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A Scatter of Light
A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
Last Night at the Telegraph Club author Malinda Lo returns to the Bay Area with another masterful queer coming-of-age story, this time set against the backdrop of the first major Supreme Court decisions legalizing gay marriage. Aria Tang West was looking forward to a summer on Marthas Vineyard with her best friendsone last round of sand and sun before college. But after a graduation party goes wrong, Arias parents exile her to California to stay with her grandmother, artist Joan West. Aria expects boredom, but what she finds is Steph Nichols, her grandmothers gardener. Soon, Aria is second-guessing who she is and what she wants to be, and a summer that once seemed lost becomes unforgettablefor Aria, her family, and the working-class queer community Steph introduces her to. Its the kind of summer that changes a life forever. And almost sixty years after the end of Last Night at the Telegraph Club, A Scatter of Light also offers a glimpse into Lily and Kaths lives since 1955.
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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I have 4 friends playing pickleball in the park. Until I'm needed to give someone a break, I'll be in my hammock chair reading on my phone. Fingers crossed, I can finish the first week's section today.

Disclaimer: The hand & phone pictured is not real. I needed the phone to take the picture. I did NOT bring my Kindle because I'm an idiot.

Ruthiella But thank goodness for the kindle app! It‘s saved me before too. 😅 6d
TheBookHippie 🫣🤣♥️😅 I‘ve done this as well!!! 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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I love Sunday morning #sundaybuddyread I bought a new mug for my favourite day and time 🌈

IndoorDame Love the mug! ☕️🌈❤️ 6d
mcctrish @IndoorDame I am in love with it, I bought it from a local potter who had a booth set up for our neighbourhood Pride Festival 6d
dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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I‘m enjoying this 🙃
I cannot wait to read on…

Happy SUNDAY ♥️ so glad you‘re here with me!

AmyG I am enjoying this more than her last book that we read. I like the California vibe. 7d
TheBookHippie @AmyG California ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 7d
Sargar114 Did you catch the reference to our characters from LNatTC? I‘m pretty sure she referenced an aunt in socal that worked at JPL…we‘re getting closer!!!! 7d
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vlwelser I love this. I hope the author keeps writing these types of stories. Though I believe she started out in fantasy. 7d
Sargar114 Enjoying this one, but I still think I like Telegraph Club more. It may be because I have the audio version of this one and I don‘t really care for the narration too much, but still liking it. 7d
TheBookHippie @vlwelser She did -I may have to look at those 🤣👀 (edited) 7d
IndoorDame I‘m loving this so far! Maybe it‘s all the art. I reserve the right to change my mind if the ending is too saccharine, but I loved The Telegraph Club, so I have high hopes. 7d
kspenmoll @Sargar114 Oh! I missed this! 7d
kspenmoll Now I can read on…yay! 7d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame 🤣🤣SAME 7d
Librarybelle I like this! I missed the group‘s reading of The Telegraph Club last year, so cannot make a comparison, but this has a great mix of the typical YA awkwardness with all the feelings of questioning and finding oneself. 6d
mcctrish I love the art and I love that there is this future connection from Telegraph ❤️❤️ 6d
Karisa It‘s good, but a little too YA for my tastes. I liked Telegraph a little more probably for the historical points. Loving the art and Joan! I really like Mel too 6d
Deblovestoread I‘m liking this. Hoping for more connection to the Telegraph Club. 6d
willaful @Sargar114 It's not gripping me the way LNatTC did. Perhaps I get enough of queer young adults at home. 😂 6d
TheBookHippie @willaful I‘m enjoying it but I‘m not as in love with it as Telegraph. Which I now want to reread! 6d
Catsandbooks I like it so far, about as much as Telegraph club. I'm hoping the connection comes soon though 6d
peanutnine I'm really enjoying this one so far, and reading everyone's thoughts on it ☺️ 5d
mollyrotondo I loved Telegraph Club and I think that‘s because it was historical fiction. I still love this author‘s writing a lot! I just don‘t always love more contemporary YA stories. But I‘m still enjoying this story. I really hope she comes out with another book soon because I definitely want to continue to read this author. 5d
TheBookHippie @mollyrotondo ME TOO! I hope she writes more! 5d
PageShifter I am enjoying how easy & light this is to read. And the science & art. Those makes this feel a bit more. 5d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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AmyG I like Steph. I wonder if this is Aria‘s first love. 7d
Sargar114 @AmyG it‘s definitely feeling that way! That wasn‘t easy and I love how Steph reached out to her to make sure she was okay ❤️ 7d
vlwelser Steph seems like a good and steady influence. I approve. But she's also young and seems to let Lisa push her around. 7d
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IndoorDame I like Aria‘s friendship with both Steph and Mel and the ways they‘re helping her discover things about herself. I have 2 conflicting thoughts about Steph‘s character arc at this point, both of which would effect Aria, 1 of which would make me happy. 7d
kspenmoll Aria- courageous. Steph is so good for her. 7d
Librarybelle I like how Steph is being there for Aria without being pushy. Aria needs someone like that, and it was courageous for Aria to make that first step. 6d
mcctrish I am so happy @TheBookHippie gifted me AR‘s poetry because I immediately grabbed it and read 21 love poems ❤️ I like Steph too and I agree with @vlwelser Lisa is manipulating her. Maybe this means Steph helps Aria find herself and Aria helps Steph know she deserves better ( Steph has had a lot happen to her so I get she doesn‘t want to make rash decisions) 6d
Karisa I want to root for Aria and Steph, but there is Lisa still seriously in the picture. I don‘t hate Lisa—she‘s perceptive that Aria/Steph have chemistry. Steph is being a little sneaky keeping their meetups secret. Is that a good relationship basis or is this a summer fling or just a crush? Ooh, that poem is steamy! 🔥 6d
Deblovestoread I like Steph and I like Aria finding out about herself through her crush on Steph. Lisa is not my favorite. I do think Steph isn‘t being honest with Lisa about her time with Aria and I‘m not a fan of that. 6d
TheBookHippie @Karisa the poem is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 6d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 6d
TheBookHippie @Deblovestoread I‘m thinking Lisa is controlling I hope Steph figures it all out as well … but yes, not being upfront isn‘t good. 6d
willaful Am I the only one a bit weirded out that Steph's teacher gave her the book of poems? 6d
Catsandbooks I like that Steph is letting Aria explore things on her own 6d
mollyrotondo I like Steph a lot. I think she‘s a good friend to Aria. I‘d love for her to be more but I‘m not sure if it‘s going to go that far. She is a little older and knows Aria hasn‘t figured herself out yet. I don‘t see Steph dating Aria but maybe just being there to help her through this discovery of herself. But I wouldn‘t be unhappy if they got together 😆 5d
PageShifter I like their friendship but at the same feel a bit suspicious. They are hiding that from the rest of the group and it doesn't feel right. 5d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Arias friend Tasha calls
Sends videos
Nathan her first boyfriend
Who she actually didn‘t like…

