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Help Wanted, Desperately
Help Wanted, Desperately | Ariel Horn
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Seven months, three weeks, two days -- that's exactly how long Alexa has to establish herself in an exciting career. At twenty-one, she's determined to gallop into "the Real World with a Real Job, a Real Life, and a Real Future." Moving in with her parents and commuting from New Jersey into Manhattan is not an option -- and if she fails to find serious employment before the time runs out, it's off to teach English on the Third World island of Majuro for $100 a month! But what jobs are available for an inexperienced young woman in the Big City? Writing headlines about yeast infections for Trend magazine? Sniffing deodorants for a living? Earthworm breeder? Phone sex operator? The Real World, apparently, is not such a welcoming place. With employment opportunities growing increasingly fewer and more bizarre daily, should Alexa consider seeking some stability by moving in with her boyfriend Jared? Between her participation in a clinical sleep study for cash and her desperate attempts to become the voice of a cartoon cat in a last ditch effort to gain "respectful employment," Alexa hardly knows anymore. Maybe what she's really looking for is in the last place she ever thought she'd find it ...
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Help wanted, please! I‘m looking for a good summer reading book for my 14 yo son who is entering high school next school year. He would like something with a hetero male protagonist that is fun and upbeat. He is mildly dyslexic so he is a reluctant reader and is tired of reading about “depressing topics.” I‘ve compiled a list of books he might like so far - I‘ve read the first 3 but am guessing about the rest. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

Johanna414 Has he read the Rangers Apprentice series by John Flanagan? That is super popular with the boys in my library 5mo
rretzler @Johanna414 No, I‘ve not heard of that one. It‘s a real struggle to get him to read, so he doesn‘t read much on his own these days. We‘ll take a look! Thanks (edited) 5mo
Johanna414 No problem! 5mo
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LiteraryinLititz I‘d recommend the track series by Jason Reynolds. The book titles are Ghost, Patina, Sunny, and Lu. I also loved Darius the Great is not Okay. 5mo
rretzler Also, please do not construe the fact he wants a book with a hetero protagonist to mean that we are not LGBTQ allies. He just wants to read something that is relatable and that he can identify with. And I can support that 5mo
rretzler @LiteraryinLititz Thanks! I looked at the Ghost series previously and Darius just now and they all seem a little more heavy than what he‘s looking for currently. He wants something humorous and upbeat without having to deal with depressing issues. Those sound like great books and we‘ll keep them in mind for another time. I appreciate the suggestions. I just finished reading Long Way Down and it was a great/powerful book. 5mo
Hestapleton I loved this and thought it was HILARIOUS 5mo
rretzler Also I realize The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime is a little heavy for a light read, but Keegan is also gifted and he loves The Big Bang Theory so I think it‘s funny enough and somewhat relatable to him! 5mo
rretzler @Hestapleton Thanks, I had actually forgotten about Holes. I think we may have a copy of it around here! 5mo
scripturient-ink How about the Percy Jackson series? Percy is dyslexic himself, maybe he can relate to that. If I remember correctly, the characters are about 12 in the first volume, but the last couple of books are set in high school. 5mo
BarbaraJean If he likes fantasy at all, you might try The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson or the 100 Cupboards series by N.D. Wilson. Also anything Terry Pratchett! 5mo
Theaelizabet I second Holes. And any book by John Green, though some are quite bittersweet...suggestions after snooping through my now-adult daughter‘s old room: Nothing But the Truth by Avi (other Avi‘s might be worth a look). And though they may be too old for him (and so possibly inappropriate for his age) The Martian and Ready Player One, which I also enjoyed. (edited) 5mo
TrishB My daughter loved these in her early teens, have tagged the first one 5mo
Janeeny This is the first book in a series, and they're really good. They've got adventure and drama so they keep you reading, and you also learn a little about History too. 5mo
Natascia.Brondino All the Eragon series is really good maybe the Grisham books about a kid detective (I found them very funny) 5mo
rretzler @scripturient-ink Thanks! He did read a few Percy Jacksons when he was in elementary school but didn't continue (his older brother enjoyed them quite a bit more), but if the last couple are set in HS, then they're definitely worth checking out again. 5mo
rretzler @BarbaraJean Thanks! He did read 100 Cupboards several years ago, but didn't continue the series. I had looked at the Sanderson but couldn't decide if he would like it or not - it's definitely worth putting on the list. I had also thought about Pratchett, but couldn't decide where to start him - with Color of Magic or whether to start him with Amazing Maurice or Tiffany Aching. Since we have cats, and Tiffany is a girl, perhaps Maurice? 5mo
rretzler @Theaelizabet Thanks! He's read a lot of Green and I think is getting sick of him - hence wanting to read something less depressing. 😂 I don't know why I didn't think of RPO, its a favorite of mine - which also makes me think Armada would probably be good as well. I heard there's a version of The Martian which skips a lot of the technical details but keeps the gist of the story. Maturity and interest-wise RPO and Martian are very appropriate. 5mo
rretzler @Theaelizabet It occurred to me after you suggested The Martian that he would probably like the Bobiverse series by Dennis E Taylor. Very funny! 5mo
rretzler @TrishB Thanks! We'll have to check that series out. I'm not familiar with it. 5mo
rretzler @Janeeny Thanks! I'm not familiar with that series either. We'll have to check it out as well. 5mo
rretzler @Natascia.Brondino Thanks! I had no idea that Grisham wrote books for kids! We'll check them out. My husband is a huge Grisham fan, so he may want to read them! 5mo
BarbaraJean I haven‘t read Maurice yet, but Pratchett can pretty much always be counted on for fun and upbeat. Tiffany Aching is amazing, but yes—female protagonist! Mort might also be a good one to start. 5mo
rretzler @BarbaraJean And I haven‘t read Mort yet, but it also looks good. I really need to step up my reading and finish Discworld. What I‘ve actually read was years ago and out of order, so I need to start at the beginning and read them all. 5mo
Amie This one is a mix of humor, mystery, and adventure. It's YA/middle grade but it's part of Hiaasen's Skink series for adults and can be read as a standalone. 5mo
rretzler @amie Thanks! I had also forgotten about Hiaasen. I think he read Hoot and some other Hiassen in elementary school, but we'll check this one out! 5mo
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Is anyone else getting “no new notifications” when you hit the lighting bolt when the app shows you do?

