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Staycation Ideas: Exciting Vacation Ideas for Your Home City
Staycation Ideas: Exciting Vacation Ideas for Your Home City | Victoria B.
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ABOUT THE BOOK Staycations may not be a new concept, but they are quickly becoming a trendy alternative to spending time off work in hotels, cabins or on the road. A staycation, at the heart, is a vacation held in your home. You may indulge in restaurant fare, visit local tourist attractions or simply lounge around resting and reading books, but you do it in the comfort of your own house. Thousands of American families are giving up on the idea of driving or flying to faraway locations to take their annual vacation. Between busy family schedules and the state of the economy, more and more families are opting to spend their time off work at home, exploring the sites nearby and simply relaxing in their own house and yard. While economics is the main reason many of these families opt for a staycation, you save a number of other things by staying home instead of going on the road. Physically, it may be more comfortable to spend your vacation time at home. You can sleep in your own bed, cook your own food or eat at familiar restaurants and avoid the germs from thousands of people who you might otherwise meet at a crowded vacation spot. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Every time you travel on vacation, your carbon footprint increases dramatically. Using transportation often can't be helped during your average work week, but you can completely avoid having a damaging impact on the environment while on vacation by indulging in a staycation instead of going out-of-town. Restricting travel reduces carbon dioxide emissions as well as fuel consumption, two critical areas where environmentalists are concerned. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Driving a car adds to the excess carbon dioxide in the air, adding to the greenhouse effect. Every time you make an unnecessary trip in your car, you're damaging the environment when you didn't need to. If the emissions from automobile exhaust are bad, airplane trips are even worse. According to a study by The Babcock School, the average airplane gives off one pound of carbon dioxide per mile for every passenger on board. When you consider the hundreds of miles each plane flies and the hundreds of passengers in the average commercial flight, you can begin to see the problem with unneeded plane flights going across the country every single day... Buy a copy to keep reading!
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#StaycationinTime Swap @Chrissyreadit @DinoMom @quietjenn My package will be mailed today! Jenn I hope you enjoy what I have put together for you 😊

Chrissyreadit 😍🙌😍 2mo
DinoMom Fantastic!!!! 2mo
quietjenn Yay, looking forward to it! Hoping to mail mine off at the end of the week. Thank you! 2mo
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My #staycationswap package from @Avanders arrived yesterday & her package from me departed today. It‘s supposed to arrive on Thurs. 6/10. Since I didn‘t take great photos of either, I‘m posting them together.

It‘s going to be hard to wait until 6/18! 🤗

Chrissyreadit 🎉🙌👏😍 1y
Avanders 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽😍🥰😘 1y
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@Chrissyreadit your package came today! 😄

Chrissyreadit Yours did too!!! I‘m so excited! I will try to post later. 😘🎉🙌😍 1y
peanutnine @Chrissyreadit Yay!! 🎉💕 1y
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It's here, thanks Chrissy! 🎉📚📬
@Chrissyreadit #staycationintimeswap

Chrissyreadit 😘🙌😍 Im so excited to see what you think. 1y
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@Chrissyreadit I got to the post office today and your package is on its way! Should be there by Saturday 😃
Camo gave it her stamp of approval before it left the house this morning 😸
#staycationintimeswap #catsoflitsy

JenReadsAlot 😻 1y
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DebinHawaii Just FINALLY signed up. I had the toughest time picking a destination. Hope it went through! 🤗 1y
ShelleyBooksie Thank you for all of the hard work you put into organizing swaps ♡ 1y
Gissy Done! Thank you! 1y
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sprainedbrain I procrastinated too long! Sorry. 1y
tdrosebud I sent in a form a few days before closing and was wondering if it went through or if you haven't done matches yet. I never received a confirmation email, which sometimes there isn't one and wanted to check. 1y
Chrissyreadit @tdrosebud yes- I have it- sorry this was a rough weekend. I am sending matches out today. I‘m so glad you joined! 1y
tdrosebud @Chrissyreadit no need to apologize, life happens. I hour things are well for you. I just wanted to make sure I didn't mess something up. Thanks for organizing this, it's such s fun concept. 1y
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@AmyG your package is ready to head to the post tomorrow! #staycationintimeswap @Chrissyreadit thank you again for organizing!

