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What If It's Us | Becky Albertalli
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I just decorated my laptop, and finished What If It's Us. I really loved it, as someone who kind of avoids romance novels, and I would love similar recommendations if you have any 💕

After Claude | Iris Owens
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When you are down on the floor reading After Claude and realize your bookcase is pretty messy.

gradcat And yours is a LOT neater than mine! 5h
LeahBergen I thought you might‘ve fallen and needed assistance. 😆 5h
cherinium I don't think that is messy. It's just packed full--which is a good thing. 4h
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Leftcoastzen @LeahBergen 😂😂😂to much 🍷.just kidding , no wine .Sometimes my back needs a long stretch on a hard , flat surface.That room is carpeted. 4h
Leftcoastzen @cherinium I like how you think.😀 4h
Leftcoastzen @gradcat Thanks , some of my bookcases are really well organized, this one has clumps of organization, this one and 3 others need to be totally redone. 4h
Hooked_on_books I actually love this photo. I feel like the books are towering over me in the best way. 3h
Reagan-reads Oooh The Tommyknockers, a personal favourite! That bookshelf looks perfect to me ❤️ 3h
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Friends, this was exactly what I needed. Alyssa Cole delivers a fun, flirty read with more serious undertones from the mystery of why Fab ghosted Likotsi all those months ago. The dual timelines amp up the tension and drive home the chemistry between the two women, to the extent that Cole accomplishes the (near) impossible: she made me believe in the instalove.

Yeah. That happened.

Definitely recommended to f/f romance seekers.

NeamhainHughes I am on the hunt for this book! Can‘t wait to read it. 9h
xicanti @NeamhainHughes I hope you can get your hands on it soon. It‘s SO good. 4h
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I really enjoyed this one. For fans of satire and critics of rampant capitalism. Anyone solely looking for a great apocalyptic book is likely to be disappointed with the story arc, as there‘s no real definite ending. The audiobook was great.

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Anything by Isabel Allende automatically goes on my TBR list lol.

LapReader Me too. 10h
jen_the_scribe @LapReader She's amazing 😊 10h
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After Claude | Iris Owens
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I first read this novel about 6 years ago and if you had asked me then if I would ever consider re-reading it, my response would have been a resounding “Hell no!” Harriet makes Cassandra seem like a saint in comparison. While my rating is the same (3, maybe 3.5🌟), it‘s a solid pick rather than a so-so. Looking forward to the discussion! #nyrbbookclub

LeahBergen I just finished it, too! 9h
Theaelizabet Finished this afternoon. Still thinking... 5h
vivastory I'm curious, do you remember how you heard about it when you read it? I was unaware of it before it was nominated 4h
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I grew up working class and tend towards a fast food palate. When I've gone to fancy French restaurants, I've been tempted to stick the excess silverware in my purse.

However, this memoir is fun because it is more about a woman who has to become the ultimate chameleon in order to do her job, and she really gets carried away with it.

I'm still not convinced I'd ever want to try a dish called "suckling pig." No judgment, rich people. ?

readordierachel Love this review 👍🏼 10h
BookNAround I love that you clearly keep the extra Subway napkins like I do. Real classy at my house. 😂 9h
Eggbeater @BookNAround 😂 We're not wasting a free napkin! 9h
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Night Film: A Novel | Marisha Pessl
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Today‘s reading plans. 📚☕️

Leftcoastzen Looks like a great plan! 14h
AmberWB I love that mug! 14h
kyraleseberg I checked out Ghostly this morning at the library! 13h
akckitty Um. Heck yeah Marisha Pessl 👌 8h
batsy I loved Night Film, hope you enjoy! 4h
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Dan Mallory, the author, says Hitchcock was #TheMuse for this story. I remember it as just another drunk, unreliable woman narrator story. And I don‘t remember him at all from Duke despite his being TV editor and my being food editor of paper at the same time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I feel like I should remember him because he sounds like a character, but I just don‘t. #StarTrekSummerJune

Kappadeemom Omg, please go Google him. AJ Finn is quite the embellisher... 18h
swishandflick Hitchcock and/or plagiarism. Everything I hear about this guy is super shady. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/02/14/books/dan-mallory-woman-... 18h
Megabooks @Kappadeemom @swishandflick Yes, I know. That‘s how I found out I knew him in real life. My friends who remember him said he was strange in college. And urine around your office is weird no matter your age or station! 17h
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Susanita One of my book clubs was going to read this, but I said I wasn‘t comfortable with it in light of the author‘s problematic history. (In addition to various articles, it was also discussed in two different podcasts I listen to.) Bless them, we will read another book. 16h
Megabooks @Susanita Yay!! I really wish I hadn‘t given him my money. 👎🏻👎🏻 12h
Reviewsbylola I heard enough about this book to know it wasn‘t for me!! 12h
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola Definitely don‘t bother! 11h
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I loved the TV series but the book is completely different. I‘m just not in the mood to read about some rich girl complaining about being ‘stuck‘ with being a classical musician. My heart bleeds babe....NEXT!!!

Cathythoughts 👍🏻😂 18h
Qpri Good to know... I might have tried it, since the first season of the TV show was good! 18h
sudi I loved this show, good to know the book's not worth it . 17h
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