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Ice Princess | Camilla Lckberg
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And this is where Fjällbacka and Tanumshede are on the map.

The grey/blue line is the border to Norway.

I actually felt a little bad, when Erica talked about summer tourists buying up the houses and turning them into summer cabins when I saw how close to the border the city was. The book was first published in 2003, and I know that in this period a lot of Norwegians was buying up houses along this coast down to Lysekil.


EadieB @AnneCecilie Very Interesting! 2d
Andrew65 Love to see a map. 2d
Crazeedi Thank you, this makes books so much more real! 2d
Butterfinger @AnneCecilie thank you. Knowing it is a real place and seeing the images make it special. 2d
gradcat Nice map—I love this—thanks for posting!! 🥰 18h
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Ice Princess | Camilla Lckberg
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Here‘s some pictures of the city @Crazeedi @Tove_Reads


Crazeedi Oh my! Thank you for posting these beautiful pics! Now I can see the places when we read these books!❤️ 2d
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Next up for #NordicNoir buddy reads

Ice Princess | Camilla Lckberg
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Erica Falck returns home to Fjallbacka Sweden. Her friend Alex has committed suicide. She teams up with Patrik Hedstrom, police, to find the truth. Old family secrets surface and someone committed murder to protect them. Nice debut. Book was slow in the beginning. Ending was a surprise. Interesting characters. Plot twists. Looking forward to book 2. Recommend to those who love mystery thrillers. #Murder2020 4/4

#TheIcePrincess #CamillaLackberg

Andrew65 Another great review and if not read it, would have read it on the back of this. Already read book 2 so will be interested to see what you make of that. 3d
EadieB @Andrew65 I‘m looking forward to book 2. 3d
gradcat @EadieB I quite liked this one, too, Eadie. I think it was my favorite of the series so far (I‘ve read 6). But I do remember liking the next one very much also. @Andrew65 Oh, and guys? Sorry if I‘m repeating myself on #NordicNoir posts...It‘s hard to remember everything since I‘m not reading right along with you. Pardon me if I get boring!!! 😂 3d
Crazeedi I did enjoy this one, looking forward to the next one 2d
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Mercy | Jussi Adler-Olsen
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Finished my fourth country for #ReadingEurope2020 with #Denmark, #OneWordTitle with #ReadwithMrBook
Also the first book in the Department Q Series in the #NordicNoir Buddy Reads
Overall an enjoyable book but not the smoothest translation and therefore not the easiest or quickest read. Enjoyed the interactions between the two lead investigators. Second half better than first half. Hopefully series will improve. Onto book 2 next month.

EadieB @Andrew65 Nice review! 4d
Andrew65 @EadieB Thanks 😊 4d
Librarybelle You‘re doing great with the challenges! 4d
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Crazeedi I had the same opinion, slow to start, better at end 4d
BarbaraBB You‘re on fire with #ReadingEurope2020! 4d
gradcat Great review & remarkable progress, @Andrew65 keep up the good work! 👍 4d
Andrew65 @gradcat Thanks, just started a new audiobook which will take me to Poland...Unfortunately it‘s to a concentration camp! 😢 3d
Andrew65 @BarbaraBB Has been a good start to the year. 😊 @Librarybelle (edited) 3d
Andrew65 @Crazeedi Great minds think alike! 3d
gradcat @Andrew65 Sorry, doesn‘t sound very uplifting... 3d
Andrew65 @gradcat No not at all! 3d
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Midnight Son | James Dommek Jr.
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I‘m slowly adding the numerous challenges I‘ve committed to, to my bullet journal. So far I‘ve put 9 in there and still have another 5 at least to add. So much for not over extending myself in 2020! I‘m nowhere near an artist, but I‘m doing my best. #audiojournaling #jumpstart2020

Cupcake12 That‘s so organised! I‘m doing 4 and trying to keep up 📚 4d
Clwojick I love your spreads! ❤️💕 4d
Emilymdxn I‘m so in love with tracking my challenges I love it pretty much as much as completing them! Your spreads are lovely! Do you mind telling me what challenges you‘re doing? 4d
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marleed I love your tracking. I‘m doing several annual challenges for the first time and at two weeks into the year, it‘s been a blast. I feared I might read books I didn‘t enjoy just to meet a challenge. Instead it is the opposite as I‘ve loved what I‘ve been reading! 4d
Emilymdxn @Lizpixie I would really like to join the Mount TBR 2020 challenge could you tell me who‘s running it or if there‘s a post I need to check out? 4d
TheAromaofBooks I'm also having fun putting challenges in my journal!! It's almost more fun than the actual reading! 😁 4d
Lizpixie @Emilymdxn there‘s a group on GoodReads you just join on there, decide how many books you‘ll commit to and introduce yourself in that forum post. Simple! @TheAromaofBooks I know what you mean, though trying to decide which font & border to use can be stressful!🤔 4d
Emilymdxn Thanks so much I‘ll join that right now! 4d
Cupcake12 So many challenges! Good luck 👍🏻 4d
SilversReviews What a beautiful journal!! Good luck on your challenges. 4d
JazzFeathers It looks awesome. And your goal of mine challenges is awesome too! 4d
Bklover It looks beautiful!!! 3d
maich Journals are so beautiful❤ Good luck with challenges and thanks for joining mine💕 2d
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Untitled | Unknown
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#weekendreads @rachelsbrittain
1 NF-Fred Rogers bio, F-Necessary Lies for #LMPBC A Taste For Vengeance-a favorite author for fun The Hypnotist-for #nordicnoir
2 The Signature of All Things
3 do I own any plants? Ha-my sunroom is a jungle of plants!😊

