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Cinfhen Wow!!! That‘s such a milestone!!! 😘♥️ 3mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Best poignant prompt of the year! 😘 3mo
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Cinfhen Cool!!! I‘ve been going through my books and the 2022 prompts from #52Books52weeks - 3mo
AllDebooks I loved this story as a kid, well all Roald Dahl books actually. Thanks for the tag, defo one to include alongside 3mo
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen You‘ve probably finished that one as well 😉 3mo
Cinfhen I‘m pretty close @BarbaraBB 😂 3mo
Librarybelle I‘ve not read this one by Dahl! Great choice! 3mo
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The only reason this isn't 5 stars is that some of the chapters are slower than others.

#pop22 #cutleryoncoverorintitle
#52books52weeks #technologythemed (a bit of a stretch but then we never used to use forks, we used bread and knives, so I'd say that was a technological improvement!)

@Cinfhen @alisiakae @KarenUK @Cortg @Megabooks @Laughterhp @squirrelbrain @RaeLovesToRead

Cinfhen Agreed!!! Creative interpretation 👍🏽😁 3mo
jenniferw88 Meant to say two things in my review. 1) It would work for #booked2023 about a pandemic, because it was written during lockdown and the author mentions it a few times @Cinfhen @alisiakae @BarbaraTheBibliophage . 2) Quite a few mentions of Jane Austen's novels #PemberLittens @sprainedbrain . 3mo
Cortg Nice job! 3mo
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Autumn's Touch | Elizabeth Rose
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My Autumn choices for #Booked2023, just the first ideas. The Jim Jones I copied from @jenniferw88 , a good one for #doubledipping with #ReadingTheAmericas2023!

TrishB I‘m screen shooting all of them! 3mo
BarbaraBB @TrishB I hope you‘ll share your ideas too, it‘s going to be a difficult one I think! 3mo
jenniferw88 A couple of my others #doubledip with #readingtheamericas2023 - will tag you in a comment on my post when I get home with which country. 3mo
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BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 Thanks, that would be so helpful! 3mo
TrishB I will when I have a minutes planning time 😁 3mo
Cinfhen Do u think Bolivia could be a sunshine country??? Because I have a book that might work as a #DoubleDip 3mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I wouldn‘t automatically think of it as a sunshine country because there are snowy mountains too but the jungle is definitely hot and steamy so I think that makes it work! 3mo
Cinfhen I know @BarbaraBB I‘m kind of a stickler for rules, when it comes to my own challenge…and I definitely have other choices….. it would probably work for “twisted” or “stretch” so maybe I can #DoubleDip there!! Plus @jenniferw88 got me sold on the idea of #52Books52Weeks challenge so….I need to see what those prompts will be too 3mo
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen oops, sorry! 😂 Barbara does it too so you'll be in good company. I'll start tagging you in my reviews for that challenge too - they sometimes release mini-challenges for the month but I just stick to the main one! 3mo
Cinfhen Ok!! Good to know / I can‘t be pressured by mini challenges @jenniferw88 😅 3mo
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen I'm the same about mini-challenges! 3mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I was lured 😉 into the #52books challenge by @jenniferw88 too and it‘s so fun! You‘ll love it too. The 2023 challenge hasn‘t been released yet, if I‘m right Jenny? 3mo
BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 @Cinfhen I also do #ATY2023, its‘s a group op GR and it is a great challenge too. 52 prompts and mostly good ones. I can highly recommend it. 3mo
jenniferw88 @BarbaraBB yes, you're right, but it will be some time in November. Will tag you both when it does! @Cinfhen 3mo
BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 Thanks! Can‘t wait! 3mo
jenniferw88 Ooh, thanks! Just joined. 3mo
Cinfhen It‘s a GREAT LIST but I‘m gonna pass / too many books I‘d need to buy 3mo
BarbaraBB @jenniferw88 @Cinfhen My resolution is to join them but not feel obliged to finish all of them. I hope to see them as guidance instead of obligation 😂 3mo
Cinfhen That sounds like a great way to embrace all challenges 🥰😄 3mo
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