AmyG “Old” friends vs new ones. VERY different. 7d
Sargar114 Nathan didn‘t seem like a boyfriend, just a summer fling that was appropriate for that friend group. The friend groups are very different, Aria is still finding herself. It‘s interesting how we‘re using her memories to help with that. I‘m glad that Tasha called and that it seems like she‘s a genuine friend. It‘ll be interesting if Aria ever feels comfortable enough with that group to come out like she did to Steph. 7d
vlwelser It was weird that she didn't seem to know who Nathan was when the friend brought him up. But then there was this elaborate story about how she really wasn't all that into him. 7d
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TheBookHippie @vlwelser I‘m pretending she‘s so preoccupied she blanked 🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♀️😂🫣 7d
IndoorDame This scene was written really well. You could feel the discomfort of one version of Aria encroaching on another as Tasha popped into an environment where she felt free to try out being someone different without having to explain herself. 7d
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie @vlwelser that‘s what I assumed, that it just took her a moment to change gears and remember 7d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame She was definitely not free and seems to be getting inclination of self now in hindsight, which happens frequently .. it‘s a good arch. 7d
kspenmoll @Sargar114 I agree re Nathan etc. Tasha‘s call pulls us back to that scene & why Aria is in CA. For me that was a good thing as I am caught up in her present. I hope one day she can come out if those friends are true, but only if. 7d
kspenmoll @IndoorDame Hood insight re: Aria‘s feeling of being free to be her authentic self- discovering her authentic self in CA. 7d
Librarybelle I like that insight, @IndoorDame , and yes, you as the reader could feel her internal conflict. I felt awkward for Aria, which tells me the author did a really great job with this scene. 6d
mcctrish I feel like a gulf could be opening between Aria and her high school friends and it gets wider when she goes to uni, she might experience the same thing with her new friends too once she leaves but they prepare her to find her people 6d
willaful @IndoorDame well put. 6d
Catsandbooks I think now that Aria is out of her normal area and meeting new people she's seeing that maybe she's never been that close with her friends. Maybe that she was just doing stuff cause she thought she should. 6d
mollyrotondo @Catsandbooks yes I definitely agree with you! After meeting new people she‘s starting to see what real friends are like and that maybe she was just trying to fit in with her HS friends but didn‘t actually have anything in common with them. 5d
PageShifter People can grow apart and I think that might have happened with her & her older friends. 5d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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AmyG I do like the grandmother alot. She seems very California…in a good way. 7d
Sargar114 Joan is lovely. This is the part of YA that makes you want to shake the MC, of course she‘s grieving 7d
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 right 😵‍💫😝 7d
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TheBookHippie @AmyG ♥️I so agree!!! 7d
vlwelser I agree with @Sargar114 Joan is lovely. 7d
IndoorDame @Sargar114 @TheBookHippie hahaha the she‘s grieving part does seem an especially stupid realization, and she seems a tad old to be having the my parents are people moment, but at least that realization makes her happy and she lets go of the it‘s all about me conception super easily, I thought this was a really sweet scene 7d
IndoorDame @AmyG love Joan! She‘s my favorite character! 7d
kspenmoll @AmyG Joan is such a light herself & Aria in this book. 💜🩵💙 7d
Karisa @IndoorDame Yes! I keep thinking Aria feels younger too especially since her parents were not very present/protective (until the nude photo incident). @Sargar114 😂 7d
Librarybelle Joan is awesome! 6d
Sargar114 @IndoorDame I don‘t know, I‘m 40 and I‘m still having to remind myself that my parents are real people…then again probably for different reasons lol 😂 6d
IndoorDame @Sargar114 😂 I suppose it‘s a lifelong lesson 6d
mcctrish I love Joan and I know she needs to be out of the picture for Aria to do her thing but I want her around more. @Sargar114 I find it easier the older I get to see my parents at the different ages just living their lives - I am way more introverted than they were so they still seem more like grown ups than I am 6d
Catsandbooks I want more of Joan too! We know Aria is not dumb (hello MIT) but how do you not realize your grandma is grieving? 6d
TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks SELF involved...... 6d
mollyrotondo I love Joan. I wish there was more Joan in this book. I do understand Aria as a teenager not fully understanding the adults in their lives reactions. We think our elders are resilient. We expect them to be our rocks that we have to remind ourselves they grieve too in their own ways. 5d
PageShifter I loved the scene, @mollyrotondo said it well.

And I read this as a realization how Joan was grieving. Not that she was grieving.
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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AmyG Interesting. 7d
IndoorDame Thanks for this link!!! I saw images of the tunnels, but seeing her planning sketches is incredible! 7d
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kspenmoll This is amazing- had no clue about this sun tunnel installation. 7d
Librarybelle I love all of the art mentions in this - I‘m learning so much about artists and more modern movements I never studied in school. 6d
mcctrish @Librarybelle I‘m loving the art talk too @kspenmoll me either and now I want to go and see them 6d
Deblovestoread Love the art talk. 6d
Catsandbooks Very cool! 6d
mollyrotondo I immediately looked this up when it was mentioned in the book. I would love to go there. Again love how art in relation to the earth/science are woven throughout this story. 5d
PageShifter These intrigued me immediately when I read about them, and wanted to check how they look like. Thank you for gathering the information ready :D (edited) 5d
TheBookHippie @mollyrotondo I want to visit!!!! 5d
TheBookHippie @PageShifter It‘s so cool. 5d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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The MOM. 😵‍💫

Also opera singer child name Aria….

🎵 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPMWJx91sxY

AmyG Not a big fan of Mom. 7d
Sargar114 Ugh the mom…I didn‘t even make that connection, but makes sense. At least Aria is a pretty name still. 7d
vlwelser Mom seems really self absorbed. 7d
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IndoorDame @vlwelser 💯 which is probably great for her life as an artist and performer, but a terrible trait for her life as a parent 7d
kspenmoll I feel the same- suddenly she wants to be a mother & see Aria ? 7d
Karisa Not impressed by any of the parents in this book—sigh YA trope “absent parents” 7d
Librarybelle Agree about the mom…not a fan of her. 6d
mcctrish I feel like Aria isn‘t doing herself any favours with not talking about the experience but as we get further into the stories and her attraction to Steph I wonder - is Steph the first time she‘s been attracted to a girl? ( Steph‘s story about having intense relationships with her girlfriends when she was young reminded me of a friend in uni‘s younger sister - she would be utterly devastated over the slightest disagreement) 6d
mcctrish Or. Has she been feeling different from how she perceives her friends feel and was that whole point of the get together that ended in photos a way for her to see how she felt to understand how she feels therefore she can‘t talk about what was going on because she hasn‘t quite figured it out? Or is she pansexual ? Also something to figure out (edited) 6d
Deblovestoread The mom is awful. And catching a lunch on a layover isn‘t parenting, its convenience. 6d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish I had similar thoughts. I think she‘s just figuring it alll out. 6d
willaful @mcctrish I think it's the first time she's noticed she's attracted. 6d
Catsandbooks Ugh yeah the mom is terrible. Also I hate how judgy she is when she barely talks to her daughter. Like you have no idea who your daughter even is. 6d
TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks I thought that as well... Does she even KNOW her daughter??? 6d
mollyrotondo I can‘t stand the mother. I agree @Deblovestoread that lunch during a layover with your daughter is not parenting. She‘s the worst. 5d
PageShifter I am not waiting much from their meeting. 5d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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The colors of the sun..
“This is due to the scattering away of light particles by the atmosphere ..”
Hint of the title 🙃