ErinSueMreads Me too!! 2y
Mccall0113 Yes. Same 2y
ReadingMeagan Yes!!! 2y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yes, or they are old notifications 🤔 2y
Kaye Mine seemed a little funky yesterday afternoon and today. Maybe sluggish ? 2y
Soubhiville Yes... I‘m thinking they must be working on the ap... 2y
emtobiasz Yup! Thanks for making me feel better, knowing it's not just mine. 2y
mklong Yep. Me too. I‘m seeing a lot of similar posts, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. 2y
Libby1 Me too! 2y
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Help wanted! Are these the same books? One paperback, one hardback?

Melissa_J The Journey Through the History of Magic is intended for young readers, while the bottom book is a large, coffee-table style book. 2y
Mommamanzi I was wondering the same thing! 2y
BethM @Melissa_J do they have the same info? 2y
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HELP FRIENDS! My book club decided for December to do readers choice of a book from 2017. So what was your favorite book published this year? 🤔

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I can't be trusted to make good decisions right now...the 'I'm on holidays' part of me says of course I should read the memoir, but the 'Winter is coming!' (I mean September is coming) part of me says hurry up and read Getting Things Done before school starts again. #whatdoido #headinthesand or #prepareforwinter 😁

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Help help help! I'm looking for a book I can't remember the name of! It's in the sci-fi/fantasy arena about a princess and her bodyguard who doesn't like her. She convinces him to go look for something and they start to like each other. I know I've seen it somewhere recently, but I can't remember where!!!

**EDIT** I FOUND IT!!!!!! And the description was totally wrong.... lol B&N didn't have it, but I consoled myself with two other new books ;)

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Has anyone ever had trouble with photos not working? I can do text, obvs, but the "exporting photo" wheel just spins and spins forever and locks up the app. ?

eekabook Often if I try to re-edit my photos it will close out of my review/blurb which means I have to be pretty satisfied with what picture I'm posting. But it sounds like you're​ having a different problem entirely. 3y
Lmstraubie I haven't had trouble posting a photo, but I do notice that many times it crops the picture even more once I post it 3y
BookFreakOut @Lmstraubie Yeah I always crop to a square since that's all that shows. 3y
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Help! I am so exited that a student is asking for book Recs, I'm hoping we can come up with some good ones!

