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An ARC from ages ago

Need an impromptu #HistoricalFictionInaccuracyAnnoyanceSupportGroup meeting.

It's the year 1854.
Set in London.
The MC is Florence Nightingale.
FIRST chapter

"...dashing into a taxi."


The German at the bottom of the Google search says: time-line of usage of Taxi/Taximeter

1854 has a flat line.



Birdsong28 They had things such as Hansom cabs which were horse drawn taxis if that is any help @julesg 7mo
julesG @Birdsong28 Not really, but thank you. I mean, I know they had hansoms and hackneys, but in 1854 no Londoner worth their salt would have called it taxi. That's what's getting my hackles up. 7mo
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JazzFeathers Not even in the 1920s were they called 'taxis' 😒 7mo
Birdsong28 @julesG Suppose so, it's annoying when they can't get it right or simplify it for the general audience as they think we can't understand it. 😀📚📖 7mo
julesG @JazzFeathers My point exactly. Took me so out of the story - within the first chapter - that I'm not sure I even want to read it now. 7mo
julesG @Birdsong28 soooo annoying! It's not even a big deal to look it up. I can only hope they caught this glitch before the book was published. 7mo
Birdsong28 @julesG Probably not!! 7mo
8little_paws Yeah this drives me nuts also 7mo
8little_paws Something I read in the past year, I forgot what, used the term "ok" in a time period way before it was commonly used and I had a hard time taking the book seriously from them on. 7mo
julesG @8little_paws I'm eating the tagged book right now. The characters use "okay/are you okay?" all the time. But it's set in 1941. 7mo
CoverToCoverGirl Yikes! That‘s definitely a very jarring oversight that would take me out the story. 😔🤯 7mo
Sarah83 In Anthony Horowitz book about Sherlock Holmes there was used computer instead of typewriter... 🤔😆 7mo
julesG @Sarah83 Noooo! 😱 7mo
Sarah83 Ohhhhh yes 😭 that's why, I don't like the book and why I didn't read a book written by him for a long time. 7mo
julesG @Sarah83 Understandable. 7mo
8little_paws @julesG this book was either pre 1850, from what I recall. 7mo
GingerAntics That is an absolute fail!!! I would have thought that was an easy one. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 7mo
GingerAntics There is absolutely NOTHING for any use of taxi until right around 1900. 7mo
RavenLovelyReads Is it bad that I giggled myself silly after I read it?? 😜 7mo
julesG @RavenLovelyReads Absolutely not. 😁 7mo
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I would give this 3.5🌟
The pacing is slow and the descriptions of various things a bit too exacting making the book tedious at times, so it took me far longer to finish then the author‘s previous books. I do like the characters and it is a fresh take on the Duke hero trope. FYI, the cover makes no sense for these characters, she would never wear that gown. #romantsy

BookishMarginalia It drives me nuts when the cover illustration is at odds with the book‘s content! #bookishpetpeeve 9mo
Nessavamusic Yes! And often the author has no input 9mo
llwheeler I did think this cover was not very in keeping with her other books, so glad to know it's not reflective of the characters. I'm still excited for this one, I love her books! 9mo
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The Dinner List | Rebecca Serle
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Typos are a #bookishpetpeeve of mine. I know I‘m not alone in that!

CMB Aargh....😩 1y
Amiable I'm with you --drives me nuts. My job is an editor, so my eye is automatically drawn to errors and typos. It feels like I'm at work! 1y
RadicalReader @OriginalCyn620 makes me think where there was a passage mentioning how important is it to exorcise your phone battery 1y
rather_be_reading i didnt catch that! 13mo
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Less: A Novel | Andrew Sean Greer
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This is the last book I have to read for the #modernmrsdarcy challenge! It has long chapters, which is a #bookishpetpeeve of mine, even though it makes sense why the author did it that way.