AmyG Yes…I noticed the hint of the title there. 7d
Sargar114 Oh I missed that, but love it! 7d
vlwelser I love this. 7d
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IndoorDame The story was propelling me along too fast this week to notice, but that‘s so perfect!!!! 7d
kspenmoll Loved when i read this-love all the science & art in this book. 7d
Karisa All the colors of the 🌈 and more stemming from the same ball of energy that fuels our planet. How perfect! Love the photo you found to go with it too! (edited) 7d
TheBookHippie @Karisa 🙃 now who is going to tell the homophobia folk the sun is a rainbow 🤣🤣🤣😵‍💫😵‍💫🫣🤪 7d
Librarybelle I was very excited to see the connection to the title! I love finding these little nuggets in books! 6d
Karisa @TheBookHippie 😂 They are already afraid of rainbows! 6d
mcctrish @TheBookHippie that would be me 🙋🏻‍♀️ telling the grade 5‘s last week they can do 🌈 when I introduced my art project ( semi school wide flower rainbow on the wall coming in from outdoors) so we talked about science and why the rainbow was chosen as a symbol and then we painted #leaveyourbullshitathome (edited) 6d
Deblovestoread I caught the reference and appreciate learning these things. Also love this pic. 6d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 I‘m so glad you did but whew the opposition and reasons we have to even explain. (edited) 6d
TheBookHippie @Karisa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 6d
Catsandbooks @kspenmoll I love all the science and art too! 6d
mollyrotondo @kspenmoll I also love the combination of science and art in this book. Two things so important to our world but usually are ignored or belittled or forgotten. 5d
mollyrotondo @TheBookHippie the sun will soon be banned 🙄 🥴 5d
TheBookHippie @mollyrotondo I so agree!!! I love all the art & science! 5d
TheBookHippie @mollyrotondo as to the sun being banned I too expect it soon 🫣🤣😵‍💫😫 5d
PageShifter I loved this scene and information it gave, and how it was linked with the title 💜 5d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Sunday morning coffee. #sundaybuddyread

TheBookHippie Love it!!! 7d
TheBookHippie Also is that monkey bread? 7d
IndoorDame 😋😋🥰🥰 7d
kspenmoll @TheBookHippie Yes! From a bakery nearby, not me! 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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kspenmoll Thanks! 7d
vlwelser I looked her up while I was reading also. 7d
IndoorDame She‘s so talented! I hope she continues to become more and more well known. Not sure what it says about Pollock (or the times?) that his mistress was also a talented artist and went on to more fame than his wife? 7d
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Librarybelle Thank you! 6d
mcctrish I feel ridiculous for not knowing Pollock‘s wife was an artist. That article is much appreciated - I just stuttered to a stop at the part where her older sister died so she was expected to marry the widower 🤯 thank god for fearless women who say NO!!! 6d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame patriarchy - so fun. 6d
TheBookHippie @mcctrish it‘s why my art degree double major daughter hates pollack 🤪😵‍💫. But yes to everything you said!!! 6d
Leftcoastzen Love her 6d
TheBookHippie @Leftcoastzen OH THANK YOU! 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Abstract expressionism #SUNDAYBUDDYREAD

Abstract expressionism in the United States emerged as a distinct art movement in the immediate aftermath of World War II and gained mainstream acceptance in the 1950s, a shift from the American social realism of the 1930s influenced by the Great Depression and Mexican muralists


AmyG I do love Jackson Pollock. 7d
kspenmoll @AmyG My son in early elementary school was introduced to Jackson Pollock.He embraced him fiercely because scribbling and lines and dots were about the extent of what my son could create with his fine gross motor and motor planning challenges. Since that time he has been immensely interested in art and arranging trips for us to various exhibits in New England & NYC. (edited) 7d
AmyG @kspenmoll That‘s awesome! Art trips sound wonderful. I loved Mass MoCA…have been there once. As for NYC…what better place to visit exhibits and galleries. My son and wife lived in NYC and miss the art so much. (edited) 7d
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TheBookHippie @AmyG I do too. 7d
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll How wonderful! I love a good art museum. @AmyG the art museum in Detroit is wonderful. It has Diego M. Rivera https://dia.org/collection/detroit-industry-murals-58537 & https://www.nps.gov/places/detroit-industry-murals-detroit-institute-of-arts.htm 7d
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie oh, how cool! Putting the Detroit art museum on my bucket list now! 7d
IndoorDame @kspenmoll I love how Jackson Pollock speaks to so many people so fiercely and for all sorts of reasons! 7d
IndoorDame @AmyG the museums and galleries are definitely the thing I miss most about NY too! 7d
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame The Holocaust museum there is great as well. And you can‘t miss this bookstore https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&sca_esv=3acb789c3fd461ab&sca_upv=1&h... 7d
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie 📚🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 7d
Librarybelle Thanks for the links! 6d
mcctrish One of my favourite things to do is visit art galleries/museums around the world and see the art I‘ve learned about irl, even excellent photos never do it justice. Christine the DIA is one of the first galleries my boys visited. I know I‘ve done something right raising them because the first thing they ask about when we travel ( after if there‘s soccer on) is what galleries/museums there are and then what exhibits are on 6d
willaful @kspenmoll You reminded me of one of my favorite books from my child's picture book days, The Dot. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/825377.The_Dot?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=vyO... 6d
TheBookHippie @willaful oh I love that book! 6d
kspenmoll @TheBookHippie Someday-my husband lived in Detroit the first 12 yrs of his life. He took my son ages ago on a trip there. Now I have reason for a road trip one day! 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Stopping was so hard. I‘m ready for tomorrow‘s #SUNDAYBUDDYREAD discussion.


IndoorDame I know, I really wanted to keep reading this week! 7d
kspenmoll Agree! I want to keep in reading…restraining myself! 7d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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All my #weekendreads are inspired by Litsy and span genres from Historical Fiction to YA to Nonfiction!

*A Scatter of Light (#SundayBuddyRead #PrideMonth)
*Clear (#CampLitsy)
*Doppelganger (#SheSaid —I‘m late to the party 😂)


A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Finishing this weeks #sundaybuddyread section just made me hungry 🤤 🍔 #inandout #animalstyle

TheBookHippie 🙂🙃 right?!?!! So hungry! 🍔 1w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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I wear a variation of the same PRIDE outfit.
Basically so my “kids” can find Miss Christine
However I‘m searching for a new one this year…


📸a couple different years… 🏳️‍🌈

Jari-chan Love your outfits 😍🌈 2w
Catsandbooks Amazing! 👏🏼🌈 2w
AmyG Amazing! Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈 2w
See All 7 Comments
dabbe You are adorable. 🏳️‍🌈💜🏳️‍🌈 2w
lil1inblue Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈 2w
UwannaPublishme You really know how to rock Pride month! 😍🙌🏻🏳️‍🌈💃🏻 2w
julieclair You are adorable. Your kiddos must totally love you - you are so wonderfully supportive of each and every child. 😍🩷💜🩵 1w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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#LGBTQBookBingo2024 my #SUNDAYBUDDYREAD crosses off seasonally timely as it‘s pride month and the book is describing pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ events in June!

willaful It was incredibly so for me, because I was reading about the Dyke March right after volunteering at a Dyke March. 😂 2w
TheBookHippie @willaful 😅😂🏳️‍🌈☀️🏳️‍🌈 ours is end of the month! 2w
willaful Our town celebrates Pride early and often. 😂 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ 2w
TheBookHippie @willaful We have to hire very tight security. It‘s quite dangerous yet.. so we do have many events all month but only one in a public space and we can‘t really advertise most things. People are so F U N..😵‍💫 2w
willaful @TheBookHippie Grrrrr. 🤬 2w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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What do you think?
I like her so far

So far I love the story.
I‘m trying to ignore a few things about accuracy to timeframe. Seems editor‘s no longer edit books.