Chrissyreadit 🙌🎉😘yay!! 2y
AmyG Thank you! 2y
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This is a direct match swap. You must adhere to #litsyswapguidelines (click on hashtag and scroll back to see them).


Julsmarshall Ooh, how fun! Great idea! @Ireadkidlit did you see this fun swap? 2y
Kar2b This sounds so fun! I think it will be a blast to put this box together 🚢 ✈️ 🌴 2y
sprainedbrain I had such a hard time thinking of where I wanted to ‘go‘ that I almost forgot. I finally got it submitted... thanks for your hard work on this! 2y
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Chrissyreadit @sprainedbrain yay! I just did mine last night. I really struggled too! So many ideas! 2y
Ireadkidlit @julsmarshall I missed it Jules 😢 it seems the survey turned off as I was filling it out 2y
Chrissyreadit @Ireadkidlit I can turn it back on for you. I will leave it open until I see your response. 2y
Ireadkidlit @Chrissyreadit Thank you so much! 2y
Julsmarshall Thank you so much, @Chrissyreadit ! 2y
Chrissyreadit @Julsmarshall @Ireadkidlit your welcome! I love this swap and am happy to see other people excited about it too. 2y
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Link above. I am closing sign up Sunday at noon EST.
Pick a place and time to travel to! Your direct match will curate a staycation based on the information provided! Three levels of participation- weekend get-away, week long stay and play, month long grand tour. You must agree to adhere to #litsyswapguidelines #Staycationintimeswap

tdrosebud Just signed up! Thanks for hosting! 2y
Hooked_on_books I have signed up! I hope my location isn‘t too obscure. 2y
Chrissyreadit @Hooked_on_books I think it‘s perfect! I‘m totally worried about being too obscure myself! 2y
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Sign up link here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DQ96G5B
Please review #litsyswapguidelines to make sure you can commit. #staycationintimeswap #sits

BethM Yay! I‘m so doing this! I haven‘t done a swap in like 6 months! 2y
Chrissyreadit @BethM 👏🥳😘 2y
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I am planning to sign up but need to contemplate what I'm putting in my form 😂 2y
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Gissy I completed the form. 👍 2y
sblbooks I just signed up. 2y
Kdgordon88 Chrissy, when do you want the sign up by? I need to narrow down my ideas....too many places to go!😁 2y
Chrissyreadit @Kdgordon88 no worries- I should have posted I‘m going to leave sign ups open for two weeks. I‘m also struggling so much!!! 2y
Hooked_on_books I think I‘ll be signing up for this. What a fun idea! 2y
erzascarletbookgasm I missed this last year. So tempting now. 2y
AmyG I‘m in. How could I resist? Thanks so much for organizing!!! (edited) 2y
Deifio I'd like to sign up, but as far as I know I can't even send a normal package to America at the moment because of corona restrictions ☹️ I'll have to check again. Or is anyone in Europe participating? 2y
tdrosebud I'm in, as soon as I figure out where I want to go. I have an obvious choice, but am toying with something out if there box, out of my usual. 2y
Chrissyreadit @Deifio I have someone in England already signed up. I am ok with people ordering in the country of a partner and direct shipping to them. I think that could be a game changer for international swaps. But International is dependent on having a partner available. 2y
Amandajoy I remembered to sign up! 2y
KaylaD I can‘t remember if I signed up for this one or not!! Haha but if I haven‘t I want too but don‘t want to sign up twice!! Lol 😂 2y
Chrissyreadit @KaylaD you signed up! ❤️ But I need some additional info from you- you can email it to chrissyreadit@gmail.com or fill out new form and I will delete the first. (Need Email and address) 2y
KaylaD @Chrissyreadit will do!! 2y
KaylaD Done thanks!! @Chrissyreadit 2y
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Link here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RZHP886
I will tag people who expressed interest. Questions? Contact me at chrissyreadit@gmail.com
This will be a rapid turn around- the swap is to support small online business- (not to leave your house) and have fun.
I still plan to host Staycation In Time when life is more normal.

