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Migraine | Oliver W. Sacks
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Stuck at home with a nasty migraine and hating every minute of it and feeling guilty about not going to work. Today I am thankful for naps and audiobooks

Chrissyreadit Hope you feel better. 3y
AmyG Feel better. Migraines are awful. 3y
Bookwomble Migraine = no guilt. Be kind to yourself 🤗 3y
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Owlizabeth Literally feeling your pain - migraines are the freaking worst. 3y
kathedron Migraines are horrendous: treat yourself gently. I hope you feel better soon. 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I hope you feel better soon ❤️ 3y
Tamra 😖 I hear you. 3y
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I thought this would be a good pick to see the parallels of #social #culture with now but it started with a long chapter on the defeat of the #Native Americans... next chapter is on #Chinese immigration. Maybe I‘m not getting the organization yet?

Meanwhile, #migraine while working a trade show and got here early for an extra insult...may have to switch to romance when I get home tonight.

CocoReads Ugh, feel better. I rode the migraine train earlier this week. I‘d say some romance is just what the dr should order! 3y
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Migraine | Oliver Sacks
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Hi Litsy friends—quick non-book-related post! This is my friend Amber & her wife Elizabeth—two of my closest friends & also two of the most generous & caring people I know. Amber suffers from occipital neuralgia (chronic migraines, vertigo, nausea, light sensitivity). Recently all treatment that had helped stopped working. She‘s an ideal candidate for a surgery to cure her—with a 90% success rate—but insurance won‘t cover it.

BarbaraJean My husband organized a GoFundMe to raise funds for the surgery & help Amber get her life back. Please check it out & consider helping however you are able (give, share, pray, send good thoughts—any/all are appreciated!). https://www.gofundme.com/f/painlevel10 (edited) 3y
Crazeedi I will do what I can, prayers especially for this dear friend 3y
BarbaraJean @Crazeedi Thank you so much! 💜 They are so thankful for the prayers and support. 3y
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The Rogue You Know | Shana Galen
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Stuck in bed with a #migraine and my #kindle, reading something light and fluffy in an attempt to ignore the pain. I‘m enjoying this second book in the Covent Garden Cubs series, even if it‘s a bit of an eye-roller.

Sarah83 Feel better soon 😘 3y
Jas16 Hope you feel better soon 3y
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Migraines For Dummies | Diane Stafford, Jennifer Shoquist
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heikemarie Feel better!!! Migraines are the absolute worst. 4y
Megabooks Get well soon 💕 4y
Avanders 🤕 Hope you're feel better!! 4y
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kezzlou85 Feel better soon 4y
Kaye Migraines are awful. Hope it goes away soon. 4y
rwmg GWS 4y
Sue Hope you feel better soon, migraines are the pits 4y
CoffeeK8 Feel better soon, migraines are the worst! 4y
Purrfectpages Oh I feel your pain, literally. Hope you‘re doing better! 4y
SW-T Hope you feel better soon! 4y
zzz Migraines are the worst😣 feel better soon 4y
Gitanjali I hope you feel better soon :( 4y
tracey38 Oh I hate migraines. Hope you are feeling better! 4y
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Migraines For Dummies | Diane Stafford, Jennifer Shoquist
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Again no #fridayreads for me, I got such a nice pillow at work for my sofa today, but after a long and stressful day T work the migraine got me again. After it has been hot for so long and I had no problems, I got it, when I was twenty minutes at home. So instead of reading I am resting in bed and hope the pain won't last too long... #migraineisntareadingcompanion

radhikeey Feel better ❤️ 4y
saresmoore Boo! Hope you feel well again, soon. Migraines are the worst. 4y
TrishB 😔 hope you‘re feeling better soon. 4y
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merelybookish Oh no! Take care of yourself! 4y
wanderinglynn Feel better soon. Migraines are the worst. 😔 4y
ValerieAndBooks Hope you feel better soon 🤕! 4y
DGRachel Yuck. Feel better soon! 4y
Kalalalatja Hope you feel better 🤞 4y
Andrew65 Hope you feel better soon. 4y
Lcsmcat So sorry! Feel better soon. 4y
Tanisha_A May you feel better soon and get back to reading! 💌 4y
PickwickPlockPlock I hope you feel better today 💚 4y
Moony Oh, ich hoffe es geht dir heute besser! Ich habe bald Urlaub, vielleicht können wir ja doch nochmal den Fern-Spiele-Abend in Angriff nehmen? 4y
Sarah83 @Moony danke, es wird allmählich. Ja können wir mal probieren. 😘 4y
scripturient Oje, du Arme. Ich hoffe, es ist inzwischen besser. Ich hatte auch wochenlang nix und nach dem Wetterumschwung dann dauernd Kopfschmerzen. 4y
Sarah83 @scripturient war bei mir das gleiche und Freitag Abend hatte ich richtig heftig. Mit Sehstörungen und allem. Geht so Samstag war besser als gestern und heute bin ich eher von der Arbeit weg. Wie ist der Urlaub? 4y
scripturient Ja, kommt mir bekannt vor. :) Urlaub ist schön. Bissl verregnet. ? 4y
Sarah83 @scripturient beschwer dich nicht über Regen. Hier war wieder Starkregen und Gewitter 🙈 wie viele Bücher hast du schon gekauft? ☺️😂 4y
scripturient @Sarah83 Ich find‘s zur Abwechslung mal ganz erfrischend. :) Äääähm, zwölf. ? 4y
Sarah83 @scripturient wie bitte? 😂😂😂 4y
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Migraines For Dummies | Diane Stafford, Jennifer Shoquist
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This is me this morning. Wanted to spend a quiet day reading... ugh.
*picture found by Google from The World of Disney.