Mdargusch I just started this today on Audible. 👍🏼 1y
CouronneDhiver My current read has long chapters too and it‘s making me crazy... I much prefer something set out in more manageable chunks. 1y
jenniferajanes Good luck! I like shorter chapters too. 1y
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The Toy Makers | Robert Dinsdale
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Just a few pages further in, I've come across a slip in grammar. From past tense to present tense.

It annoys me. Really. I'm itching to take red pen to the pages.


nu-bibliophile That's one of my pet peeves too! 1y
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The Toy Makers | Robert Dinsdale
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Not the first 'wrong word' in this book. And I'm not yet in the three-digit page numbers. Heavens! No proofreading? Someone should have spotted this.

Honestly, for a book being sold in hardcover, I'd expect the publishers to take more care.

How does an error like this even happen? Auto-predict? Was this written on a mobile?
I get spelling errors but wrong words like the one above?


Cinfhen 😠 1y
CarolynM You have to wonder... 1y
Sarah83 That's pretty sad 🤔 1y
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CoffeeAndABook Wow. Pretty bad 🙈 1y
PickwickPlockPlock I would expect such an error with OCR, when you scan a book and automatically convert it to text. 1y
TrishB Doesn‘t make me want to read.... 1y
Lcsmcat Errors like that take me so far out of the story that I usually bail. Or if it‘s for book club and I _have_ to finish, I spend the rest of the Book looking for them and tallying them in my head. 😡 1y
julesG @TrishB @Lcsmcat - this error put me off the book for a few hours at least. It's just so annoying. 1y
julesG @PickwickPlockPlock Wouldn't you expect that when using OCR, they'd proofread extra carefully to catch such mistakes? 1y
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I‘m a bit late with this one but my #bookishpetpeeve came to me this morning. Punctuation! Or rather lack of it, especially where speech is involved. I can‘t stand it when there are no speech marks. How are we supposed to know whether someone is talking or whether it is just a general comment? This is why we have speech marks, right? So I don‘t have to waste my time re-reading paragraphs and sentences .
#readingresolutions @Jess7


#readingresolutions #bookishpetpeeve #historicalaccuracy My biggest pet peeve isn‘t with the books but with the readers. Reviews about how certain books don‘t fit the morals of the present day are not helpful. Historical 👏🏻Perspective 👏🏻People👏🏻. Do I like degrading slurs or abusive behaviors? No. Do they make sense in historical/classic lit? Sadly, yes. If we deny our history, we forget how it was. Then we are doomed to repeat it. @Jess7

WhiskeyMistress @ErinSueG what we were talking about... 2y
plaidchuck My thoughts exactly. I feel the same way when people dismiss classics due to this or even the author's personal life. 2y
Burghbookaddict Omg I know. Things were different 150 years ago. Society evolves. 🙄 2y
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wanderinglynn Exactly this. Well said! 2y
JessClark78 I agree. This is one of my pet peeves as well. 2y
ErinSueMreads It‘s so true. We need to study on this more. There might be blog potential here. Also the book you tagged is an excellent choice 😂🙌 2y
GripLitGrl 👏👏👏 2y
Crewgurl Yes agreed!!!!! 2y
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Day 16: #BookishPetpeeve - #ReadingResolutions 📚dog-earring books!! (which btw is a pet-peeve I developed in the last couple years after acquiring several of my own physical books). Pictured above are all of the bookmarks I picked up a couple weeks ago from bookstores and libraries in London, Paris, and Rome. Also pictured was the awesome #bookmail I received while on vacation! Super excited about reading this one! What is your bookish pet peeve?

Jess7 London: Hatchards, The British Library, and Hotel Indigo; Paris: Shakespeare & Company and Waterstones; Rome: The Almost Corner Bookshop, La Feltrinelli, and Anglo American Co. #jpeurope #jpvacation #europe #rome #paris #london #arc #advancedreaderscopy #travel (edited) 2y
catherine2 Dog-ears also but bending the spine is worse to me. I know I obviously a book is going to get some wear, but I am very gentle with my books. 😬 2y
margreads Great book mail. Looking forward to this one 2y
Mdargusch Great idea to get those bookmarks along the way! 2y
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