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Disappearing Earth | Julia Phillips
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“The spiked tea spread through her. It tasted like pine and honey.”

(share your best spiked tea recipe below, if you‘re so inclined!)

Mrs_B What‘s spiked tea? It sounds good! 1w
monalyisha @Mrs_B Just tea with liquor! It‘s always appealed to me but we never drink it. Hot cocoa with jalapeño tequila on the other hand... 1w
Buchbeeg Lover spiked tea! We do a ginger spiced herbal or green with a healthy dose of lemon juice, honey, and spiced rum. Great for when you have a cough or when you just need to warm up. 1w
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mcctrish I‘m with @Buchbeeg and the spiced rum, it‘s made for spiked tea, we like Southern Comfort too 1w
runswithscissors007 @Monalysha @Buchbeeg @mcctrish my world has been rocked. How did I not know about this? I need to get out more clearly! 1w
Mrs_B That‘s brilliant - and I love spiced rum! 1w
Amiable Awesome photo! 1w
Daisey I tend to spike a hot tea with whiskey and add lemon and honey when I have a sore throat, but I‘m absolutely going to try rum now. @Buchbeeg @mcctrish 1w
Daisey @monalyisha Hot cocoa with jalapeño tequila! I‘m so intrigued. . . 1w
mcctrish @Daisey spiked tea shouldn‘t just be for sick days 💪🏻🤣 1w
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France in the World: A New Global History | Stephane Gerson, Patrick Boucheron
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I am inexplicably excited to start this 900+ page book which contains 124 essays covering French history from 34,000 BC to 2015!

The English-language edition was released yesterday by Other Press


cherinium Wow! That sounds intimidating. 10mo
suzisteffen #want!!! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 6mo
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Ruse | Cindy Pon
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Ran by Fountain Bookstore to pick my order of Ruse by Cindy Pon. The first book Want was so damn good. Love Pon‘s writing. #Want #Ruse #CindyPon #YA #SciFi

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My library branch always has puzzles out lately. I have puzzle envy over this beauty.

Blueberry I want it 🧡 13mo
suzisteffen #want! Beautiful. 😍 13mo
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valeriegeary 😱😍🤗 gimme gimme! 13mo
ValkyrieAndHerBooks 😱💕That‘s an amazing puzzle! I‘m with you on the puzzle 🧩 envy! 13mo
BookBabe Omg, that‘s so cool! 😍 13mo
Chasingmermaids We‘ve talked about it at mine but we honestly don‘t dare bc the chance of missing pieces. 13mo
Iblu Wow!!! Days are too short for the many lovely things one could be doing... like 🧩 ! 13mo
jb72 I have the Nancy Drew puzzle. I plan to get it completed this year and maybe glue it together. 13mo
RaimeyGallant @Chasingmermaids I wish I could give you some of mine. I get them at the thrift store for $2.50 each, and I'm not too worried about missing pieces. 13mo
RaimeyGallant @jb72 Cool! 13mo
tracey38 I want to get back into puzzles but worry about the dog eating the pieces. No real place to keep them from her. 😂 13mo
tracey38 And I'd love to find some bookish ones. 13mo
RaimeyGallant @tracey38 I worry about my cats, too, but I have a jar for found pieces now, and I get mine used, so they sometimes have a piece missing anyway. :) 13mo
dragondrool That one would be cool to glue and frame and then hang in a home library. 13mo
RaimeyGallant @dragondrool Absolutely! 13mo
Chelseabillups30 It would be cool if you could do a collage of all the books read in a year and then somehow create a custom puzzle. There‘s my million dollar idea for the day!!! 12mo
RaimeyGallant @Chelseabillups30 Puzzle of Have-Reads, I'm in. 12mo
Chelseabillups30 @RaimeyGallant, business partners!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 12mo
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Oooh, check out this eye candy! Sweet little leatherette books to perfectly fit in the hand. Want!

I haven‘t read this series yet, but I bet I‘d get on it if these were mine! 😍

#TBRtemptation #want

scripturient I gave these to the hubby for Xmas. They are so beautiful. 2y
Craftylikefox Ooooo!! That‘s how I want to own the collection! 2y
JazzFeathers Such a lively edition 😍 2y
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JulAnna 😍 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I have these too! I ordered mine for myself for Christmas from BAM, just wait until they have a good after whatever holiday is next sale and then they weren‘t too bad. I think I got them at after Christmas 40% off price. 2y
Bradleygirl Those are SPECTACULAR. 2y
ladym30 Beautiful! 2y
kspenmoll Gorgeous! 2y
Readingismyescape Precious!! I must have them. 🤓 2y
rubyslippersreads I ❤️❤️❤️ little books! 2y
Ddzmini That‘s the set I have 😋📚📖 2y
Jinjer That‘s the set I have and I love them so much! 2y
Amabear 😱 these are beautifullllllll 2y
jfalkens 😍😍😍😍 2y
freyaheart Hobbit sized!! 2y
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Navajo taboos | Ernie Bulow
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“Originally published by the Navajo Tribe in 1972 as No. 1 in the Cultural Series of the Navajo Historical Publications under the Research Section, Museum and Research Department of the Navajo Tribe under the editorship of the late J. Lee Correll.”

#want #booksellersoflitsy

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Norse Gods and Giants | Ingri D'Aulaire, Edgar Parin D'Aulaire
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Okay none of you buy this because I‘m going to buy it. I NEED THIS. you don‘t understand. #signed #geekingout #booksellers #freakingout #iminlove #want #need #booksellersoflitsy

4thhouseontheleft 😍😍 2y
Megara Friends, I‘ve come to terms with not owning this book. Ya‘ll can buy it. I really want a signed Greek Myths. 😍😍😍 2y
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Women who create things other than children are still considered dangerous by many.

Emilymdxn OMG I want this 2y
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Northern Littens, please send more snow so I can finish this book 🙇🏾‍♀️I need one more snow day!!! #lmpbc #snowday #dont #want to #go #to #work

CocoReads We‘re due for a thaw this week. Maybe it‘s headed your way? 2y
TheNextBook I just got an unexpected snow day this morning and I really appreciate the extra reading time! 2y
Bookishaf Meanwhile in Southern California, we‘ll be experiencing 80 degree weather later this week! Ugh #whereiswinter 2y
Bookishaf @aCleverDuck I‘ve sent the next book to you! Sorry that took so long. You should get it Saturday! :) 2y
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Dammit. If Hagrid wants to read the book, he should just learn English like everyone else!

Booknerd222 My eyes hurt just trying to read that! 😂 2y
Booksbymybed Oh dear 😆 2y
stargazerblue49 😂😂😂 2y
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Megara #want so cool 2y
Megara I‘m getting this as a birthday present for my coworker who loves all things Scottish. 2y
drokka I don't recall a Hagrid à la Glesga in the books. Granted, I read them when they came out, still. They didn't let Robbie Coltrane actually write it did they? ? 2y
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