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The Matrix: Matrix | Jonathan Aycliffe
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How to choose? But if I can only choose two I pick with the travel pill and the sacrifice pill! The love pill would be a close second.

dabbe Travel Pill for me. I want to REALLY go to Hogwarts! 🤣 22h
KateReadsYA I'll take the life pill and travel pill 🙋🏼‍♀️ 21h
swishandflick Love pill (hello Jamie Fraser! 😘) and travel pill to Hogwarts 🔮 20h
Zuhkeeyah So. Many. Choices. Travel pill to Pern so I can ride a dragon and Love pill on Nyktos of the Flesh and Fire series. 20h
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The Turn of the Screw | Henry James
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Next up on my attempt to go through my bookshelf are the ghost stories of Henry James.

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Loved the vocabulary, the feel and visual writing, with a decent story. Very well done in writing to match the period. Much better than the movie adaptation.

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The Winter Ghosts | Kate Mosse
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#BookReport. The tagged book for #LMPBC was a surprise. It was a quick and enjoyable read and is my #DoubleSpin. And I really liked all my others except the Erdrich which was a low pick. I‘ve just started Love Hypothesis so no opinion yet and the other two are ok.

@julieclair Winter Ghosts will be on its way to you this week. @Jerdencon @BookBosomed1

julieclair Looking forward to reading it! 7d
Cinfhen Live Hypothesis was really cute and Book Of Goose was ok not great - curious to see what you‘ll make of those two!! 7d
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 6d
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The Harrowing | Alexandra Sokoloff
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#Movie2BookRecs @Klou
Prompt: The Ring

Took: A Ghost Story | Mary Downing Hahn
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This is a favorite amongst my scholars and as you see the book is a little seasoned which lets me know it‘s been loved on quite a bit.

Turn of the Screw | Henry Jr. James
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My mind immediately went to James novella when I saw today's prompt. It opens as a group of acquaintances are gathered at the #fireside of a study, telling spooky stories. The narrator then promises to tell them over the following few days the most frightening tale that they have heard, which was related to him by his governess. When I finished the novella I had to sit with it for a couple of days. The ambiguity of not only the ending (cont.)

vivastory but the events themselves were fairly groundbreaking at the time that James published this during the time of moral certainty, although it was pub at the end of the Victorian Era. In '22 when I read it, I had read other authors who had written better works involving ambiguity & psychological complexity, but you can say they owe James a debt.
#januaryjazz @eggs @alwaysbeenaloverofbooks
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dabbe Phenomenal ghost story! the 1961 movie THE INNOCENTS is based on this, and it's scary as he--! 👻 3w
vivastory @dabbe I've heard great things about The Innocents! Isn't The Other also based on it? I haven't seen that since it was first released many years ago, but I remember liking it at the time. 3w
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dabbe @vivastory Is that the movie with Nicole Kidman? I think you're right, and it's also been a LONG time since I saw it. Will have to revisit! 3w
vivastory @dabbe That's the one. I thought about watching it again after I finished the book but didn't get around to it. I have also been very curious about Haunting of Bly Manor, but I have heard very mixed reviews on it. I will probably eventually watch it as I love Mike Flanagan. 3w
Bookwomble @vivastory I enjoyed Bly Manor, if that's any recommendation 😉 3w
vivastory @Bookwomble That IS a recommendation! I will definitely check it out 3w
Eggs Well done 👍🏼 📚🔥 3w
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I am posting one book per day from my extensive to-be-read collection. No description and providing no reason for wanting to read it, I just do. Some will be old, some will be new. Don‘t judge me - I have a lot of books. Join in if you want!


Lucy_Anywhere I saw this in the theatre in London years ago - I really enjoyed it although I jumped a mile out of my seat at one point! 4w
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Haunting of Maddy Clare | Simone St James
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I didn‘t have a book by this author, and after doing some research I picked this one for #authoramonth in October (I plan ahead). @Soubhiville

Soubhiville I like to plan ahead too 😊. 4w
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The Haunting Season: Nine Ghostly Tales for Long Winter Nights | Andrew Michael Hurley, Natasha Pulley, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Laura Purcell, Jess Kidd, Imogen Hermes Gowar, Elizabeth Macneal, Bridget Collins, Sara Collins
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Celebrating National Introverts Day with this volume of gothic stories perfect for snuggling under a warm, fluffy blanket and ignoring the world outside.

tracey38 Didn't know it had a day but I stayed in and read all day, too, on my holiday off work. 4w
FlowerFairy @tracey38 I didn‘t realize it was today until halfway through, but was already living my best introvert life, so carried on. 🤣 4w
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