AmyG I‘m in. I just filled out the survey. Thank you!!!!!!! 2y
JamieArc Do we know of small businesses that are shipping that fast? I have orders placed with a few local bookstores and it‘s been two weeks and they still haven‘t shipped. I would join but would worry my order wouldn‘t be able to ship in time. 2y
ElizaMarie @JamieArc Ooo you are right. I bought some gifts for my anniversary and some of the places say they might not get there in time (and our anniversary is May 22). 2y
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Chrissyreadit @JamieArc @ElizaMarie I can change the date based on that info- would June 15 seem to fit in a timeline? 2y
Chrissyreadit @AmyG yay!!! I did just change the time to ensure shipping - based on comments in this thread. 2y
ElizaMarie I just signed up for it. I have never done a swap before so... I am excited to have this as my first one! 2y
Chrissyreadit @ElizaMarie I‘m so glad!!! I love swaps- I‘ve met many “friends” through them. 2y
TheBookHippie Yay!!!!!! Signed up! 2y
TheBookHippie @Chrissyreadit shipping is slow here too. 2y
LibrarianRyan Ta done 2y
Kdgordon88 All signed up! Thanks giving us a little fun in this strange time! 2y
Butterfinger Is Etsy considered small business? 2y
Crazeedi I didnt see this!!!🙄 :( 2y
Chrissyreadit @Crazeedi oh no!!! I‘m going to host my staycation in time again when things are less crazy. This was a quick one because I may be addicted to swaps. If you really want to swap email me at Chrissyreadit@Gmail.com 2y
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1. I‘m wondering if this could be a support small business like Etsy, libro.fm and bookshop, have items shipped directly to match, and send snail mail card or letter?
2. Direct Match
3. Anyone else wish they could travel to Narnia? Hogwarts? Prydain? Other imaginary lands?
I‘m just in consideration stage now checking for interest.

TheBookHippie I do feel we‘ve fell down the rabbit hole in Alice‘s world! Fun idea! 2y
ElizaMarie Are you thinking we order directly from Etsy to our match? I am game if that's the case. I can't go shopping (of course) But I can send a letter or card too.

Keep me posted.
Chrissyreadit @ElizaMarie that is what I‘m thinking. In my mind it does not have to include a book- maybe items representing a fandom or concept to support a comfort read or imaginary getaway? And I‘m thinking a price limit to make it equitable? 2y
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jillannjohn I like this! 2y
sblbooks Would it have to be imaginary? Could we choose a real place if we wanted to? Fantasies really not my thing. I do like the idea of using Etsy, for a Direct ship. 2y
Chrissyreadit @sblbooks yes! I was thinking to do my staycation in time swap similar to last Summer seperately from this- but I‘m very flexible. Just thinking of a way to have fun and support small business . So it can be any way of turning quarantine into a staycation. 2y
LibrarianRyan I‘m up for it. 2y
Kdgordon88 Sounds fun! 2y
tdrosebud I'd be up for it. 2y
MeganAnn Love this idea and it would be a great way to support some small businesses! 2y
TheAromaofBooks Keep me in the loop, as this sounds fun. I think a price limit would really help, or maybe to have a couple of different levels, since I know some people enjoy going crazier than others on swaps!! 2y
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StayCurious I hope you mean staycation lol! I‘m glad it made it to you on time! I‘m excited to open yours today! (edited) 3y
BookishTrish Autocorrect fail 3y
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Last day to sign up for the #staycationintimeswap
Opening day August 14. I can‘t wait to see pictures of everyone‘s adventures!!!!
I‘m also as excited to plan my matches Staycation as I am to experience my own!

StayCurious Excited for my first swap! 3y
Mitch @StayCurious you‘ll love them..they are so much fun!👍🏼 3y
mabell I am so excited to start planning! 😄🎉🎉🎉 3y
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Chrissyreadit @StayCurious Swaps are so much fun!!! 3y
Crazeedi I never saw this or heard of it! Wow looks awesome!! 3y
Chrissyreadit @Crazeedi im sorry! It‘s so funny how Litsy works- I try not to spam with info- and a few people shared it, but I know lately I have to go to hashtags and “purposely” visit people‘s pages to “catch up”. 3y
Crazeedi @Chrissyreadit I guess I just somehow missed this. Oh well I'll enjoy seeing everyone's ideas! 3y
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Swap alert! I‘m so excited about this concept!!! First time I‘ve signed up for a bigger package 🧳 😍

