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Pet Peeves
Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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@AprilMae My Top 5 Bookish Pet Peeves are:

1. See pic! Makes me cringe every time I see someone do this.
2. Love triangles.
3. Male authors that don't know how to write a female character.
4. Sale stickers that cover book blurbs.
5. Spoilers.


Melissa_J My answers would be exactly the same as yours! 1mo
GirlMeetsBook I totally do this! But I like when the spine is broken in enough that it just folds over on itself. 🥰 1mo
Reviewsbylola Um yeah that pic is me. 🙈 1mo
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Reviewsbylola Same! Spine cracker over here! 🙋🏼‍♀️ @GirlMeetsBook 1mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Cracked spines are my pet peeve. I like to buy used books, but the spines have to be perfect. And I try very hard to keep them that way when I'm reading. I don't really care what ppl do to their own books, but I won't lend mine out for this very reason. 1mo
Leftcoastzen You are a wise woman! All those things bug the heck out of me!Also cracked spines like @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 1mo
bookandbedandtea I agree with every one of your peeves 1mo
Jess My mom does this and I feel bad but I can‘t lend her books! 1mo
Birdsong28 @Jess My mum also does this so if she asks to lend books I either buy her a copy or read it first. 📚📖 1mo
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Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #LitsyHumor

Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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You will #neverever find me doing this! For a thick paperback book, I even open the pages at a certain degree as to avoid creasing the spine! I know, I‘m that fussy. 😬#bookishpetpeeves

(Image from google of course)

Redwritinghood That image is just horrifying! 😱😱 5mo
Cinfhen That photo is painful to look at 😖 5mo
TrishB Same... 5mo
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TK-421 😱 5mo
Melissa_J Same here 5mo
Leftcoastzen People can‘t tell what I have read or haven‘t read , I like them to look nice , I handle with care. 5mo
maleahrae Ugh! Same! My son recently did this and I was flabbergasted! He said it was because his teacher did it! Nope, still not okay! 5mo
batsy I'm with you on that! 5mo
TheLibrarian @Leftcoastzen I‘m the same way! My husband and I have 2 copies of some books because he destroys them and I want mine to look new. 5mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego A cracked spine is my biggest pet peeve too! 5mo
Mdargusch Ha! I started reading my paperbacks halfway open so I don‘t bend anything! 😄 5mo
Reviewsbylola I‘m a spine cracker and not afraid to admit it! 5mo
Soubhiville Ow, poor book! That looks painful 😢 5mo
emilyhaldi I have trouble not cracking the spine when it's a chunkster 😅 5mo
Weaponxgirl @Reviewsbylola same here, although that picture does look particularly bad. 5mo
BooknerdsLife OMG! I CANT! 😭 Poor book! I might dog-ear pages of my books when I'm out of sticky note/tags or forgot my book mark but I'd never ever crack the spine of my books😆🙈 5mo
Bookladylinda 😳 OMG! I would never do that!!!!! 5mo
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Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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Super minor, but huge annoyance for me with eBooks: eBooks that only provide locations and not an actual page number. Is it really that difficult? Someone must know the answer as to why this is sometimes the case!

Literary_Siren I don‘t know why some are like that but I hate it too! 10mo
Elma I hate that! 10mo
EH2018 Can you tap it to change it? 10mo
kellyann28 @EH2018 yes, you tap it to cycle through various options but it doesnt have an actual page number as an option! 10mo
EH2018 That's so annoying! 10mo
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Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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This would especially be at get-togethers with my husband's family. I'm all for talking with them, but when they're on their phones, it's kind of difficult.
I also hate dog-eared pages. 😠

#readingresolutions @Jess7

Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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Dog earring pages, I like when my pages are perfect.
When someone spoils the ending. It‘s just, what‘s the point of reading if I can‘t guess the ending for myself?

teainthelibrary Ugh, mine is when little kids throw picture books all over the children‘s section in the library then proceed to walk and crawl all over them as their parents sit and chat! So annoying 1y
BookishGirl06 @teainthelibrary that‘s horrible. Makes me want to walk up to them and tell them to stop. 1y
Maggie_Reads 1. Dog-eared pages 2. page tears 3. books thrown in the trash 😡 1y
BookishGirl06 @Maggie_Reads who throws a book in the trash? Donate if you don‘t want it 1y
Maggie_Reads @BookishGirl06 I saw a book in my mom's trash. I rescued it and told her all unwanted books are to be directed my way in the future. (edited) 1y
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Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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Pics of drinks on top of books make me so worried. ☕️📚 Especially when they are library books. 🚨#ReadingResolutions #BookishPetPeeve