451Degrees Not exactly Holocaust but All the Light We Cannot See is written from the perspective of a German soldier and also a French girl that alternate. Some mention of the soldiers opinion on the war but not exactly a Holocaust only story 3y
Hollie Thank you @451Degrees I'll add that to the list I'm making for her! 3y
JoeStalksBeck Boy in the Striped Pajamas 3y
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Hollie @GoodallBookHaul great book! 3y
Sweettartlaura Also not from a soldier's POV, but The Book Thief is about German citizens living through WWII. I don't remember for sure, but I'll bet soldiers make an appearance. 3y
Cinfhen I was going to mention the same one as @451Degrees It's excellent 3y
Hollie @Sweettartlaura I wrote that one down, the dad in that book serves as a German conscript and it's just such a lovely book! Thank you! 3y
Hollie @Cinfhen I'll let her know it came doubly recommended! 3y
LeahBergen Is the student an adult? Suite Francaise has a good take on a German soldier. 3y
Hollie @LeahBergen yes, I teach college, so I will recommend that one to her...and put it on my TBR as well! 3y
LeahBergen I thought so! You could also recommend 3y
Hollie @LeahBergen that was the first one I wrote down, great minds think alike! 3y
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Alrighty folks. 🚨 I'm looking for the best audiobooks 💿📚 you've listened to recently. Drop your recs below 👇🏼👇🏼

Reese_Pearly.Pages Currently listening and hardcover reading. It's good! 3y
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Lindy Listening to a fantastic one right now: 3y
BethFishReads This was really well done 3y
BethFishReads Oh and I've been pushing 3y
Jess_Read_This Listening to this on audio was so much more moving than my 10 grade read of it..😂 (edited) 3y
Jess_Read_This Awesome on audio- the narrator made Zelda come alive to me and inspired me to pick up a few biographies on her. (edited) 3y
GirlMeetsBook @Kristy_K is columbine about the shooting? Was it intense? I'm going on a trip soon and idk if I could listen to a shooting for 3 hours! 😳 3y
GirlMeetsBook @McShelfington one of my patrons was just raving about Born a Crime! 3y
GirlMeetsBook @Jess_Read_This I haven't ever read Fahrenheit 451 🙈 3y
lynneamch Not recent, but this was my favorite audio ever. It's a YA about technology and consumetism in the future. Computers are in our brains, so audio is kind of like that! 😊 3y
lynneamch Current fun listening to 3y
GirlMeetsBook @lynneamch 😱 Feed sounds so interesting, and i looove a good YA book! 😍 3y
Kristy_K @GirlMeetsBook Yes, it was. Maybe not trip reading. If you want something lighter, I enjoyed 3y
tpixie I haven't I finished the book yet but I do like the voices in 3y
tpixie And Tim Dale reading the Harry Potter audiobooks are awesome 3y
GirlMeetsBook @tpixie I have heard great things about the Harry Potters, and I haven't read past the first one 🙈 though I remember listening to some of the Goblet of Fire on a family vacation many moons ago. 3y
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Help me Litens!!! A group of friends are putting together a birthday brunch for one of the ladies. She just had hip surgery and can't do much moving around. They asked for suggestions on books for her. My Mind refuses to pull books from my brain. 😵 She is a bit more of a literary fiction reader. Something light and not too depressing :) Titles that would be out in paperback please!

Reviewsbylola Tana French's books are literary thrillers. I think those would be good. 3y
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Reviewsbylola Taylor Jenkins Reid has really easy reads. Kind of chick lit but they would be good if your friend doesn't have much of an attention span and needs something easily digestible. 3y
Stephykitten Not sure if it helps, but I googled literary fiction books and it brings up a bunch 😊 I thought you could use it as a jumpstart for your brain 😋 3y
Craftylikefox Thanks @Reviewsbylola and @Stephykitten!!! Those will help and jump start my brain again too!! 3y
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