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Cyrano de Bergerac | Edmond Rostand
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Love both the book and retelling. 💙

CatLass007 This is such a fun movie! 🍿 3d
TheBookgeekFrau Love this movie 📽️🍿 3d
dabbe @CatLass007 Martin's monologue on all the ways to joke about his nose is a thing to behold! 🤩 3d
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CatLass007 Absolutely! Have you ever seen the movie with Jose Ferrer as Cyrano de Bergerac? He‘s brilliant. 3d
CatLass007 The ending always makes me cry. Such a heartbreaking lovers‘ triangle. 3d
dabbe @CatLass007 I can't believe I haven't. I'm putting it on my movie list! 🤩 3d
CatLass007 It‘s really worth the time to find it. 3d
Eggs Brilliant 👍🏼👌🏼 3d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💙💙💙 3d
dabbe @Eggs 🤩😍😘 2d
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The Flame and the Flower | Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
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My 1st #bookcrush: Brandon Birmingham. Captain of the high seas, renegade, and dashingly handsome man who's uber-protective of his precious Heather. Oh, how I wanted to be her! #1972steamyromance #woodiwissforever 😍

Deblovestoread This was my first “bodice ripper” back in the day. 😌 4d
LeahBergen I need to reread this one day! 4d
jdiehr Loved this!! 4d
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marleed Following an all-night reading of my dad‘s copy of the Exorcist (snuck the book - thus the all-night reading!), this was my second venture into grown-up reading. I was obsessed with the story! 4d
dabbe @Deblovestoread I still have my copy! With the good parts highlighted in yellow. Yeah, I was that kind of teenager. 😂 4d
dabbe @LeahBergen #metoo! 🤩😍😃 4d
dabbe @jdiehr 🤩😍😃 4d
dabbe @marleed #metoo! 🤩😍😃 Some of those scenes--hubba, hubba! 😂 4d
Mollyanna Woodiwiss and Julie Garwood were my go-to authors in high school. May be time to re-read some of them. 4d
dabbe @Mollyanna 🤩😍😃 4d
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I‘d have to write another book to explore the issues surrounding race and religion. But if I did, I‘d argue that one of the more disappointing narratives of this racial divide in our country has been the silence of white, male, Christian evangelicals. People may roll their eyes about this, but I firmly believe that in my relationship with God, I‘m probably going to be in line ahead of Jerry Falwell Jr. and other evangelical heirs like Franklin⬇️

JenniferEgnor Graham III as they try to get into heaven. Why haven‘t these Christian leaders spoken up about the killings of black men by police? Why haven‘t they supported the #MeToo movement or railed against immigrant children being taken from their families? Why were they silent in the aftermath of the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia? Race, religion, and power might be complicated, but ignoring compassion is malpractice. 5d
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Untitled | Untitled
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Not exactly a weird word, but I didn't know there was a term for what a lot of Littens probably love to do. 🤩

AmyG Sounds fun! 1w
Itchyfeetreader Sign me up 1w
Bookpearl I‘ll claim this title!! 😂 1w
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rubyslippersreads Does anyone remember Mrs. Agatha K. Plumber from 1w
lil1inblue This was my weekend. 😍 1w
willaful I prefer “Goblin Mode.“ 😁 1w
dabbe @AmyG 🤩😍😂 1w
dabbe @Itchyfeetreader #metoo 🤩😍😂 1w
dabbe @Bookpearl 🤩😍😂 1w
CBee Sounds perfect 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
dabbe @rubyslippersreads This was after my youth. #oldsoul 🤩😍😂 1w
dabbe @lil1inblue May it be this coming one, too! 🤩😍😂 1w
dabbe @willaful That should be a hashtag: #goblinmode 🤩😍😂 1w
dabbe @CBee 🤩😍😂 1w
willaful @rubyslippersreads I do! I bet her doctor was fed to the teeth and pranked her. 😂 1w
LiseWorks I do this, too! I read on my bed a lot. I do embroidery while listening to audio books. It's a wonderful thing. 1w
dabbe @LiseWorks 🤩😍😂 1w
kelli7990 I like bed rotting. I could stay in bed all day. 1w
Crazeedi This 'might' be my kind of day😉 1w
dabbe @kelli7990 Me, too! 🤩😍😂 1w
dabbe @Crazeedi 🤩😍😂 Maybe every day! #iwish 1w
rubyslippersreads @willaful I bet you‘re right. 🤣 1w
IMASLOWREADER thats me at the end of the day and on weekends 4d
dabbe @IMASLOWREADER 🤩😂😍 4d
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Dear Dickhead: A Novel | Virginie Despentes
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A 40-something author calls out a 50-something acres, a former femme fatale, as fat. So begins the writing between Oscar and Rebecca where they write about everything. Oscar has just been accused of sexual harassment some 10 yrs ago and we also meet his accuser, Zoe.