Host: @Chrissyreadit
#staycationintimeswap #sits
Click link to read more & fill out form to sing up https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7L8CLF9

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5 days left to sign up for a fabulous dream staycation! This is a direct match swap that opens August 14. There are 3 options- “weekend getaway”(1 book 2 items), weeklong stay and play (2 books 3- snacks and souvenirs) and a monthlong grand tour ( 3-4 books up to ten snacks and souvenirs)
#staycationintimeswap #sits

CouronneDhiver This looks awesome... trying really hard to resist the temptation 3y
Chrissyreadit @CouronneDhiver thanks! I totally appreciate the difficulty!! Matches are for same country only if that makes a difference.... 3y
IndoorDame I love this idea!!! I‘ve promised myself I wouldn‘t do any swaps for a while, but this is one of the most intriguing ones I‘ve seen 3y
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ralexist I totally missed seeing this but am now seeing all the great packages being unveiled. It's such a cool concept and I hope you do this one again as I'd love to participate in the future! 3y
Chrissyreadit @ralexist I may host again next Summer. It was a fun swap. 3y
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This is a direct match swap! Signups open until June 12. Plan the perfect Staycation in a different time and place- https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7L8CLF9

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https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3NK7XNW to sign up. Open until June 12. Opening Day Aug 15.
Meanwhile feel free to share and answer questions for Litsy fun.

Avanders Fun ☺️ Future Earth; Future; and 3y
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I was hoping someone would do a swap like this. A big thank you to @Chrissyreadit for hosting the #staycationintimeswap. I just signed up! #SITS I can't wait to be transported back in time to my destination. Here is the link if you're interested. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7L8CLF9

Chrissyreadit Yay! So glad and thank you for posting! 3y
BethM Cool@swap! 3y
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Plan the perfect get a way around a book - or several- journey right from your favorite reading nook- join the #staycationintimeswap and experience the past or future and create lasting memories for your swap partner!

mreads Love this idea especially with the future as an option. All signed up 😁Brilliant idea 3y
Chrissyreadit Yay! Glad you joined! 3y
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My first chance at a swap and I'm very excited to participate! @Chrissyreadit is hosting this really creative new swap - See her original post for all of the details and the signup link. #staycationintimeswap #sits

OwlReader Thanks for they follow!! 3y
OwlReader The 3y
hermyknee I think you‘ve picked a good one! Chrissy is the best! 3y
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Sign ups open: now through June 12. Matches by June 17. Opening day August 15. Who wants to have an adventure in your favorite time and place? Provide books, snacks and the atmosphere of that time and place for your match!!! Direct matches. #sits #staycationintimeswap #litsyhappenings #litsyswaps

bookandcat I hope I answered everything my thumb hit send by accident and I was going to double check everything first! 😂 3y
Chrissyreadit @bookandcat I will check and let you know! Yay! 3y
holdmybookmark This sounds so fun!! 3y
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BarbaraJean So exciting! Will definitely sign up soon—have to figure out where and when I want to go! 3y
Avanders Fun!! 🏙🌌🌋 3y
j9brown Sounds very fun! 😁 @KatieDid927 3y
Chrissyreadit @BarbaraJean me too!!! So many Choices!!! 3y
tpixie Have fun!!! @ginganinja here‘s a swap!! 3y
ginganinja @tpixie thanks so much! 3y
KatieDid927 @j9brown Not signing up for any swaps currently. 😩 Thanks tho. 🤗 3y
Bookwormjillk So fun! 3y
quietjenn I'll have to think about this. I just viewed no more said for a while, but this send fun ... 3y
MoonWitch94 Such a fabulous idea! 3y
sprainedbrain This is such a great idea! 3y
hermyknee I love this idea and I wish I could afford it! The Summer Santa Swap is my last one for the foreseeable future. But I‘m definitely going to remember this idea for a future pen pal package ☺️ 3y
Chrissyreadit @hermyknee bummed but thank you for sharing!!!! And helping!!!!🥰❤️🥰 3y
mabell I love this! Absolutely signing up!! 3y
Amanda61 Love this idea! Signing up!! 3y
Itchyfeetreader Totally wasn‘t going to do another swop til Christmas but this is so me I can‘t not!! 3y
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