massive guide/history of the best of sci-fi in all its forms (from books to tv series). Spanning nearly 200 years, it is a boundless source of the imaginings of the world of #tomorrow (Where's my hoverboard, damn it?!)

vivastory @TobeyTheScavengerMonk I have seen this a few places near me for pretty cheap, would you want a copy? 4y
Cinfhen Cool 4y
tournevis I have it. It's pretty good! 4y
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The Wanderers | Meg Howrey
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Since I've read all of Becky Chambers' Wayfarers books and I don't know if/when there will be more, I'm jonesing for something similar, something that weds the world (or universe) of #tomorrow with a compelling story about human (or alien) nature. Based on the blurb, I'm hopeful that this could fill that void. And I'm in love with the cover 😍

@Cinfhen @vivastory

LadyCait84 That cover is gorgeous! 4y
readordierachel @LadyCait84 isn't it? 😍 4y
saresmoore Wait, what? Something to scratch the Chambers itch? Read this and tell me immediately?! 4y
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readordierachel @saresmoore I'm cautiously optimistic. I've heard good things, but those are some pretty big antigravity boots to fill. Will report back! 4y
RaimeyGallant It's a slower read but checks your boxes. 4y
vivastory Some pretty big antigravity boots to fill 😂😂 This book sounds great & I love the cover 4y
Cinfhen I‘ve been curious about this book. Will be waiting to hear your thoughts 4y
Cathythoughts The cover is amazing ♥️✨ 4y
batsy Oh that's so lovely 😍 4y
mreads This was good but not sure I would consider it the same vibe as the Chambers novels. Check out 4y
saresmoore Haha! Too true. Thank you! I‘ll check out @mreads recommendation, as well. 4y
readordierachel @RaimeyGallant I haven't, and it sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation! 4y
readordierachel @vivastory @Cathythoughts @batsy Isn't it pretty? I could just stare at it 4y
readordierachel @mreads Thanks for the rec! Will check it out for sure. 4y
rohit-sawant Oo, that's a stunning cover! 4y
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#MusicalNewYear #Tomorrow
 @Cinfhen @vivastory

Doctor Star & The Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows is a Black Hammer spin off comic telling the story of a father and his son.

Its pretty heavy hitting (I mean...its a Lemire comic sooo...) and definitely an engaging read! 👍

vivastory Haven't read any Black Hammer yet, hoping to start it soon 4y
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Annie's Song | Catherine Anderson
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This title seems appropriate. #Tomorrow #MusicalNewYear

CarolynM Took me a minute...🙄 4y
vivastory Spot on! 4y
Cinfhen I tagged the same book #GreatMinds 💡 4y
Andrew65 @Cinfhen 😊👍 4y
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Anne of Green Gables | L. M. Montgomery
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vivastory Wonderful graphic & quote! 4y
Cinfhen ❤️ 4y
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