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The Night Watchman | Louise Erdrich
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A fantastic choice for my January #AuthorAMonth selection hosted by @Soubhiville

1st book completed for #20in4 @Andrew65

A great pick for #NaturaLitsyBingo2023 due to the extraordinary nature writing, detailing the Chippewa tribe lifestyle in 1953.

I will be seeking out more of Erdrich's books. I'm also intrigued to learn about the events depicted in this book.

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I liked Nor: I could relate to her and I loved how she wanted to protect her sister. I think the sisterhood was the thing I loved most in this book. I also was afraid of the villain in this story.

I loved worldbuilding and how surroundings were vividly described.

I wasn't bored with this book: pacing was fast and something happened almost all the time. Overall plot was quite simple but interesting and this was extremely easy to read.

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Untitled | Unknown
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The voting form is open for our Sky-themed Feb/March read. I will close voting at 8pm (GMT) on the 27th of January. All are welcome to join us. Please do let me know if you wish to be added or removed from the tag list.



Erinsuereads I'm going to step out of natural listy for the time being! I'm so up to my ears in fiction right now 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 3d
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Ann_Reads Voted. 🙂 3d
AllDebooks @Erinsuereads oh no, sorry to hear that. I do understand tho. Hope to see you back with us in the future. Happy reading x 3d
PuddleJumper I'm going to bow out. I really like the idea but my library isn't as well stocked with non fiction so I often can't find the titles 3d
TheBookHippie ☑️ 3d
AllDebooks @PuddleJumper that is frustrating. I had a similar problem, so subscribed to Scribd. Never looked back as their non-fiction catalogue is immense. Hope to see you back at some point. Happy reading x 3d
Jess861 That was a hard decision but I managed to vote for one. 2d
BookwormAHN Voted ✔️ 2d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Voted! My library doesn‘t have all of them, so that was the deciding factor in which one got my vote. They all sound so good!! 2d
Soubhiville Voted. 🙂 2d
Chrissyreadit Voted 2d
daena Voted! 2d
Cazxxx I would like to join please 😊 2d
AllDebooks @Cazxxx that's great! Welcome to our little green corner of Litsy x 2d
AllDebooks @Cazxxx we have another buddy read too plus a #Naturalitsybingo2023 Check out #Naturalitsy to see what we've been up to x https://litsy.com/p/MGRZM2RkdjY3 https://litsy.com/p/SXU1S3FITTdp 2d
Cazxxx @AllDebooks Great thanks! The bingo looks like a lot of fun so I‘ll definitely join in with that. Nature books are one of my favourites 😻 2d
AllDebooks @Cazxxx that's fab. There's also a setup on Storygraph to track books for bingo board. https://app.thestorygraph.com/reading_challenges/a6eb2b14-8f0d-4d1a-bee9-fbd5c5d... 2d
Cazxxx @AllDebooks Oh great thanks, I‘ll sign up for that. Looking forward to lots of nature books 😊 2d
jlhammar Just voted! So many wonderful choices. I've already read We Are The Weather, Owls of the Eastern Ice, The Ravenmaster and Under a White Sky - all great! 2d
Graywacke Did some googling and … then voted based on the title 😊 2d
Hooked_on_books So are we still reading Poseidon‘s Steed or is that out? I‘ll read it regardless, but want to wait on the group to start when I pick up my hold if we‘re reading it together. 🙂 1d
AllDebooks @Hooked_on_books yes, I said I would run all 3. So, we will read PS first, followed by the Rachel Carson bio as per schedule. I'll run the sea theme winner, alongside those. https://litsy.com/p/SXU1S3FITTdp 1d
Hooked_on_books Oh great, thank you! I missed that post somehow. 1d
AllDebooks Voting closes at 8pm GMT today 1d
AllDebooks Voting closed 15h
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Here's my thoughts on our February/March read. Please do let me know yours.

A - I did say I would read our January runner-up (tagged) as a short #buddyread
As Rachel Carson struck a chord with so many of us in our current read, I suggest a biography.

