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The awesome @Chrissyreadit has a helpful post still going strong:

Hi friends! Comments on @TheAromaofBooks page made me realize how many activities have helped people join our community- I know joining my first swap changed litsy for me. Hashtag comments can lead to activities for people to see how amazing this community is- and much more than book reviews. I may miss some- feel free to add to it with any info!
#litsylist #litsywelcomewagon

TheAromaofBooks Yes!! The challenges & hashtags are a huge part of what make this community so special - it's so fun to get to know other people as we work together to check off a reading challenge!! 13mo
Liz_M Hello friends! It seems as if LitsyHappenings is on hiatus -- I get it, we're all busy and there is really too much happening for any one person to be the town square. So I've been thinking. What if LitsyHappenings was divvied up into four accounts, each manned by two or three people, cover an aspect of Litsy. For example: Litsy-Swaps, Litsy-Readalongs, Litsy-Challenges, and then a catch-all (Litsy-RandomFun? Keep LitsyHappenings?)

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sprainedbrain @Liz_M I think that‘s a great idea. Happy to help in any way I can as well! 3mo
Chrissyreadit I love that idea! I think that would help significantly! If there are 2 people at least for each group they could alternate. 3mo
Andrew65 Sounds a great idea. 3mo
Liz_M @sprainedbrain please start by sharing this post? 😁 3mo
sprainedbrain @Liz_M Do you mean tag people in the comments or actually share the old post about LitsyHappenings? 3mo
Liz_M @sprainedbrain Both? You should be able to share a link to this specific post/discussion, I think. 3mo
MoonWitch94 @Liz_M What a fantastic idea! So great! I‘ll share! 3mo
SamanthaMarie That's a great idea!!! 3mo
CBee @Liz_M fantastic idea! I‘ll share on my page. 3mo
squirrelbrain Great idea! I‘m already a #birthdayfairy on LitsyBirthdays so won‘t volunteer to host one of the accounts, but happy to help by sharing etc - just let me know! 3mo
Soubhiville I definitely think this could be helpful, for new folks especially. I have my hands full with the things I organize already, but I‘m happy to share posts when I see them. 😊 3mo
Lcsmcat I‘m willing to help, but need to understand what‘s involved. Would a host of one of these sites, say readalongs, create a separate account? Would that require a different email address, or can you have multiple accounts attached to one email? And what is expected. Reposting events as the host informs you? Or searching them out? Trying to gauge the time commitment. 3mo
MatchlessMarie I‘m glad this conversation is happening. A few months ago I thought about making some TikTok videos about Litsy because I‘m always trying to convert people but then I realized that LitsyHappenings hadn‘t been active and it used to be a really great way to stay on top of giveaways, photo challenges, swaps, et cetera. I would love to have one central place for events like a Litsy Newsletter of sorts 3mo
rsteve388 I would be willing to help with LitsySwaps as long as it isn't just me. I think this is a great idea and I am glad we can find a solution to ensuring the community stays engaged while ensuring we are taking care of ourselves and not doing all the work. 3mo
Librarybelle @Liz_M I think it‘s a good idea - a lot of work, for sure, but you‘re right in that there is so much happening and not one specific place where everyone can go to find it. That‘s what made LitsyHappenings so helpful! 3mo
Q84 @Liz_M I would be willing to help out with this. 3mo
Chrissyreadit @Liz_M I think if the pages are set up and have a host, the responsibility for tagging the appropriate page would be on the activity, then the host of the page would create a post? 3mo
wanderinglynn @Liz_M I think this is a great idea! And I agree with @rsteve388 that it will probably work better if there‘s at least 2 people assigned to each subcategory. I‘m thinking a group of 4 would probably be ideal for each subcategory. You want enough people that no one is overwhelmed with keeping up but not so many that there‘s too many cooks so to speak. 3mo
Butterfinger I will do whatever is asked. I love Litsy and am so grateful to its members. 3mo
robinb Fabulous idea! Even though I'm not a big joiner on lots of things, I do like to keep up and see other's posts! And the plus side of dividing it up into categories is that each Litten can go to whichever category they're interested in and not have to wade through to find something of interest...if that makes sense! 😂 I'll re-post this! 3mo
coffees Really like this idea and would be up to helping :) 3mo
LibrarianRyan @MatchlessMarie I can make a few TikTok a too. I talk about it seminfrequently on there. 3mo
LibrarianRyan I‘m down for it. Who ever does swaps can totally use the primer I made. Between #bbrc, swaps, and #litsyawards I‘m a little jammed but am always happy to help promote. Just take me and I‘ll share. 3mo
Crazeedi @Liz_M this is a great idea, I am a fairy and part of #litsylove right now, but I can spread the word and help as I can 3mo
Crazeedi I shared the post 3mo
Catsandbooks Such a great idea! There's so many things happening that's it's hard to keep track of everything! I'm able to help with whatever is needed! 3mo
julesG Great idea! I'm happy to share. 3mo
Nute Great idea! Happy to help. Sharing this post. Volunteering service. I really like this special place!🤗 3mo
Liz_M @Lcsmcat I think, as someone posted further down, that once the new accounts are up and running, it would mostly be reposting events. I am hoping that by having multiple people for each account and a couple of reservists, the time commitment would be reasonable - 10 minutes a day, an hour a week, whatever works. 3mo
Liz_M @Chrissyreadit This makes sense -- So, for example SprainedBrain would tag Litsy.swaps on her initial Basic Witch Swap post and the volunteer(s) manning the Litsy.Swap account would repost it. 3mo
Liz_M @robinb Yes, I also thought some people might only be interested in reading challenges and others really only want to do the photo challenges... 😄 3mo
Liz_M @Nute @Catsandbooks @coffees @Butterfinger @Q84 @rsteve388 @Lcsmcat @sprainedbrain Thanks for offering to help! I think there should be a minimum of 10 people for this to work, but perhaps we have enough to start.

I've set up a slack team (group? channel? help? 😅) as a place to continue brainstorming and coordinating. Anyone interested in volunteering, please email Litsy dot readalong at gmail dot com and I'll invite you to slack.

Liz_M @coffeewithbooks see comment above. 😊 3mo
sprainedbrain @Liz_M email sent! 3mo
Butterfinger @Liz_M I don't know anything about slack, but I am emailing and then looking for slack. ☺️ 3mo
coffeewithbooks @Liz_M okay thank you . I will email now . 3mo
Nute Email sent! 3mo
coffees @Liz_M just sent the email 📨 3mo
Catsandbooks @Liz_M sent an email! 3mo
Liz_M @squirrelbrain @Crazeedi How do birthday fairies work -- how do you coordinate and divvy up tasks? Can you email a quick explanation at Litsy dot readalong at gmail dot com? Thanks so much! 3mo
squirrelbrain Of course @Liz_M I‘ll do that now. @Crazeedi - just letting you know so you don‘t respond too, although of course you‘re more than welcome to if you wish! 3mo
Crazeedi @squirrelbrain thank you Helen!! 3mo
Crazeedi @Liz_M let me know if you need any more from me!! 3mo
LitsyEvents @catsandbooks, @nute, @coffeewithbooks, @butterfinger, @sprainedbrain @Q84 Please check back into slack -- I need help with a name. profile pic, and dividing up duties. :) 2mo
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