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Just a small haul from today's library book sale. I was trying to be good because I'm running out of space for books. #smallhaul #thestruggleisreal

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When you‘re trying to do yoga to meet your goal to be healthier in 2022 but you keep getting distracted by all the books you haven‘t read yet. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️


slategreyskies oh, I love those shelves!! 💕 11mo
JamieArc 😂😂 11mo
BarbaraBB Haha! I can look at my books all day too! 11mo
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CarolynM 🤣 That would certainly test my powers of concentration! Good luck. 11mo
BookBabe 😂 11mo
Cathythoughts Oh dear 😂 11mo
kspenmoll But doesn‘t gazing at those lovely shelves make you feel centered?! 11mo
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Which do I read first?
I can't decide! 😩

#BooknerdProblems #TheStruggleisReal 😆

ravenlee I always go with Mercy - but the other is still sitting on my shelf unread, so I can‘t judge fairly. 11mo
TrishB I enjoyed the left! Not read any Biggs! 11mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig I loved, loved, loved House in the Cerulean Sea. 11mo
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In the Wild Light | Jeff Zentner
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Bookworm struggles: Stripping the bed after falling asleep reading and throwing your book into the washer with the sheets. Also washers do not like it when you throw books into them. They tend to get loud. Luckily it made noise right at the beginning of the cycle so all is well. #thestruggleisreal

EvieBee Oh no! I‘ve done this with my phone. 12mo
Soubhiville 😢 oh no! 12mo
Cortg Yikes! I've sent my phone through a wash cycle before. Ugh. Is it still readable?
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Sara_Planz @Cortg once it dries lol 12mo
LeahBergen Eek!! 12mo
kspenmoll I am so sorry but I find this both comforting & hilarious! I‘ve washed ear buds, chargers, tons of tissues, etc. 12mo
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So I did a chat with Shawn about this book on his YouTube channel if anyone is interested in watching me gush and gesticulate 😄. (You should also follow Shawn, he has strong opinions which makes for interesting reviews but he‘s also smart and kind and thoughtful) @shawnmooney


rockpools Oh that‘s fun! And so nice to see you 😊. I‘m quite sold on the book as well… 13mo
Centique @rockpools thank you! I‘m getting braver in my old age 😜 13mo
LeahBergen Oh, that @shawnmooney ! ❤️❤️❤️ I can‘t wait to watch. 😘 13mo
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Reggie Paula, you‘re such a great guest. This was interesting and I can‘t wait to hear about the Frame on the podcast. 13mo
batsy Ooh! I'm looking forward to watching ❤️ 13mo
Centique @LeahBergen I asked him when he‘ll get you on there! 😘 13mo
Centique @Reggie thank you my friend! It‘s funny to see myself pulling faces as I speak 🤪😂 Yes I have to prep for my talk with Jenny on that one! 13mo
Centique @batsy and Margot is on there too! I just watched her talk about A Jest of God and she‘s inspired me again to read it @merelybookish 13mo
merelybookish It was so fun to see you Paula! It's like @shawnmooney is bringing us all a bit closer together! 🥰 And @batsy, I mentioned #spinsterlit and felt afterwards I should have credited you with coining the term. 13mo
merelybookish @Reggie I listened to you on Reading Envy. I have no interest in horror but it was fun to hear you talk about it. 🙂 13mo
Reggie @merelybookish ☺️thanks! I‘m sorry I didn‘t even know you were on here because I saw Centique and just fast forwarded to watch her only. Lol, but I went back now and you did great. I like that you mentioned Scott and Suba. Even though reading Laurence isn‘t my thing I like to read ya‘lls comments for the passion of reading something ya‘ll have. Same with the reading the Shakespeare read along. Same with Sprainedbrain and her pemberlitten crew👇🏼 13mo
Reggie I may never have read Jane Austen but seeing DebinHawaii make a meme collage and a haiku chapter roundup because she feels passionately about it makes my day. Such is the allure of Litsy for me. Lol great job, Margot, is what I meant to say. 13mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Love it!! We both got to be his guest. I need to do better about BookTube listening! 13mo
Centique @BarbaraTheBibliophage I am going to go watch yours too! I struggle to keep up with book tube and podcasts, but now that I‘ve kind of “met” Shawn, and liked him so much, I‘m trying to watch all of his. 13mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Centique #thestruggleisreal Now that I‘m not driving as much, my podcast / audiobook time is limited. And BookTube even more so … not enough hours in the day!! 13mo
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For such a short book, it‘s taking me way too long to get through it. It‘s not the book‘s fault - I am enjoying it but life keeps getting in the way of my reading! 🤦🏻‍♀️
If I do nothing else today, I will finish it!

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Bingo! | Rosemary Wells
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Ack!! It‘s the final stretch, the time of the month where I have to decide what direction to go on my bingo board, how many lines I can complete in the next week… 😫😭

#bookspinbingo #thestruggleisreal

TheAromaofBooks Looking great!!! 1y
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She Who Became the Sun | Shelley Parker-Chan
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I‘m facing a reader‘s dilemma. I started Babylon‘s Ashes on Sunday night, and then She Who Became the Sun showed up in my mailbox yesterday. I don‘t want to set the Corey novel aside, but I also want to dive right into Parker-Chan‘s book. I don‘t like to read more than one book at a time, hence my struggle 😂

#thestruggleisreal #bookwormproblems

Prairiegirl_reading You probably don‘t want to take advice from me!! I‘m the worst at avoiding the new, shiny thing. And that‘s why I have a disgusting number of books on my “currently reading” shelf. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 1y
BookishMarginalia Love the bookmark! 1y
Ruthiella It‘s simple: you need to invent a time machine. 😆 1y
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rabbitprincess No advice, just appreciation of your bookmark 😄 1y
Twainy Bookmarkkk! I think that book is an Illumicrate coming up … if it ever gets here? 😁 I wasn‘t thrilled so now I‘ll need to check it out. Either way you‘ll finish both of them? And if you read the sun one you can let me know if I need to adjust my TBR when it lands on my porch 😆 1y
TrishB Readers problems indeed 😁 1y
janeycanuck How many sick days do you currently have? 1y
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#QuotsyJul21 #exhaustion

“We need time alone to restore ourselves. Introverts are pressured to push ourselves to the point of exhaustion in social situations-then we feel guilty for becoming irritable and grouchy. We blame ourselves for not being able to be ‘on‘ all the time.”

#thestruggleisreal #introvert

Prairiegirl_reading I don‘t understand why “extrovert” was ever the goal. Some people are and some people aren‘t, one is not better than the other. 1y
DebinHawaii @Prairiegirl_reading I agree. Probably set by extroverts! 😉🤣 1y
TK-421 ❤️ I totally relate to this quote 1y
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I‘m just trying to take a walk and drink iced coffee while getting my Alanis on, but nooooo. Target has to tempt me with their sale alerts! 😬 #thestruggleisreal #pennyperpage #bookbudget

dariazeoli I should also point out that my owned TBR is at least 747 books. GROW my library, you say? 😁 2y
vivastory I'm going to pretend I didn't see this & carry on with my day (I'm fooling no one) 😂📚📚 2y
MayJasper 747! Just WOW 2y
dylanisreading Welp. I might be in trouble. 🤣 2y
Deblovestoread Did I immediately go to Target‘s website after seeing your post this morning? Yes, ma‘am I did. And 6 new lovelies will be gracing my shelves in a week or so. Thanks for sharing! 😁 2y
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