B - For those not interested in A, I suggest we have a vote for Sky themed books. I'm using the #NaturaLitsyBingo2023 board for theme inspiration.

All welcome to join us.


AllDebooks I am happy to run with all 3 🙈 over Feb/March. Let me know your thoughts. Now for the tag list 😅 6d
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MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I‘m waiting on my copy of Poseidon‘s Steed from the library, so that one‘s a go for me. I haven‘t been able to nail down a book for the sky prompt but am also interested in Carson, so I‘m split on those two. I guess whatever everyone else votes for works for me. 😅👍 6d
AllDebooks Just to confirm, as always, this is a relaxed group meant for relaxation, enjoyment of nature and connection. I don't want you to stress over 'keeping up' with a rigid schedule. X 6d
AllDebooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I will put up a seperate post for sky suggestions to vote on, depending on what others want to do. 6d
AllDebooks @Hooked_on_books thanks, noted 😊 6d
AllDebooks I'll post a separate thread for suggestions once I have an idea of people's interests. Please comment on this thread if you're interested in option A, option B or both. 😀 6d
Soubhiville I don‘t mind a biography. I can make a bunch of bird recommendations for sky, when you‘re ready for them 🙂. It would be cool to read about clouds, I don‘t think I‘ve ever read much about the actual sky. 6d
bnp I'm interested in option B, and have two titles to recommend. 6d
Jess861 I also wouldn't mind a book to do with the skies. Space, birds, clouds, or weather would all be interesting (not that this list narrows it down 😆).

Unfourtunately I'm going to have to skip Poseidon's Steed as I can't seem to find a copy. If anyone has any leads to a hard copy (in Canada) let me know! My library doesn't have a copy sadly.
TheKidUpstairs @Soubhiville I love the idea of a cloud book. This one looks really cool: 6d
TheKidUpstairs @Jess861 I'm in Ontario, and I haven't been able to find a copy either! One of my librarians is an ILLO master and even she couldn't track it down. 6d
BookBelle84 Another possibility, one I enjoyed and found very interesting is this one. 6d
BookwormAHN I like both ideas. I'm still planning to read Poseidon's Steed but I'd also like to read a sky book. 6d
jlhammar Wonderful ideas! They all sound good to me. 6d
Julsmarshall I‘m down for whatever but my library does hav Poseidon‘s Steed 😄 6d
CaitZ I'm having a hard time getting Poseidon's Steed, so I'll sit that out. I'm interested in a Sky book for March 6d
Chrissyreadit Or any good book about bats 6d
Graywacke I plan to pick up Poseidon‘s Steed as a kindle book when we start. I would like to finish that before starting the next. But I would love to read something by Rachel Carson. No sky suggestions, but i‘m curious. 6d
Soubhiville I found a couple sky related and not bird themed ones I‘m interested in: 6d
Soubhiville I have a copy of Poseidon‘s Steed, but if others are having a hard time getting it I don‘t mind read it on my own. 6d
daena I am open to all choices here 6d
AmandaBlaze For those interested in Poseidon's Steed, the Kindle copy is only $5. 6d
TEArificbooks I am definitely more interested in bird books for the sky prompt. The birding without borders looks great. I read The Big Year a few years ago and absolutely loved it and the movie. I also have been looking at 6d
Blackink_WhitePaper I can‘t find the books mentioned in optionA. So going with option B, though A looks very interesting 🤨 6d
AllDebooks Thank you all for the great responses. I shall close comments on here for now. Look out for a separate post later tonight/early tomorrow. I will tag you. 6d
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Crazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan
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Characters were a bit flat, but I still found my favorite of them: Astrid and it was a shame how she wasn't the main character.

Atmosphere weren't the most likable but it was really well created. I hated materialism but at the same time it was intriguing to read about - guilty pleasure, maybe?
I also liked this as a romance: this wasn't at all too sugary and had several characters to read about. This was really entertaining and fun book to read.

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I'm really enjoying revisiting this amazing book, the last in Macfarlane's trilogy on landscape.