On we read.

Happy Pride!!!!
Happy Sunday!

So glad you‘re here with me!


mcctrish I am enjoying it a lot. I love the art talk! 2w
vlwelser Totally ignoring the inaccuracies. Maybe she'll explain later. I love this one so far. 2w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish I love the art talk!!!! 2w
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IndoorDame Definitely having fun so far! 2w
AmyG I am enjoying it. YA isn‘t really my thing. But I am invested. Going to go olus in my 2008 Prius now. 😬 2w
Librarybelle I like this so far. An easy read, with the typical awkwardness in a YA novel. 2w
peanutnine Enjoying this so far! I like her relationship with Joan and how they seem to really respect and understand each other more than most grandparent/child dynamics 2w
Deblovestoread I‘m enjoying it so far. Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds. 2w
willaful It's kind of fascinating how different Aria's life is from Lily's. I think I'm less interested because I know about being a young adult now? But the sense of place is very good.

I'm curious whether there will be any kind of resolution over what was done to her. Women wind up the villains even when they were the victims. 🤬
Sargar114 I‘m enjoying the story, don‘t love the narrator in the audiobook so I fear I‘m missing a bit. 2w
mollyrotondo I‘m liking this one. I loved Telegraph Club because it was historical fiction whereas this one is more contemporary. But I like the events it is focusing on and I like Aria and Joan and Steph. And I really like the author‘s writing. Love a YA writer who writes a story that appeals to adults too. 2w
Catsandbooks I'm enjoying it so far! 🌈 2w
DebinHawaii I think it‘s great so far. I don‘t know if I‘ll love it as much as The Telegraph Club but I am looking forward to reading more! 2w
Read4life I‘m enjoying it and love Lo‘s writing. As always the discussions make it even better. 💙 2w
julieclair I‘m enjoying this so far, and interested to see where it goes. I‘m hoping we find out more of the backstory of the Steph-Lisa-Mel group. 1w
PageShifter I am enjoying! But yeah The Telegraph Club was maybe a bit more intriguing because you were afraid for the characters!

I think I have not been tagged on the posts, can you put me on the list?
TheBookHippie @PageShifter you just follow the hashtag #sundaybuddyread on Sundays. I post when I wake up. 5d
PageShifter Okay! I thought there was a tag list 🙈 5d
TheBookHippie @PageShifter We‘ve always left it loose. People read at differing paces, and some read every month some don‘t. We‘re in year 7!!! 🤯🙃♥️ 5d
PageShifter I understand that! I am feeling bad for being behind but I got the book late 😔 I am hoping to join again after this one 😊 5d
TheBookHippie @PageShifter several participants are 2-3 weeks behind always due to work so no worries, there are at least 4 of you behind this month and answering when they can. ♥️🙃 5d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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vlwelser I love that she's exposing us to actual artists here. 2w
IndoorDame Her work is stunning 🤩 2w
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AmyG Her work is awesome. 2w
Librarybelle This is a great education in art. Awesome! 2w
Karisa Love it! Just went and saw the Murakami exhibit at the Asian Museum (first link) with my daughter. Bing‘s work is one to look out for now too💗 2w
willaful Oh cool, I had no idea she was a real person. 2w
mollyrotondo I love that this author focuses on real people from San Francisco who were involved in art and music. I always knew a lot of art came out of San Francisco but I didn‘t know details of who and what. 2w
DebinHawaii Yes! I learned a lot from Telegraph Club & love how Malinda Lo weaves in history into her stories. I love learning about Bing & her amazing work. Thank you for the research & further exposing us @TheBookHippie 🤗 2w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I just love finding new art!! 2w
TheBookHippie @Karisa I love having new artist to look for! 2w
julieclair @willaful I didn‘t, either. But what an admirable woman, and not just because of her talent. That Apollo article is wonderful, @TheBookHippie ! 1w
PageShifter Thank you collecting this information! 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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I would just like to say
Adrienne Rich 💜

mcctrish I actually looked up and said “Sunday buddy read connections “ and laughed 2w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish 🙃❤️🙃 2w
vlwelser It all comes full circle. I am hoping for Easter eggs with the characters from the previous book. Last Night at the whatever that title was. 2w
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IndoorDame 💜💜💜💜💜 she actually came up just yesterday at a pride shabbat thing I went to (edited) 2w
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame 🩷🩷🩷🩷 2w
AmyG I chucked at that too. Now I “know” her…whenever her name pops up. 2w
Karisa @vlwelser Yes! It says it‘s a companion book so I was totally expecting Steph‘s performance to be as a drag king 😅 Then at the marches I was thinking maybe one of the coordinators would be from the Telegraph book… I haven‘t spotted anyone yet though either 2w
Deblovestoread For some reason I went into this thinking sequel so was very confused at first. Looking forward to the point where the two stories intertwine. 2w
willaful @Karisa Yes, me too. I'm kind of on edge. 😂 2w
Sargar114 I‘m looking forward to the point where we see our friends from the last book. I also laughed with the multiple mentions of Adrienne Rich. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 2w
mollyrotondo I would have never known about Adrienne Rich without Sunday Buddy Read. Love that this group expands my world so much! 🙏 💜 2w
DebinHawaii Yes! Thank you @TheBookHippie for always connecting us in the best ways! 💜💜💜 2w
PageShifter @Karisa I was expecting that too 😂😂 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Pink Saturday-Pink Saturday is a street partyheld the Saturday night before San Francisco Pride (Gay Pride Day) in San Francisco's Castro district. It coincides with the annual Dyke March in San Francisco

kspenmoll I loved the scene where Aria dressed like she was visiting the Vineyard because she had no idea what to wear to a dyke march. It was great to see that once she let herself go & got into the march that she forgot about her faux pas. 2w
mcctrish @kspenmoll yes! And the comments about her shoes 🤣 2w
vlwelser I thought it was cute she was worried about her outfit and the girls were just like can you walk around in those shoes? 2w
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IndoorDame @vlwelser @mcctrish the shoes were my first thought when she was obsessing about her clothes! I mean even if you‘ve never been to a Pride type event, can you imagine wearing shoes like that to any protest, parade, music festival…? 2w
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame I thought that too but then the shoes I‘ve seen 😅🤣 I‘m in converse, per usual. 2w
TheBookHippie @vlwelser 🤣 made me giggle! 2w
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie true, some people are WAY more dedicated to pulling off the perfect look than I‘ll ever be 😅🤣 2w
AmyG Ha! Forget pride. I know women who wear heels to the most ridiculous places. 2w
Librarybelle Yes, @IndoorDame …wedges and heels are not ideal for any party! 😂 But, this is a whole new experience for Aria, so I give her props for trying to blend in. 2w
willaful @IndoorDame Oh, if she were a drag queen, it would be completely appropriate! Style is everything. :-) There were full furry costumes at our Pride today, I can't even imagine how hot they were... 2w
mollyrotondo This is my problem always: what do I wear?!! 😆 I understand her struggle. 2w
DebinHawaii I agree! I never know what to wear but always flats & comfortable shoes! I can‘t even walk a block in heels! 👠🚫 2w
Read4life You know it, @willaful 😂 The drag queen that ran Drag Bingo was a regular at the bookstore. She‘d tell me to embrace my height (I‘m 6‘). I‘d say, “Mary, I LOVE my height but I also love my ankles in one piece.” Plus I couldn‘t compete with her. 6‘6” in heels, perfect makeup & gorgeous outfits. Me: sneakers or flats and no makeup ever. We were like Beauty and the BLAH! 😂😂 2w
willaful @Read4life LOL! My daughter is 6'2“ and I try to convince her to embrace her queenliness and lean into it. She told me, “if I lean into it too much, I'll fall over.“ 😂 2w
PageShifter @willaful Furry costumes, oh my 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Dyke March-A dyke march is a lesbian visibility and protest march, much like the original Gay Pride parades and gay rights demonstrations. The main purpose of a dyke march is the encouragement of activism within the lesbian and sapphic community. Dyke marches commonly take place the Friday or Saturday before LGBT pride parades.

