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Women in Dark Times | Jacqueline Rose
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FYI, #Litsy will be down tomorrow morning! See you guys after another #Litsypocalypse. 🤣

Thanks, @mrbook, for the heads up!

See you on the flipside, chickens! 🐣 Be sure to share and pass this on!

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Ironing on this rainy day, happy to have #Litsy back after the #Litsypocalypse and my DTs weren't so bad!!! This is pretty decent but SUPER British so the slang is throwing me slightly. Gotta get the hang of it all! 😂😂

Drebae29 Soooo good 14mo
IamIamIam @Drebae29 Ooh, I'm excited!!! 14mo
JHSiess I thought it was just ok. Held my interest. 14mo
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IamIamIam @JHSiess I find that with most mysteries, they're just kind of okay for me. I consider these my fluff like other people read chick lit! Lol 14mo
JHSiess I live a good mystery but it has to be well-plotted. I found parts of this one silly & implausible. But it entertained me. 🤗 14mo
JHSiess LOVE a good mystery. @Litsy needs a comment editing function. 🤪 14mo
IamIamIam @JHSiess HAHAHA, I second the editing!!! 😂😂😂 14mo
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The Sleeper: A Novel | Gillian White
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Actual photo of me in cryosleep during #Litsypocalypse. Missed you guys! Big thanks to everyone @Litsy who worked on the server migration! 🙏🏻
Made headway in Link's Stranger Things Happen in the last few hours. Almost temped to reread every story. 😍

readordierachel 😂😂 14mo
kylienoele 😂😂😂😂 14mo
JessClark78 😂😂 14mo
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BiblioLitten 😂 14mo
tournevis So you got whitewashed too, I see. 14mo
LeahBergen 😂😂 14mo
rohit-sawant @tournevis It was either this or a pony in a cryotank 🤣 Besides not a lotta brown dudes in space to pick from. Or ones that make it to the end of the film anyway 🙄 14mo
tournevis @rohit-sawant 😉 14mo
batsy @tournevis 😂😂 @rohit-sawant That is so true, isn't it. What would I use for brown girl in space... 14mo
tournevis @batsy Michael Burnam? 14mo
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It‘s almost #Litsypocalypse! I know I‘m going to have a hard time today, but every little thing gonna be alright...in 8 hours or so. Hang in there, my friends, and I‘ll see you on the other side! 😘❤️xx00

JoScho ❤️ 14mo
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Until We Meet Again | Renee Collins
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Well, Littens...it‘s almost time for the #Litsypocalypse! I‘ll miss you all. I‘ll be in the studio, painting and listening to audiobooks. 🎨🎧 Hugs! 🤗

TheBookAddict I love your art!!! 😍💕💕💕 14mo
SaturnDoo 🤗🤗🤗🤗 enjoy your books and painting. ❤❤ 14mo
UwannaPublishme Looking forward to seeing your new creations! 😊🙌🏻 14mo
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MissAimz_55 Beautiful art 14mo
Gissy Yes! We will be waiting! After taxes 😳I will be back too check Bookish Art Boutique to see what I need to add in my collection!👌🏼 14mo
BookBabe @Gissy 😘💕 thank you! You‘re wonderful. 🤗 14mo
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I feel guilty about an unkind, uninformed and snarky comment and I owe @kgriffith an apology.
While the #Litsypocalypse is happening, she has provided a thread for #LibraryThing users in place of going raving mad without Litsy. It's quite kind of her to provide for the whole community and here's the link to that thread: https://www.librarything.com/topic/289278

I'm sorry that I'm a grumpy old curmudgeon! 😚 Thank you, @kgriffith!!!

kgriffith You are too funny 🤣 Thank you for the lovely burst of spring color, I‘ll take them all day! 14mo
IamIamIam @kgriffith Lol, it's the least I can do. We went to the botanic gardens in Naples a few weeks ago & they had a gorgeous orchid garden! This beats New York drizzle any day! 14mo
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Coming Darkness | Susan-Alia Terry
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Hey fellow #Littens! Looks like our lifeline will be going offline on Tuesday at 3am eastern for about 8 hours. More info available on the @Litsy profile.
Spread the word and good luck with withdrawals!!! 😭😭😭

ReadingSusan Ha ha love the tagged book 🤣 14mo
IamIamIam @ReadingSusan 😉😉😉 14mo
melyndarae At least I'll be asleep during most of those hours. Haha. 14mo
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IamIamIam @melyndarae YES, that's definitely a bonus!!! 14mo
kgriffith I think we should have a hashtag for other social media for easy collection of posts to put up once we‘re back! #LaterLitsy maybe? 🤔 14mo
kgriffith @melyndarae That, as well as our and our sysadmin‘s locations, were definitely factors in deciding the downtime. 😊 14mo
melyndarae @kgriffith Oh nice lol. I wasn't sure where the admins were. 14mo
Chelleo We need to come up with a hashtag befitting the impending withdrawal 14mo
IamIamIam @kgriffith I like that idea!!! 14mo
Chelleo @IamIamIam Pretty freakin perfect! 🤣😂🤪 14mo
IamIamIam @Chelleo 😂😂😂😂 14mo
kgriffith @IamIamIam I created that LibraryThing thread as a response to my own recognition that I‘ll want a Litsy stand-in during downtime 😋 It‘s not the same, but it‘s better than nothing? 🤣 https://www.librarything.com/topic/289278 14mo
IamIamIam @kgriffith oh oh oh oh oh, I'm so so so sorry!!!!!! I thought that was from Library Thing, not you personally!!!!!! I'm sorry, that makes me look like a complete jerk. 😧😔😭 14mo
kgriffith @IamIamIam ha, it‘s okay! We haven‘t determined a way to differentiate between “LibraryThing/Litsy admin Kirsten” and “LT-er/Litten Kirsten, so it‘s not like you would know 😊 14mo
IamIamIam @kgriffith I blasted your link too and I also sent you virtual flowers! 🤗 14mo
kgriffith @IamIamIam (though on LibraryThing you‘ll see the little “L” icon next to our names when we‘re being “official” — I disable it when I‘m posting just as me, like on my reading tracking thread: http://www.librarything.com/topic/282143 ) 14mo
kgriffith @IamIamIam awwww you‘re the sweetest 😍 Let me tell you, I appreciate the love today! 14mo
IamIamIam @kgriffith lol, maybe I need to get hip & happening on LibraryThing now too!!!! 🤣 14mo
IamIamIam @kgriffith HAHAHA, I'm like a Sour Patch Kid... I'm a grumpy old bastard but usually I feel badly and then I'm back to normal! 14mo
kgriffith @IamIamIam Come over to the cataloging side, we have cheese. 😏 14mo
IamIamIam @kgriffith 😂😂😂😂😂 Ooooh, cheese!!!! 🧀 14mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hey Everyone! We want to give you a heads up about a scheduled downtime while we move Litsy to LibraryThing servers.

