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The Book of Dirt | Bram Presser
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#checkin #bfcr2 #fitlit #beattheheat
Walked early early this morning to beat the heat. It was cloudy,but with the humidity still worked up a dripping sweat! After our 2 miles, I walked across the street from my house to take these photos. 🌸🌼🌻🌺 Day lilies are mine.
Checkin: walked 3.5 miles last week; read one #cozymystery, so did not meet goal. But I feel ok because worked late days. This week is my last week before 3weeks vacation!!!!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful !!! 8h
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#bfcr2 #fitlit #week4

2 mile hike in Granville MA State Forest: Parts of Halfway Brook trail, Camp Trail, Beaver Loop Pond. Beautiful breeze, sun, forests of Mountain Laurel, Pines, ferns, swamp violet, other plants & trees. Sounds if: bird song, bubbling brook, & waterfalls. Peaceful & relaxing.
Great start to a new week!

catebutler This looks beautiful! 1w
wanderinglynn Awesome photos! What a great hike! 🙌🏻 7d
Crazeedi Looks awesome! Hope you tick proofed yourself !! 7d
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4thhouseontheleft Beautiful photos, and great start to the week! 7d
kspenmoll @Crazeedi Always. I had a deer tick early this spring on me more than 3 days so I was on antibiotics for over a month. We do our clothes which lasts about 2-3 wks, & spray any exposed skin/clothes etc. thanks for your concern! ❤️❤️ (edited) 7d
kspenmoll @catebutler It really was beautiful! 7d
kspenmoll @4thhouseontheleft Yes, such a great way to begin week 4! 7d
UwannaPublishme I feel so relaxed just looking at your beautiful photos. 😍 7d
Crazeedi @kspenmoll excellent, we do clothes etc too. My hubby has had 2 on him this year, but found quickly 7d
britt_brooke Sounds perfect! 6d
kspenmoll @UwannaPublishme That makes me happy! 6d
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#bfcr2 #fitlit #checkin
Met my fitness goal for the first time in these 3 weeks! Walked 6+ miles this week!
Also met my book goal: read/listened to 2 books. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

FashionableObserver 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Nicely done!!! 1w
wanderinglynn w00t! Way to go! 🙌🏻 A fantastic week! 🎉 Keep that awesome momentum going! 1w
Megabooks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥳🥳 1w
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sudi 👏👏👏 1w
DebinHawaii Great job!! 👍🎉 1w
BarbaraJean Awesome!! 1w
dariazeoli Yay! 👏🏻 1w
julesG 👏👏👏👏 1w
4thhouseontheleft Woo!! Way to go! 🎉🎉 Great progress! 1w
DivineDiana 👏🏻📚👏🏻 6d
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#Bfcr2 #fitlit #audiowalk #checkin
Approx 3.5 miles walking so far this week. Planning to walk tomorrow & Saturday so should reach my 6 mile goal.
Almost finished tagged book and will surely finish a second. 🙌🏻😃

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻🎉 1w
TheSpineView Good job!😍 1w
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Walkabout | Bill Bryson
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#bfcr2 #fitlit
After a restaurant dinner with a close friend, we went on a short walk in town. 🚶‍♀️

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 2w
4thhouseontheleft Sounds like a fun night! 🎉🎉 2w
TheSpineView Awesome! 2w
dariazeoli Perfect cap to a dinner! 2w
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#bfcr2 #fitlit

Not quite 2 miles. Wanted to fit my walk in while relatively cooler & a breeze! Then I was off to a Watch Party for US Women soccer v Netherlands. What an invigorating way to spend some time today! In an air conditioned tavern with friends & family & American Outlaw members cheering these talented women!❤️⚽️

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌 2w
Crazeedi Great job! It has been miserably hot here, and tons, I mean tons of rain! Coming home from sisters had lots of flooded roads!! 2w
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Walking | Bentley Little
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#bfcr2 #FitLit

Was very spacey when I woke early (for me in summer) snd my body did not want to move. So I walked with my coffee in hand. Both my neighbor & I were rather slow compared to our usual pace. It‘s been in the 90s so I am trying to get my walk in the early morning hours before it really heats up. did 2 1/2 miles today.
Finished one book, working on 2nd for tomorrow.