vlwelser I love this. I've never been to a dyke march. Pride parades are amazing. 2w
IndoorDame @vlwelser I‘ve never been to one either, but I‘d love to go! ❤️🧡🤍🩷💜 2w
Librarybelle I just learned something new - I was not familiar with a dyke march! 2w
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AmyG It‘s all good when it comes to love and pride. 2w
Deblovestoread I was not familiar either but love women supporting women in all our shapes and colors. 2w
Sargar114 I‘d never heard of it either, I‘ve even matched in pride parades too! Thanks for sharing! 2w
mollyrotondo I had never heard of this either. Definitely agree with women supporting women! 2w
Catsandbooks New to me as well, very cool though! 🌈 2w
DebinHawaii I join the “new to me” club but I think it‘s cool. Like @Deblovestoread @mollyrotondo said, love women supporting women. 🏳️‍🌈 🌈 💕 2w
Read4life I heard about them from friends. It was a great discussion at Drag Bingo a few years ago. I‘ve never been to one but those that spoke about their experiences echoed comments on here about women supporting women and loving each other and all their differences. 🏳️‍🌈 2w
TheBookHippie @Read4life we need one every week! 2w
julieclair I‘ve never heard of a dyke march, either. I wish more cities would add them to their Pride events. Women supporting women is such an important message. Just last night my niece was telling me that her (male) boss told her that her emails were not “soft” enough, and she should try including emojis. 😡 1w
PageShifter There isn't dyke march in my country, I checked 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Gay marriage -In a landmark decision issued on June 27, 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that Section 3 of DOMA is unconstitutional and that the federal government cannot discriminate against married lesbian and gay couples for the purposes of determining federal benefits and protections.

kspenmoll Worried with the biased Supreme Court that too could change. 2w
TheBookHippie @kspenmoll Terrified as well. 2w
mcctrish I was thinking about random stuff today - Pride month means a significant part of the student body will skip classes due to religious differences - if one believes in God, and that God put us here, one can‘t really say that an omnipotent being made mistakes can they? If we are here, we are meant to be? Also religious texts were written by men after being oral stories for ages and ages so how much credence should be given to them. 2w
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TheBookHippie @mcctrish EXACTLY THIS.. especially that LAST PART! 2w
vlwelser Biology is science. Religion is man made. I think that's where people get confused sometimes. It seems like we should be past the point where we want to repopulate the earth with acolytes. Birth control and abortion and gay marriage seem like the future we should be promoting. 2w
IndoorDame @mcctrish @vlwelser @TheBookHippie frustratingly, in my experience, arguments based in logic don‘t work on people of faith, you have to appeal to something that resonates with their core beliefs, and it‘s really hard to do that because outsiders don‘t usually understand them well enough 2w
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame this has been my frustrating experience and I do try to explain it in their vernacular of faith when I‘m able. 😵‍💫 2w
kspenmoll @vlwelser Totally agree!!! 2w
Librarybelle I was wondering about that too, @kspenmoll . 2w
AmyG I am fearful, too. Many could lose so much. @IndoorDame I agree. Logic and religion don‘t always work. And some twist their religion to work in their favor…of the beliefs they want to have. I will never understand any of it. First be a good, kind, respectful person. The rest is not my business. 2w
Karisa @mcctrish @IndoorDame It‘s like many people have become more conservative and less tolerant lately. Instead of moving forward, we move back due to a small but powerful group. Can‘t take any rights for granted 🥺 2w
mcctrish @vlwelser absolutely and why is it so hard to believe in science 2w
mcctrish @IndoorDame faith in something that doesn‘t physically exist 🤯 but they can belong to 2w
mcctrish @Karisa I find myself becoming more intolerant of the intolerance and I know it‘s not the kids fault, they listen to their parents ( I‘m talking about immigrants and not entrenched Bible thumpers here for a millenia) . But they came here for a reason(s) and I know there is trauma tied into it but for FFS look around- you get to be here so do the other people, sexuality is not contagious 2w
IndoorDame @mcctrish I understand that faith helps a lot of people and that you can take it to a beautiful place, but history proves over and over that it‘s so easy for that to tip over into fanaticism, I just can‘t imagine it‘s worth the damage it causes if we don‘t find a way to limit it for ourselves 2w
IndoorDame @Karisa yes, much of the world is on a very frightening trajectory right now with human rights being lost and threatened at an alarming rate! 2w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish the religiosity of people makes me 🤪😵‍💫 I just cannot. 2w
TheBookHippie @Karisa Fear hate intolerance … the pillars of religion 😵‍💫 2w
Karisa @TheBookHippie It seems so lately… All about control and power 2w
mcctrish @TheBookHippie what we don‘t understand scares us and what scares us must be put to death 2w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish Ever grateful my grandma taught me eternal mystery it‘s Mystery and we are to question everything always, and just love people. When someone died she‘d say well now they know the secret and they have new mysteries to discover. There are no absolutes. It was calming to me. 2w
mollyrotondo Very afraid for our future in this country. I don‘t know how we get back to the way things were in 2013 when this decision was announced. It takes so long to see positive progress like this and if we take 10 steps back how much longer will it take us to just reach 2013 standards again? Progress seems so short lived. 2w
Sargar114 @IndoorDame I just listened to a podcast about this exact topic! Liberals will never win the arguments against conservative values when they‘re argument is based in liberal values. It really made me think about how we all communicate. 2w
TheBookHippie @Sargar114 Mr BookHippie just asks questions… and eventually they can‘t answer or don‘t like what they‘d answer and some have even come back and asked him why he didn‘t tell them what to think. He had one coworker come apologise later… so odd. 2w
Catsandbooks So terrified of the state of this country and the world. So very nervous about the election in the fall. We're all just human beings trying to do our best and live our lives. Why do people hurt others just because they're different? 2w
TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks People love power and control … and they love hate. I remember reading this after Roe got overturned. It‘s accurate of “Christians”⬇️ 2w
TheBookHippie That joy you're feeling from Roe v. Wade getting overturned isn't because God has worked. What you're feeling is a perverted and disgusting sense of satisfaction, not because you've "saved lives", but because were able to exert control over other people. You're feeling powerful and vindicated because you didn't want someone to do something and acted YOUR will on them. Your joy isn't about God; it's about making yourself feel just. 2w
Catsandbooks @TheBookHippie unfortunately you're absolutely right 2w
DebinHawaii @TheBookHippie 💯 Lately I just can‘t with some people—the hate, fear, narrow-minds, etc. 🤬 I go back Thursday to visit family in Oregon before a work conference & while most of my siblings & their families aren‘t super religious/conservative a few are & I‘m not feeling ready for that! 2w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 I FEEEL THAT… you should read my ultra religious birthday cards … 🫣🤪🤢🤮🤬 from some family members … just NO. I find the “ Well I did talk to the Divine today and SHE said….” Stops them in their tracks… 👀 otherwise I just say OF COURSE you‘re right… 🤣😳🤦🏻‍♀️ 2w
DebinHawaii @TheBookHippie Hah! I will try that! 😆 2w
Read4life I think it‘s important to recognize: 1. Not all non-religious people are kind & accepting just like 2. Not all religious people are close minded & intolerant. It should not matter what my sexuality, gender, religious/spiritual beliefs, age or weight/body type are. Why are kindness & compassion so hard to come by? The world is broken & I won‘t judge anyone for how they find peace & calm. I‘m trying to learn more from NaturaLitsy to grow personally. 2w
TheBookHippie @Read4life it‘s why “Christian‘s” is in quotation marks. If your religion controls another‘s right to exist or control one‘s own body, it‘s a problem, and a cult-whether you personally believe it or not. I absolutely agree and believe in personal spirituality and faith for oneself. The minute you try to force your beliefs on someone else or think yours is better or the only one is where I have a problem. 2w
TheBookHippie @Read4life and church and state are seperate. We don‘t live in a Theocracy. 2w
Read4life I agree with you. I wasn‘t offended at all by any comments. I was just sharing like everyone else. I agree that many “Christians” force their beliefs on others and look to control others. I wish everyone could be respectful of their fellow humans and learn from each other. I am new to meditation and also embracing nature and its healing properties. I just don‘t understand people who are threatened by differences ⬇️ (edited) 2w
Read4life I learn from people on here daily. I‘m not oblivious to the horrific treatment & trauma people experience. As a woman in an interracial marriage, I have experienced the looks & comments but I know it‘s nothing compared to what others have experienced. It‘s terrifying and heartbreaking to see people denied their rights, respect & acceptance. Love is Love. I hope I didn‘t offend as it was not my intention. 💙 2w
PageShifter I think this tagged book could be interesting for many. Have you read it? 6d
TheBookHippie @PageShifter not yet it‘s on my list!! 5d
TheBookHippie @Read4life I love Judaism with my whole heart, that being said I‘m more spiritual and meditate and nature focus as rule. Also I sleep with a Protestant 🫣🤣 so I‘m use to nuance. I think what works for self is such a gift. I‘ve never met a kind Christian in my life and I went to parochial school 😵‍💫🤯😝🤷🏻‍♀️ but I have experienced it on Litsy. But I have also endured massive hatred. I too wish people would just be nice. ♥️ 5d
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick This one step forward, ten steps back thing makes me feel stabby. Only doctors should have any say in medical treatments. Individuals should be able to love who they want to love. If you don't understand, ask questions. Some Christians hate gays & abortions. I believe George Carlin said it best, but "who has less abortions than gay people?!" I won't continue my diatribe here because we're all largely in the same camp. 9h
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Cosmo Shampoo
Is Grandma Joan ok..
The gardener
A date?
Mixed feelings..