A free choice for #NaturaLitsyBingo2023
One of a non-fiction trilogy for #Serieslove2023 @Andrew65 @TheSpineView


bnp This is wonderful on audiobook. I re-listen to parts of it periodically. 7d
AllDebooks @bnp me too. He's one of my favourite narrators. Loved his narration of The dark is rising 7d
TheSpineView Awesome! 7d
Andrew65 Well done. Always love trilogies 👏👏👏 7d
jlhammar I look forward to finally reading this in November! I've had it on my shelves for ages. 7d
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Week 3 - discussion thread for chapters 11 - 14. What stood out for you this week?

I have to say Rachel Carson is one of my heroes, so I loved this segment.

Please do let me know if you wish to be added/removed from the tag list.

I will be posting re Feb/March reads tomorrow 😊

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rockpools I think I‘d nominated Under A Sea Wind for this quarter‘s read (I‘ll get to it one day), but was really glad to read this first and get his take on why Rachel Carson was such an amazing science communicator. Not entirely sure how neatly it fit into the book, but happy it was there! And I did enjoy the eel trap section. 1w
BookwormAHN I also loved learning about Rachel Carso. 1w
TEArificbooks The Rachel Carson book sounded intriguing. I also liked learning about those long living eels that never metaphorically changed because they were contained. And the part about how we can‘t even breed eels in a lab (maybe that was in a chapter for next week). 1w
Addison_Reads Rachel Carson was my inspiration to study marine biology, so needless to say I loved this section. 1w
Chelsea.Poole I also enjoyed learning a little about Rachel Carson.
I‘ve had her books on my list to read for a long time and never gotten around to it. Maybe we‘ll read one for #NaturaLitsy 😉
Hooked_on_books First off, I‘m glad that eel is not a traditional thanksgiving food! 😝 I also enjoyed reading about Carson, but two things struck me in that chapter. The first was his repeated assertions that she anthropomorphized the eel, when he included a quote from her specifically stating that‘s not what she was doing. He also seemed insistent that humans are separate from/superior to animals while at the same time showing that our understanding of 👇 7d
Hooked_on_books animals has changed drastically. I wonder why he needs to hang onto this idea? An incredible book that everyone in this book should read about animal senses, that fits right in with the contents of this chapter, is Ed Yong‘s An Immense World. It‘s absolutely phenomenal. 7d
AllDebooks @Hooked_on_books Can you imagine, the pardoned eel? 😂 That is a good point and irritated me. I'm planning on reading the Ed Yong book for #NaturaLitsyBingo2023 7d
TheBookHippie I‘ve read all of Rachel‘s books. I just reread Silent Spring with our Bookclub and we had a water scientist activist come talk about what threats we face. Fascinating. I‘ve sent her a message to read this book. I think Rachel is so underrated for her contributions - so many people have no clue who she is. 7d
TheBookHippie @Hooked_on_books I agree - he must have a reason? And thanks for the book rec! 7d
wanderinglynn Although Carson claimed she was not anthropomorphizing the animals in her story, that is what she did because she, a human, imagined what the animals (birds, fish, eels) thought & felt. She did described the scenes and the anthropomorphizing was minimal—it wasn‘t to the extreme that say Walt Disney did with a mouse named Mickey. For example from chapter 2, two birds “forgot the long flight of the night before in the excitement of the hunt.” 7d
wanderinglynn I think Svennson presents the eel as a symbol not only of the challenges and limits of science and the mystery of nature, but also of how relationships to nature (like that he and his dad) enhance the human experience, and of the fragility of nature and human blindness about what damage humans have done/are doing to the world. 7d
jlhammar @AllDebooks The pardoned eel! Love it 😂 @Hooked_on_books I have the audiobook of An Immense World currently checked-out, but haven't started it yet. Do you think it will work okay in that format? Looking forward to it. 7d
ElizaMarie Behind behind but still loving it so far :) 7d
jlhammar I also enjoyed the Rachel Carson section. I read Silent Spring many years ago, in high school, and am very interested in trying this biography 7d
jlhammar The life cycle of eels is just so fascinating! That “its aging seems tied to something other than time“ I thought the stories of the old eels in captivity were kind of haunting. How “if the eel isn't free to go to the Sargasso Sea, it won't undergo the final metamorphosis, won't turn into a silver eel, and won't become sexually mature. Instead, it waits, patiently, for decades, until the opportunity presents itself or it runs out of strength.“ 7d
Graywacke Rachel Carson stood out for me too. His take on her is very inspiring and I‘ve never read her. But also he covered a lot of different stuff in this chapter and I like how he mixes so much up without overwhelming the reader. I enjoyed his exploration of the Bible, Pilgrims and other literary stuff. And i feel so sad for those poor trapped eels living a hopeless hundred years. 7d
Graywacke @jlhammar yeah, how sad. Appreciate the quote. 7d
jlhammar I haven't watched it yet, but am looking forward to this PBS Nature documentary:
jlhammar @Graywacke I also really enjoyed the part about the symbolism and myth of the eel in the Bible and elsewhere. Really interesting. 7d
Julsmarshall Loved the Carson bits, didn‘t love some of the other literary bits. That one about the pregnant woman and all the vomiting-I had to take a break. Was it just me? I did think the Thanksgiving part was fascinating but I‘m quite thankful that we don‘t eat eel for the holiday. I loved the tidbit about how long they can live . . . then they killed the eel while studying its longevity 😱🤦🏽‍♀️Still enjoying this one, hard not to read ahead! 7d