Litsy will be down starting at 3am Eastern (7:00 GMT) on Tuesday, April 3, for approximately 8 hours.

Can you help spread the word so it doesn't come as a surprise to any of our fellow Littens?

ReadingSusan 🙀🙀🙀 14mo
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Crazeedi Is this going to change litsy? 14mo
kgriffith @Crazeedi Nope, just shifting where it lives behind the scenes. No code changes, no features added/removed, etc. Just picking it up from one place and setting it down in another, but it‘s a big job so it takes some time :) 14mo
Jess7 Yes, I‘ll repost this and tag a few more for you! 14mo
Crazeedi Thank You! I'm just trying to learn how to use litsy, so I wasn't sure 14mo
GarthRanzz Already reposted! We will get the word out! 14mo
kgriffith Thanks @Jess7 and @GarthRanzz 🤓 Please do tag other Littens either here or in your reposts; we don‘t want anyone to be blindsided and not know where to find out what‘s up. 14mo
Chelleo Posted! 14mo
LeahBergen We‘ll spread the word. 👍🏻 14mo
MsLeah8417 😳😳😳 14mo
CouronneDhiver Yikes! I‘ll be suffering withdrawal symptoms. 🤪 14mo
LibrarianRyan @Bklover I was pushing send. Had to do something a little different. 😁 14mo
kgriffith Check out my latest, I‘ve created a temporary home, the “downtime lounge” if you will ;) https://www.librarything.com/topic/289278 14mo
MinDea Thanks @Bklover !!! 14mo
Litsy @Crazeedi well, it allows change. The first change will be in better book data. 14mo
MrBook Thank you for the tag, @Bklover ! 🤗🤗🤗 14mo
MrBook And thank you too, @kgriffith 😁!! 14mo
jfalkens I thought Litsy wasn't switching to featured posts and having posts in random order? Only sorted newest to oldest. 14mo
kgriffith @jfalkens Not all @Litsy posts will be featured; we want to be very discerning and intentional about use of that tool. We thought folks would want to know about the downtime ahead of time, so we considered it a worthwhile use of the feature. No other ordering of posts is affected. 14mo
TricksyTails @Bklover Thank you for the tag! I‘ll be sure to share! 🤗 14mo
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @kgriffith geez. I just noticed the "featured" on this post. I didn't even know that was possible. (Android Littens have fewer options it seems.) 14mo
Andrew65 Thanks for the tag @Bklover 👍, and will repost. 14mo
Cinfhen Thanks so much @Bklover @MrBook for letting me know ...I‘ll repost after the weekend as it gets closer!!! 14mo
tpixie Thx! I‘ll repost! 14mo
AyaOfSiwa Good to know 14mo
dariazeoli Thanks for the tag, @Bklover - will post this weekend! 14mo
Fedaykin Why won‘t you respond to my email asking, how do I delete my account? 14mo
kgriffith @RestlessFickleBookHoarder I‘ve found that to be true in my testing android vs iOS. For example, iOS separates out “conversations” from “notifications.” In this case, there‘s a line that reads “featured” below the image associated with the post. 14mo
kgriffith @Fedaykin did you write to litsy@LibraryThing.com ? My apologies if so and we haven‘t gotten back to you. If not, please email that address and I‘ll let the team know to keep an eye out for your email. 14mo
Fedaykin Your web site(litsy.com/help) says “...or general inquiries, please email us at contact AT litsy.com” contact@litsy.com is what I used, thanks for the update. 14mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @kgriffith Just had a chance to post about it. Thanks for the tag and heads up! 14mo
jfalkens @kgriffith that's good 😊 14mo
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @kgriffith I've seen that on my iPad. I like the separation. I think iOS allows for editing of comments too. Not so with Android. I can only edit posts. (I'm an odd duck with an iPad and android phone.) 14mo
kgriffith @RestlessFickleBookHoarder yep, that‘s also a notable difference. I have an Android strictly for app testing purposes and one thing I‘ve noticed is that the “send” arrow on android is where the backspace is on iOS. I‘ve had to delete and resubmit many a comment 🙄😋 14mo
RestlessFickleBookHoarder @kgriffith hope that means one day Android users will get to edit comments 😁 14mo
LaneyCash Thank you! 14mo
decaturmamaof2 @RestlessFickleBookHoarder I'm a similar odd duck. Android phone, iPad. 🦆 14mo
kgriffith Testing! 12mo
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