In the studio with her grandfather and his tapes and papers -Lovely

kspenmoll It struck me as quite odd that she responded to a “ pick up” in Safeway despite the fact that she recognized her grandmother‘s gardener & felt attracted to her. She knew absolutely nothing about these young women. Love the connection/love & scientific she is seeking by listening to her grandfather‘s tapes & (edited) 2w
mcctrish Safeway brings me back ❤️ as does Cosmopolitan 🤣 it‘s a western chain in 🇨🇦 I shopped there in Uni and my parents had an account because the cottage was north of Winnipeg which I used when we travelled in the US to get the sale prices ( we camped a lot when our boys were young) I am slightly off put by the ‘knowing‘ glances between the ‘friends‘ re: Aria 2w
vlwelser I like this character Steph a great deal so far. The struggle with the attraction seems legit for that age group also. 2w
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IndoorDame I hope Joan is okay! 🤞🏼 Aria is being painted as graceful and mature in scenes like watching her grandfather‘s tapes, and as blundering and oblivious around her new friends. Maybe because they‘re all older? Maybe because discovering your sexuality feels like that for some people? 2w
Karisa Love the grandfather shared interest and family photos. The instant new friends dynamic does feel a little off though. However Aria is in desperate need of friends and they are nice. I just get a little off put that the message seems to be she is becoming a different sexuality because of their influence… It seems like it‘d be more realistic if she had noticed some feelings before? 2w
Librarybelle Joan sounds like a delight, but it is worrisome to see memory lapses. The scene with Lisa, Mel and Steph seemed a little off. It was kind of abrupt. Though, one thing…Lisa seemed to sense that Aria was looking at Steph as if she may be interested in her. Maybe in some ways Mel saw the same thing. But, Lisa‘s grab for Steph‘s hand was a power play move. Hmmm…I can see drama in our reading future! 2w
TheBookHippie @Karisa She may have and not realised or is now attracted to someone and she‘s shocked intrigued and a bit confused -like OH this is attraction what I had before not so much … @IndoorDame I assume she‘s discovering it as well. 2w
TheBookHippie @Librarybelle DRAMA DRAMA was my thought!!! 2w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish omg Cosmo reading 🤣🤣🤣 gosh I should pick one up. It‘s been decades. 2w
AmyG @Librarybelle Oh, there will be drama. And I agree…this all happened so fast. I barely remember being 18 so who knows? 🤣 2w
Librarybelle @AmyG 😂 18 does feel awhile ago…who knows, indeed! 2w
TheBookHippie @AmyG 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I‘ve very vague memories 😅 @Librarybelle 2w
peanutnine The instant friendship did seem a bit off. I can understand Steph not minding getting to know her better since she's heard about her from Joan, but Mel seems to come on so strong. She gives me bad vibes almost like she's hoping for drama 2w
Deblovestoread Love Aria discovering her grandfather through their shared interest and learning who Joan was as a young woman. The introduction to Steph, Mel and Lisa felt really rushed to me but as I thought about it I decided I didn‘t need additional chapters of chance meetings or chats with Steph at Joan‘s to get to the same place. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2w
willaful @mcctrish That reminded me of Last Night at the Telegraph Club, though it didn't freak me out, since Aria is less naive and has much more autonomy. I think they've all picked up on her interest in Steph. 2w
TheBookHippie @willaful YES!!! I‘m not worried about these girls. 2w
willaful @TheBookHippie yes, thank goodness for that. I spent so much of LNatTC in sheer mom terror. 😓 2w
mollyrotondo @Deblovestoread I agree that I didn‘t need chance encounters for us to get to the same place in the friendship. I‘d rather the story move. 2w
mollyrotondo I didn‘t find their quick friendship abrupt or find it odd that Aria would be discovering something new about her sexuality. Sometimes you don‘t know things about yourself until you are presented with something. And I really really liked that Aria knows she‘s not attracted to Mel and stopped any advances from her. I like it all so far. Makes sense for young people. 2w
TheBookHippie @mollyrotondo I like her. It‘s the right age to figure out who you really are. Some growth behind you and before you. 2w
mollyrotondo @TheBookHippie definitely it‘s the exact right age. Some people learn so much more about themselves when they go to college and get out of the towns they grew up in. Aria is starting that by visiting her grandmother before college. Makes total sense. 2w
Sargar114 @willaful good point about the similarities in books. I‘m only struggling with her because I‘m doing audio and I don‘t love the voice the narrator uses for her. I imagine I‘d like it better reading it. 2w
Catsandbooks I love how she gets to learn more about her grandparents. I like Steph and her friends seem nice. Lisa will be trouble though lol 2w
DebinHawaii Safeway (shopped there forever & it‘s my closest grocery store here) & Cosmo - so many years reading it & especially doing the monthly quiz! 😆 The friendships did seem quick & it will be interesting to see how it all works out. I feel like Mel will be okay with friendship. Lisa will definitely be the issue & drama. 😬 2w
TheBookHippie @DebinHawaii I feel such a strong need to buy a Cosmo and take the quiz … 2w
julieclair There is drama ahead for sure. It feels like Aria has been dropped into the middle of a very complicated friends/lovers network with a lot of history. 2w
PageShifter I am curious to know more about the past of Lisa & Steph. They seem to have problems but why? 6d
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Topless photo incident 😵‍💫
Summer at grandmas
Friends abandoning her
Mother screaming at her
Ummmm the guy?