CaitZ I found his interpretation of Rachel Carson's work interesting. I need to read more of her books. I think she was ahead of her time in the way she made science more accessible. I continue to be intrigued with eels and how much we don't know. 7d
TEArificbooks When I was looking up more about Rachel Carson, I noticed a new book out called. It might be a good fit for a later novel to read with the group. 7d
Jess861 I might have the unpopular opinion here but I didn't enjoy this section as much as I did the previous two. Although there are still some interesting parts in this section - it just didn't capture me like the first two. Loved the story about the Eel in the well and it is quite fascinating that they just kind of stop growing but keep living if they are misplaced. (edited) 7d
AllDebooks We all seem to be in awe of this incredible, adaptable creature, the eel, not the author! 😁 It has been a fascinating book club selection. As mentioned previously next month is free, apart from those of us reading 7d
AllDebooks I'm more than happy to run a #buddyread in February, of a Rachel Carson book if anyone is interested. 7d
TheKidUpstairs I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of Poseidon's Steed from a library for next month, but I do have some Rachel Carson at my library, so I'll probably read this one. Totally up for a buddy read if others are interested! 7d
TheKidUpstairs @TEArificbooks oooh, that one sounds really interesting! 7d
AllDebooks @TEArificbooks that looks absolutely amazing. I love nature, history and politics. All 3 in one book, I need it, like rn 7d
TEArificbooks @TheKidUpstairs I am having the hardest time getting a copy of Poseidon‘s Steed as well. It has been out of stock online everywhere. Finally Amazon said they had one copy I ordered it, they mailed it, but it got lost. Library doesn‘t have it. I finally just ordered a used copy on eBay hopefully that one gets here 7d
Aimeesue @wanderinglynn Yes! - the challenges/limits of science! I kept wondering if the scientists in Japan put the eels in wave pools. Kinda seems like a minute genetic difference (extra vertebrae) that divides Euro & American eels might just point to waves/tides having an effect on development? We like to think that if we throw enough science at a problem, we can fix it so it works for us. We rarely consider how it's going to work for, say, the eels. (edited) 7d
Aimeesue I enjoyed the part about the Brantevik eel a lot. Apparently it was common to put an eel in your well because it would eat bugs, vermin, etc? He did have some big eyes though! https://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/446/An-Eel-Was-Placed-In-A-Swedish-Well-To-Keep-T... 7d
wanderinglynn @Jess861 I didn‘t enjoy it either. I thought it lost steam & I skimmed a lot. Only some parts interested me, like the parts on Rachel Carson and some on the studies of eels . 7d
AllDebooks @Aimeesue Yes, stop with the science and leave them be 7d
AllDebooks @wanderinglynn @Jess861 I did find some parts repetitive in this section. Hated the bit about the eel in the well and in captivity. 💔 7d
Hooked_on_books @jlhammar I don‘t know who reads it, but it should absolutely work on audio. 7d
Hooked_on_books @AllDebooks The pardoned eel! 🤣 I didn‘t even think about that part! 7d
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm I‘ve never had eel, so I‘m not sure if my Thanksgiving feasts are missing out or not… 😅 The part that stuck with me the most was the trapped eel in the well. Especially when the author describes it as how a human would react to it as just one, long, painfully endless night. Ugh, made me shudder! I know he‘s specifically covering European eels, but I‘m curious to see if he‘ll ever touch on the Polynesian culture‘s relationship with the animal. 7d
Graywacke @Aimeesue thanks for the link with the video! 7d
Graywacke @AllDebooks i would really like to read Carson but i won‘t be able to join in February. I will try to read Poseidon‘s Steed. 7d
Aimeesue @Graywacke I really needed to see what a 150 year old eel looked like. Impressive little guy! I was also really struck by the part where they captured some returning eels and they were all "teenagers" developmentally, but hugely different in actual # of years old. That's kind of mind boggling. (edited) 6d
TheBookHippie My next book arrived and this was suggested Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells https://a.co/d/dtbw37m 👀🤣 6d
TheBookHippie @TEArificbooks oh I would definitely read that! @AllDebooks I‘d do this one! 👀📚📚📚 6d
AllDebooks @Aimeesue thank you for the link. I'm shocked at how different the eel looks with bigger eyes! Certainly, it's a lot less creepy. Still got Red Riding Hood in my head, 'all the better to see you with'. 😱 6d
AllDebooks @Graywacke @TheBookHippie I will do a separate post for the next read. Working on it now. 6d
AllDebooks @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm he does seem to be focusing on the European eel. Although it would be a shame not to cover the American eel, culture and traditions. Would be interesting to see how they differ from Europe. Let's hope he does in this last section. 6d
Aimeesue @AllDebooks That was my first thought as well! 😂 6d
Chrissyreadit @HookedonBooks I‘m going to get audio for An Immense World- I also agree that he discussed the mystery and intelligence of the eel but still sees human superiority as a given. I struggled with that. 4d
Chrissyreadit I enjoyed reading all these comments- I really felt sad about the eel in the well. But maybe he liked his privacy. At the same time I wish we had a greater respect for all living creatures and the earths environments. 4d
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This book was fascinating. It was mix of memoir and biology lesson on eels. Eels are really interesting creatures but I think Svensson's father may have been the real star, especially with his way of finding worms 🪱
#Naturalitsy @AllDebooks #NaturalitsyBingo2023 #water #Pantone2023 #Skylight @Clwojick #ReadySetRead #newtoyouauthor

