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Poetry Comics | Grant Snider
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I don‘t have a specific weird word to share from my own book reading this week, so I‘m sharing some of Grant Snider‘s work instead. He‘s currently creating a weekly “Words of Wonder” series on SubStack that I truly enjoy. These panels are from this week‘s post. The tagged is his most recently published book.

#WeirdWords #WeirdWordWednesday

Daisey 🔗 @incidentalcomics" rel="nofollow" target="_top">https://substack.com/@incidentalcomics 2w
CBee Oh, I love these! Thanks for sharing 😊 1w
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My #weirdwords selection is ratiocination. I was reminded of this word while going through my emails during lunch & I came across a link to an interesting item in The Reader's Catalog. The item description for the lovely Voltaire Guest Book says, “The design of this hardcover book is based on an antique binding of Voltaire‘s Zadig; or The Book of Fate, first published in 1747. The binding was crafted in 1893 in Paris by Chamerot et Renouard;(CONT)

vivastory today the original can be found in the Rare Book and Special Collections archive at the Princeton University Library. The Book of Fate tells the story of Zadig, an ancient Babylonian philosopher. In it one finds the seeds of the modern detective story, including a likely source of inspiration for Edgar Allan Poe‘s master of “ratiocination,” C. Auguste Dupin.“
I also found this from MW interesting, “Poe didn't actually use ratiocination in (CONT)
vivastory in “Rue Morgue,“ but the term does appear three times in its 1842 sequel, “The Mystery of Marie Roget.“ In “Marie Roget,“ the author proved his reasoning ability (ratiocination traces to ratio, Latin for “reason“ or “computation“). The second tale was based on an actual murder, and as the case unfolded after the publication of Poe's work, it became clear that his fictional detective had done an amazing job of reasoning through the crime.“ 2w
CBee This is very cool ☺️ 2w
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The Silmarillion | J.R.R. Tolkien
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Sharing a weird word of the week a day late. I‘ve read The Silmarillion several times but never stopped to figure out exactly what weregild meant until this week. In this case, Isildur kept the one ring as a weregild for his father & brother killed in battle.

weregild: monetary value set for a person and paid to their family or lord if slain; also man price or blood money (noun)

#FellowshipOfTolkien #Silmarillion
#WeirdWords #WeirdWordWednesday

CBee Good one! ☺️ 2w
CatLass007 I‘ve read the word weregild before, I think it was in one or more of the Harry Dresden books. I never looked up the exact definition, but was able to infer its meaning from the context in which it was used. Thanks for sharing! 2w
Daisey @CatLass007 I had a reasonably good idea based on context, but the clarification of words I wouldn‘t normally look up is one of the things I love about looking for words to share each week. 2w
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I picked this book up for a bit of research on a short story I‘m writing and I‘m learning a lot (and becoming a bit more paranoid with each page). One cyber, or information, security term that came up is “zero-days.” These are flaws in software or hardware which make every user around the world vulnerable. They‘re named because the targets of attack have zero days to come up with a defense. These are scary! #weirdwords #weirdwordWednesdays

Bookwormjillk If you‘re researching cyber I highly recommend the cyber wire daily podcast. So informative/scary. 3w
psalva @Bookwormjillk Thanks for the recommendation! A lot of things are really over my head. I can use all the insight I can get. 3w
Bookwormjillk @psalva that‘s why I like cyber wire. It‘s just a little bit a day and after a while it starts to make sense. 3w
CBee Ooo, that is pretty scary 😨 Thanks for sharing! 3w
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The irony of this made me laugh. 😄


CBee This is a great one 😂😁 3w
Tamra 😳say that ten times fast! 3w
Amiable @Tamra I‘m not even sure I can say it once! 😀 2w
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The Golden Notebook | Doris May Lessing
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CBee Yes! Love this word 😊 3w
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Found in my current read (Demon Copperhead), where it‘s written as “sigoggling.” Used to describe a bunch of cars at a party, parked a bit haphazardly 😁
#weirdwords #weirdwordwednesday

peanutnine Well this one is fun to say! 3w
IndoorDame Neat!!! 3w
Megabooks I used this word all the time but I‘ve never written it! 3w
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psalva This is such a good one! 3w
CatLass007 I think this is a great word! Thank you. 3w
dabbe This would be a fun one to make a song out of! “Last night I went sigogglin' ... down to the river so fair...“ 🎵🤩🎵 3w
Amiable Fun word! I guess it‘s the Appalachian equivalent of “cattywampus,” maybe? 3w
CBee @dabbe actually, when I searched for the word, there‘s a band called “Radioactive Sandwich” that did a song called “Sigogglin” 😁😂 3w
CBee @Amiable it totally is! 3w
vivastory This is very much a Lovecraftian word lol (edited) 2w
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Since the beginning of the year I have seen several videos from content creators speaking about how they want to read fewer books this year, Perhaps they feel they are Bibliobibuli. “The sort of people who read too much,“ created in 1957 by H. L. Mencken. To this I say hogwash. Or, if you prefer, codswallop. “language, behavior, or ideas that are absurd and contrary to good sense“ (Merriam Webster)