This is YA so 😅

Interesting way to get to grandmas for the summer…

iPhone 5 was September 2013 FYI

kspenmoll Agree, it is so YA I almost thought about not reading it, but once in I got engaged. It does speak to relevant social media issues. 2w
mcctrish The topless incident 😡 I want to strangle that ass! 2w
TheBookHippie @mcctrish me, oh I can picture this type of asshat in high school 😵‍💫😵‍💫👀 2w
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IndoorDame The parents reactions seemed a little over the top to me considering both the kids were 18, and a little hypocritical considering they weren‘t offering to change their summer plans to keep an eye on her. 2w
vlwelser I love that this is a very real scenario that teens actually face. Both the photos themselves but also the fallout from it. And how the boy was likely not even punished. 2w
mcctrish @IndoorDame I thought so too and @vlwelser absolutely true 2w
Librarybelle Exactly, @vlwelser . I thought the same thing. 2w
TheBookHippie @vlwelser exactly. True to life. 2w
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame oh mine would do that. Although I left at 17. 🤣😅😵‍💫 2w
Karisa @IndoorDame I thought the same thing about the parents (her parents and well as her friends‘ parents). Odd but got her to the new place 🤷🏻‍♀️ @vlwelser Guy not punished (even socially rewarded) seemed very true to life unfortunately. Couldn‘t her family have pressed legal charges? 2w
AmyG I thought the same thing about the parents, too. BUT…then I wonder if Dad knows something is “off” with Joan and it became an opportunity for Aria and Joan to spend time together. 🤷‍♀️ 2w
Deblovestoread I think it stayed very true to real life fallout….weathly parents distancing themselves from the scandal, boys will be boys but girls should know better 🤬, parents shipping kid off to grandmas as a time out, etc 2w
Catsandbooks Very realistic set up. I'm close to the same age as Aria, in 2013 I was 20. I had a Tumblr. My friends were everything to me and we were on the internet all the time and documenting everything. Not happy with her parents, they seem more interested in their own lives than in being there for their daughter. 2w
mollyrotondo @vlwelser I also liked that the book started with a very real scenario teen girls face nowadays with phones and social media. And it was accurate showing the boy doesn‘t get punished but the girl has everything change because of what a guy did to her. Makes me so angry. She‘ll be better off though meeting new people in a different place and spending time with her grandmother. 2w
TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks Grandmas are the best. 🩷 2w
Sargar114 @vlwelser agree it seemed very realistic. 2w
DebinHawaii I agree with everyone about the real scenario/set up with social media & the girl getting the blame/brunt of it & the boy goes free. So frustrating. And it does seem like both parents are too self-absorbed but this will be a life-changing summer for Aria & I‘m glad she has Joan & Joan has her. 2w
Read4life I absolutely agree that the scenario is very realistic as is the fallout. It reminded me of parts of 13 Reasons Why; the girl is trouble & slutty while the guy‘s “got game”. 2w
TheBookHippie @Read4life 💯💯💯 WHY is it ALWAYS the way. Men hate women so viciously.. misogyny is horrific. 2w
julieclair This was such a realistic scenario, and so very frustrating. I‘m angry with every single person in her life except Joan. 2w
PageShifter Tbh I am enjoying the YA vibes. I have read several “harder“ books this month and this is so easy & relaxing to read xD And the characters feel realistic & relatable so I don't complain :) 6d
TheBookHippie @PageShifter it‘s quite zen. I love that. 5d
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick This was a realistic scenario, but damn. She's 18 & heading to college. Her parents have to chill. Which parent plans to drop everything & chaperone her at school? And of course, no trouble for the boy at all. 🙄 Thank goodness I finished high school before everyone had phones and internet readily accessible. I wasn't shy about stripping down to a bra & panties in front of others if it meant I could change into something more comfortable or warm. 10h
TheBookHippie @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I lived on my own by then so it‘s a little 😵‍💫 but I know so many parents like this. I‘m with you on the phone thing WHEW… 10h
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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The grandma
The art
The grandpa died …

I like how the book starts laying a history before getting into the story.

IndoorDame Yes! Love that we got to see how cool Joan is, and get a sense of how sweet a kid Aria is before any bratty teenage habits take hold of her. 2w
vlwelser I also love this setup. 2w
Librarybelle I loved that too! 2w
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Karisa It does establish the setting and family dynamics well. It kind of reminds me of Secret of a Heart Note by Stacey Lee with the pretty place near California‘s Bay Area, gardening, and teens isolating one that‘s different feel. 2w
TheBookHippie @Karisa Me too. It‘s very calming. 2w
AmyG I agree. Nice setup. I want to live in Joan‘s house! 2w
Deblovestoread She does a lovely job of showing us place and characters. It didn‘t take long to see it all in my mind‘s eye. 2w
Catsandbooks I already love Joan! And I want to live in the wilderness with no one around lol 2w
mollyrotondo I like this opening as well. We get to understand Joan and Aria‘s relationship. I also love the description of the house. A little too far out of the way for me but definitely love the way the look is described. 2w
TheBookHippie @Catsandbooks HA. I go back and forth… no one around or huge city and anonymous. 2w
Sargar114 I agree, it was a fun way to introduce their relationship. I worry something is going to happen to Joan though. 2w
DebinHawaii I was a little confused at first how the relationships tied to Lily & Kath from Last Night at the Telegraph Club but I think I got it. I like both Aria & Joan & Joan‘s house sounds cool. @Sargar114 I‘m a bit worried about Joan too! 😬 2w
julieclair I love the chill way Joan is handling her relationship with Aria. No coddling, no smothering, no judgment. 👍 2w
TheBookHippie @julieclair The best grandma trait!!! 🩷 1w
PageShifter @Karisa I also love the setting but I thought first she would do gardening herself. That would have been so cool!