Mollyanna Hope you feel better soon! 4y
GripLitGrl Feel better soon💕 4y
Stacy_31 Hope it clears up soon. 💙💙 4y
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Eggs Migraines: the book thief 4y
tracey38 @Eggs Yes!! 4y
tammysue Oh no. I get them too they‘re just awful. I hope you feel better soon. ((hugs)) 4y
tracey38 @whatshesreadingnow thank you. They really are the worst. Luckily mine is easing a bit now. 4y
JoScho Fell better! 4y
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1️⃣I‘m at work, with a terrible migraine. Shoot. Me. Now. Please.
2️⃣Two years ago on 5/12/16
3️⃣Cheerwine is a big NC soda and there‘s that awful vinegar based BBQ somewhere in the state.
4️⃣6:00 am is when I finally dragged myself out of bed
5️⃣alarm clock, lamp, books


cobwebmoth Hope the migraine goes away soon! 4y
Samplergal Hate that vinegar bbq. Ugh. 4y
Godmotherx5 I‘m so sorry you‘re a part of the #LitsyMigraineBookclub. I had a #migraine Saturday & Monday. Feel better, Litten. 4y
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tammysue Oh no hoping it goes away soon. I get those too. 4y
Seekingtardis If I shoot you will you shoot me? 😂😭😭 4y
Graciouswarriorprincess Feel better soon! Hugs!! 4y
QuietlyLaura Being in pain while at work is awful. I hope you feel better soon! 4y
mabell I hope you feel better soon! 4y
LauraBeth You joined on the exact same day that I did! Hope you feel better. 💕 4y
DGRachel @Seekingtardis You don‘t want that. I have terrible aim. 😂 4y
DGRachel @LauraBeth Kismet. 😘 (and thank you) 4y
Seekingtardis 😂😂 maybe I‘ll just take some Tylenol instead 4y
TrishB Hope it‘s easing off 💕 4y
DGRachel Thanks @TrishB It‘s taken about 12 hours, but it‘s finally easing up a little. 4y
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Migraine | Oliver Sacks
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Look what I got in the mail today another Mother‘s Day gift 😋 so excited to start reading this 😊

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ve had one all day ☹️ 4y
Ddzmini I‘ve had the with all the weather (up and down) first heat then cold 🙄 sometimes there ok others I‘m out for the count 4y
Ddzmini @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 👆🏼 sorry have one now it‘s sprinkling outside and it‘s been 100-109 the last couple of days 4y
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Migraine | Oliver Sacks
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Ahem, I‘m calling this meeting of the #LitsyMigraineClub to order. If you need me, I‘ll be in bed. Have a good day Littens, I‘ll check in later. Meeting adjourned.

Tera0707 Migraines are the worst. I hope you feel better 4y
coffeenebula 😖 The WORST. Hope you are better soon! 4y
LauraBrook I have a feeling I‘ll be joining you in club activities later today. Sorry you‘re out for the count today. Rest up in some darkness and I hope it breaks soon enough that you can maybe still enjoy your day. 4y
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Librarybelle I hate migraines! Hope you feel better soon 4y
wanderinglynn Hope it doesn‘t last too long. Migraines suck. 4y
DGRachel Ugh. I‘ve so been there. I hope you feel better soon! {{hugs}} 4y
BookishBelle I hope you feel better soon! :::hugs::: 4y
tracey38 Oh I'm so sorry. I got one last night. I hate migraines! Hugs!! 4y
ReadingRover Feel better soon. I‘m definitely a member of this club so I know what you‘re going through. 4y
lis_muh Get well soon... *hugs* ❤️❤️❤️ 4y
OriginalCyn620 Feel better soon! 🙂 I have a raging headache and am lying down willing it to go away. 4y
Kshakal Headaches are the worst!!! It zaps everything you have! Feel better soon! 4y
AmyG Feel better. Boo migraines. 4y
Craftylikefox Oh no! Feel better soon 4y
Christine11 Oh dear 😔 Feel better soon! 🌸 4y
Reviewsbylola Feel better! ♥️ 4y
Jas16 Hope you feel better soon 💐 4y
CoverToCoverGirl Feel better soon. 💐 4y
CocoReads Just woke up from a three hour nap. It‘s not gone but it is better at least. 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Glad to hear it‘s improving. #migrainesux 4y
CouronneDhiver Oh no. That‘s the worst! 4y
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