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1. Definitely modern day
2. I havent read either! Im more of a witchy/paranormal/bookshop/foodie type of cozy reader!
3. ☝🏼
4. I do but im allergic to everything other than sterling silver
5. Yellow and orange 🍁🍂

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1. Either, and supernatural!
2. Either? I‘ve actually not read Poirot or Marple- but I love Midsummer Murders and I wonder if they are similar to those characters/detectives?
3. Nancy Drew? Clearly, I‘m a newbie ready to jump into the genre!
4. I used to, but with my work I cannot wear it so it sits in a box.
5. Yellow and orange. Anything like a campfire and fall trees.

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1. I've read mostly modern
2. I love them both, but I think Miss Marple is more cozy
3. Haven't really read any
4. Yes, earrings are worn on a more everyday basis, but I also enjoy necklaces and rings when not working
5. Deep oranges and reds


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That's everything ordered for my #cozyswap match ordered! I'm on holiday early September so want to get it out before I go. @Avanders

Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽♥️ 2d
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Crazeedi Good idea 3d
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I did some shopping this morning for my #cozyswap package. It‘s hard to think about fall in South Florida when it‘s 92 degrees and the heat index is 104😄 I had lots of fun, though, and I resisted temptation: no books for me! I got these instead.

cobwebmoth I love sunflowers!💛 4d
kspenmoll Fresh flowers are a wonderful substitute! 4d
Crazeedi Beautiful! Hi Lynn have a great weekend!! 3d
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1. More modern, maybe because I‘ve read more of those.
2. Poirot, although I guess I never thought of him as “cozy.”
3. Lord Peter. I think I‘ve read all of the Sayers books.
4. I‘m an earring and pendant person but am really particular about earrings because they must be light.
5. Red, but any deep, vibrant shade.
Thanks for putting this together @jenniferw88

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Thanks for the tag @JenlovesJT47 and thanks for making this fun set @jenniferw88 ! ♥️♥️
1. Prob modern, but I have more experience w them 🧐
2. Poirot? 🧨
3. 🤷🏽‍♀️
4. Sure.. prob earrings most now..
5. Deep reds, greens...

1. Queso!!
2. My new Nespresso machine☕️
3. Icing on the Corpse 🐶🎂
4. Since it‘s Thursday... you! ☺️

Also, FYI re #cozyswap —>
I made a new cozy-mystery-want wishlist in goodreads!


Eggs Thanks for joining in 🤗👏🏻💗 4d
Gissy Expresó machine! Sounds good!!! Are you an expert yet!? 4d
Avanders @Gissy wellll... maybe, but it‘s not a true espresso machine... more like espresso-for-dummies 😁😁 I do *want* a real espresso machine though!! ♥️♥️ 2d
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Great idea for creating these #cozyswapquestions @jenniferw88
1. Both
2. Again, both, though I‘m partial to the Belgian detective. I‘ve read most of Christie‘s books.
3. Chief Inspector Barnaby, Adam Dalgliesh, Cordelia Gray, Inspector Alan Grant, Josephine Tey. (Own most of them). Would like to explore books by Margery Allingham, Ngaio Marsh and Martin Edwards.
4. Not a jewellery person.
5. All the fall colours!

#cozyswap @Avanders

JazzFeathers One of Josephine Tay's books are waiting for me. I've never read her, but l've read one of Nicola Upson's novels where she's a main character and l was so intrigued that l decided l need to read her. 4d
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🍁 I do love the modern ones... and golden age... especially when they are a bit bumbling and fallible
🍁 Both!
🍁 Anything Agatha-esque from that time period
🍁 Rose gold
🍁 ALL of them!

@jenniferw88 @Avanders
#cozyswap #cozyswapquestions