About #metoo, the pandemic/ lockdown, class and getting clean

BarbaraBB Sounds interesting! I still haven‘t read 2w
Ruthiella I just finished Vernon Subutex a few days ago and am incredibly impressed by this author. She writes so interestingly about fairly awful, yet realistic, people. 2w
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“Tale as old as time ...“ 🌹🌹🌹

AnnR Awww .... 🌹🥀📚 2w
kelli7990 This is my favorite Disney movie. My mom and I watched it together recently. I‘ve seen it so many times. It made me feel happy that I‘m a reader. I‘m also a Brunette like Belle and I have Brown eyes. One time, I was reading my book and my ex boyfriend didn‘t want me to read and we got into a big fight over it. He wanted me to pay attention to him all the time. It sounds like my ex was similar to Gaston in a way. (edited) 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love Belle 💐❤️ 2w
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dabbe @AnnR 🖤🩶🖤 2w
dabbe @kelli7990 Good riddance to Gaston! 🤩 My fave Disney movie is the animated 101 DALMATIANS. 🖤🩶🖤 2w
Eggs Perfect 🌸💐🌺 2w
dabbe @Eggs 🖤🩶🖤 2w
AnnCrystal 🌹💝🥀 👏🦁👍. 2w
dabbe @AnnCrystal ❤️💜💜 2w
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I liked this, it‘s not what I expected. Some parts felt a bit long and flat, but I liked the MC -imperfect as she was in many of her actions & responses, her reminiscence of high school around the time period was sometimes cringingly familiar. Bodie Kane returns to teach a journalism course at her old high school, her students investigate the death of her roommate there in the 90s, through the lens of more social awareness in the BLM & #metoo era.

Untitled | Unknown
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1. I hum or sing along to EVERYTHING, very often on the harmonies.
2. When I‘m engrossed in a book, I usually curl a livk of hair around my finger.
3. I‘m always drinking something when I‘m home. You won‘t find me without a glass of water, or maybe ice tea.

Thanks for the tag, @Crazeedi 😘

dabbe #1: I do, too, though not the harmonies. You must have been in choir! 🤩
#2: #metoo
#3: I always have something, too! 🤩
Lynnsoprano @dabbe I‘m a retired choral director, and I‘m still active as a singer, so I sometimes jump from one part to another 😄 3w
Crazeedi #1 old songs and hymns pop up in my head all the time. My dad had 6 kids singing on all our trips, so I know a lot of tunes! And something reminds me of one! 3w
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Crazeedi And we also sang harmony. #3 I have a drink with me everywhere! 3w
dabbe @Lynnsoprano And your last name! 🤩🤩🤩 I was in choir throughout high school, and I sang alto, but it's been years since I've tried harmonizing. I should try to see if I still have the touch! Did you teach choir at high school? 3w
Lynnsoprano @crazeedi @Dabbe ❤️ Hubby says that at least 75% of my brain is filled with song lyrics 😂 I taught preschool through high school, but most of my career was spent teaching middle school chorus. I also directed church children‘s choir for years. 3w
dabbe @Lynnsoprano Kudos to you for teaching middle schoolers! I taught 7th grade English for 12 years, but never choir! I wouldn't know how to handle more than 30 of those kiddos at a time! 🤩😍😃 3w
Crazeedi @Lynnsoprano I was fortunate to get to sing in choir in high school, and go to district and honors chorus. I was 2nd alto 3w
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1. I wear socks. My mother instilled in me that young girls should make sure our feet stay warm so we don't get problems with our bodies later in life.
2. I hate housework. I like to do laundry and hang clothes outdoors.
3. I need absolute quiet when I read or sleep.

AmyG I also enjoy doing laundry. 3w
LiseWorks @AmyG ironing not so much lol 3w
AmyG Ha! Agreed! 3w
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dabbe #1: #metoo! 🤩
#2: I hate housework, laundry, ALL of it, especially vacuuming (too much hair from our GSD's).
#3: Please tell me how you achieve that. I'd love it but can never get it to be that quiet.
LiseWorks @dabbe it's pretty quiet at my house so when I shut the radio or TV off it's quiet. Lol 3w
Mimi28 3) I need complete silence to concentrate on anything. I sleep with my tv on mute and the closed caption on and when I am writing letters I do it in the living room which is cold but quiet- except for noisy neighbors but I am used to sounds of the city 🏙️ 3w
LiseWorks @Mimi28 My house is right next to the major highway and when I'm in my art room or outside I really notice it, but you're right about getting used to city life's noise. 3w
Mimi28 @LiseWorks Thanks for understanding 😊🏙️Our apartment is at the end of the train line, but actually it‘s the noisy neighbors and trucks that bother me more. I visited my friend in Oklahoma once a it was sooo quiet it freaked me out, lol. He‘d have to be a billionaire jillionaire for me to move to an area that - creepy to me, lol 3w
Mimi28 To clarify- the friend in Oklahoma was a female and it was for a women‘s church revival. When I said he I meant a possible husband, lol. And that ain‘t happening any time soon, lol 😂😁 3w
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