rockpools ‘Better put your welly boots on‘ 🫣 ⚡️ 🪱 1w
AllDebooks Great review x 1w
AllDebooks @rockpools 😂🙈🤯 1w
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BookwormAHN @rockpools Exactly 😸 1w
Julsmarshall That worm technique was amazing! 7d
Clwojick This is on my TBR! It looks like such an interesting read. 💙 7d
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Highly recommend. Tough stuff, but such an important and urgent message. She has many positive and thoughtful plans for a peaceful transition into mass climate migration. I only wish I believed that things could work out that way. See comments for a link to a short NPR interview with the author.

#NaturaLitsyBingo2023 #ClimateChange

AllDebooks That looks a tough but important read. Thanks for sharing the link. 1w
RamsFan1963 I have this on my TBR. It's my next non-fiction read. 1w
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Fragile Eternity | Melissa Marr
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I didn't love characters, and I missed the characters of the previous book. It was sometimes a bit hard to understand their motives.

The thing I love in these books is this ugly and dangerous fairy world. And again you saw how things are going to end ugly and you couldn't do anything.

The weakness of this book was plot: Things went forward and toward the next installment but as an individual book not so much happened.

TheSpineView That's a shame! 1w
Andrew65 Sometimes series can be infuriating, and with some books being better than it here. Well done on completing this. 👏👏👏 1w
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