4thhouseontheleft Great job! Walking with coffee in hand gets a 👍👍 from me! 2w
kspenmoll @4thhouseontheleft Thanks for your support as I am so not a morning person!!!! 2w
dariazeoli I‘m doing the same! Great work! ☕️ 2w
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wanderinglynn I totally approve of walking with coffee! Or, in my case, it‘s walking to coffee. Either is good! 👍🏻👍🏻 And way to beat the heat! 🙌🏻 2w
kspenmoll @wanderinglynn I wish I could walk to coffee! Actually it‘s only 3 miles but it‘s a busy state road with no sidewalks. 2w
kspenmoll @dariazeoli I need it to walk in morning! 2w
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#bfcr2 #fitlit
Walked 2 miles with my neighbor very early this morning to try & beat the heat- in 90s today. Watered plants. Now reading a bit while it is comfortable on my porch. We have lots of shade & the sun hits it late in the day as the porch faces northwest. The tagged book is a great collection of mystery short stories. I have been reading it throughout the year.
🍉🍔🥗🇺🇸🎉🎇💥Happy 4th everyone!

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 and enjoy your day! 2w
kspenmoll @wanderinglynn Thanks! Enjoy your day too! I plan to get up early to walk again tomorrow! 2w
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Moonlit (Moonlit #1) | Jadie Jones
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Thank you for the tag and blessings @Meaw_catlady ✨🌙
1. Yes. My daughter is, too.
2. A morning ritual of tea and reading I try to keep every day. Keeping things that recharge me a constant presence in my life: my family, nature, books, crystals, aromatherapy. Sacred to me is something worthy of deep respect.
3. “Don‘t worry if you‘re making waves just by being yourself. The moon does it all the time.” Scott Stabile
4. 💜💜💜


ChasingOm I love that quote!! 3w
sudi Love the quote 💜 3w
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youneverarrived Great quote! 3w
Meaw_catlady Amazing quote! Great answers! 💕🌙🤗 3w
BookwormAHN Great quote 💕 3w
Jerdencon Awesome! 3w
AsYouWish Great quote!! 3w
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Borrowed Time | Tracy Clark
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#bfcr2 #fitlit
Walked slowly for me & only .6 miles today- humidity got to me. But now I am on my porch cooling off and watching the rain, sun shower. Sun is in the nw sky all the while sheets of rain are falling. Couldn‘t really capture it in a photo but I tried.
Books: one paperback; one audio ( tagged book is audio)- met goal
Miles: short 2; I only walked appx 4 miles this week. Hoping for a better week starting tomorrow for walking.

Crazeedi You did good!! I fell short on my mileage too but it's ok! I still love your porch!😉 I'm going to get a letter out to you this week! Thank you for yours!❤️ 3w
kspenmoll @Crazeedi Thanks for your support! I am behind on replies to letters but then who is counting?! 😘#litsylove 3w
wanderinglynn Great week 1! 🙌🏻 But I‘m going to rewrite this sentence “I only walked approx 4 miles” to “I walked 4 miles this week!” (complete with exclamation point). Celebrate your accomplishments! No diminishing language (“only”). Maybe you didn‘t reach the goal you wanted, but that‘s okay. You made good progress, you‘re moving forward, and more importantly, you didn‘t quit! #powerofpositivity 3w
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4thhouseontheleft I love sun showers. Beautiful pic! 3w
4thhouseontheleft 4 miles is 4 miles better than no miles! Can‘t wait to see what Week 2 has in store for you. Keep up the great work! 3w
kspenmoll @wanderinglynn THANK YOU for dwelling on the positive! I walked 4 miles this week!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 need the reminder: #powerofpositivity 3w
wanderinglynn @kspenmoll MUCH better! 🙌🏻 3w
dariazeoli Great work! Progress, not perfection 😉 3w
catebutler You did great! I had a few hiccups this week, but I told myself that I was out, moving, being healthy and feeling better. And next week is a clean slate! Great job!! 👍🏼 3w
kspenmoll @4thhouseontheleft @dariazeoli @catebutler Thank you all for the positive reminders & support! 3w
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