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Harrow the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir
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Omg it‘s here and it is STUNNING! 😍😍😍 I cant wait and this art work is everything #spookyseason #newrelease #illumicrate #torbooks #bookart #signedbooks #torbooks #HarrowtheNinth #GideonTheNinth

Untitled | Unknown
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Oh my I'm busy during this isolation. Book Outlet surprisingly has new signed copies. Very cool. Hope everyone is staying safe. 💗💕🤗

#bookmail #bookoutlethaul #bookoutlet #books #signedbooks #signededition #ilovebooks #reading

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If you know me at all, you'll know how excited I am right now!

This is the only Barker book I haven't read to date and I got myself a signed copy 😍😍😍

The book sounds fantastic and I can't wait to read it!

#bookmail #signedbooks #favouriteauthor

Geenie Yay 🎉 2y
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I wasn't planning on buying myself anything but I needed free shipping, right? Book Outlet sent me a signed first edition of Eleventh Grave so I regret NOTHING!!! Words can't express how excited I was to see that today! Anyway....got the last of my mail in for the #SFFS so I will be packing it up and shipping it out this weekend before I spend any more money 😂
@Melissa_J @Avanders
#signedbooks #bookhaul #bookoutlet

Melissa_J Ha ha! I‘m waiting on one more thing to arrive and then your package will be shipped 😊 3y
FantasyChick @Melissa_J we are so in sync right now! 😊 3y
Avanders So fun!! 👏🏽👏🏽 3y
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Dirty Exes | Rachel Van Dyken
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All things are possible with coffee.
I already drunk two ☕ today. I was reading outside yesterday. It was beautiful sunny day. I love spring sunshines.
Where is your favourite reading spot?
These two beauties by Rachel Van Dyken
are still on my tbr. I hope to read it soon. Enjoy the day bookworms😘

#rachelvandyken #dirtyexes #dangerousexses #paperbacks #signedbooks #coffee #goodreads #bookworm #booklover #litsybooks #litsylove

Run Little Bear | G. Bailey
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Blue is the warmest color💙💙

Do you like paranormal romance? I love these beautiful covers by G. Bsiley. Finally bought Save the Sea and Run Little Bear. Can't wait to read it.

#savethesea #lovethesea #escapethesea #pirateseries #runlittlewolf #runlittlebear #gbailey #beautifulcovers #bookmark #signedbooks #paranormalromance #bookstack #bluecovers #litsybooks #litsylove

Horrorstor: A Novel | Grady Hendrix
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Here is the stack of books I picked up at Books by the Banks and got signed. See any that look good?

#booksbythebanks #bbtbcincy #cincinnati #ohio #bookfestival #festival #authorevent #booksigning

RidgewayGirl You met Alice McDermott? How exciting! 3y
Dragon A fun for Halloween 🎃 3y
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Mdargusch I really want to read the tagged book! 3y
Reviewsbylola Nice haul! 3y
JamieArc After reading My Best Friend‘s Exorcism and loving it, Horrorstor is definitely on my list! 3y
janeycanuck OMG, Hope Never Dies is the Obama/Biden fan-fiction the world doesn‘t deserve but desperately needs. Best consumed with ice cream! 3y
Conservio Horrorstör is great! 3y
Joy0201 Horrorstor is fun! And I like David Bell though I haven‘t seen that one. 3y
SilversReviews AWESOME stack of books!! Love your chair upholstery too. 3y
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Final stack of books I had signed today. Only purchased 4 on site (Max Tilt, Night Gaunts, Bobby Kennedy, The Masterpiece). Please note that Ann M Martin was not in attendance, but BSC ghostwriter Peter Lerangis was (meeting him was the highlight of my day).
#morristownfestivalofbooks #mfob #bookhaul #signedbooks #bookstack

tjwill Awesome! 3y
Reviewsbylola I didn‘t realize BSC had ghostwriters!! Off to google. 3y
Zelma @Reviewsbylola She wrote the first 32 (give or take). Then moved on to other books and projects. 3y
bookandcat @Reviewsbylola yes the dedication page always shows who was the ghostwriter (author acknowledges...). Ellen Miles did all of the mysteries, Nola Thacker was a popular one, etc. Martin did all of the outlines and helped proof all manuscripts, but she could not keep up with a more than a book a month publishing schedule. David Levithan was n intern at the time and was in charge of keeping the "BSC BIBLE" updated so books stayed consistent. 3y
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Catwoman: Soulstealer | Sarah J Maas
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Just a few of my favorite things from my August #LitJoyCrate ! The cutest #KittySocks and #JewelryDish ! 🖤🖤🖤 #AutographedBooks #SignedBooks #Catwoman #PoisonIvy #HarleyQuinn #Batwing

TNbookworm 😻😻 3y
shellleigh33 Those socks are super cute!!❤️❤️ 3y
TieDyeDude 😮 Just finished that on audio. Fantastic! 3y
Literary_Siren @TNbookworm @shellleigh33 @TieDyeDude they do ship out past boxes if you‘d like to get one! It‘s definitely one of the better book subscription boxes out there. 3y
Gissy Love those socks!👌 3y
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The Wendy | Erin Michelle Sky, Steven Brown
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I‘ve just picked this up to read for a while before grocery shopping and realised it‘s SIGNED by both of the authors. Erin and Steven thank you so much! 😍🤭

In other news, this adorable orange flower was gifted to me this morning by my daughter. I‘m overwhelmed by my love for that little girl every single day! 😭🖤#bibliophile #bookaddict #booklover #bookblogger #peterpan #retelling #signedbooks

TheBookKeepers That‘s awesome 👏😎 4y
somebooksaround Love!!! 🙌🙌💛 4y
Sophoclessweetheart @josteele It‘s so so good! Xx 4y
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somebooksaround It sounds it! Can‘t wait to read this one! And the flower is such a sweet gift!! 4y
Sophoclessweetheart @josteele My little girl is literally the sweetest thing. She brings a different wildflower home everyday that she picks at nursery. It‘s wonderful. 😍🤭 4y
youneverarrived Aw that‘s cute 🧡 4y
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