I love Joan's relationship with Aria. But I also have a feeling that her condition is getting worse :/

@DebinHawaii I have not yet figured it out 😝
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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#currentread this cover is 😍😍😍

TheBookHippie I love this cover. 1w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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I‘m getting ready for #sundaybuddyread and #pridemonth

TheBookHippie ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🩵🩷 2w
mcctrish @TheBookHippie 🌈❤️ 2w
KadaGul @mcctrish Very Colorful 💅for the summer 🌻 (edited) 2w
See All 6 Comments
kspenmoll Those nails!!!!!🌈 2w
mcctrish @KadaGul I bit my nails for decades 🤦🏻‍♀️ the one good thing about the pandemic is it absolutely cured me of biting them anymore so I always celebrate with colour, no neutrals for me 🤣🤣 2w
mcctrish @kspenmoll they bring a smile to my face 🌈 2w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Oh boy. The year is 2008. There was no plug-in Prius hybrid until 2011. I used to own one and when I read this…I thought…nope.
And so it begins. 🤦🏼

#SundayBuddyRead @TheBookHippie

TheBookHippie We ALLLLL need to edit books for publishers was my thought… 😅🫨 2w
KadaGul In 2008, we were just making up things as we went along 🤣🤣. #2008 2w
Deblovestoread That is unfortunate and sloppy. 2w
lil1inblue Oops! 😂 2w
Leftcoastzen So irritating. 2w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Hey #sundaybuddyread friends, Turns out the kindle version actually does have chapters, very convenient!

I went to bookmark these passages before I started reading and so case it helps anyone else…

June 2 we read through the end of chapter 8

June 9 we read through the end of chapter 21

June 16 we read through the end of chapter 33

(the page numbers in my version are the same as in @TheBookHippie ‘s if you want to go by those)

TheBookHippie Oh how lovely!!! I think many of us are using kindle . 2w
AmyG Mine is the regular ebook version. If anyone has that: section 1 ends page 117, 2 ends 233, 3 ends 327 (edited) 2w
Read4life Thank you for this @IndoorDame & @AmyG (edited) 2w
BarkingMadRead Don‘t they know we need chanters?!? 2w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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See you Sunday! We loved this authors book last June! 🤞🏻

IndoorDame 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 3w
mollyrotondo Looking forward to reading this author again! 3w
Sargar114 Looks like my library only has it on audio…so should be interesting 😝 2w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Everyone welcome !!!

AmyG No chapters???? Oy. 4w
TheBookHippie @AmyG I KNOW!!!!! 4w
willaful Won't somebody think of the book clubs?! 4w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Scheduled reading sections
I have the hardcover
June 30 OFF

No chapters 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
Hopefully this works out 😝🤷🏻‍♀️🤞🏻

IndoorDame We‘ll manage 💜 1mo
vlwelser We will manage. It's fine. How many total pages is your copy. I 🖤❤ math. 1mo
TheBookHippie @vlwelser 335 numbered 338 total 👀 1mo
See All 11 Comments
vlwelser Ok. We have 23.37%, 47.93%, 67.46% and 100%. Estimated. 1mo
TheBookHippie @vlwelser 🏆 also this proves I suck at math 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♀️😝👀 1mo
vlwelser Meh. We all have skills. I wouldn't be able to organize all of this stuff and post detailed questions (often with additional material) every week 1mo
willaful @TheBookHippie It's close enough! 1mo
TheBookHippie @AmyG see above @vlwelser has it figured percentage wise. 4w
vlwelser Is it nutty that I just requested the hard cover? I may not even need all that lovely math myself. 4w
TheBookHippie @vlwelser 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤷🏻‍♀️ 4w
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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repost for @TheBookHippie


Schedule coming soon

Original post:


A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Schedule coming soon

slategreyskies Oh, I‘m looking forward to this one! I‘ve already got my copy! 1mo
willaful I'd like to join! 1mo
AmyG Yay! 1mo
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TheBookHippie @willaful 😊 yay! 1mo
Read4life I‘ve got my copy and have been (im)patiently waiting 🤓 1mo
Catsandbooks Gonna jump in on this one! Got my copy! 1mo
peanutnine Planning to join this month! I loved the last one! 1mo
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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This is described as a “companion” to Last Night at the Telegraph Club and not really a sequel, though we do “catch up” with the characters from the first book. I liked that one better, but this is also a pick.

My #serieslove2024 list now fits in one collage, even with a book I‘d forgotten to include before and some upcoming books that now have covers. The bottom row is just UK mysteries!

TheSpineView Awesome! 4mo
Crazeedi This is awesome! And I spy several I've read and many I haven't, will have to investigate! 4mo
Andrew65 Fantastic progress 👏👏👏 4mo
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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is 1.99 right now


TheBookHippie @AmyG @DebinHawaii @mcctrish not sure who else uses kindle! Everyone welcome ! 4mo
AmyG Thanks! 4mo
DebinHawaii Yay! 🎉 Thank you! I thought I already bought this one but I had not. 🤗 4mo
See All 9 Comments
mcctrish Oooo thank you, but not in Canada ☹️ I need to keep checking my daily e book deal emails (edited) 4mo
TheBookHippie @mcctrish oh crap I have bookperk Canada I keep forgetting as well 😵‍💫😅🤦🏻‍♀️ 4mo
Read4life Thanks for the heads up. Now I‘m ready for June! 4mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I just saw my BookBub email, snagged my copy, & came here to make sure you knew about it. 4mo
vlwelser 😍🌈 4mo
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Bringing in this new year with a much-anticipated book and my buddy #TomKitten next to me. I loved Melinda Lo's Last Night at the Telegraph Club and this one is a lovely companion novel, unafraid to lean into uncertainty, melancholy, and a little bit of mess as the young characters grapple with identities and relationships changing and growing. I'm a Lo fan for life now; excited to seek out her other titles!

dabbe 🖤🐾🖤 5mo
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Deblovestoread Thank you! 8mo
TheBookHippie @Deblovestoread 🙃 I try to post all the sales I see! @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick & @DebinHawaii catch a bunch usually as well! ♥️ 8mo
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A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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August is here! And my #BookSpinBINGO list is ready. 📚🥰🎉

A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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This book was quite disappointing, compared to Last Night at the Telegraph Club. I really didn‘t like that the romance was an affair. The main character wasn‘t very interesting, and all the other relationships fell flat.

#MalindoLo #YoungAdult

A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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I loved Last Night at the Telegraph Club, but this companion read just wasn't for me.

I wanted to know more about Aria's family and the book just barely brushed the surface. The focus is on her coming out and embracing who she is, which I love, but YA romance tends to bore me.

A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Just finished this today, and I really enjoyed it! Although I didn‘t like how part of the “love” story ended up playing out, I think how it all is drawn together (finding your true self, art, family, etc) at the end is really important. I loved Joan, and Analemma is too cute; there needs to be more animals in books!🐾

A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Brb weeping. This was so lushly written and true to life, and I LOVED the update on Lily and Kath. I wouldn't call it a romance, but it's absolutely romantic, and the growth journey Aria goes on is one of the best. #yalit

A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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I don't think this book needed to be considered The Telegraph Club #2, but stands decades apart as it's own story/book. The updates on characters from the aforementioned as simply an Easter Egg for Malinda Lo readers.

This story is as a more modern day coming of age story set in California just as the freedom to marry who you choose is being announced and celebrated.

A Scatter of Light | Malinda Lo
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Interesting that it all started with Book-It program from the 1990s! My girls loved it-for reading the required # of books, they got a personal pan pizza 🍕

#YoungReaders #NovemberNarrative @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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