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Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal | G. Willow Wilson
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#Hoopla #pop19 #ABookWithSomeoneWithASuperPower While I generally do not appreciate or enjoy comics, I thought Ms. Marvel was well done. Nice illustrations, good characterization, fun plot. Only 3 more prompts left for me!!!

StayCurious I enjoyed this one 1mo
KarenUK I read Ms. Marvel for this prompt too! 1mo
4thhouseontheleft Only 3 more? Way to go! Which 3? I have 15 more to go, and I plan on reading Vol 8 of Ms Marvel for this prompt! What did you read for the monastery/convent/abbey prompt? 1mo
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Cinfhen I‘m not doing the advanced @4thhouseontheleft only the 40 prompts!! I have #ghoststory ( which I‘m in the middle of) #reread ( which is annoying) and #publishedposthumously 👇🏼 (edited) 1mo
Cinfhen I‘m thinking of reading 1mo
Cinfhen It was fun @StayCurious but I don‘t think I‘ll be reading further 😁 1mo
4thhouseontheleft I‘ll be using East of Eden for #reread. 😁 Anne Frank would be a good pick for posthumous! I almost went with Emily Dickinson (many of her poems were published posthumously), until I realized my reread of this works for that prompt: (edited) 1mo
4thhouseontheleft I really like the advanced prompts this year. Except for the abbey/convent prompt. 1mo
Cinfhen Maybe I‘ll check them out @4thhouseontheleft since it‘s only June. 1mo
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This was a delightful reread, and I think I like the audio version the best! #bookfitnesschallenge #audiobook
#pop19 #publishedposthumously
#readharder #epistolarynovel

tpixie Yes! Me too! I need to get around watching the movie 🎥 2mo
4thhouseontheleft @tpixie I plan on watching it sometime soon! 2mo
tpixie @4thhouseontheleft 🥳♥️📚 my husband is out of town for a couple more days I probably really should watch it now! (edited) 1mo
sblbooks My library hold just came in Via Overdrive. I'm planning on listening to this one day next week. 1mo
dariazeoli I enjoyed this one, too! 1mo
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The second short, beautiful and heartbreaking book about human connection I‘ve read this week, and to also make me 😭!
(The other was The Traveling Cat Chronicles)
This simple story of love, loneliness and companionship in later years is so touching, so real.....I just loved Louis and Addie so much, and the interference from Addie‘s son was maddening! This book will really stay with me.
#nightorientedtitle #booked2019
#publishedposthumously #pop19

TrishB It‘s a great read 👍🏻 2mo
4thhouseontheleft Great review! I still need a book for the posthumous prompt, I‘ll consider this one. 2mo
mrsthilkey I ended up really not looking this book because of the son and how the book ended. Glad it worked for you!! 2mo
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BarbaraTheBibliophage I loved this one also. ♥️♥️ 2mo
mrsthilkey *liking 2mo
Cinfhen I KNEW you were going to love this one and the ending 😭😭😭😭WHY!!?!?? 2mo
Cinfhen OMG!!!! You have to read this one @4thhouseontheleft it‘s sooooo good and it‘s practically a one sitting read!!! And such a great choice for #pop19 (edited) 2mo
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I thought this was a very interesting case. I seem to have a thing for listening to books about serial killers. It‘s so sad that the author/crime writer who dedicated everything to this case died before they caught the guy.

#popsugarreadingchallenge #publishedposthumously

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Michelle McNamara was a beautiful writer. I‘m not usually a #truecrime fan, but this was compelling and engaging without feeling voyeuristic #RelatedToAPodcast #Booked2019 #PublishedPosthumously #PopSugarReadingChallenge #audiobook #2of65

Cinfhen Well done!!! She was a gifted writer and it‘s a shame she didn‘t get to see this case come to fruition. 7mo
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Little Reunions | Eileen Chang
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A #nyrb classic #translated from Chinese. I didn‘t enjoy this one very much. It was interesting learning about the culture and society in China in the 1940s and 50s, but the book jumped around in time a lot and was rather slow. I didn‘t realize this was #publishedposthumously till I read the introduction, but I am happy to be able to count it for the #readharder challenge. #nyrbclassics

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Truly horrifying; I‘ll Be Gone in the Dark is True Crime at its best. There is something about a cold case, still not solved, that has you turning on all the lights and continuously checking over your shoulder.

#BookRiot #ReadHarder #PublishedPosthumously

AmyG I don‘t scare easily (bookwise) but this read was so creepy. And wonderful. 1y
Christine11 I was so freaked out by the end of it! 😱 1y
JPeterson @AmyG Same! I love horror, but there is something about true (unsolved) crime that is creepy. 1y
JPeterson @Christine11 I‘m so glad I finished it during daylight hours! 🙈 1y
Christine11 @JPeterson I finished it at 1am - such a mistake! 😂😱 1y
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On to my next library hold and the “true crime” prompt for the Read Harder Challenge. (There‘s also something that feels so special about being the first person to read your library‘s copy of a book!) Can‘t wait to dig in!#illbegoneinthedark #truecrime #publishedposthumously #readharder2018

DebinHawaii I just finished the audiobook for this one. It's really good. And yes, new library books are the best. 📚👍 1y
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Ariel: Poems | Sylvia Plath
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#readharder #publishedposthumously #poetry Just starting to get into poetry, but I liked this! Any recommendations for more poetry collections? I‘ve also read Rupi Kaur‘s books and salt.

TrishB Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes - it‘s the answers to Ariel 1y
EricaReads @TrishB Ooh thanks! I had no idea 😊 1y
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Finished my second book on the #readharderchallenge. #publishedposthumously

I was enthralled by this book. Listened to the audiobook and the reader is top notch. Highly highly recommended it. Anne writes about her life as a 13 year old then about life in hiding. Not very interesting situations but Anne‘s writing and insights make them worth reading about. Anne would‘ve gone on to do great things. 💔