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#pemberlittens #thewatsonsreadalong #chapter2 Elizabeth reveals that their brother Sam is in love with Miss Edwards but he is just a lowly surgeon and they are looking “higher up”. We meet the Edwards‘s. Mrs. and Miss seem quite uptight and boring and Mr. has diarrhea of the mouth. There is a dispute as to who Emma looks like Sam or Elizabeth. They comment on her aunt that has raised her‘s new marriage. She has chosen poorly in an Irish 👇👇

MicrobeMom Captain who doesn‘t want her to move to Ireland them without them. Hence, how she ends up back home. This leads to a conversation of making good matches both in 1st and 2nd marriages. Then there is a long boring afternoon with little conversation. Finally tea breaks the monotony. 3mo
julieclair It is always amazing to me how truly important marriages were during those times. How “impossible” it was to live as an unmarried woman, and how little control women had over their own futures. 3mo
MicrobeMom @julieclair it is so true. I keep wondering how many of this high class me we just complete sh**s! I also wonder how many were actually abusive! 3mo
Sparklemn I always find it funny how marrying a “surgeon” in those times was such a scandal. (edited) 3mo
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Wuthering Heights | Emily Bront
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#wanderingthroughwutheringheights #pemberlittens #chapter2
So I totally stole this is image from google but I think it accurately represent Chapter 2. Lockwood visits Mr. Heathcliff (uninvited), gets trapped in the snow, meets the intimidating Mrs. Heathcliff (daughter-in-law), no one wants him there, and they are miserable and rude. He finally figure this out. Insists that someone help him home and ends up with a bloody face! 🤦‍♀️

ElizaMarie Ha I love love love it! 9mo
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😱 Doesn't offer tea??? Definitely not in a Jane Austen Novel.

Also much like Mr. Lockwood I was/am confused about who's who.

#Chapter2 #PemberLittens

Librarybelle Most definitely not a Jane Austen novel! 😂 9mo
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StaceGhost I love this little tantrum haha 9mo
witchyreader13 @StaceGhost Same! 😅 Go, Missus! 😜 9mo
CaramelLunacy When I read it at school, the teacher gave us a flowchart who's who to help us work it all out (there are more than 3 names in the world, people!) 9mo
batsy So not Austen! 😆 I read this twice before a long time ago and couldn't get on with it. I'm interested to see how I feel about it now. I'd forgotten how grim it can be. 9mo
EclecticBookLover This is a bit confusing. I'm glad Mr. Lockwood is just as confused 😆 9mo
suvata Ah, Chapter 2 in which we witness the impeccable hospitality of the Heathcliff clan. I get the feeling that they want to be left alone. 9mo
mom2bugnbee I loved the phrase "corrugated forehead". ? ? 9mo
Daisey I found this scene quite amusing, and I agree with @mom2bugnbee that phrase made me chuckle as well. 9mo
Bookwormjillk This book is not at all what I thought it would be so far! 9mo
TheAromaofBooks I love the way Lockwood just drops in on his neighbors and expects them to be thrilled to see him 😂 9mo
mollyrotondo Oh I thought Mrs. Heathcliff asking if Lockwood was invited to tea was a riot! Lol his response of well no but I want some tea was just so perfectly characterizing a typical neighborhood pest. No one at WH seems too thrilled with their circumstances. The only comforter is the poor housekeeper who keeps having to rescue Lockwood 😂 9mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @mollyrotondo @TheAromaofBooks I think there's one in every neighborhood! 😆 9mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig Is everyone scrolling the #WanderingThroughWutheringHeights Tag? Because there's some great post. Like the one from @MicrobeMom 9mo
bio_chem06 You know what is so Jane Austen about this book? Why is everyone walking somewhere, getting stuck in terrible weather with terrible people and being forced to stay in the neighbors house!!!!!????? 9mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @bio_chem06 you're so right! 9mo
TheAromaofBooks @bio_chem06 - Right?? Looks like it's supposed to snow, I think what I'll do is stroll across the barren fields with no landmarks and visit my grumpy neighbors who don't even like me 😂 9mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @TheAromaofBooks Good times right?🤪 9mo
ElizaMarie @CaramelLunacy Ha exactly! Like they were only able to come up with 3 names and then variations of those!? 9mo
TheBookHippie This is why I am a Bronte girl and not an Austen girl! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love this book. I haven't reread it in a very long time. I am always amazed people think this is a love story....... 9mo
LitStephanie Yes, she is so rude and childishly petulant! Although I don't exactly fall all over myself to host uninvited guests, either 8mo
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Mansfield Park | Jane Austen
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#pemberlittens #chapteraday#chapter2

Fanny is understandably struggling to adjust to life away from her family. The Bertram family can‘t understand why she isn‘t making more of an effort to behave more gratefully for her new life.

She finally begins to feel more comfortable as she finds a confidant in Edmund whom she loves second only to her brother William

Northanger Abby | Jane Austen
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#pemberlittens #chapteraday #chapter2

In this chapter we meet the Allens. Full disclosure, I read this when I was half asleep, but I think my read is that Mrs. Allen is a bit of a strange character.

While at the ball, Catherine doesn‘t get asked to dance, much to Mrs. Allen‘s bewilderment. You get a sense of Catherine‘s 17 year old girl insecurities and how uncomfortable she is in a setting where she knows nobody.

Can‘t wait to read on!

batsy Ha, perfect image/song! 2y
KVanRead 😂😂😂 2y
sprainedbrain 😂😂😂 2y
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The Hobbit | J. R. R. Tolkien
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Somewhere behind the grey clouds the sun must have gone down, for it began to get dark as they went down into a deep valley with a river at the bottom. Wind got up, and willows along its banks bent and sighed. Fortunately the road went over an ancient stone bridge, for the river, swollen with the rains, came rushing down from the hills and mountains in the north.
#lotrchapteraday #chapter2

Bookworm54 Beautiful ☺️ 5y
DarcysMom Fabulous picture! 5y
HannaPolkadots Great picture! Where is it? 5y
Moray_Reads Perfect ❤ 5y
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Aaaand #Day2 of #BookishSpring2017 #Chapter2 goes to my beautifully illustrated Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. Because, really, how cute is Dobby 😍

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Such incredible illustrations #hpchapteraday #harrypotter #chapter2 it feels like such a tender moment


"Don't ask questions -- that was the first rule for a quiet life with the Dursleys."

Not being allowed to ask questions would make for a very lonely life indeed. #chapter2 #loneliness #hpchapteraday @hpchapteraday

kim.guernsey Especially if you are a (mostly) normal curious child. 6y
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