MatchlessMarie @jess7 tagging function is acting up 1y
GondorGirl I agree so much! 😯 1y
jmtrivera I know! Any time I have to do it for a sec, I start getting anxiety! 1y
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2BR02B As a cat staffperson, I have long since learned the hard way not to leave books and drinking receptacles within three feet of one another. 1y
QuietlyLaura @2BR02B 😂 cat staffperson! (Nervously looking over my shoulder to make sure my cat boss isn't looking.) 😼 (edited) 1y
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Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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Ddzmini I did at one point in my life ☹️ I let go of my books 😭😭😭 I regret that now because I have to get them back 1y
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Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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#ReadingResolutions #BookishPetPeve @jess7
Of course mistreating books is my #1 pet peve above are a couple more.

vkois88 Stickers ANYWHERE on books drive me absolutely NUTS!! Well, stickers on anything... but mainly books. Our Goodwill does it so they know when books came in, and my mom frequently has to remind me to watch language bc of LO as I try to get them off 😂😂 1y
GripLitGrl @vkois88 😂😂 so frustrating! 1y
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Pet Peeves | Taylor McCafferty
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Bookwomble If I allowed somebody to borrow a book from me (we're already in the realms of speculative fiction!) and they returned it dog-eared, they would most certainly be cast into the outer darkness! 🐶👂😱 1y
dgingo NEVER EVER. @bookwomble Precisely! 1y
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DivineDiana Inconceivable! 😬 1y
wanderinglynn I would rather lose my spot that dog ear a page, even on a book I own. 😱 (edited) 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Never!!! 😱😱😱 1y
sudi I wouldn't mind someone dog earing pages in their own books, but doing that to a borrowed book 😤😤😤 1y
LibLib I‘m probably going to be banned from Litsy after saying this, but I love to dog ear a page! For me it‘s a sign of love and use...buttt since I know it‘s a hot topic I don‘t do that to some else‘s book unless they do it themselves... 1y
Stacy_31 @LibLib You‘re not alone- I love to dog-ear, also! 🙈 Although I wouldn‘t do it to someone else‘s book even if they already had. 1y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I've only ever dog-eared my own books. And less so since I discovered magnetic bookmarks. 1y
Jess7 Aghhh I love this topic, bc my opinion on it has changed so much since I got back into reading in the last few years. Before Litsy, I didn‘t even know what this term meant! 🤣 I definitely used to do this, (but the only physical books I borrowed were from the library). Since I‘ve acquired a bunch of my own physical books I wouldn‘t dream of dog-eating ANY book. When I give someone a book to borrow, I include a bookmark and say use this please. 🤓 1y
JazzyBanks I never dog ear books. I dog ear notebooks though. 1y
Eggs @Bookwomble 'speculative fiction ' 🤣😂🤣😂 1y
Eggs @dgingo @DivineDiana @wanderinglynn @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @sudi 🤣😂 True Confessions ❣️❣️ 😂 I'm physically incapable of doing it, just like I can't litter anywhere not even my personal living areas 😳😱😂 1y
Eggs Great idea @Jess7! 1y
Bookwomble @sudi @stacy_31 Once, on a train, seeing somebody about to dog-ear a page in their book, I handed them, with an admonitory 'tut', a spare bookmark I had. That they accepted it rather than punching me in the face was, I think, a matter of good fortune rather than good judgement! 1y
Eggs @LibLib @Stacy_31 @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @JazzyBanks I'm sending the Dog Ear police 👮 out for you hahaha 🐶👂🏻 1y
sudi @Bookwomble 😂😂😂 1y
Eggs @Bookwomble You're brave. The fact that you tote along spare bookmarks on your outings is no less than admirable 😊 1y
Bookwomble It was just a card one I had from a bookseller - I wouldn't have given out one from my personal collection 😛 1y
DivineDiana @Jess7 What a good idea! I am going to do that too! 1y
Eggs @Bookwomble 😊😂😊 1y
Stacy_31 @bookwomble You are brave. 😂 1y
Stacy_31 @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I love magnetic bookmarks but I always lose them. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1y
Cailey_Mac I find that if I dog ear, it‘s only in mass market paperbacks that I own; but again it is rare 1y
Eggs @Stacy_31 @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego They are easy to misplace 😐 1y
Eggs @Cailey_Mac 😊👋🏻 1y
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