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I won't say much not to spoil this Novella but this was awesome!

Fated Blades | Ilona Andrews
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I thought this was the first book but it‘s the second, but it didn‘t slow me down any. It‘s action-filled space opera (?) romance and it reads like most IA - enjoyable. Not my favorite book ever but still good.

Ramona and Matias are rivals who find themselves thrown together to save their family businesses from their cheating spouses. Forced to work together, they turn out to be perfectly matched.

Reap the Wild Wind | Julie E. Czerneda
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Late to the part but Happy #BookSpin Day to all who celebrate!

I don't really know much about these two books other than they are on the SFFBC backlist so I'm excited for the adventure. (If I ever manage to get a handle on how behind I am for this challenge lol)

City | Clifford D. Simak
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"These are the stories that the Dogs tell when the fires burn high and the wind is from the north."


The Lathe Of Heaven | Ursula K. LeGuin
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Okay, so I‘m not actually digging into my #AuthorAMonth selection until a bit later in June, but since I stirred up so much controversy I thought I‘d pull my copy of this off the shelf now before I caused any more trouble 😅🤣 You ladies can let me know if you agree with my assessment or if I‘m just a wuss. 🤗💙 @BarkingMadRead @dabbe @Soubhiville

Soubhiville Ha! Definitely looks vintage. Let‘s just say I wouldn‘t pick this up based on the cover alone. Hopefully what‘s inside will be good though. 🙂 1d
BarkingMadRead Omg this is amazing 🤣🤣 1d
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dabbe Yowza! That's about as vintage as it gets! I'm excited to read something of hers because I've never read her before! Any you'd recommend as the starter to her works? 💙💚💙 1d
IndoorDame @BarkingMadRead @dabbe like a time machine! 😂 1d
IndoorDame @dabbe I‘d survey some of the readers in the group who know her better, I‘m just starting out with this author too. 1d
bnp LeGuin is a favorite author for me, but I'm not sure what to recommend as a starting point., Be cause it depends on what a reader likes. Fantasy: The Earthsea trilogy published in the 1970s? And then a look at how she rounds out the character of Tenar, and the role of women and dragons 20 years later? 1d
bnp Science fiction: I'm partial to The lathe of heaven, though it freaked me out a bit as a teenager. The left hand of darkness for exploration of "ambisexuality"? (Though it feels dated now, that was also a challenge for teenage me.) The dispossessed "anarchist utopia" 1d
bnp And then there's are collections of essays, and things like Searoads and Always coming home. 1d
IndoorDame @bnp what a perfect overview! Thanks! @dabbe 1d
dabbe Many thanks, @bnp! 💙💚💙 22h
bnp @IndoorDame @dabbe You're welcome! 21h
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Empire's Horizon | John Brizzolara
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Within seconds after the air lock had cycled open, Cain was covered with sweat.

#FirstLineFridays @ShyBookOwl

Star Soldiers | Andre Norton
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My #BookSpin and #DoubleSpin reads for June are a couple of vintage reads: 1950's military-sf adventure and 1970's cozy mystery. I'm already about halfway through the first, and looking forward to the other.

Thanks @TheAromaofBooks !

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I've really enjoyed a lot of Elizabeth Peters's mysteries, although I haven't read the Jacqueline Kirby ones yet!! 1d
TheSpineView Love Norton! I thought that was a great book but it has been years since I read it. 1d
swynn @TheAromaofBooks This is my first Peters mystery, and I'm looking forward to it! 23h
swynn @TheSpineView I didn't ever connect with Norton when I was younger, so it's only recently that I've started to appreciate her work. This is one of the books I'd give my younger self and say, "Try this one, kid." 23h
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The Lathe Of Heaven | Ursula K. LeGuin
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Starting my #authoramonth selection today! @Soubhiville

IndoorDame Oooh, I‘m into the modern cover! I‘m planning to read the same one, but the 70s era cover on my used (or possibly stolen from my father‘s bookshelves?🤷🏻‍♀️) copy kinda creeps me out. 1d
Soubhiville I second @IndoorDame , that‘s a great cover! Enjoy it 🙂 1d
BarkingMadRead @IndoorDame now I‘m intrigued! I can only imagine that cover, those book covers in the 70s were crazy creepy! 1d
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IndoorDame @BarkingMadRead haha 😂 I‘ll tag you whenever I get to it this month! 1d
BarkingMadRead @indoordame it makes me think of Grady Hendrix and his book 1d
IndoorDame @BarkingMadRead Grady Hendrix is so wild! His book covers always strike me as: that‘s amazing/how did I not know this existed/I think I‘d be scared to read it 🤣🤣🤣 1d
dabbe @IndoorDame Tag me, too! I wanna get creeped out! 🤣🤣🤣 1d
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May was a great reading month and I finally did get a #bookspinbingo!

TheSpineView Great job! 1d
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Left Hand of Darkness | Ursula K Le Guin
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repost for @Soubhiville:

Happy June! Time to pull out our Ursula K Le Guin books for #AuthorAMonth. What are you planning to read?

#AuthorAMonth is a no-pressure, no-commitment Litsy challenge. The goal is to celebrate the works of a particular author each month. Authors were chosen through polls by Litsy participants. Read as many as you like, skip months when needed, it's entirely up to you!

Soubhiville Thank you for reposting! 1d
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