TheAromaofBooks Last year we closed in our back porch - not quite a sunroom, but a large bank of south windows. Plants everywhere, and I can't even let myself go to that section of Lowe's or I find another one that needs a home 😆 5d
Crazeedi @TheAromaofBooks I've had mine for years, and ccx they are out of control!! 5d
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The Girl in the Woods | Camilla Lckberg
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#10 in the series about Erica Falck and her husband Patrick. This follows the same recipe as the previous books. The plot is new but everything else is the same old. I'm thinking this will be my last book in this series!
#Murder2020 - 2/3

Crazeedi A shame, since I'm starting this series for #nordicnoir as a buddy read... 5d
Emu I read the first six books some years ago, but I also grew tired of the same way each book is constructed. But maybe I‘m ready for # 7 again soon😁 5d
Marina_h @Crazeedi yeah, I decided not to join because I've read the first books twice. I enjoyed the series to begin with but after a while I found them repetitive. Hopefully the buddy read will make it more fun 😊 5d
Marina_h @Emu exactly. I don't think I would have read this one if it wasn't because a needed a series number 10 for a challenge 😁 5d
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The Absent One | Jussi Adler-Olsen
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#NordicNoir #BuddyRead books for February. I‘ve heard that the Kepler books get better (most definitely hope so). I hope Läckberg keeps her style, and that Adler-Olsen gets straight to the point without long back stories.

EadieB @Tove_Reads You may want to list the titles in English too! Thanks! 6d
Andrew65 🤞🤞🤞 6d
Butterfinger I think the English for Lachberg is The Preacher. 6d
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EadieB @Butterfinger Ok thanks! The 2nd Lars Kepler book is The Nightmare. I just checked. The tagged book is the Jussi Adler-Olsen book. 6d
Crazeedi Thanks for info, I have them! 6d
gradcat @Tove_Reads I think the Adler-Olsen series is going to let you down...that‘s kind of his formula—long backstories! Sorry to say that, but I think it really is the case with those. I only read three (I think?) of Kepler‘s. I liked the first one, but I‘m pretty certain the next two didn‘t make me want to keep going. Same with Erica & Patrick series after the sixth. Of all of them, I think my favorites are Jo Nesbo, Arnaulder Indridason, & Mankell. 6d
Tove_Reads @gradcat Have you read Ninni Sculman, Mariette Lindstein, Cilla & Rolf Börjlind, Pekka Hiltunen, Liza Marklund, Anne Holt? 6d
gradcat @Tove_Reads Yes to Anne Holt, and no to the rest of them. You would recommend them? I‘m always looking for new Scandinavia/Nordic/Finnish etc noir books...I‘d love to read them! Do you have a favorite? I‘ve finished all or most all of my favorite writers‘ novels. ♥️♥️♥️ 6d
gradcat @Tove_Reads Wow! Oops! I looked them up. There are a couple of problems: Schulman-I don‘t read Swedish; Lindstein-only one out in US so far; Börjlind-my German is not good enough for contemporary novels; Hiltunen-yay-two in translation in the US; and there are 7 of Marklund‘s series in translation in US. Did/do you like Marklund? Maybe I could start with hers...I see she wrote one with James Patterson...??‍♀️ 6d
Tove_Reads @gradcat Börjlind books are translated. I love that series! I read Marklund years ago, but they are good. My fave Finnish ones have not been translated. Antti Tuomainen is supposed to be really good and I just got one of his books. Sad that Sculmans are not translated. 5d
gradcat @Tove_Reads Thank you so much for the recommendations. I really love these books, so I‘m really happy to find more, plus they will work so well in my challenges! Thanks again!! ♥️♥️♥️ 5d
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Ice Princess | Camilla Lckberg
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One of the better #NordicNoir that I‘ve read... I haven‘t read many because I feel like they can be really drawn out. The chapters were ridiculously long and I know I saw someone else say something about it. Good read!

EadieB @eanderson I liked this one too! 6d
Crazeedi It was definitely worth reading 6d
gradcat @eanderson I think you‘re absolutely right about Scandinavian mystery/suspense authors...in that vein, the books in one of earlier mystery series, by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö—the Martin Beck series—have very long, drawn-out sequences. But I‘m glad you liked this one. I thought it was good, too. ♥️ (edited) 6d
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