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Jane Eyre | Charlotte Bront
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The winner for our September/October book by another female author is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. This (wonderful!) book has 38 chapters, so will lend itself well to a chapter-a-day read, but I‘m up for other suggestions for buddyreads, too. Please comment your thoughts, and let me know if you want to lead this one.

IndoorDame I‘m in! 1w
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Librarybelle I think September/October is good for this, starting September 1st. Looking forward to rereading this one!! 1w
BarkingMadRun I can lead this one if you need me to! 1w
suvata This is definitely an awesome book but, I am going to bow out this time. I‘ve read it twice in the last year for other group reads. But I can join in on some of the comments. 1w
Graciouswarriorprincess I can lead and am up to a buddy read! 1w
julieclair I‘m in! 1w
LitStephanie @Graciouswarriorprincess thanks for offering to lead! I am 100% in so please tag me 1w
peanutnine I just read this one recently so I'll sit this one out ☺️ 1w
Bookwormjillk I‘m in for chapter a day! 1w
Kdgordon88 It hasn‘t been that long since I reread Jane Eyre so I won‘t read along with the group. But might pop in on the discussions. 1w
Blackink_WhitePaper I am in for chapter a day buddy read . 1w
melissajayne I‘m in 1w
erzascarletbookgasm I will sit this one out, read this not too long ago. 1w
DebinHawaii Chapter-a-Day works. I‘ll see if I can fit it in. 1w
jenniferw88 Sitting this one and Northanger out. 1w
SarahBookInterrupted Okay include me here too. I might be over committing or read ahead on Northanger Abbey to keep up. 7d
StayCurious I‘m in for chapter a day! 7d
TheAromaofBooks A chapter a day seems to be about all I can handle of the Brontes so that sounds great 😂 7d
Clare-Dragonfly I am probably in, definitely if @BarkingMadRun leads 😁 7d
BarkingMadRun Awwww @Clare-Dragonfly you‘re sweet #itsthehashtags 7d
rubyslippersreads I‘d like to be tagged; I‘ve read this book so many times, I can follow along even if I don‘t reread. 7d
eeclayton I may or may not reread this one, but either way I'd love to follow the daily posts, so please tag me! 7d
MoonWitch94 I haven‘t read this since High School, and I‘m looking forward to this one. Please tag me! 7d
i.besteph I‘d like to volunteer to lead the read along. I can do chapter-a-day.It‘s been on my tbr for too long! 🙌🏽💯 7d
staci.reads Ah, one of my very favorites! Please tag me in the posts. I have read it so many times, but I'm always up for one more! 6d
Sparklemn I'd like to follow along with the discussion, so please tag me. I'm not going to re-read it at this time. Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks!
nanuska_153 I'm definitely in for this one, it's due a re-read! 6d
MicrobeMom I am going to pass of this one! Thanks for organizing!!! 5d
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