vivastory *sidenote (obviously if these creators wish to read less, then that is certainly their choice. It becomes a bit annoying when they start making sweeping generalizations on how reading habits can affect other readers)
(edited) 3w
CSeydel That‘s so interesting. I can understand wanting to read fewer books if you want to dig into longer books, or slower reads that take time to digest. I myself don‘t like the competitive aspect of reading a certain number of books per month, because I get too focused on hitting my target book count and I don‘t really absorb what I read. (edited) 3w
BarbaraBB Great illustration 3w
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LeahBergen The only time I‘ve thought about actually reading fewer books is when I was previously caught up in my Goodreads count. Not any more! I‘m getting back to my love of big, honking, immersive novels and just allowing myself to READ. 3w
Cathythoughts Lovely picture ♥️ 3w
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen That‘s inspiring talk Leah 😘 3w
batsy That is mind-blowing to me; I've never thought of reading fewer books 🤯 I'm on board with your response 📚📚📚 3w
quietlycuriouskate I refuse to approach my reading as if it were a feckin' diet! 3w
Tamra My reading plans are always quite achievable; read what I like, when I like. 😁 3w
AmyG Ha! Who wants to read LESS? 😳 3w
CBee @LeahBergen I actually just decreased my GR goal for this exact reason. I was too caught up in that “goal” and it was derailing me from really immersing myself. Which is the point of reading! ♥️ 3w
MaureenMc @LeahBergen @CBee Yes, wholeheartedly agree! 3w
Megabooks Thanks for sharing, Scott! I am reading less this year but it‘s a function of writing more. But I‘d never presume to tell anyone else how much or what to read. However, their pronouncements probably boost their engagement. 🙄 3w
Hooked_on_books How bizarre that someone would want to read less? I have a feeling I read far more books than these people and I certainly don‘t want to read less. 3w
Aimeesue I confess that I want to read fewer BAD books, but that‘s as far as I‘ll go with that. But I suppose it depends on why someone‘s been keeping count. I can see how it could become a performative thing that doesn‘t really bring the bookjoy, particularly among content creators. 3w
vivastory @CSeydel I can see that. I don't aim for a certain number per month, but if I'm reading a lot & enjoying it then I'm going to keep reading 3w
vivastory @LeahBergen There's nothing quite like getting lost in a 500 page novel 3w
vivastory @batsy 🙌 🤘 3w
vivastory @quietlycuriouskate Lol, right?! There's already enough rules we have to follow in the world. Our reading lives should be the one place for freedom 3w
vivastory @Tamra That's my motto & it has yet to fail me 🙂 3w
vivastory @AmyG Right?! 3w
vivastory @Megabooks I suspect you're right re: engagement I hope your writing is going well! 3w
vivastory @Hooked_on_books I def think you read more than a lot of the big content creators. It just seems like a weird thing to put out into the book community lol Like if you were involved in the movie community would you release a video to tell people to not watch as many movies? It's just strange to me 3w
vivastory @Aimeesue There are some content creators that I genuinely enjoy but there are some that you can tell where it is a performative thing for them. 3w
vivastory @Aimeesue There are some content creators that I genuinely enjoy but there are some that you can tell where it is a performative thing for them. 3w
CSeydel @CBee @LeahBergen Yes, exactly! 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thanks to Mental Floss for my #weirdwords selection: Pretzel-Bender:
“Here‘s a multi-purpose bit of slang, according to the 1967 Dictionary of American Slang: Pretzel-bender can mean a peculiar person, a player of the French horn, a wrestler, or a heavy drinker.“

rwmg I think a wrestler who plays the French horn and drinks heavily would almost inevitably be peculiar, so would that make them a pretzel-bender to the fourth power or a pretzel-bender cubed? 1mo
CBee 😂😂😂 My mom played the French horn - she would‘ve thought this was so funny 😆 1mo
vivastory @CBee I love the French horn 😂 1mo
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CBee @vivastory she was an excellent musician - French horn, and she could sing like nobody‘s business ♥️ 1mo
Reggie When I was in college, 2 of my 3 suite mates were French horn players. They even went to China to compete at this French horn symposium. Their French horn professor was also a little eccentric. She only wore purple. I forget her name. 1mo
vivastory @Reggie I feel like that's a quirky campus novel waiting to be written 1mo
Reggie @vivastory we had this thing called Wednesday recital where all music majors had to watch up to 8 students perform pieces. We could all use sheet music EXCEPT for the French horn students because their professor made them perform from memory. Well one of my roommates was so nervous he forgot mid performance. We were an asshole audience who chatted through all performances but you knew this was a moment because my friends pianist stopped playing 1mo
Reggie Cause even she didn‘t know where he was. You could hear a pin drop in that auditorium. And bless that pianist because when my friend figured out where he was she found where he was and they were able to finish together. Whewww! 1mo
vivastory @Reggie 😂 😂 It's like whiplash with french horns 1mo
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The Silmarillion | J.R.R. Tolkien
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I‘m not doing a great job of posting regularly about The Silmarillion or weird words lately, but I‘m sharing this one before I call it a night. Leaguer is a word that‘s pretty easy to figure out in context, but it‘s definitely not one I read often. Leaguer can be a noun meaning a siege and can also be a verb meaning to besiege.

#WeirdWords #WeirdWordWednesday #FellowshipOfTolkien #Silmarillion

CatLass007 Interesting word. There‘s no law against not posting daily. Sometimes RL gets in the way. 1mo
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jitteryjane724 I'm excited to try this one again. It's been a few months since I picked it up and I'll need to start from the beginning again but I'm determined! 1mo
rretzler @jitteryjane724 I think I started and stopped reading it for 30 years before I finally read it all the way through. I love Tolkien but just couldn‘t push through this book. I‘m so glad I persevered. 1mo
CBee Thanks for sharing! No worries about not posting as much 🤗 1mo
Daisey @jitteryjane724 It‘s definitely a tough one to get through the first time. There are some epic stories if you can persevere. 1mo
JazzFeathers I've always wondered about that word. As you said, it's easy to understand in context, but l don't think I've ever read it anywhere else 4w
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